[Linked Image] The fourth annual Kinich Ahau Art Festival will take place on Sunday, April 14 at the Altun Ha parking lot. Dickie Hernandez is the vice president of the committee.


" To open the festival we will have a dance the Saturday night which will be the 13th at the Red, Gold and Green bar at Altun Ha; there will be music , live entertainment , sales of carvings; there will be a display for three weeks at the Mexican embassy of all the carvings that are displayed at the art festival. There will also be food and drinks and there will also be artists doing work while live performance on Sunday, at the day of the event. The arts/craft - we will have exotic art pieces , very huge pieces, very small pieces and they will also be on sale on the very same day of the art show, so people can come out and get their souvenirs. We are inviting the entire public to come out on Sunday at Altun Ha; it will also be a Belizean Day so that they can get the carvings at a Belizean rate. The carvings will be done by local artists here in the village, here in Lucky Strike , Santana, Maskall throughout the old road. The old road is actually the carving capital of the country so the carvers will all come out from here and there are a couple people from the city who will be partaking in the activities."

The festival will begin at ten o’clock in the morning on Sunday April 14.