Ronald Gordon

Over the course of this week and particularly today, the heat has been unbearable. While at the Met, we took the opportunity to ask, meteorologist, Ronald Gordon, about the cause of the sweltering heat. Gordon says that it is normal during the dry season and gave some recommendations in adapting to the hot temperatures.

Ronald Gordon, Meteorologist

“The heat that we are experiences is due to what we refer to as heat-lows that occurs at this time of the year. We are in the dry season and at this time of the year we have heat lows, or low pressure areas forming over Mexico; they cause our winds to become very calm and light at times and we have extreme heating. Also we have high pressure over the area which suppresses rising motion and it tends to cause warming near the surface.”

Natalie Novelo, Love News

“Have we reached a record high as opposed to other years or that is not the case?”

Ronald Gordon

“No record high as far as I am aware of.”

Duane Moody

“What’s the temperatures that we are experiencing right now?”

Ronald Gordon

“Yesterday the maximum in CARDI which is in Central Farm was a hundred and three degrees Fahrenheit. The record that we have on hand is about a hundred and seven for Belmopan back in 1976. It is advisable that you drink a lot of water because it is very hot; you can become dehydrated rapidly. Try to stay indoors or in the shades as much and possible. And in terms of the bushfires, be very caution. It is very dry and fires are easily lit at this time of the year. So be protective.”

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