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The first Sanpedrano ‘Gringo’ to feature San Pedro in the opening of his book “Kumshaw” was Tom Kirkpatrick of Jacksonville Florida/San Pedro. However, fresh out of the printers on February 2013 is the book “Island of the Son” a Belizean Journey by Sanpedrano Gringo Stephen “Steve” Krueger, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A. and raised as a teenager in San Pedro, Belize.
At the age of 14, Steve’s father, Lother Krueger, uprooted his family in the United States and moved to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye to build El Pescador Hotel. “Island of the Son” is an intense story of their complicated journey through Mexico and into Belize. Steve captures the dramatic events of his family’s adventure in building and adapting to San Pedro, as well as his personal involvement in high school life, social life, involvement as a goalie in soccer, his teenage romances, and even an episode in trying to become a local skin diver fisherman.

The book is available on AMAZON.COM and will be available on the island soon.

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