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Today's Belize News: April 6, 2013 #461855
04/06/13 09:31 AM
04/06/13 09:31 AM
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Marty Offline OP

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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Annual Children’s Vacation Bible School held at the San Pedro Lions’ Den
For the third consecutive year, The Eastern Assembly of God, located in Baltimore, Maryland USA has been sending mission teams to the island town of San Pedro. The teams conduct an annual Children’s Vacation Bible School (VBS), which this year, hosted one hundred to one hundred and twenty five children. This year’s team consisted of 15 members, including Children’s Pastor Kristin Alt, Youth Pastor Jared Michael, and Young Adult Pastor Danielle Stiles. This year’s program aims at educating children in the fundamentals of the Christian Faith. The four day VBS program which commenced on Tuesday April 5th, offers a variety of fun Bible based activities including arts, crafts, skits, games, Bible lessons and worship. In addition to a fun program the team is also doing their part to help equip students for the class rooms by providing children with school supplies, and other fun treats, including bicycle giveaways for one lucky little boy and girl!

Ambergris Today

PACT Awards Over $800,000 In Project Grants!
On Thursday, April 4, 2013, PACT held a Grant Award Ceremony at the Guanacaste National Park in Belmopan, during which it awarded over $800,000.00 in new project grants! PACT awarded Small and Medium-Sized Grants for projects under the themes of Protected Areas Management and Conservation, Protected Areas Promotion and Development, and Environmental Education and Awareness as follows:

Belize Telemedia Ltd Launches New Telephone Directory
Belize Telemedia Limited officially launched its new telephone directory on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at San Ignacio Town. Highlighted on the front cover is Belize’s cultural uniqueness – agriculture. "Today BTL is highlighting the fact that agricultural produce and the resulting Belizean cuisines, places us at a culturally unique status within the region and makes Belize a home away from home for many, many tourists," stated Karen Bevans - Chief Operating Officer, BTL.

Misc Belizean Sources

Business Plan Development workshop
This workshop is designed for all entrepreneurs who wish to avoid wasting time, effort and money while establishing and operating their new venture, regardless of whether you intend to self-fund or seek outside capital to grow your business.

BEL Submits 2013-2014 Annual Tariff Review Proceeding Application to PUC
Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) submitted an application on April 2, 2013, to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) under the Annual Tariff Review Proceeding (ARP) for the period July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014. In the application, BEL requests that the PUC reduces the Mean Electricity Rate (MER) by approximately 1 cent per kilowatt hour (kWh) to reflect the actual Cost of Power since January 2013 compared to the projected cost submitted to the PUC in December 2012. BEL is also proposing to reduce its targeted Rate of Return from 10 per cent to 9 per cent, made possible subsequent to the recent reduction in the Company’s financing costs.

VIDEO: Belize da fu we
Super Furia Band from Orange Walk Town,Belize, singing about dem no weh get wa square Centimeter a de sweet BELIZE LAND

Commentary: Belizeans must stand together against Guatemala
The Guatemalan Foreign Minister Honorable Fernando Carrera and Belize’s Foreign Minister Honorable Wilfred Elrington were supposed to meet on March 17, 2013, in Washington DC to continue their discussions on the proposed simultaneous referendum that is scheduled to be held in both their countries on October 6 this year. Before the meeting, the Guatemalan President Otto Perez held a press conference in Guatemala City in regards to the meeting. He called on the government of Belize to change the scheduled date of the referendum and to amend Belize’s constitution to remove the 60% approval requirement for the passage of all referendums in the country. This demand was raised earlier in negotiations with Guatemala and the government of Belize made it clear to the government of Guatemala that Belize will never agree to that demand.

Twin Town Transport
Twin Town Transport is a new business in Cayo that has a small fleet of vehicles, with some great prices, specifically for educational and mission groups. Current rental options/for-hire driver available 2007 Hyundai H1 12 passenger Van 2001 Acura MDX 4wd seats 8 1999 Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4wd seats 5 1999 Ford Expedition 2wd seats 8 "Auto rental for small mission/educational teams, newly relocated and part-timers in the Cayo area. [email protected] Belize 501-624-3073"

Exploring the Chiquibul Forest Reserve
Great article about staying in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve for a few nights, and the sights that were seen along the way. With the Friends of Conservation and Development, who patrol the Chiquibul, they started at Caracol, and went exploring from there. And yes, they did see illegal loggers. "As dusk descends, birds that dominated the songscape concede the night to the crepuscular choir of crickets. It takes a while to adjust to the sounds of jungle nightlife; sleep is slow in coming; only patches of starlight are visible through the forest canopy like glinting terrestrial oases. Somewhere nearby an animal - perhaps a gibnut - crashes through the understory as noisily and clumsily as a human. Even before it is light, the diminuendo of the chirping, signals the breaking of dawn. The laws of the jungle are at work. When birds emerge, insects retreat mutely into the shadows. The troik troik troik of the keel-billed toucan is uncannily froglike. But even from the distance of the canopy there is no mistaking the exaggerated bill and the retracting of its wings as it glides. The guttural growls of invisible troupes of howler monkeys echo through the trees. The hysterical, scandal-mongering piam-piam gives away our presence on the forest floor, but not before a pair of sleek-bodied scarlet macaws cruises into view."

Channel 7

Talks Between PM And Unions Lubricated By Prospect Of Oil
Teachers and Public Service Union Leaders met with the Prime Minister at his office in Belmopan today - but this time there was no lunchtime press briefing, or birthday singing for Teachers Union Senior Advisor George Frazer. And coming out of the meeting, the unions had no comment - saying they won't speak to the press at this time - and will only do so after they hold discussions with their councils of management and their memberships. So, nothing is confirmed but according to our sources neither side budged: the unions aired out their full counter-proposal, while the Government side maintained that there can be no floor on a proposed increase, nor can there be any increase given this year. The meeting - we are told - was cordial but ended with no agreement, as the unions have to go back to their memberships. But they do have something to go back with - and that is oil. As we understand it, the prospect of a potential commercial oil find factored significantly into the discussions. If there is incremental revenue from an oil find and it leads to a revenue surplus - the teachers and public officers stand to get 50% of that incremental revenue towards a raise.

For Alleged Cop Killers Charged In Capital
Today four men - three from Roaring Creek and one from Punta Gorda - were taken to Belmopan Magistrate's Court for the killing of Police Constable Bertchel Ramirez. They are 34 year old Juvencio Herrera, 26 year old Gregory Martinez, 41 year old Elilo Herrera, and 28 year old Steven Garbutt. Officer Commanding Belmopan ASP Sinquest Martinez - who called the murder an "idiot move" two days ago - told us how police had to reign in their emotions to make sure the prosecution goes smoothly: ASP Sinquest Martinez - OC, Belmopan Police "P.C Ramirez went to visit a friend, and that friend had an affair with one of the suspects. And that's what we - from that angle we've start our investigation. Yes, they ambush my officer; they knew he was at that house because the suspects do not live too far from where the crime happened. So, they had seen him go in, and they know that he was there. From what I know, my police officer doesn't have any relationship with any of the suspects, my - the four suspects has been in and out of Belmopan; but 3 of the four suspects have been in and out of Belmopan Police Station, who I've known very well. They are known criminals within this area."

Group Of Chinese Were Set Free By GSU Long After Directive By COMPOL
Last night when we left you, a group of nine Chinese that arrived in the country yesterday had been detained by the GSU - after Immigration at the airport cleared them. The GSU detained them as they walked out of the Immigration Office, crowded all nine into the back of a pickup and carted them off to the Ladyville Police station to review their documents. Later the GSU transferred to them to the Queen Street Police station - which is when, we are reliably informed, the Commissioner of Police ordered that they be released since there was no reason to hold them. As we understand it, the GSU still kept them detained for five hours more - and did not release the group until 2:30 this morning.

