School officials of the new Peninsula International Academy meet with parents

PENINSULA INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY (PIA) is a new school in development north of the Airport. PIA is expected to open in September of 2013. Programs will include: Preschool, Infant I & II, Standards 1 – 4 and an After-school Program.

Peninsula International Academy (PIA) has a blended curriculum and uses multiple approaches to address the needs of it students. Its academic focus is on literacy, math and science. In addition to providing an international curriculum, PIA infuses technology as part of the students’ educational experience.

PIA’s mission is to develop the unique capabilities of each student. PIA works to guide children on their natural course of discovery, to encourage deep thinking, problem solving and compassion for others. Students are expected to make learning their first priority in an environment that values differences, fosters respect and encourages the joy of learning. PIA’s multi-cultural environment and multilingual curriculums are designed to teach children to thrive in a global environment.

“I am delighted to be a part of the sustainable development of the peninsula while providing a service that I am passionate about- Education,” said Founder/Director Selena Lucas.

Parents interested in enrolling their child at Peninsula International Academy should visit their website at: