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The San Pedro Sun

Mmmm…Hot Cross Buns
Everyone has a recipe they love. Belizeans love their hot cross buns as much as the next person, and the favorite way to eat them is slathered with happy cow cheese, dripping in butter or simply dunked in a nice mug of coffee to start the Easter weekend right. Here is a recipe to test out your baking skills!!

SPTC assesses and determines garbage tax for businesses
The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) has recently concluded a complete assessment of properties and businesses on the island. The assessment will help the SPTC to better ascertain and evaluate taxes and other fees including those of garbage collection. While the report on the assessment of properties is still in its final stages, garbage collection fee assessments have been completed. According to the SPTC, fees are declared annually, and billed on a monthly basis. One of the findings from the assessment, said the Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero, is that some businesses were not in the system, and was not being billed for garbage disposal fee. “What we have done is that we have written to these businesses, informing them that they will now be billed and entered into our garbage collection fee system. We are finding that businesses are sprouting all over the place and we want to ensure that we have them in the SPTC garbage fee system,” said Mayor Guerrero. “It will help us have a better system and it will also ensure that we are able to meet our expenses,” he added.

Hol Chan hosts Commercial Species Management Workshop
Marine Reserves (MPAs) in Belize are used as a fishery management tool. All MPAs in Belize are zoned to include areas of no-take as well as areas of general use that are open to commercial activity. The Hol Chan Marine Reserve is no exception to this. Since the reserve designation in 1987, commercial fishers were recognized as important stakeholders, and their traditional fishing rights were recognized. The regulations governing the reserve makes provisions for these traditional rights to be exercised and as such Hol Chan has always limited the commercial fishing activity to only those few traditional users.

Congratulations San Pedro's Jhoshi Alexander Valencia
Mister Belize Jhoshi Alexander Valencia is crowned as Mister Pacifico & Caribe 2013. Mister Mexico is the 1st RU and is named Mister Pacifico Turismo 2013.

Misc Belizean Sources

Home Made Jamaican Easter Bun
Feeling for some Caribbean flavor? ½ cups brown sugar 3 teaspoons baking powder 2 tablespoons melted butter 1 egg, beaten 3 cups flour 5 tablespoons ginger beer syrup (optional) ½ teaspoon mixed spice (or ¼ teaspoon each nutmeg and cinnamon) 1 cup mixed fruits (mixed peel, raisins) Diced maraschino (bottled) cherries 1/8 teaspoon salt 1 bottle Guinness or Dragon stout Approximately 2 tablespoons food browning

1. Darnell Barrow 2. Juan Pablo Magallanes 3. John Delong 4. Justin Williams 5. Gregory Lovell 6. Scottie Weiss 7. Roger Troyer 8. Leroy Cassasola 9. Brandon Morgan 10. Shane Vasquez 11. Brandon Cattouse 12. Carlos Lopez 13th: Ron Vasquez 14th: Kenroy "Smokes" Gladden 15th: Henry Morieria 16th: Luis Santizo 17th: Florencio Ramos Torres 18th: Luis Naranjo-Pulido 19th: Giovanni Choto 20th: Alejandro Padilla-Miranda

Holy Saturday In Belize-Cross Country Cycling Race
In Belize, Holy Saturday is also known for our Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic. This a 140 mile bike race starting in Belize City, traveling west to San Ignacio where the riders turn around and head back to Belize City. This year's champion is Belizean, Darnell Barrow, who finished the race in 5 hours, 46 minutes and 49 seconds, winning out 87 other cyclists from Belize, U.S.A, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Cuba. This year will be the 85th ride. The first race was in 1928 with Elston Kerr as the champion and Norris Wade as the sub-champion. The ride dates back to the period when Monrad Metzen picked up the idea, because people used to cover miles on their bicycles to attend the weekly game of cricket in the Belizean villages. He sowed the idea of a sporting event in the difficult regions of the Western Highway which were then poorly built, and so it all began.