BEL Asks For Slight Decrease In Electricity Rate
In January the PUC ordered a whopping 17% increase in average electricity rates. Well now, BEL is asking the PUC to lower the rate just a little. The power company made this application in its Annual Tariff Review Proceeding for July first, 2013 to June 30th, 2014. BEL asks the PUC to reduce the average Electricity Rate by about 1 cent per kilowatt hour - which would bring the residential rate down to about 48 cents per kilowatt hour - still a long ways off form the 41.6 cents per kilowatt hour it was at in 2012. BEL says the modest decrease is a reflection in a slightly cheaper cost of power. BEL is also reducing its Rate of Return from 10 per cent to 9 per cent, after reducing financing costs. The PUC will now make its own review and recommendation.

Carol James Gets Back Gun, Bribe Money, But Still No Jewelry
Last night we had the story of Carol James, who detailed an outrageous case of police abuse and corruption. She said that while she was out of the country police searched her home, found her licensed firearm and then proceeded to unlawfully detain her fiance for it - while also shaking him down for a five hundred dollar bribe. Well the police Professional Standards Branch has been investigating and today made some big moves: they arranged for her to get back her gun and the five hundred dollars paid as a bribe. James asked 7news to be there when the return was made: Monica Bodden Reporting Voice of: Carol James - Accusing police of Corruption "I got a call from the police station stating that they will return my gun this afternoon. So, hopefully I'll get it because yesterday, Mr. Rivero and Mrs. Mortis came here and they told me that my gun was at the lab. They assure me that they were going to the lab to bring my gun yesterday. Today is Friday, and I still haven't gotten my gun. Well, just a while ago Mrs. Mortis called me and she told me that I can come for my gun at the police station. I told her no, I'm not coming to the police station for my gun because they didn't get it from the police station. They got it from out of my house. So, she told me that she was going to bring it this afternoon, so I'll wait and see if they bring my gun."

Help For A Very Needy Family
One week ago, we told you sad story of Edith Ramirez, the mother of 3 young children who has been living in a makeshift house surrounded by swampland for the past 6 months. Since then, Human Services has intervened to tell her that she can no longer stay in that perilous location with her young children, so she's now begging accommodations with her sister. But even though the struggling single mother is still technically homeless, she is still holding on to all hopes and so far she has been receiving assistance from those who can help. One person who was touched by her story is grassroots philanthropist, Dara Robinson - who personally took groceries for Ramirez and her family yesterday evening. 7news was there to capture the moment. Dara Robinson - Grassroots Philanthropist "After I watched the news and watched your story, it was touching especially when you interviewed and I saw they kids. It made my heart felt sad that day. I wanted to react a long time on it, but I had an amount of stuff that I wanted to put together. After I received some much needed stuff, then I took things from my program, and called you because I said I don't have plywood, zink and things to really help the lady with what she really needs.

Home Invader Has Nothing To Say In Court, Gets Jail Time
22 year-old Percival Blancaneaux, is spending the first night of a 3-year sentence after he was convicted of aggravated burglary in the Supreme Court. Esmeralda Gladstonbury, a resident of Old Well Road, on the Northern Highway reported to police that on January 24, Blancaneaux and another man invaded her home at around 4 a.m. According Gladstonbury, she was at home sleeping with her husband and her son, when she heard the sounds of someone breaking in. That's when she saw the men inside her house. Both men held them hostage at knife-point, tied them up and then cleaned out their house of about 18 thousand dollars in electronics and other personal items, including her red Isuzu Rodeo which they used to get away in. That vehicle was recovered on the Burrell Boom Road. Well, Gladstonbury and her son testified to those details in the trial before Chief Magistrate Smith. When Blancaneaux was given his opportunity to provide his defence, he chose to remain silent.

From a Hospital Bed To A Jail Cell
3 weeks ago, we told you about the alleged gunfight between police and 27 year-old Brandon "Battery" Smith and 28 year-old Alrick Smith. Well, tonight, Alrick Smith, who's been in the hospital after being shot by police, has joined Brandon Smith in prison. As we reported, police officers were processing a murder scene when they say a blue car sped past the crime scene. They set chase after the vehicle until it crashed into a drain. That's when 27 year-old Brandon Smith, allegedly exited the car with a handgun and started firing at the officers. The officers returned fire, and shot the driver, Alrick Smith - critically wounding him with a gunshot to the abdomen area. Brandon Smith escaped that scene, but he was arrested later and charged with 4 counts of attempted murder against Police Constables Abner Pasqual, Terry Reyes, Mark Tzul, and Wayne Trapp.

Carrying Ammunition On Way To Jail
24 year-old Guatemalan David Lopez, will serve 10 years in prison because on his way to jail he was busted with unlicensed ammunition. Lopez, a farmer from Peten Guatemala, was convicted of a different offence in the San Ignacio Magistrate's Court, and he was sentenced to 5 years in prison for it. While being processed to enter the prison yesterday to start serving his sentence, the officers conducted the mandatory search on him and discovered 7 rounds of .25 ammunition. Due to the discovery, he charged with keeping unlicensed ammunition, and he was arraigned today before the Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith. He pleaded guilty to the offence saying that on his way to jail, a man gave him the bullets and ordered him to hold on to them until he came back to retrieve them.

Galen Univ Ballers In Limbo
Last night we told you about the seven members of the Galen University basketball team who were abruptly kicked off - after allegedly showing up late to a meeting to sign an academic scholarship. We say "allegedly late" because at least one of those players we spoke to said he's certain he got there five minutes early. Galen issued a statement saying they would keep their scholarships but lose their place on the team - where lateness has been an issue. Well today a meeting was convened by Galen to transfer them from athletic to academic scholarships - but it seems the new scholarships weren't ready, so nothing was signed. And now tonight there is word that the majority of those players kicked off the team will get back unto the roster after apologizing to President Luis Zabaneh. He was the one waiting for them to sign the athletic scholarships on Thursday morning. There is no official word from the School at this time.

Et Tu, Otto?
Guatemala's president Otto Perez Molina is under extreme scrutiny in his country tonight after he was implicated by name in the testimony of a witness in the trial against former dictator General Jose Efrain Rios Montt. It was the 10th hearing at the Supreme Court over crimes against indigenous persons during that country's 26 year civil war, from 1960 to 1996. The Prosecution's witness who has implicated the president is Hugo Ramiro Leonardo Reyes, a specialized military mechanic of the kaibil troop that operated in the Ixil area. According to the Prensa Libre, Reyes said quote "the military and the soldiers following orders of major Tito Arias known as Otto Perez Molina...coordinated the burning and looting of the people to later execute them," end quote. The witness added quote " the people who Arrived for execution at the camp reached injured, tortured, with their tongues cut out, and their nails ripped off among other injuries" end quote. He specified quote "they were burned under orders of Major Tito Arias".

Red Sicta To San Vicente
White corn and black beans are among the primary crops of the farmers in San Vicente and Jalacte - Toledo villages at the southwestern edge of Belize's territory. But many times, these small producers lack the technology or market place savvy to get a decent price for their produce. Now, a new project sponsored by IICA, the Inter-American Institute of Cooperation for Agriculture is hoping to use technology to improve their competitiveness and make them some money. It's called Red Sicta and the IICA Representative explained: Mohammed Ibrahim - IICA "They have regional project called RED SICTA which is looking at technological innovation for security and improving the competitiveness of farmers to market their product with some specifications on corn and beans and other products. The project has several objectives; one is to provide technologies to farmers for improving their productivity of the corn and beans. These productions have increased between 20 to 30% in some cases due to the technological innovation that farmers have been using, better management of the crop, better planting, better swing distances and better fertilizing management of the crops.

