Regular viewers of the evening news should remember G Michael Reid from his days as police press officer between 2000 and 2008. Up to when he got his walking papers from the police press office after the change of government in 2008, he was active and robust, but since then his health has taken a sharp turn for the worse.

Heís in the grips of an advanced stage of rheumatoid arthritis which is a debilitating immunological disorder. Now itís gotten so bad that he needs a hip replacement. It will be his second and after years of seeking treatment home and abroad, heís run low on funds for the procedure, which is why he is fund raising. He told us a little bit about his condition and how you can help out without giving a handout.

G Michael Reid - Fundraising for Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment
"A very debilitating disease, it tends to affect all the joints. It wears away the cartilage from between the bones so if you can imagine it's bones rubbing against bone, which is extremely painful. We're trying to do some fund raising, it's an extremely expensive thing when you get sick, as everybody knows. I had to have a previous hip operation, I was able to take care of that but all the medicines and a couple of trips to Merida and all that trying to get results has depleted basically all the funds. So I've had the need to reach out. The average working class person, I think the way, the best way to do that is a BBQ sale where you're giving back something, they're helping you, but they are getting something back in return. The BBQ is going for $6.00 a plate and everybody has to eat. If you go out there and try to find a decent meal, you're not going to get that for less than $6.00. So I think it's a fair exchange and in return, though, I'm getting a lot of help.

Again for the folks who can afford it and would like to assist; I have an account number, again I'm not appealing to the little man on the street -because there was a lady that told me 'G Mike I really don't have much, let me give you $10.00'. I can't accept that you know. I prefer to bear pain than to do that because that person, of course has a good heart, but they really don't have - I wish I could give them something. But there are folks who can assist and who are willing do so. So I have an account number 680-2222-40330(Belize Bank). But again I try to maintain a positive attitude, thanks to Facebook and people like yourself, I'm able to get lifted on a daily basis by all the positive quotes and the well wishes. It's something that - you know- you have to deal with. Everyone has their cross to bear, this is mine and I'll have to do so gleefully."

Reid hopes at the end of the month he will be able to do his operation. If you would like to place your order for Fridayís barbq, you can do so at 6-1-0-0-3-3-2 or 6-6-7-2-5-8-3. The sale will be at Reidís home at number 729 Gibnut Street right beside the Thrifty Car Rental. Also, if you would like to make a donation you can to Belize Bank account number 6-8-0-2-2-2-4-0-3-3-0.

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