Rumors Easter Egg Hunt
Rumors had their 2nd annual Easter Egg Hunt. "Our 2nd Annual Easter Egg hunt!!! March 31st at 1pm Until, with games for the kids, Swimming pool for the kids, treats, face painting, bouncy house and live entertainment!!! A Fun day for the entire family!!!!! :)"

The Way of the Cross
The Way of the Cross event was held in Benque on Good Friday. Will Moreno was there to capture it. Have a blessed Easter. "The Way of the Cross is an annual event that is a reenactment of the stations of the cross held in Benque Viejo Del Carmen on Good Friday of Easter. If you have not visited to take a look at this spectacle you surely need to plan for next year Easter. More photos will be coming early next week. © 2013 Will Moreno. All Rights Reserved"

Darnell Barrow Wins Cross Country Cycling Classic
Darnell Barrow won the 85th Cross Country Cycling Classic for Belize today! Digicell has pictures and videos on their fb page. Congratulations, Darnell!

Ecce Homo Art Exhibition Launch
The Benque House of Culture had the Ecce Homo art exhibit launch. "In Celebration of the Centennial of the Pallotine Sisters and their service to Belize, comes the project 'Ecce Homo' an art project of 5 master pieces that depict the life of Jesus. This exhibition will be permanently hosted at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish. The Project was executed by local Artists Mike Mauricio, since 1992 under the vision of Father John Mc.Hugh and the Parish Committee. It is a dream come true for the community of Benque Viejo. Exhibition runs until April 19th, 2013 at the Benque HOC. Re-replica's of the original art pieces are available for $10.00. Images courtesy of Elvis Avila for Lens of Culture"

Mr. Greedy's Celebrates 6 Years
Mr. Greedy's had their 6th anniversary last night, on Burns avenue. Happy Holy Saturday! "Come out and celebrate with us Mr. Greedy's Birthday Street Bash!! Mr. Greedy's Pizzeria is turning 6 years old !!!! HOLY SATURDAY!!!!

SISE Easter Fair Weekend
Tonight the SISE Town Council is having their annual Easter fair. Lots of fun, food, rides, and entertainment. "Come on out to the San Ignacio/Santa Elena Annual Easter Fair @ Victor Galvez Stadium We got: MJ Vibrations Band Taprik Games, Games, GAMES Ozzy the Clown Orquidea Dance Group Contests, Contests, CONTESTS Marching Bands Mechanical Rides Nu Generation Band + + More + + ~~~ Do we need to say it?? ~~~ Lots to Eat and Lots to Drink DigiCell Double UP !! Smart Double UP !! This weekend ~~ Sat n Sun ~~ March 30-31 ~~"

Learn to Make Belizean Powder Buns in 1 Minute
In this video I'll share with you in just about one minute how to make Belizean Powder Buns. This tea cake is delectable and delicious.


A Gorgeous Day Sailing on the “No Rush”
Yesterday was absolute pure weather perfection. And though I was always under the impression that boats did not go out on the water on Good Friday, I saw most dive boats out and full of visitors. Rather than bore you with words, I’ll just show you the pictures. The No Rush pulled up to pick us up at the dock. Big wide boat with tons of lounge space. There was some snorkeling for conch at the first stop. These guys are very unattractive when yanked from their shells. Always good to eat the “Belizean viagra”. It can’t hurt… Is this thing really the conch’s bits? If so, why does every one have it…are there no she-conch? I have some research to do. But either way, it makes delicious ceviche. Heather and Kevin of Feliz Bar brought along the most delicious watermelon/limey/coconut-y punch…and you can not pry the recipe out of them. The water up by Mexico Rocks is just perfect. Like a swimming pool… We stopped for lunch up at Jambel’s Restaurant at Xaman ‘Ek about 5 miles north of town. No money was being exchanged for beer yesterday…no alcohol was being served at all.

Easter Greetings from Chaa Creek
The management and staff of Chaa Creek wish all our friends, family and colleagues, here in Belize and around the world, a happy and blessed Easter holiday this year. Since the dawn of time people of every culture in every corner of the earth celebrate this time of year as one of renewal, replenishment and hope for the future, and we think that’s a great idea. Here in Belize we see the return of colourful migratory birds, the first shoots of new crops, a proliferation of blossoms on the many flowering plants and trees, and a sparkle in the eyes of lovers. It’s a great time to focus on the good things in life, count our blessings and realise that yes, the Sun reappears every day, the world keeps turning, and humankind continues to reach out, explore and come up with new ideas. No wonder hope never goes out of fashion…

