Bishop Martin High School won the Sagicor Regional Competition in Barbados with their project "Coconuts For Life". Project Decription: Nearly 9 of every 10 of Bishop Martin High School students buy flavored drinks over water. The only flavored drinks available to them in school and nearby are sodas and juices with artificial additives. These drinks habitually cost double and triple what other drinks cost, making them an unviable venture in our school cafeteria and nearby snack shops. does not have a plastic recycling facility.

All plastic waste from beverages stays on school grounds, and will persist (anywhere it is put) for centuries until it is degraded into plastic dust. We will serve coconut water in its shell. We planned ‘Coconuts 4 Life’ as a multifarious solution that would make our school and community more sustainable.

We plan to grow a coconut orchard and ecological park in our school ground that will:

1) Produce coconut water for students.

2) Produce coconut material (snacks, ornamentals & jewelry, buttons) that will be employed so nothing is wasted.

3) Offer an open place for students and people to play and relax.

Our design will include:

1. Plan awareness of the health and environmental benefits for hydrating with coconut water.

2. Determine resources needed

3. Plan acquisition of resources Method Used Linkage to STEM Survey on students buying habits and knowledge of observed situation Mathematics, Consumer Arithmetic Test Dehydration & Health of Students Mathematics, Science Measure Plastic Waste and Total Waste Mathematics Survey, Land Engineering, Soil Testing Chemistry Plot, Orchard Engineering, Awareness Campaign Video, Video Graphic design, Technology Planning of resources needed Mathematics, Plan acquisition of resources Mathematics.

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