The Sweet Sound of Patriotism
Jalacte and San Vicente are also two of the villages that thread along the southern border between Belize and Guatemala. The Belize Territorial Volunteers have already cleared the border in Jalacte and tomorrow they are going to do so in San Vicente. Well, if they so choose, they can take a sound track with them for theme music because the Orange Walk based band, Super Furia, has released another single, themed around the Belize/Guatemala dispute. The band, which gained prominence recently for the song in honor of the Belize National Football Team's performance in the Copa Centroamericana, has come back with a song called, Belize Da Fi We. The lead singer spoke to us about the lyrics, which should inspire patriotism: Roxanne Alcoser - Lead Vocalist, Supa Furia "This song is entitled "Belize dah fu we" and the name says it all, I mean Belize is for Belizeans, jump high or jump low, it's ours."

Channel 5

8 Chinese nationals are released on orders of the ComPol
At around four-thirty Thursday afternoon, eight Chinese nationals, seven men and one woman arrived in Belize on a TACA flight. They proceeded through Immigration on the travel documents they held, but as they stepped out through the departure doors at the airport, they were greeted not by their compatriots who were waiting for them, but [...]

Smuggling of Chinese nationals; a lucrative and active trade in Belize
As we told you before, the smuggling of Chinese nationals into Belize is known to be a very lucrative and very active trade, where local agents act as middle-men between officials in the Immigration and other government departments and prominent Chinese businessmen who mastermind the ring. News Five was reliably informed that the route of [...]

Corruption: Businesswoman claims she robbed & her nephew extorted by police
There is another very serious complaint against a group of police officers. A Belize City businesswoman who went away for the Easter had to cut her trip short and rush back home because her house had been robbed of some twenty thousand dollars in cash and valuables. To add to her woes, her common-law-husband had [...]

4 Roaring Creek residents charged for murder of cop
A group of four, residents of Roaring Creek Village, was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Lindsbert Willis in Belmopan today on a joint charge of murder.  Thirty-four year old Juvencio Herrera, his elder brother, forty-one year old Elilo Herrera, twenty-six year old Gregory Martinez and twenty-eight year old Steven Garbutt are all accused of killing police [...]

Unions meet with Prime Minister: another counterproposal tabled
The anticipated meeting between the Joint Negotiating Team, representing the Belize National Teachers Union, the Association of Public Service Senior Managers and the Public Service Union, met with Prime Minister Barrow today in Belmopan. Today’s second round of discussions on the issue of salary adjustment started at about ten this morning and concluded around four [...]

4 students and teacher arraigned for killing howler monkey
In March 2013, public outrage was aroused when a black howler monkey was badly beaten by four third form students at the Belize High School of Agriculture in southern Orange Walk. And worse than that, they allegedly did it because a teacher told them to. The Forest Department was involved from the start and an [...]

Guatemalan president accused of executing civilians and other atrocities during civil war
Even though it will not be holding a referendum on October sixth, Guatemala is still stepping up its campaign on its claim to fifty percent of Belize.  Official publications, including passports and maps, depict Belize as part of its territory. But tonight, President Otto Perez Molina is facing plenty trouble and huge embarrassment. Perez Molina, [...]

Man in critical condition at hospital after being stabbed
There was a stabbing in the City on Thursday night. The victim is Javier Mai and he is hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in critical condition. Mai, a welder, was stabbed twice on the abdomen and was found on Mosul Street after ten o’clock near the bar called Chicas Picantes. Police picked him [...]

Guatemalan farmer given 5 more years for ammunition found on his person
A Guatemalan farmer, who is serving five years at the Belize Central Prison, will have an additional five years to contemplate the error of his ways. Twenty-four year old inmate, David Lopez, was being escorted from the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court to prison when a routine search was conducted on him. Police say they found [...]

3 years in prison for aggravated burglary
A man who participated in a home invasion in January 2012 will spend three years behind bars at the Belize Central Prison after he was found guilty of aggravated burglary today. The incident occurred at the Ladyville home of Esmeralda Glastonbury, located at mile eleven and three quarter on the Phillip Goldson Highway. Glastonbury, her [...]

F.F.B.’s annual honorary congress and its new marketing development program
Three members of CONCACAF’s Marketing Development Program are here in Belize for a three-day working visit. While in Belize, the trio will be assessing and assisting in creating a marketing plan for the F.F.B. goals and strategies. But the visit is occurring simultaneously with the federation’s annual honorary congress which will be held on Saturday. [...]

CARICOM’s official song competition; Belizean artists invited to apply
The Caribbean Community, better known as CARICOM, was birthed with the vision that standing together, the region could represent a formidable force and voice. As CARICOM prepares to mark its fortieth anniversary this year, it is launching an official competition: its first music and lyrics song competition. It is a search for an original piece [...]

Gospel artist establishes a Belize chapter of her Baby Girls Club
Christian music has its own following and a growing one at that. And even if you are not a strong follower of gospel music, you may be very aware of the name Nicole C. Mullen. Mullen is internationally renowned and she is on a week-long stay in Belize, establishing a chapter of her Baby Girls [...]

B.E.L. applies for a nominal rate reduction
The Belize Electricity Limited is applying for a rate reduction in electricity rates for the period July first, 2013 to June thirtieth, 2014. The application to the Public Utilities Commission is for a reduction of approximately one cent per kilowatt hour to reflect the actual Cost of Power since January 2013. B.E.L. is also proposing [...]

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04/06/13 09:32 AM
04/06/13 09:32 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

More News: Scroll up from here


Police Prepares To Bury One of Their Own;Four Men Charged With The Cop's Murder
On Tuesday night, the quiet community of Another World area in Roaring Creek Village was disrupted by the sound of gunshots. At the end Police Constable, Bertchel Ramirez who had gone to visit his girlfriend, lay dead inside his car. This morning the four suspects 28 year o...

Southern Farmers Get Assistance Through Red Sicta Project
A program highlighting the RedSicta Project in Toledo was held yesterday in San Vicente Village. Paul Mahung has the story. PAUL MAHUNG "The morning program began with the National Anthem by students of San Vicente RC School, invocation by Pastor Marcus Cal of the Ba...

Police Seeks Owner of Cannabis Left On Passenger Bus
Police are looking for a man following the discovery of 245 point five grams of cannabis on a passenger bus. Police say on Thursday they conducted a search at the six mile junction and under a seat they found a knapsack containing the suspected cannabis. The suspect who was...

Police Investigates Stabbing Incident
Belize City Police are investigating a stabbing incident that has left 57-year-old Javier Mai hospitalized. Police say on Wednesday they visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw Mai with two apparent stab wounds to the left side of the abdomen. Initial inve...

Cayo Police Gets Second Drug Bust In One Week
For the second time this week, San Ignacio Police have made an arrest after the discovery of a large quantity of cannabis. Correspondent Elaine Berry reports. ELAINE BERRY "On Tuesday, April 2, San Ignacio Police intercepted a car on the George Price Boulevard in Ben...

US Students Work With Women In Orange Walk on Self Sustainability Project
A number of students from the United States are in the Orange Walk District working with women to assist them to be self sufficient. Reporter Dalila Ical has the story. DALILA ICAL "The project began last year when students from Heritage University through...

Construction Works and Clinics Underway By Military Engineers and Medical Experts From The United States
New Horizons exercise is currently underway in Belize. The team is working in northern Belize as we hear in this report from Dalila Ical. DALILA ICAL Military Civil Engineers and Medical Experts from the United States are currently conducting construction work and medical...

Man Gets Three Years For Aggravated Burglary
Percival Blancaneux Jr. charged with aggravated burglary, was sentenced to three years today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith, after he was found guilty of the charge. The incident occurred around 3 a.m. on January 24, 2012, at the residence of Esmeralda Glastonbury, located i...

Second Man Charged With Attempted Murder of Police Officers
Twenty-eight year old Alrick Smith, the second person who was allegedly involved in a shooting incident with the police, walked gingerly into court today for his arraignment on four counts of attempted murder. Smith, who was shot by the police, was charged with the attempted murd...

Three Men Acquitted On Drug Trafficking Charges
Three persons were acquitted of drug trafficking today by Magistrate Adolph Lucas Jr. They are Raymond Lanza, John Fuller Sr. and his son, John Fuller Jr. Magistrate Lucas in his ruling said that there was no evidence that the defendants had any knowledge of the cannabis that was...

BEL Submits Application to the Public Utilities Commission
Belize Electricity Limited has submitted an application to the Public Utilities Commission under the Annual Tariff Review Proceeding for the period July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014. BEL is asking the PUC to reduce the Mean Electricity Rate by approximately one cent per kilowatt hour to re...


Angel Carrillo And Four Students Appear in Court Regarding Howler Monkey's Death
The month of March proved to be one of scandal for the Belize High School of Agriculture after four of its male students and one of its male teachers were accused of brutally attacking a Howler Monkey on March 5th. The male monkey died three days after while receiving treatment at Wild Tracks Centre, a Monkey Rehabilitation Facility in Sarteneja Village. News tonight is that the case against the four students, two of which are said to be minors and Teacher Angel Carillo, began yesterday at the Orange Walk Magistrates Court. All five individuals were charged for illegal hunting by the Forest Department and now face a legal battle. CTV3 News understands that all five accused were awarded bail to the sum of $1,000 each plus one surety each of the same amount which they met. Their case was adjourned for June 26th 2013. As previously mentioned, the monkey’s brutal attack was cause for controversy both here at home and abroad.

BR's Pharmacy Robbed At Gunpoint
A pharmacist from Orange Walk Town, his employee and one of his clients are tonight recuperating from a frightful ordeal after two men robbed B.R’s Pharmacy located on Belize Corozal Road, at gunpoint. The incident played out on Holy Thursday at around 8:00pm. According to proprietor of B.R’s Pharmacy Alejandro Lopez, he was at the back of the establishment packing some medications and upon his return to the front area, he was met face to face with one of the two robbers who was armed with a firearm. Alejandro Lopez- Proprietor B.R’s Pharmacy “I was at the back packing medications that had reached. I had told my customer to wait so that I can check his blood pressure one more time so while in the process of that, I saw my worker that was frightened. She had a frighten face. That is when I got kind of surprise. While I was coming from the front from behind the curtain I saw that this Creole descent guy had a gun in his hand and was pointing it towards me. He told me, “give me you money.” But then I also realized that the customer was already on the floor and the guy, a tall slim, East Indian looking guy, had a knife at the neck of my customer. By that time, apparently the customer told me afterwards that they took away his phone. So I proceed to go to the back of the curtain where the cash pan is by this guy following me and pointing the gun at me. Then he asked him to give him the money. I took the money and gave him the money. He asked if it was all I had and I told his yes. He asked me to give him my phone. I told him that I don’t have a phone but my phone was on the table.”

Veronica Gonzalez Died Of Exsanquinations
In other news, the post mortem conducted on the body of 39 year old Veronica Gonzalez who died minutes after she was stabbed multiple times while in the Village of Sarteneja in the Corozal District on April 31st, shows that she died as a result of exsanguinations due to internal and external bleeding as a consequence of multiple wounds. Thirty nine year old Norma Pena has been charged for Gonzalez’s murder.

Corozal Police Conducts Anti Drug Operation
The Corozal Police Department carried out an anti drug operation last night which proved fruitful. The operation was carried out at a residence located on 3rd Street North in the Skeleton Area in Corozal Town which led to the discovery of a crazy glue case containing 2.7 grams of suspected crack cocaine. The suspected drug was found in one of the bedrooms. Present at the time of the search were 42 year old Charles Anthony Whitfield and 49 year old Gilbert Alexander Jones Sr. Both Whitfield and Jones were taken to the police station and charged for drug trafficking.

Police Officers Recognized For Their Hardwork
The swearing in of 15 new Special Constables was not the only cause for celebration at the Orange Walk Police Department this afternoon. During the special ceremony, two officers of the department were recognized as Officer of the Month for the Months of February and March respectively. P.C Reynald Cacho joined the police force one month shy from his 19th birthday in the year 1985 and has been posted at stations across the country. Four years ago he was transferred to the Orange Walk Police Formation and has been a role model for his colleagues who elected him as Officer of the Month for the Month of February. P.C Reynaldo Cacho- Officer of the month for March “I feel great. This is my second award being here in Orange Walk under two different OCs, Mr. Mariano first and them Mr. Myvette.” Carmelita Perez, Reporter “To what would you say that you owe these two great achievements in your police career?” P.C Reynaldo Cacho- Officer of the month for March “Well I have been tasking for so long and at times I have been left out but then this time around I have been recognized because I take my work very seriously. I don’t play or drink at work.” Carmelita Perez, Reporter “What made you join the police task force?” P.C Reynaldo Cacho- Officer of the month for March “Well, seeing that I was- like was said in the biography- I decided to remain because I noticed that only this department can pay when you are resting night and day so that is one of the reason why.”

15 New Special Constables Sworn In
This afternoon 15 new Special Constables were sworn in at the Orange Walk Police Department during a special ceremony. With 15 new recruits, the Orange Walk Police Department now counts with 40 Special Constables who are more that ready to assist police in combating crime. Corporal Zenobio Coc- In Charge of Community Policing “One of the primary functions of the special constable is to work along with the police officers, especially conducting patrols on the weekend when they have time. One of the things is that it is voluntary so they chose to join the special constable because it is something voluntary.” Carmelita Perez, Reporter “Do they receive a stipend?” Corporal Zenobio Coc- In Charge of Community Policing “Depending, because some of them are directly employed by the Government of Belize and some of them engage in business visits. They would get a small stipend at the end of the week but most of them I would say are pretty much voluntary workers.” According to Corporal Zenobio Coc, who is in charge of Community Policing, Special Constables play an important role in the development of the community and nation for that matter.

Golden Crop Cooperative Plans To Export Sorghum
The Cooperative Officer for the Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture, Eduardo Leiva, also spoke to us today about a cooperative in the community of Shipyard that they are presently assisting after its members ran into trouble. The Golden Crop Cooperative has been operating for over a decade now and they are looking to invest about $60,000 to increase the production of sorghum for exportation which in Belize is mainly use as feed. The cooperative is looking to export the product in order to increase revenue. Eduardo Leiva, Cooperative Officer “In Shipyard we have another cooperative. They are over ten years active but at some point in time, in the last two years, they were about to collapse. We had to intervene and re-organized them and from nothing they are turning over $100,000. At this point they are looking to invest another $60,000. They have purchases three silos and they are looking to export sorghum to either Jamaica or Mexico. It was actually registered as a farmers’ cooperative but it went through some changes and so they have a semi-hardware store. They sell grocery, cement, blocks and so forth. But apart from that they have expanded and they are now selling diesel, gasoline , they want to venture into butane and now some of the farmers are into planting sorghum but because the prices of sorghum in Belize is low at this point and they have noticed that if they export they can make a little bit more. So then they decided to venture into the exportation of sorghum.” The Golden Crop Cooperative has 102 members with about $111,000 worth in shares.


Four charged for the death of PC Bretchel Ramirez
The Belmopan court was heavily guarded this morning with police personnel, as four men were brought to court to answer for the murder of Police Constable Bertchel Eyon Ramirez. Those men – 34 year old Juvencio Herrera, 26 year old Gregory Martinez, 41 year old Elilo Herrera and 28...

Union meets with PM
Belize’s major trade unions met with the Prime Minister today at the Sir Edney Cain building, to discuss several pressing issues, one of which is the salary adjustment for teachers. Well after spending some five hours inside the PM’s office, the media was eager to find out the outcome...

Benque pharmacist who solicited a minor through the internet is fined $500
Cesar Mendez, a Pharmacist in Benque, who was accused of soliciting a twelve year old through Facebook, pled guilty yesterday in Magistrate’s Court. The charges date back to June of last year, after the girl reported that Mendez invited her to his pharmacy, where they engaged in sexual acts...

BTV continue clearing border
The Belize Territorial Volunteers will travel to the border to continue clearing and demarcating Belize’s borderline from Guatemala. As we mentioned earlier this week, the group has received some jungle clothing and footwear from a Belizean living in the US, Alix Dillet. The group says that the gear came...

Khalid El-Turk continues to fight extradition
Lebanese Belizean Khalid El-Turk continues to fight extradition to the United States where he is wanted for pseudoephedrine trafficking. Yesterday, he was back in court as counsel Edwin Flowers SC and Anthony Sylvestre petitioned Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith to discharge their client from the proceedings on three grounds. Flowers...

Placencia’s Chairman says the village is not just for foreign visitors
Placencia is a small village located in the Stann Creek District of Belize with the eastern side of the Peninsula being a long expanse of white sandy beach. But besides it’s sandy beach, Placencia has a lot to offer both to local and international tourists. One can partake in...

Police hold internal investigations into recent incidents
Police have charged their own in internal investigations. Late on Thursday evening the Police Department’s Professional Standards Branch updated several ongoing investigations and announced that charges have been laid in several recent incidents. Regarding the two Belize City youths who told their story to PLUS News and other media...

US Military Medical Mission conducting free medical service
The US Military Medical Mission will be in Belize conducting free medical service. The team of US and Canadian medical professionals will provide general services such as pediatrics, dermatology, optometry, women’s health and dentistry. And they will begin their tour in Toledo in the next coming week. On Monday...

Basketball team travels to hometown of Miami Heat NBA star
The group of high school ballers who will travel to the King James Amateur Classic has been selected. Those basketball hopefuls will journey to the hometown of Miami Heat NBA star Lebron James, who by the way is hosting the event – and they will get a chance to...

Two men detained with over 100 lbs of cannabis
Police have detained two men after they were busted with over 100 lbs of weed. But the men may not have been caught if they were not pulled over for a faulty light near Georgeville. However, when they started acting suspicious, Police decided to search the car. That is...


The Police Department confirmed today that a Belizean businesswoman, Carol James, whose common-law husband, Anthony Broaster, was detained more than a week ago, has filed a complaint with the Professional Standards Branch of the department that jewelry and cash have gone missing from her home after a police search was conducted at her residence on Central American Boulevard. The police report did not indicate the value of the jewelry and the amount of cash reported missing; however, the businesswoman, visibly upset over what had transpired while she was in the US on a personal trip, has told our newspaper that it is in excess of $20,000, including a diamond bracelet, several rings and all the cash from the cash register of her boutique. James, the ex-wife of former Police Commissioner David Henderson, also told us that police took her licensed firearm, as well as her cash receipt for $5,000, which proved that she had bought the gun from Brodies. The gun license was renewed this March for her birthday, she told us. To date, said James, her gun has also not been returned. She said that she will fight because she does not want this type of abuse to happen to another Belizean, especially those who don’t have the means to defend themselves. James had cut her trip short and returned home over the weekend, when she retained Ellis Arnold, SC, to handle the case. Today’s police report was brief, only assuring that, “This matter is still under investigation.”

Dr. Zabaneh said they “failed to show up on time” for important meeting. Half of Galen University’s basketball team, Galen Eagles, including the MVP of the 2013 ATLIB tournament, have been sacked by Galen president Dr. Louis Zabaneh after they allegedly failed to show up on time for an important meeting at which their contracts with the university, which were to cover the terms of their basketball scholarship, were to be finalized. MVP Jarrell Velasquez declined comment when Amandala contacted him today. He said he was only five minutes late for the meeting. That meeting was scheduled for 11:00 this morning, and they were to attend well-dressed and accompanied by their parents. According to Zabaneh, only three team members were there when it was time for the meeting to start. One person, he said, sent a text message indicating his excuse, while another sent an e-mail. Via e-mail, Galen informed Amandala that the members of the Galen University Eagles basketball team are Dijon McNab, Jarrell Velasquez, Shelton Defour, Jason Badillo, Carlo Burns, Elvis J. Usher, Raul Roches, Jordan Young-Lamb, Nigel Galvez, Vinnie Garbutt and Emani Enriquez. Defour, Burns and Usher, the early ones, were all accompanied by a parent/guardian at the meeting, the university informed us. McNab was excused due to prior obligations, we were also told.

Godfrey was seeking US$10 million, plus interest, in telecom suit. Belizean attorney Glenn D. Godfrey, SC, has lost a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the Government of Belize, in which he asked a Florida court to award US$10 million, plus interest to his company on allegations that the Musa administration had, over a decade ago, breached a telecommunications agreement with the now defunct Intelco – International Telecommunications Limited. Godfrey, who was appointed Attorney General and Minister of Tourism and Environment in 1993, under the People’s United Party administration, had alleged breach of a Master Lease Agreement between International Telecommunications Limited (“INTELCO”) and ex-Minister of Budget Management, Ralph Fonseca back in 2002. The lawsuit was filed last year. Although the Government of Belize has managed to get that case struck out of the US court, the case may be revived here in Belize, should Godfrey choose to pursue it further. Whereas the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida has dismissed Godfrey’s case, having upheld Belize’s objections to the lawsuit, “the Court ruled that Belize provided an adequate alternate forum to litigate this matter and that the Plaintiff GDG could reinstate its case in Belize.” Amandala contacted the office of Glenn Godfrey in Belize City and Godfrey’s office told us that he is out of the country and no one else was able to respond.

One of the suspects is the father of the policeman’s girlfriend’s two children, say police. A policeman was ambushed and murdered in the Another World area of Roaring Creek and his family and the Police Department are mourning his death. His family, in particular, is trying to come to grips with the cruel way in which he had been killed. Police Constable Bertchel Eyon Ramirez, 36, of Belmopan, was gunned down about 11:20 p.m. on Tuesday, April 2, by four men who ambushed him and fired 12 to 15 shots into his car. Ramirez was shot in his head, chest and body, and his car was left riddled with bullet holes. The policeman’s father-in-law told Amandala that Ramirez, his girlfriend and his sister-in-law (the father-in-law’s two daughters), were sitting in his car, parked in front of his yard, at about 11:10 p.m. on Tuesday, when they heard some shots. The girls got out of the car, and Ramirez drove off to investigate the gunshots. He saw a person run down the road towards a culvert, and he drove down to the area. When he arrived by the curve near the culvert, however, three other people were waiting in ambush and they began firing at him. He tried to maneuver the car to escape, but when he turned, he drove into the drain, and the car bogged and couldn’t turn.

The Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology, and Public Utilities confirmed on Tuesday that oil has been found in Orange Walk by Maranco Energy Belize Limited, headed by Paul Marriott, a former director of Belize Natural Energy. CEO in the Ministry Dr. Colin Young told Amandala that the find was made in the Laguna Seca area, a privately owned property; however, further tests have to be done to determine whether the find is commercial. An official release from the ministry said that on March 30, 2013, Maranco discovered an encouraging oil show at the South Canal Bank #1 exploration well, in their concession area in the Orange Walk District. Two years ago, in April 2011, our newspaper had reported on a decision by the Barrow Administration to grant an oil contract to Maranco in northwestern Orange Walk, in an area that includes Gallon Jug. The contract, we understand, calls for 10% royalty, plus production sharing revenues of 15% to 40% based on production ranging from 0 – 5,000 barrels of oil a day to over 30,000 barrels a day.

Michael Anthony Heusner was gunned down on his way to a shop. Senseless gun violence in the “city without pity” has once again claimed the life of a parent, the father of a child, 2. Michael Anthony Heusner, 28, a fisherman of Courtenay Crescent, lay on the pavement on Mahogany Street after being shot multiple times, in the head and chest on Easter Monday night. His mother, Maria Heusner, was devastated when she came to the scene: she sobbed for her dead son as he lay on the street. The merciless murder occurred about 7:30 p.m. Monday, on Mahogany Street, about 50 yards from its junction with Mopan Street. Police say that Heusner was walking on Mahogany Street from Mopan Street heading towards Sarstoon Street, when two men riding on separate bicycles rode up behind him and one of them pulled out a firearm and shot Heusner multiple times. Police say that they retrieved six 40 caliber S&W expended shells from the scene.

Fuller applied for an appeal on the decision of the judicial review by Min. Wilfred Elrington. In September of 2011, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, heard applications in a tribunal as final arbiter on why it was unjust for the United States to continue its process of extraditing Rhett Fuller, 42. In his ruling last year, he refused to deny the US’s request to extradite Fuller, who is wanted for questioning in connection with the first degree murder of US national Larry Miller, which occurred in March of 1990. After the decision was made by Elrington, Fuller’s attorney, Eamon Couretnay, filed an appeal in October, 2012, to the Belize Court of Appeal. Courtenay’s arguments included information from Wikileaks that showed three diplomatic cables which documented communications between Elrington and representatives from the US embassy. In those communiqués, Courtenay established that Elrington may have introduced bias in his decision, and in their decision handed down this morning, the judges gave two main reasons why they allowed Fuller’s appeal.

The Chiquibul Forest, which includes the Chiquibul National Park, has continued to be the central focus of conservation efforts led by Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD), and the FCD has been successful at getting their counterparts in Guatemala to pursue bi-national efforts to help stave off what FCD’s Executive Director Raphael Manzanero calls “a trans-boundary environmental crisis” facing the Chiquibul. FCD met with Guatemala’s Division for the Protection of Nature (DIPRONA) on March 13 and 14 along with Ricardo Avila, municipal alcalde from Melchor de Mencos. The six officers, who included the DIPRONA Head of Division from Guatemala City, met on March 13 with representatives of the Belize Forest Department, the Belize Defence Force, the Police Department, and the Immigration Department, who explained their work. Meanwhile, FCD underscored the crisis facing the Chiquibul. The next day, the visitors had a chance to see for themselves, when they went to the Chiquibul and Caracol Archaeological Reserve, to survey the evidence of illegal logging, xate trails and the farms along the western flank of the Chiquibul forest.

by Evan X Hyde. In Sri Lanka the majority group spoke Sinhalese and were part of Buddhist culture. The minority spoke one of the major Indian languages, Tamil, and were part of the Hindu culture shared by sixty million Tamils across the thirty-mile strait separating Sri Lanka from India. The groups on the island, known as Ceylon when ruled as a British colony, had a history of harmony. But after the British departure in 1947, they were pushed into conflict by the competitive pressures of democracy. Politicians could not resist appealing to ethnic identity to win votes. As is often the case, ethnic differences manifested themselves in ways that could be exploited politically. One issue involved schooling. The minority Tamils tended to perform better in schools: to satisfy the Sinhalese, Tamil access to universities was limited by quotas. - pg. 95, WAR, PEACE, AND INTERNATIONAL POLITICS, David W. Ziegler, Addison-Wesley, 2000 In our Easter issue editorial, there was a big mistake in a sentence which referred to the rise of Belize’s Mestizo/Maya as having taken place over the last “five, six centuries.” “Centuries” should, of course, have been “decades.” Inside the old capital today, the relationship between Mestizo/Maya Belizeans and African Belizeans is a very interesting and perhaps delicate one. Economically, the Mestizos have surged upwards in the business sector, and there was a certain amount of resentment at their success felt by the black masses.

At the end of April last year, the leader of the George Street gang, Shiny Tillett, was shot dead (along with a lady friend) in his vehicle at a gas station on the Northern Highway. At the time, George Street had built a reputation as the most deadly and efficient gang organization in Belize City. In fact, when Shiny Tillett was killed, the indications were strong that, under his leadership, George Street had entered an alliance with the feared Ghosttown Crips from Mayflower Street. In the early 1990s, Belize City’s gang configuration had been imported directly from Los Angeles: it was basic Crips and Bloods. Majestic Alley and Mayflower Street were Crips, and George Street led the Bloods. Later in the 1990s, a branch of the Bloods emerged in the Mahogany Street/ Complex area which called itself PIV (Peace In the Village). Today, the gang dynamic has become less monolithic, more splintered, more difficult to analyze. Belize City is the largest population center in the nation, but it is still a small place. Everybody knows everybody else, and what mainstream, “respectable” society does not wish to acknowledge, or have discussed, is the fact that there are legitimate businessmen and supposedly decent politicians and bewigged attorneys who have personal, even intimate, contact with gang leaders and personalities. In Belize City, for argument’s sake, we can say that there are two worlds living side by side – the legal, legitimate world and the criminal, violent, gang world.

What a difference a week makes! Just last week Wednesday, when our newspaper hit the streets with the Week 7 updates on the Premier League of Belize (PLB) Closing Season Tournament, defending champion Belmopan Bandits was trailing Belize Defence Force (BDF) in the standings, and Police United was still entertaining strong hopes of making it to the playoffs once more. A lot has changed in this past week, when the PLB introduced the first of two sets of mid-week encounters to try and complete the current regular season in time for the CONCACAF Champions League draw, where the Open and Closing regular seasons aggregate winner will get to represent the Jewel. There were Week 8 mid-week games last Wednesday and Thursday, March 27 & 28, then the Week 9 weekend games on Saturday and Sunday, March 30 & 31, and last night and tonight there are the Week 10 games. So that, since our last report, three sets of games have occurred. And the biggest item of note in those games is the re-entry onto the Belizean football scene of the nation’s number one striker, Deon McCaulay. Fortunately for Belmopan, and unfortunately for all other PLB teams, the rumors have materialized, and Deon has donned the Bandits uniform and unleashed his goal scoring fury upon all would be contenders.

He will be 25 years old in a few weeks on April 26, but today 24-year-old Darnell Barrow continues to celebrate a victory whose significance he is still grappling with and growing to appreciate more and more. There are races, and there are races, on the cycling calendar in Belize, the USA, and the world. But with each passing year, the mystique and the glamour of the Belize Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic keeps growing with even greater cultural, historical and romantic allure, as one more rider gets his name added to that immortal list of Holy Saturday Cross Country Champions. In 15 years’ time, our Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic will be celebrating its own “centenary”; unbelievable. Indeed, as noted by Krem’s Eejay Hill, it is the oldest cycle race in the Western Hemisphere. That will be a huge milestone, and the race will surely be even bigger, as our population grows, as well as the world-wide fame and respect for this special historical and sporting tradition that has stood the test of time, and, like good wine, only keeps getting better.

Belizeans angry over Guat officials’ sanction of map on passport, which annexes Belize to Guatemala. Guatemala has been stepping up the use of maps that Belizean officials deem to be “provocative and retrogressive,” because they either tacitly or blatantly depict Belize as a part of that territory, with the western border between the countries represented by just a dotted line, and in more overt maps, with Belize shaded in as a part of Guatemala. The most notable cases that have arisen this year include the use of a map by a Guatemalan official at a meeting of the Organization of American States in February. Although that official claimed that the map had been inadvertently used, the increasing use of those provocative maps has led the Government of Belize to question whether the government of Guatemala is taking a more aggressive stance in staking its unfounded claim over Belize. Since the OAS meeting, Belize’s basketball stars were met with a similar affront when they traveled to Guatemala later that month for a competition and saw a sports federation logo with Belize annexed to Guatemala appearing on jerseys, as well as on memorabilia for the event. This was occurring even as that country’s Ministry of Education was urging schools to use similar maps, stating that the resolution of the territorial differendum is pending.

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The Reporter

Part V: Our case in Customary International Law
Last week, the Belize government, via a Cabinet press release, said: “The Government of Belize, having had occasion to review the proposals by the Republic of Guatemala as presented in writing on 17th March, 2013, to Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza for the parties [Belize and Guatemala] to consider postponement of the referenda for an indefinite period or for Belize to proceed on its own to hold a referendum on the agreed date, had decided to reject the Guatemalan proposals in their entirety.” These series of events have cast serious clouds over the entire process and to some it may appear that the much-debated referendum is on life support. Nevertheless, with or without a referendum, it is still imperative that we continue to keep ourselves informed on this issue. With that said, Road to Referendum will continue to discuss Belize’s legal positions in the territorial dispute and things related to it. As was stated in the very first issue, this series is not geared towards persuading or dissuading readers: it is geared simply towards ensuring that Belizeans are informed of where exactly we stand legally in the matter.

Woman kills in Sarteneja
A Sarteneja woman, accused of stabbing to death 36-year-old Veronica Gonzalez over the Easter holiday, was charged with murder in the Corozal Magistrate’s Court and remanded to the Belize Central Prison on Wednesday. The accused, Norma Pena, 39, a domestic and resident of Moho River Street, Orange Walk Town, was arraigned before Magistrate Dale Cayetano. Gonzalez, a Belize City resident who had gone to Sarteneja to spend her Easter vacation, was reportedly stabbed in the neck, and stomach. She died on the way to the Corozal Community Hospital at about 3:00 a.m. The stabbing reportedly occurred around midnight on Saturday, when Gonzalez and her sister, Wendy Aragon, were attacked while they were socializing in the park. The two women had gone to use an outside bathroom across from the park at Aragon’s home, when the stabbing occurred.

Two men charged with attempting to kill two policemen
Two Belize City men, who are accused of trying to kill two police officers last Saturday, were remanded to prison on Tuesday, after they were arraigned before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith. Alexander Underwood, 23, a carpenter of a Reggae Street address, was charged with the attempted murder of Police Constable Raphael Abraham. Dane Enriquez, 30, a mechanic of Nurse White Street, was charged for the attempted murder of Abraham and a second officer, Police Special Constable Juan Morales. Enriquez was also charged with aggravated assault on Morales, unlawful assault with a dangerous instrument and damage to property. No plea was taken for the charges of attempted murder, because those will he heard on indictment before the Supreme Court. Enriquez, however, pleaded not guilty to the other charges.

National Stadium partially accessible
Belizean athletes may soon be allowed limited access to certain parts of the Marion Jones Sporting Complex, to be renamed the National Stadium, even though the facility won’t be complete and ready until the end of the year. Minister of State with responsibility for sports, Hon. Herman Longsworth made the announcement at a consultation for a national sports policy at the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel on Wednesday, April 3. The entire project will cost $30 million, whenever it is finally completed, and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has chipped in handsomely, contributing $2 million towards its completion. For now, Longsworth said the public may be allowed some access to those parts of the facility which have been completed. These include the football pitch, which was completely redone at a cost of $200,000. The Belize Volleyball Association will also have access to the beach volleyball facility, which also has a smaller set of concrete bleachers beside it. Athletes preparing for last months 10th Central American Games in Costa Rica, where Belize won only four medals, complained bitterly that they were not allowed to use the state of the art synthetic running track on the new 400 meter oval running track at Marion Jones.

Four men charged for special constable’s murder
Four men accused of shooting and killing 36-year-old Police Special Constable Bertchel Ramirez on Tuesday night, are scheduled to be arraigned in the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court tomorrow, Friday, Belmopan police confirmed. Police revealed today that they have apprehended four suspects, who were taken to San Ignacio for an identification parade. Ramirez, a six-year police veteran attached to Belmopan area and described by on of his superiors as a dedicated officer, was ambushed and killed near the home of his girlfriend’s father’s in an area of Roaring Creek Village known as Another World. Ramirez received gunshot wounds to his head, body and legs. Neighbours told reporters that they heard between 12 and 15 shots. When the first shots were fired, Ramirez apparently tried to manoeuvre his Toyota Camry car in a desperate attempt to escape his attackers, some of whom had taken up an ambush position behind a culvert on the intersection of the street. He, however, did not get far, because his car crashed into a drain, and remained stuck there,

Oil discovered in Orange Walk
Maranco Energy Belize Limited has struck oil at its South Canal Bank #1 exploration well in the Orange Walk District. The company made the discovery during routine exploratory drilling in their concession zone on Sunday, March 30. A Ministry of Energy press release describes the find as “encouraging”, but underscored the need for further testing to determine if the oil is in commercial quantities. Chief Executive Officer of the ministry, Dr. Colin Young, explained that Geology and Petroleum Department personnel are on site and are closely monitoring the situation. Young added that there have been previous oil discoveries in the north, but the amounts were below commercial quantities. The Ministry is expected to give a public update on the testing in two weeks. Maranco Energy Belize Limited is owned by Maranco LLC of Carlestown, Nevis, West Indies and has its headquarters at Iguana Creek in Spanish Lookout. It is an affiliate of PR Marriott Drilling Limited, a company established in 1947 by the Marriott family of the UK. The company’s production sharing agreement (PSA) was opposed in 2006 by NGO’s such as the Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations, because a portion of its concession runs into the Rio Bravo Conservation Management Area. The area is home to more than 100 species of orchids as well as various Belizean wild cats including jaguars and ocelots. They argued that any form of oil prospecting in the area would be detrimental to the surrounding wild life.

BTV gets OAS support for weekend border trek
The Organization of American States representative will accompany the Belize Territorial Volunteers as they clear the borderline between Dolores village and Gracias Adios this weekend, BTV leader Will Maheia said Thursday. The OAS responded to the BTV on Thursday via email, saying that they have requested Mr. Sergio Benitez, director of the Office of the General Secretary of the OAS in the Adjacency Zone, to be present at the locations where the border clearings will take place. Maheia explained that the BTV has been getting tremendous support from Belizeans in country and abroad, and the OAS’s recognition of their efforts has certainly bolstered the morale of all the volunteers. Maheia added that prior to the OAS giving their support, 100 volunteers had pledged to be a part of the border clearing efforts on Saturday. He said that the number has increased since the announcement. The BTV has received a shipment of durable camouflage clothing and heavy-duty trekking boots from Alix Dillett, a Belizean living in the United States, with the pledge of more assistance form other Belizeans abroad.

Policeman charged for rape
The police department has charged and interdicted a police officer accused of having raped a woman of Bullet Tree Village last month. Police reported Thursday that, in reference to the allegation, “police constable # 654 Eldrid Clinton Thomas has been charged with two counts of “an act to the prejudice of good order and discipline and one count of drinking intoxicating liquor while on duty. “He has been placed on immediate interdiction,” a release states. Thomas is one of the two officers assigned to the village which figured in the rape allegation. The woman, who admitted that she was intoxicated at the time, alleged that the men raped her when they were taking her home on Saturday night, March 23, after she and her common-law husband had a dispute at a local bar. The officers reportedly removed them from the establishment, and took her home separately from her husband.

The Belize Times


Miriam’s Magical first trip to Belize
In late November, I decided that it was high time I visited my good friend Henry in San Pedro, Belize. He had been there for 6 years and I still hadn’t managed to find the money or time to fly down from the freezer that they affectionately call Winterpeg (Winnipeg, Canada). I picked a great time to go because this would prove to be one of the coldest, snowiest winters that anyone could remember in a long time. I had no idea exactly where Belize was even located but a quick Google search revealed Belize just South of Mexico. Shouldn’t be too difficult. I researched two ways to get to San Pedro. The first and quickest one is to fly into Belize City on the mainland and then take a plane or ferry to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye. All the flights I checked into online involved 2 stop overs in the USA and were marathons of 17 to 22 hours or more of travel time. The other option is to fly into Cancun, Mexico. Direct flights and flights with one stop over are plentiful from Winnipeg. A direct flight is about 5 hours but by the time I booked in the last week in November for a mid-January holiday, there were no direct flights left so I settled on one stop over in Toronto and an eight hour flight for about $730 Canadian. Not bad. Not bad at all.

A Few Interesting Signs in Belize City
A few weeks ago, I posted a selection of the colorful, tropical hand painted signs of Caye Caulker and San Pedro. Here is another example at a small ice cream stand in Caye Caulker. or a grocery store in San Pedro. Yesterday while I was in Belize City briefly…for some good local food at Suly’s… (Really good beef soup with quadruple starch just like I like it. Coconut rice, potato, cassava, pasta twirls AND broken up spaghetti.)

“Something To Think About” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.
With the mouth feeling less sore this morning after showering, etc I headed off to Estel’s to see how the gums would stand up to some crispy bacon. Just fine is the answer. Not back to their best yet but getting there. Whilst sitting there waiting for my breakfast to arrive I fired off a couple of emails to the golf cart dealers I have been communicating with. The simple message being a request that they ‘sharpen their pencils’ (for those that have not come across this expression before it basically means ‘improve your offer’ which, in my case, means reduce the price). Found out when I got ‘home’ ( well to the condo we are renting) -when I went on to Facebook – that on the table next to me at Estel’s had been Wes and his wife. Wes is a subscriber to this blog and has posted a few comments . Small world. Or at least a small restaurant! Didn’t really do anything too much when I got back to the condo apart from starting to read The Litigators by John Grisham . A book by him that I have yet to read. Had a bite to eat for lunch and then it was time for Rose and I to head off to review progress on our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. We got there at around 2.45 pm and could see that there was a lot going on.

BELIZE Fashion Week 2013
Runway Show April 12 & 13

Fool-Proof Cookie Recipe: Chocolate Chip Amish Puff Cookies
I am kine uf obsessed with chocolate chip cookies. Okay, nairy kine uf. Totallee. I have tride more chocolate chip cookie recipes thun innyone thishere side uf innywhar. As a result uf all thishere testin, I have a handful uf recipes that air all mah “faves.” Thay’re like youngns, I a'ken’t choose jes one and thay all have personalities that air unique, wunderful, and sweet!

International Sources

Belize on '10 Relaxing Solo Vacations' List
Belize made it on another top 10 list, although this list proves that the makers of top 10 lists have run out of ideas. Really, '10 Relaxing Solo Vacations For New Divorcees?' And Belize isn't in South America! Maybe the Huffington Post needs a new copy editor. At least San Ignacio got some recognition. "Like Costa Rica, Belize -- a South American travel destination that's recently become a trendy hub of sustainable tourism -- has a lot to offer the single traveler. Belize boasts the beauty and tranquility of a tropical getaway without the crowds, couples and high cost. Experience the local flavor by touring through Caye Caulker, San Pedro and San Ignacio, and make sure to schedule some R&R time at the country's stunning beaches and nature preserves. If you're feeling daring, don't miss adventure activities like climbing ancient Mayan ruins and ziplining through the rainforest."

Troubleshooting Powder Buns
In this video, I do version 1 and version 2 side by side to show any potential problems that may arise with the dough. Powder Buns are different in each Belizean household. Sometimes they are crunchy like a cookie, while at other times they are soft like a cake. Hopefully, this video will clear up any confusion you are having with which recipe to make and how sticky the dough should be before rolling them off.

Caribbean Development Bank to Support Belize Poverty-Reduction Fund
Various officials from the Caribbean Development Bank will be in Belize on Thursday, April 11th, for the launch of the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF7) program.

BSC students visit Belize
During spring break, seven Bainbridge State College (BSC) students traveled abroad to Belize, Central America, accompanied by BSC faculty members Valley Rogers, Dr. Jenny Harper, and Ridge Harper. The Belize study abroad program consists of course work on campus and travel to Belize for a week of saturation in a different culture. Course objectives are met through completed work before traveling to Belize. “Students learn more than what the faculty could even plan to teach as they walk, eat, and observe in another culture,” Rogers said. Students taking course work in biology, anthropology and/or education classes complement the course work with the nine-day trip. The trip includes visiting three different districts in the country; starting in Belize City, moving north to Corozal District, and then east to Ambergris Caye. They compared previous cultures’ environmental influences on surrounding ecosystems and contrasted that to how modern-day Belizeans impact the environment. Students observed the art, architecture, archeology, and cultural evidence left behind by the historical residents of the Mayan culture while climbing three distinctly different temples in three districts of Belize. Students were graciously invited to observe in the primary and secondary schools in Corozal, Belize, as well.

The Placencia, Canyon Acquisitions, Marco Caruso and Brent Borland announce resolution of Ontario Securities Commission Matter
The Placencia, Canyon Acquisitions, and their principal owners Marco Caruso and Brent Borland are pleased to announce that they have reached a settlement with the Ontario Securities Commission. All claims and allegations, which were isolated solely to the province of Ontario have been resolved and settled in full. As the settlement reflects, the matter was merely administrative, with no suggestion or implication of fraud or intentional wrongdoing. Both Caruso and Borland are pleased to have reached this resolution after the facts demonstrated that they made no misleading statements and that The Placencia principals acted with integrity and continued commitment to the project and ultimately to their clients throughout Canada. "Now that this matter is successfully behind us and our reputation and character have been properly restored through the revelation and analysis of the facts, The Placencia development is poised for a highly successful future. Marco and I will continue to passionately drive forward on our commitment to The Placencia, our clients and the wonderful country of Belize," said Brent Borland, Principal, The Placencia. While Borland and Caruso firmly believe and continue to maintain that their products are strictly real estate transactions, reaching this settlement was the best solution for the long-term benefit of The Placencia Project, our clients, owners and prospective buyers. Because of the significant inherent value of the underlying project assets, the financial strength of The Placencia development and unwavering commitment of the principals, it was possible to reach a resolution of the matter that was a fair and balanced result for all concerned.

Laporte Spanish Club travels to Belize
From March 14-20, 13 students from the Laporte High School Spanish class, plus Mr. and Mrs. Komulainen, traveled to Belize. While there they learned a lot about the culture of Belize and got to practice their Spanish. They visited two Mayan ruins, Lamanai and Xunantunich, both of which were built in the 900s A.D. They also got to take a canopy tour via zipline in the rainforest and explore the river caves. They went to the Belize Zoo where they saw animals native to Belize, such as the jaguar, macaw, Harpy eagle, and toucans. Finally they spent a day on San Pedro Island where they snorkeled at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. They got to see sea rays, sharks, turtles, sponges and numerous other animals.

USA Passport 101: How to apply, renew or replace
The process of obtaining, renewing, or updating a passport is exactly what one would expect when working with a government agency: tedious, mind-numbing, and overly complex. While you'll find everything you need to know about the often befuddling process on the U.S. State Department website, we've made things a little simpler for you by breaking down the basics—from forms to fees to IDs—and providing helpful links to the appropriate forms and websites. Getting your first passport To get your first passport, you'll have to show up in person. Make an appointment at an acceptance facility or passport agency; search for the one closest to you here. You likely live near a facility where you can get a passport. Many post offices and even some public libraries can accept passport applications. Arrive at your passport agency with:

A galactic star gazer takes a final look before bowing out (pictures)
After nearly four years of taking extraordinary images of the universe, the European Space Agency's Herschel space observatory has only weeks left before it exhausts its supply of liquid helium coolant. When the lights go out, ESA says that Herschel will have performed over 22,000 hours of science observations, 10 percent more than originally planned, according to Leo Metcalfe, the science operations and mission manager for Herschel at ESA's European Space Astronomy Center in Madrid. To mark the sunset of one of mankind's most successful space endeavors, it's worth taking a look back at some of the more spectacular images it's sent back to Earth. In this picture, you can see this enormous star-forming cloud, known as W3. It's located roughly 6,200 light-years away in the Perseus Arm, one of the galaxies of the Milky Way. The Herschel space observatory focused on W3 for clues about how how massive stars get born.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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