And keeping things in the water, today droves of Belizeans headed for the islands on water taxi's. It used to a be a fairly straightforward affair, but with robust competition between San Pedro Belize Express and Caye Caulker Water taxi, this year, the water taxi business is on a whole other level!

There's live entertainment in the terminals, complimentary drinks for passengers, cash giveaways, double up phone offers, free computer apps, even a kiddies corner! That's how far the taxi services will go to get your business!

Today Monica Bodden stopped in at the Caye Caulker Water Taxi, where passengers were enjoying the perks of cut throat competition:

Georgina Mendez - Passenger
"I am a visitor."

Monica Bodden
"Where are you visiting from?"

Georgina Mendez
"From Guatemala, I am from Guatemala but I like Belize. I love Belize, I love the natural things and the kindness of the people, the warmth. I'm going to San Pedro, maybe Caye Caulker too."

Monica Bodden
"Are you going to be staying in the Cayes for the Easter weekend?"

Georgina Mendez
"Yes, we're going to have some fun."

Monica Bodden
"You're heading to where?"

Myrna Trejo - Passenger
"Caye Caulker, just for a couple hours and I'll come back."

Monica Bodden
"Are you seeing an increase in the crowd today, picking up?"

Wendy Castillo - Marketing Manager, Caye Caulker Water Taxi
"Yes, this morning it has been good so far and we expect majority of the people when they get off at 12, will be traversing through our terminal. So this afternoon we expect a big crowd."

The taxi services will be open right through the Easter Holidays at competitive prices.

Channel 7