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The April 14, 2013 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

  • Four Charged For Ten Bullets:
    lena, Cayo led to the discovery of ten bullets and the arrest of all four occupants of the house. It was in the early hours of the morning on Thursday, April 11, when at team of policemen, acting upon information received visited the residence of Kaing Contreras located on Eden Drive in Santa Elena. Armed with a search warrant the police arrived at exactly 3:45 am announcing their intention to search the house. Contreras reportedly invited the police to conduct the search which eventually led to the kitchen where a plastic bag, containing 10 live rounds of FC 25 ammunition was found in a plastic bag on top of the refrigerator. The discovery led to the detention of all four occupants of the house who were later identified as the home owner Kaing Contreras, 27, clerk; Shelly Lemus, 22, domestic and Alvaro Aldana, 19, labourer, all Belizeans and a 17 year old Guatemalan labourer, Angel Ermando Recinos all residing at the Eden Drive house.
  • Vega and Meda Busted With Over One Hundred Pounds Of Weed:
    San Ignacio police is this week reporting the interception of a cargo of over one hundred pounds of western weed suspected to have been destined for eastern streets. The report reaching us indicate that the sun was just setting in the western horizon when shortly before 6:00 pm on Thursday, April 4 San Ignacio police received the initial information of a weed carrying car heading eastward. By the time San Ignacio police got its act together, the car carrying the weed had already slipped pass San Ignacio from Benque Viejo heading full speed ahead in an easterly direction.
  • Police Investigates Police Traffic Accident:
    A four year old boy, the victim of a road traffic accident involving a police vehicle, was today rushed to the Community Hospital in San Ignacio. It was shortly after 7:00 pm on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 when police driver/Special Constable Domingo Kan, 46, was driving a black police Hilux with Belmopan license plates B-0145 on Bullet Tree Road heading to the San Ignacio Community on official police duties. In a report to the police, Kan informed that as he was driving on Bullet Tree Road he observed a child dashing across the road in the pathway of the vehicle he was driving.
  • Empowering Education, for Children in Today’s Society:
    Students of the University of Belize from the of Faculty of Education and Arts, Belmopan Campus, will hold a community outreach symposium entitled: “Empowering Education for Children in Today’s Society”. The bi-annual event will be held on April 18, 2013 from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm at the reception hall, Jaguar Building. The symposium is aimed at enriching participants with an understanding and strategies to overcome barriers that negatively impact teaching and learning. Informational booths will be on display about important topics concerning: Career Options, Vocational Programs, Parent workshop for CXC, Workshop for PSE, Motivational Learning, Managing Stress, Behavioral Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: ADHD, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder: ODD.
  • Mendez Pleas Guilty To Criminal Charges:
    The court appearance of a Benque Viejo Town pharmacist was fast tracked this Thursday morning when the presiding Magistrate, Attorney Linsbert Willis, was advised by the defense of the intention of the accused to change from a not guilty to a guilty plea. Cesar Mendez, brother of PUP Orange Walk East area representative, Marco Tulio Mendez, was criminally charged back in June of last year with three counts of aggravated assault of an indecent nature committed against a 12 year old female minor. Since the arrest last year, Mendez has consistently maintained a not guilty plea. The next appearance in court was set for Thursday, April 25 as court cases are currently heard only on Thursdays in Benque Viejo Town.
  • Uncle Accused Of Molesting Nieces:
    prison as he stands accused of sexually assaulting two of his nieces. A mother, accompanied by two daughters, visited the police station in Benque Viejo Town where the two minors, in statements to the police informed that the uncle had sexual relations with one and touched the other inappropriately. A medical examination conducted last Friday, April 5, confirmed that the thirteen year old girl was indeed carnally known. She told the police that her uncle, Alejandro Martinez had sexual intercourse with her, against her will, on two separate occasions the last such encounter being in June 2012.
  • Mexico Government Says Drug-Related Murders Down By 14%:
    Mexico's government says there have been fewer drug-related murders in Mexico since President Enrique Pena Nieto came to power on 1 December 2012. It said the number of drug-related killings between December and April had fallen by 14% compared to the same period a year earlier. Mr Pena Nieto says the fight against crime is one of his main priorities. Shortly after coming into office he announced the creation of a new police force. 'Early days' Government spokesman Eduardo Sanchez said 4,249 people had been killed by organised crime gangs between 1 December 2012 and 1 April 2013, a fall of 14% compared to the same four months a year earlier. The government of former president Felipe Calderon stopped releasing figures of drug-related violence in September 2011, but Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong said the federal government had continued to keep a tally.
  • US Blacklists Honduran 'Drug Lord' Chepe Handal:
    The United States Treasury has frozen any assets held in the US by the alleged leader of a Honduran drug-trafficking organisation. The US Treasury accused Jose Miguel Handal Perez, known as "Chepe Handal", of smuggling cocaine from Colombia and Venezuela to Mexican drug cartels. Mr Handal and his family have been banned from doing any business with US citizens and companies. He has denied the accusations. "They fell on me like a bucket of water. We are trying to clarify the situation, as we do not know where they originate," he told the AFP news agency. His wife, Ena Elizabeth Hernandez Amaya, and his father, Jose Miguel Handal Larach, have also been blacklisted by the US Treasury.
  • Another Load Of Guatemalan Weed:
    Police is reporting the seizure of yet another cargo of Guatemalan weed making its way into Belize. While the earlier cargo this week was captured by San Ignacio police, Benque Viejo police is claiming fame for this one weighing a few more pounds than the San Ignacio Police seizure. It was exactly ten minutes to midnight on Tuesday, April 9, 2013, when Benque Viejo police received information of a group of male persons waking on the Hydro road towards Benque Viejo Town carrying suspicious cargo “Makapal” style on their backs and strapped across their shoulders. Police rushed to the location where they came upon a group of men on the Hydro Road. Realizing that the visitors were policemen, the men dashed into nearby bushes and disappeared into the night and in the process leaving behind three sacks later found to contain weed, water, food and a few items of clothing.
  • National Agriculture and Trade Show:
    The National Agriculture and Trade Show Committee is pleased to announce the winners of this year Farmers of the Year 2013: Senior Farmer – Mr. George Choj. Mr. Choj is 30 years old of Cristo Rey Road in the Cayo District. He currently owns 25 acres of land of which 12 acres are developed into crop and livestock. Mr. Choj’s farm is diversified and mostly based on the Integrated Farming System Concept. His activities involve both Crop (Periurban) and Livestock production through which he maximizes the by-products of each activity to generate income, reduce cost and improve product quality. Woman Farmer – Mrs. Sharon Moody. Mrs. Moody is from Scotland Half-moon in the Belize District and is 28 years of age. Mrs. Moody is a dedicated farmer who has been involved in mixed farming activities for the past seventeen years. Her farm consists of a combination of agricultural activities which include crop and livestock production. Her farm produces an assortment livestock for consumption and for the local market also she is involved in the agro processing of diverse products to include goat cheese, jams, jellies, pine apple, cashew, coconut oil and cohune oil for income generation.
  • Tens Of Thousands At US Immigration Reform Rallies:
    Tens of thousands of demonstrators have rallied across the US in a mass call for citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants. The co-ordinated protests were designed to press Congress to act as senators negotiate an immigration reform bill. In Washington DC cheering crowds gathered outside the Capitol, and more than 1,000 demonstrated in Atlanta. Lawmakers are expected soon to unveil a bill that would grant a path to legal status for undocumented immigrants. The push for immigration reform follows an election in which Hispanic voters overwhelmingly supported President Barack Obama and Democratic candidates.
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The April 14, 2013 issue of The Capital Weekly is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

  • Plus TV Defames Saldivar?:
    Belmopan Rep Takes Andrews and Plus TV to Court. Minister of National Security and Area Representative for Belmopan, Hon. John Saldivar has filed a law suit against Patrick Andrews and PLUS TV for comments made by Andrews against Saldivar, comments which the Minister says cannot be proven, that are absolutely untrue and manufactured. The comments were made by Andrews on Plus TV’s Morning Show, Rise and Shine in an exchange between Andrews and Minister of Education Hon. Patrick Faber who was a guest on the show. Andrew’s comments were regarding the use of public funds which Saldivar, as an area representative, was authorized to utilize, in accordance with financial regulations, to provide assistance to his constituents during the Christmas Season.
  • The Media Polices Everyone Who Will Police the Media ?:
    Over the past two decades or so, there has been a proliferation of media entities, mainly electronic; and talk shows, mainly on weekday mornings, have become a staple of the Belizean diet. The competition has grown exceedingly intense as every media organization endeavours to dominate listenership, which means being able to feed the public’s insatiable appetite for scandal and sensation. It is, some will argue, an inevitable feature of a developed, in our case, a developing society. It is often hailed as Liberalism and an essential tool of a vibrant Democracy.
  • New Deputy Mayor for Belmopan:
    At a meeting of the Belmopan City Council held on Tuesday, 9th April 2013, Mr. Joel Westby was elected as the new Deputy Mayor of Belmopan for 2013-2014. He succeeds Councillor Amilcar Umaña who held the post for two consecutive years, 2011/2012 and 2012/2013. Mr. Westby is a well-known educator who is presently teaching at the Kuxlin Ha Government School in Belmopan. The Mayor, Councillors and Workers of the Belmopan City Council wish him every success in his new assignment.
  • Belmopan Bandits T-Shirts for Sale:
    Fans of the Belmopan Bandits Football Club are advised that the official Bandits Team Jersey is on Sale at a price of $50.00 each. Visit our Team Facebook page at www.facebook/ belmopanbandits or email us at [email protected] com or call: 626-8362. Dress Like a Winner !
  • Paving the Road to Sea-Side Paradise:
    Project launched to Upgrade Hopkins Access Road. A Launching Ceremony to signal the start of works for the upgrading of the Hopkins road from the Southern Highway to the Main Street of Hopkins Village at King Cassava was held Friday afternoon April 12, 2013. The project, funded by the Government of Belize and a grant from the European Union (E.U.) as part of the Belize Rural Development Project II, is being executed through a contract with Belize Roadway Construction in partnership with Rodla Construction Company Ltd. Tourists and Belizeans alike with the desire to travel and explore the country of Belize will enjoy the outcome of the project, which will result in the 4 ½ mile access road upgraded from gravel to paved status. The project will not only enhance the beauty and appeal of travelling to Hopkins, but will also increase the livelihoods of the people of the village through the expected influx of visitors and the inevitable proliferation of new business in the village of Hopkins.
  • WANTED: ‘The Blessing’:
    What the Old Testament Jewish family knew and the Orthodox-Jewish family knows as ‘the Blessing’, which translates to the love, attention, encouragement and security that all children need, is missing from our homes. It is no secret that the home or lack thereof, is the primary reason for the escalating mayhem in our Belizean society. The absence of parental guidance, love and acceptance, replaced by indifference, neglect and abuse has had serious consequences in many children’s lives. Unless there is some positive intervention, these children become youths and adults who are unable to feel accepted by others and to build meaningful relationships; they become withdrawn and without concern for others and when they have children of their own they believe that they have no blessing to pass on to them.
  • Water Rates to remain unchanged April:
    On December 31, 2012, in accordance with the Water and Sewage (Tariffs) Byelaws, 2002 (S.I. 67 of 2002), the Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) made a proposal to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) that there be no Annual Review Proceeding (ARP) for the determination of tariffs for the Annual Tariff Period (ATP) April 1, 2013, to March 31, 2014, and that the current tariffs remain unchanged. In accordance with the said Byelaws, the PUC concluded that there was no exceptional circumstances to warrant that an ARP be initiated on the PUC’s own volition and accepted BWS’ proposal. Consequently, the currently approved tariffs, fees and charges shall remain in effect for the ATP April 1, 2013, to March 31, 2014. The approved tariffs, fees and charges are as follows:
  • Training, Training and More Training:
    Police Officers Complete Course in Maneuvering Motorcycle. For our disciplined forces, every aspect of their work and operations must be executed with skill, professionalism and teamwork if they are to be effective. It might seem like a minor matter, but even the art of maneuvering a motorcycle through the streets of the city requires some specialized training. This past week, over twenty Police officers completed a three-day course in basic motorcycle maneuvering. Most of the officers taking part in the training were first time motorcycle riders. The officer in charge of the training, Sergeant Jerome Stevens, speaking with the Government Press Officer, explained: “The purpose of this training class is to allow the Police officers to learn to ride motorcycles.
  • Major Upgrade Underway:
    The National Agriculture and Trade Show, a traditional, annual event, is less than a month away and plans are well underway for it. This year it’s not just the regular, routine preparation, but major physical upgrading of the show grounds on the outskirts of the Nation’s Capital, and significant changes in the lineup of activities for the event itself. After leading a weekend tour of the show grounds by members of the media, CEO Jose Alpuche on Monday accompanied Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture Hon. Gaspar Vega on a thorough inspection of the work in progress.
  • Precinct Policing Produces Progress:
    When Commissioner Allen Whylie took over command of the Police Department on January 9, 2013, one of the first things he stated quite clearly was that under his leadership the Police Department, the structure and style of Police Department would not be rigid but would rather be subject to whatever changes are necessary in order to be efficient and effective in fighting crime and restoring and maintaining citizens’ security and safe communities. “ We are challenged with the issue of crime countrywide, but in particular, in Belize City,” the Commissioner said. “I want to tell you, don’t despair. I am committed; the leadership is committed; the government is committed to make the necessary changes to ensure that the citizenry across this country, and in particular Belize City, can enjoy the level of safety and security that they deserve; and I will work tirelessly, the senior officers and the members of this Belize Police Department will work tirelessly.
  • Lakers Might Make It To the Playoffs:
    Kobe Bryant had surgery Saturday on his torn Achilles tendon, ending his season with two games left in the Los Angeles Lakers’ playoff chase. Lakers trainer Gary Vitti thinks Bryant will need at least six to nine months for recovery from the most serious injury of his 17-year NBA career. Given Bryant’s history of swift recovery from countless minor injuries, Vitti and Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak both believe the 34-yearold guard could be back for their season opener in the fall.
    Nominations opens at 9:00 a.m. and closes at 10:00 a.m. in all Villages Villages without asterisk denote Poll closes at 1:00 p.m
  • Melonie Gillett’s First Latino Track! Collaboration with Belmopan’s Chami-Ka:
    Melonie Gillett is, without a doubt, one of Belize’s best musical artists currently making music. She’s got charm, but she’s also got lyrics; and she’s got the voice. Having already made her mark, Melonie is doing it again; and this time she’s doing something completely different from what we’ve gotten used to from her, demonstrating the confidence she’s developed as a successful and ever-growing, authentic and original Belizean artist. Teaming up with well known Belmopan based latino artist, Chami- Ka, Melonie is now singing in Spanish. The track is called, “LO QUE SIENTO POR TI”, and it’s Melonie’s first ever Spanish recording.
  • Address by Hon. Rene Montero: Launch of Paving of Hopkins Access Road:
    I wish to extend my warmest welcome and hearty thanks to my colleague Hon. Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (With responsibility for Economic Development), CEO of the Ministry of Economic Development, CEO – Ministry of Works and Transport, Chairman of Hopkins Village, Representatives from the European Union, Staff from the Project Execution Unit and the Ministry of Works and Transport, Villagers and students from Hopkins and surrounding Villages and all invited guests – Thank you for taking part in the Launching Ceremony for the Upgrading of the Hopkins Village Road today. In particular, my special thanks to Mr. Cosimo Lamberti-Fossati the EU Technical Support Officer to Belize for joining us on this momentous occasion on behalf on the European Union.
  • Big Up Bandits! Belmopan Leads PLB:
    They are the defending champions from last year, and the Belmopan Bandits Football Club seem to be in good shape to retain their title in the Premier League of Belize (PLB). Having strengthened their line-up with additions as big as Belize’s international scoring machine, Deon McCauley, the Belmopan Bandits Football Club are now sitting on top in the standings in the PLB with 26 points, being the only team to have already qualified for the playoffs. This was accomplished last weekend, Saturday night to be exact, when they defeated the Belize Defense Force (BDF) by a score of 2 to 1, McCauley scoring the team’s second and winning goal, after helping to set the play for the first goal by beating two BDF defenders and passing the ball to Jerome James who found Denmark Casey, who in turn found the back of the net. The BDF’s only goal in the game came from a penalty.
  • Barbados Economy Contracts in First Quarter of 2013, its Central Bank Says:
    The Central Bank of Barbados Tuesday said that the Barbados economy contracted by 0.4 per cent in the first three months of 2013 and urged the authorities to put “back on track” the fiscal consolidation strategy as well as a new medium term adjustment strategy to turn around the island’s economic fortunes. In its review of the Barbados economic performance fore the first quarter of this year, the Central bank said that on current trends there may be no real increase in the contribution to gross domestic product (GDP) from the tourism or international business sectors in 2013. It said that the the forecasts for the rest of the economy are no better, with overall GDP expected to be virtually flat.
  • Belmopan Kids and Youth Cup 2013:
    Results of Belmopan City Council Kids and Youth Cups 2013 (Organized by Belmopan Football League)
  • Darnell Did It - It’s About ‘Darn’ Time!:
    Almost one year ago when LeBron James finally won his first NBA championship, he exclaimed, “It’s about damn time!” And two weeks ago when Belizean cyclist Darnell Barrow finally won his first Cross Country Championship, that’s pretty much what most Belizeans were thinking: “It’s about darn time!” Certainly, from 2011, if not before, many were predicting a Darnell Barrow victory; and while he didn’t reclaim the garland for Belize that year, he was the second Belizean to cross the finish line, coming in fifth behind Shane Vasquez, who took fourth place that year, and who was at that time the last Belizean to win the title, doing so back in 2006. Shane was, of course, the first Belizean to cross the finish line in 2011, a Guatemalan cyclist, Luis Santizo, being the fifth straight foreigner that walked away with the prestigious garland following Shane’s victory in 2006.

The San Pedro Sun

Dr Love: Could she be using their son to get him back?
Dear Doctor Love, My husband has a twenty-six year-old son by a previous marriage. Since the boy was eight years old the only contact my husband has had with him has been child support payments to the mother up until he was eighteen. This is because the ex moved three thousand miles from California to [...]

Wolfe’s Woofers: Holdup
Diane of Wet Willy's calls shaken that she's been in a holdup. It's just interesting that she looks so fabulous for having been held at 'gun' point.

MoE concerned about online satellite school being proposed for San Pedro
The Ministry of Education (MoE) in Belize has officially written to a group of individuals on Ambergris Caye who recently announced their intention to open an online satellite classroom in San Pedro Town. The group, comprising of Cheryl Bowen, Tina Hayden, Mary Mooney and Tammy Peterson announced via a press release on April 3rd that they planned to open a non-profit online satellite school on Ambergris Caye on behalf of the Texas Tech University Independent School District (TTUISD) in Lubbock, Texas, USA. According to the MoE, their correspondence to the group comes after they failed to follow through with multiple requests made by the government ministry to apply for a Teaching Operator’s License, as required by Belizean law. According to the MoE, for any learning institution to legally operate in Belize, they must follow certain guidelines stipulated in the Education Act. One such requirement is for the educational institution to apply for a license to operate a school or educational institution in accordance with the Education Rules 11 and 13 of the Education Act. The license is free but mandatory and consists of five procedures which apply across the board for any applicant.

Misc Belizean Sources

The Chiclero - once a thriving occupation practiced by men in Crooked Tree Village and the surrounding areas has slowly become extinct since the early seventies. This line of work was done by the older generation of village men, who were accustomed to doing dangerous and arduous tasks to provide for their families. The sapodilla tree grows wild in the rainforests of Belize, especially around the vicinity of Crooked Tree Village. The men would be isolated at their camp sites for weeks at a time. This would give them enough time to harness the milky sap from the Sapodilla tree in sufficient quantity before returning home to cook the milk into chicle form.

Trades 4 Life Graduation
Feelgood news of the day. Trades 4 Life, which is a project that's designed to provide trade skills, leadership, and faith training to students within the country of Belize, had their graduation ceremony in Belmopan. Congratulations to all the new graduates!

Swigs Party Pictures
The Hands for Life Swigs Party was Friday night, and it was a fun filled night at the Bedran Hall, as you can see. Check out those nurses and their party shots. Island Time Beverages, makers of the popular Caribbean Coolers, had their blue carpet there, and were the sponsors of the shots. Cloud 9 was mixing the music that kept everyone on the dance floor all night. Congratulations to Mr. Simpson for winning the battle of the DJ's, which William Neal expertly moderated. "The Hands for Life club had their fundraiser last night, and it was a huge success. Cloud 9 was providing the sounds, and Island Time Beverages sponsored the 'shots.' Wild night!"

The Belize Times

Saldivar sues Plus TV – PLUS TV co-owner, Louis Wade, says it’s personal and political
UDP Belmopan Area Representative and National Security Minister John Saldivar has launched a legal attack on Plus TV’s Rise and Shine morning co-host Patrick Andrews for remarks made during the February 10th, 2013 morning show. Saldivar is accusing Andrews of committing libel against him and has turned to the Court for rectification. Saldivar’s attorney, Priscilla Banner of Courtenay Coye LLP Attorneys at Law, claimed in a notice letter dated 15th February, 2013 that Andrew’s words had “a deleterious effect” on Saldivar’s reputation, imputing “criminal activity”. The letter further demanded a full retraction and apology as well as immunity from future similar criticisms, indemnification and compensation of an unknown amount before Friday February 22nd, but that request was not met. Saldivar then instructed his attorney to file Claim 175 of 2013 against first Defendants Plus TV, owned by Louis Wade and his wife, and second defendant, Patrick Andrews. Plus TV has reacted to the legal threat. On his Facebook page, Wade posted that the legal claim is really a vicious attack on the media. “This case will be about the media’s right to know. It is about what constitutes fair comment on a public figure in the spending of public moneys. It is about freedom of speech in a broken democracy. It is about political organs of the ruling party that have the freedom to use obsenity on air, to malign and libel anyone they deem as opposition while trying to silence free media. It is about shutting up or shutting down…[sic],” said Wade’s post. On Wednesday April 10th, while hosting the morning show, Wade ratcheted up his station’s defence, revealing that Saldivar’s ‘beef’ with Andrews seems personal and perhaps even political.

Major Street Upgrade in Orange Walk
A major infrastructure project is on-going in Orange Walk Town, with the much-needed paving of streets and construction of proper drains. The Orange Walk Town Council led by Mayor Kevin Bernard is spearheading the infrastructure works ...

Lisel Alamilla: Powerless or Sell Out? – GOB ignores own moratorium to legitimise illegal Rosewood trade
The Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development has made a controversial decision to allow the export of Rosewood for certain special interest businesspersons to profit, despite a standing Moratorium and public outcry against what has ...

Last week Thursday, a man was beaten brutally by Police. This happened in the San Ignacio Police Station. This is not an isolated incident. The Police beat the man until he agreed to sign a confession that he was involved in a robbery. The Police at San Ignacio Police ...

Absolute corruption
By G. Michael Reid At some point, Belizeans will have to get very serious about this fight against corruption. It matters not who is doing it, how much we like the ones doing it or what they have done for us personally. Corruption is wrong and must be stopped. Each government that ...

UDP Politics as Usual…
NO Clue… In terms of this crime thing, can we realistically expect 2011 to be any different from 2010? Can we expect a decrease in murders, in home invasions, in assaults, in robberies and shootings and thefts? The government ...

Editorial: Sticks and Stones
There is a parable about an unpopular politician and a Judeo Christian talk show host. The talk show host prophetically offered his personal opinion on an issue of corruption. The talk show host was then sued by the politician for slander after he refused to abandon his personal opinion. So finds ...

Belmopan Bandits still No. 1 in PLB football
Defending champions Belmopan Bandits have virtually assured their berth in the upcoming UNCAF Champion of Champions competition as they have topped the Premier League of Belize rankings with 26 ...

Conway Young hits a Double Century in cricket competition
erlan, scored the first double centuries in the 2013 SMART Harrison Parks national cricket competition when the Berlan Cricket Club hosted Brave Union of Burrell Boom in ...

Camalote United wins Cayo softball marathon
2013 Camalote United softball ladies remained undefeated, winning 3 games to dominate the Cayo Softball Association’s 2-day marathon to kick off their 2013 competition at the Joan Garbutt Stadium over the weekend. Camalote United ...

Cement Potholes
The cement streets in Belize City are breaking apart and showing pot holes. This is an expensive discovery and if we did not have the pictures ...

AMAZING GRACE – Dance Hall In Heaven
In the manual, 2 Samuel 6:14, I read about a King dancing. He was so happy that God was back among the people that he danced with all his might. To make it worse, he was almost fully naked! This was unfit behavior and attire for a king! In verse ...

The Importance of Time Management
By Dr. Angela Banner Joseph “You get to decide where your time goes. You can either spend it moving forward, or you can spend it putting out fires. You decide. And if you don’t decide, others will decide for you.” - Tony Morgan How do you spend your time? Do you set ...

Honey Bee Industry in Belize – A way forward!
By Richard Harrison (written in 2011) There is significant potential for a multi-million dollar honey bee industry in Belize. Bees are successful when there are lots of flowers....most places in the world only see one flowering season....Belize usually has two flowering seasons (one as a result of the hot dry period...and one ...

WOMAN IN THE HOUSE – Conduct Unbecoming
By Dolores Balderamos Garcia When he said it I knew immediately that he intended to disparage and insult me for the position I had taken in speaking on the appointment of the Ombudsman. A few months ago the motion for the appointment of the Ombudsman came before the House of Representatives. Hon. ...

Unions are empty handed again – No counter-proposal, No salary increase…just another “IF”
The large membership of three principal Unions in the country, the Belize National Teachers Union, the Association of Public Service Senior Managers and the Public Service Union, must be questioning the negotiating skills of their leaders. For the second time in a row, on Friday April 5th, ...

UDP mocks Union Leaders
Just three days after Prime Minister Dean Barrow gathered with Union leaders in Belmopan in a “respectful meeting”, the ruling United Democratic Party launched personal attacks at various leaders of Unions. This morning on the UDP talk show, “Wus Tin Da Morning”, which airs on Wave Radio, ...

BEL wants 17% rate hike unchanged
Belize’s so-called “pro-poor” Government wants to maintain the 17% hike in electricity rates it approved for itself back in December 2012. Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) has submitted its Annual Review Proceeding (ARP) to the Public Utilities Commission in which, aside from a proposed 0.0093-cent decrease in Mean ...

UB President responds to BELIZE TIMES article
Dear Editor, I am writing with reference to the article – UB President slams GOB for lack of vision – which was published in the April 7, 2013 edition of your newspaper. The article selectively quotes from a document that I presented to the Board of Trustees at the University of Belize ...

Public Transportation in a Mess
Dear Editor, The public transportation system in Belize is a national embarrassment. Thirty plus years after independence the Government of Belize continues to preside over a public transportation system that is rudimentary, inefficient and unsafe. On a daily basis thousands of Belizeans are crammed like animals into retired US school buses ...

PUP denounces Guatemala’s offensive passport
The Opposition People’s United Party announced on Tuesday April 9th that when it takes office the PUP Government will refuse and reject anyone carrying any Guatemalan passport, which shows Belize as part of their territory. The Guatemalan Government recently announced that it would re-issue four million new ...


“Fantastic Day” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Up early yesterday morning and decided that I would go with the Kindle first. On Friday I reached a crucial stage in The Litigator by John Grisham and I just needed to know how the story would end. Thirty minutes later I knew – book finished. A book up to the normal standard of Grisham.Based on the legal profession with plenty of twists and turns. Book finished and I switched to my In Box where I was surprised but very pleased to find an email from Roshel Godfrey of the Belize Tourism Board advising me that I have been accepted in to the Belize Qualified Retired Persons Incentives Retirement Program(“QRP“). Acceptance six weeks after my application. Great news. I just now need to make a payment of US$ 1,950 and Rose and I (Rose as my dependent) will be issued with our ID cards and we officially enter the ‘Programme. We can then order our golf cart and arrange to get our goods shipped from the UK. Buoyed by this good news I made and ate breakfast and then watched Arsenal come back from a goal down to beat Norwich City to move to third place in the Premier League, above both Chelsea and Spurs. Entry in to the “QRP” and a win for Arsenal. What a fantastic day!

International Sources

Why Paying To Abolish Slavery Was A Cause Of Pride - Not Shame
Was it immoral to compensate slave-owners at the time of emancipation? That is the implication of most of the media comment that has followed the publication of a study of the records by UCL, showing that several prominent British families received vast cash payments. The Independent on Sunday calls it 'Britain's colonial shame'. Trevor Philips thinks it 'the most profound injustice that probably you can identify anywhere in this country's history'. I can't for the life of me see why. The fact that people were prepared topay to abolish the monstrosity of slavery is surely a cause for satisfaction rather than shame. It is one thing to say, in the abstract, 'slavery is a bad idea'; quite another to say, 'slavery is so wicked that I am prepared to make a personal sacrifice to help do away with it'. When, decades later, the United States got around to emancipation, no compensation was paid. Instead, a terrible war was fought, whose legacy of racial bitterness endured for another century and more. Yet, when Ron Paul suggested that it might have been better for everyone had the Americans adopted the British approach, buying out the slave-owners peacefully, he was pilloried.

Belize takes top award in Sagicor science contest
Their idea to showcase the coconut palm as a versatile tree crop has gained the Bishop Martin High School in Belize the top prize in a regional science and technology competition. The school’s project, Coconuts4Life, Eco Park beat 11 other schools and won them US$5 000 at the challenge finals of the Regional Sagicor Visionaries’ Challenge at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre yesterday. The Bishop Martin students used the coconut tree and its fruits for food, shade, recreation and ornamental use. And that’s not all. The school plans to grow a coconut orchard and ecological park on its grounds to produce coconut water, coconut material or snacks, ornaments and jewellery as well as offer students a place to play and relax. The idea for the project grew out of the fact that nine out of ten students buy flavoured bottled drinks over water and the absence of a plastic recycling facility.

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