Why Belize?
Why pick Belize over the thousands of other spots that you can visit? Well…I moved to San Pedro, Belize only 6 months after my first visit. Here are a few reasons why… 1. The 2nd largest barrier reef in the world runs all along our coast. Snorkeling along the reef, swimming with sting rays & nurse sharks, scuba diving the Blue Hole and reef & flats fishing are some of the most popular activities for both visitors and locals. (Here’s your view on Tropic Air while flying over Caye Caulker with the reef just off shore…not bad, right?) 2. The people. I’ve visited a bunch of countries. 40 to be exact…and I’ve never met a friendlier or more welcoming bunch. Locals want to recommend their favorite bar, restaurant, dive trip, just chat or in some cases, invite you over for lunch. This is not a vacation where you will be stuck inside an all inclusive resort with other tourists. 3. We speak your language (well…if you are one of the 6% of humans that speak English as a first language)…and some other really cool ones. Spanish, Mayan (in certain parts of the country) and, my favorite, Kriol/Creole. Based mainly in English but heavily accented with lots of cool new words and phrases, you can keep yourself busy for hours working on the basics. There are few things more amusing to Belizeans than laughing with (or at) visitors testing the language out. Here is a very cute video to get you started.

International Sources

Stunning Houseboats for Aquatic Living
Is a houseboat a house that’s a boat or a boat that’s a house? While a true houseboat is mobile, many of today’s most desirable properties are actually floating homes–dwellings on the water that are attached to a dock or otherwise permanently fixed to their locations. Most of the properties in today’s post are floating houses, although many people refer to these abodes as houseboats. Mobile or not, we think they’re pretty fabulous! In fact, the modern floating home can be quite a showpiece–contemporary in style with sleek flourishes, yet somehow cozy at the same time. It’s interesting how many of these homes are more modern than nautical when it comes to decor. And there’s nothing like watching boats glide over the water from the comfort of your couch! Let’s take a look at some of the most stunning houseboats and floating homes, noting both their construction and their amazing interiors. Time to set sail…

$100k Match For Belizean Orphans Surpassed In Under 30 Days
Dani Johnson, in partnership with King’s Ransom Foundation, has championed a charity campaign for orphans in Belize. An anonymous donor of King’s Ransom Foundation has stepped in to match donations dollar for dollar up to $100,000, gathering a total of $220,000 so far with money still pouring in. Less than a month ago, an anonymous donor of King’s Ransom Foundation offered a $100k dollar-for-dollar match to help finish the King’s Children’s Home, an orphanage, in Belize. Business and relationship expert, best-selling author and renowned speaker, Dani Johnson quickly rallied with long time charity partner Kings Ransom Foundation to support the Belizean orphans. The call went out on her Facebook and through the Dani Johnson Radio Show to her listeners, clients and fans. In under 30 days Kings Ransom Foundation has gathered $120k with money still pouring in. “I am continuously blown away by our clients and listeners for how mobilized they become when it's time to give and help those who are in need. They give me hope that there are a few good people left out there who care more about others than they do about their own selfish desires. This group of men, women, and children truly went above and beyond the call of duty by exceeding the goal and they raised $120k in 30 days. I believe God is proud of them. The children in Belize are forever grateful, and I am grateful to know people who are adding purpose and destiny to money.”

Postcard From Belize
Just because there hadn’t been many of Jack lately. I am loving learning how to shoot underwater with my fabulous new housing. The kids are loving snorkelling. It’s not all we’ve done here, but it is what we are mostly doing The Pugh’s have never had such a relaxing holiday….

UnBelizable! Where to find the best of Belize.
Belize marches to its own drumbeat. Geographically part of Central America, the former British Colony identifies more with the laid back English-and-Creole speaking Caribbean islands to the East than it does with its bordering Spanish-speaking neighbors. Culturally and ecologically diverse, Belize offers such a dizzying array of choices for visitors that the most difficult part of your trip might be deciding what to do first. To help you out, we’ve narrowed things down to four general ways to experience (pardon the pun) the UnBelizable. Plus, if you’re trying to work out where to stay, we’ve got options for different budgets. 1. Head under the sea Blessed with close to eighty miles of nearly-unbroken reef, Belize might be the best spot in the Northern Hemisphere to kick your fins beneath the waves. Belize’s Barrier Reef lets you explore fantastic coral formations while coming face-to-face (or face-to-fin) with kaleidoscopic tropical fish, colourful crustaceans and even the massive whale sharks that come to spawn in mid-spring. If you’re an advanced diver, challenge yourself with a deep dive at the Blue Hole – possibly Belize’s most popular dive spot. Even if you’re sticking to snorkelling, there’s plenty to see within swimming distance of most of Belize’s Central Cayes.