Super Furia Band from Orange Walk Town,Belize, singing about dem no weh get wa square Centimeter a de sweet BELIZE LAND

Jalacte and San Vicente are also two of the villages that thread along the southern border between Belize and Guatemala. The Belize Territorial Volunteers have already cleared the border in Jalacte and tomorrow they are going to do so in San Vicente.

Well, if they so choose, they can take a sound track with them for theme music because the Orange Walk based band, Super Furia, has released another single, themed around the Belize/Guatemala dispute.

The band, which gained prominence recently for the song in honor of the Belize National Football Team's performance in the Copa Centroamericana, has come back with a song called, Belize Da Fi We. The lead singer spoke to us about the lyrics, which should inspire patriotism:

Roxanne Alcoser - Lead Vocalist, Supa Furia
"This song is entitled "Belize dah fu we" and the name says it all, I mean Belize is for Belizeans, jump high or jump low, it's ours."

Daniel Ortiz
"Tell us what the inspiration is and what message do you want to give to the Belizean public. Is it something firebrand or is just supposed to be patriotic?"

Roxanne Alcoser
"What inspired us is basically the situation that we're undergoing at this moment with Guatemala and Belize and we're trying to just - in the group we just came together and talked about it. We were like; you know we have to get the message across through music, musically because a lot of people do listen to music and so therefore we try writing the songs. Everybody try pitch in here and there and then we came up with this song "Belize dah fu we" and we're just trying to say, 'Guatemala please respect our boarder lines.' The lyrics are saying let unite Belizean as one Nation, and lets leave politics aside because this is more for our country. That's the reason we wrote this some because I feel so honored and so proud to be singing this song for my country. I can see on my Facebook - my Facebook has been positive comments on the video and everything, so I feel so applauded for it."

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