Sea Collision In Northern Belize

There was a sea collision up north yesterday evening which left a boat sunken. Thunderbolt Water Taxi in Corozal Town has daily runs from Corozal to San Pedro, but yesterday evening at about 5:30 one of the company’s boats was travelling from San Pedro to Corozal when it was involved in a minor collision. According to the owner of Thunderbolt Water Taxi, Eliserio Rivero, the 41 foot boat apparently hit an object in the sea just five miles away from Corozal Town. Rivero says that the boat capsized and sank. Only three persons were on broad and none of them received any injuries. