Staff Sgt. Joel Bradley, engineering assistant for the 823rd Red Horse Squadron, sets an auto level to check the final grade elevation at the construction site of the future Crooked Tree Government Primary School March 23, 2013. Civil engineers from both the U.S. and Belize will construct various structures at schools throughout Belize as part of an exercise called New Horizons. (U.S. Air Force photo/Master Sgt. James Law)

Two airmen arrive at the construction site of the future Crooked Tree Primary Government School in a three-quarter ton truck, step out and unload a few tools of their trade.

Staff Sgt. Joel Bradley, an engineering assistant assigned to the 823rd Red Horse Squadron, carries a tripod over his left shoulder and an auto level in his right hand as he walks toward and surveys the site he will be working at for the next 90 days

Bradley, deployed from Hurlburt Field, Fla., is one of approximately 500 airmen who will be participating in a training exercise known as New Horizons.

As part of the exercise, Red Horse airmen will be partnering with Belize engineers to build school structures at four different locations in Belize.

“This is a great opportunity and makes you feel proud,” said Bradley. “Knowing the schools we are building will provide added opportunities for the children for years to come is what is most rewarding.”

Although this son of a U.S. Marine has deployed multiple times before, this is the first deployment in his six-year career as a member of Red Horse. Bradley explained how this training exercise is providing him an opportunity to grow.

“Here we get to do more than just our job. We get to learn and have hands-on experience with the different jobs within civil engineering,” said Bradley. “I enjoy it. It makes you more well rounded and gives you a better perspective of what everyone does.”

Bradley’s work ethic and eagerness to always put forth his best effort has also earned the attention of his supervisor.

“Joel is one of the hardest workers we have,” said Master Sgt. Michael Carlson, engineering assistant noncommissioned officer in charge for New Horizons. “He is very knowledgeable in our career field and always willing to lend a hand wherever it is needed.”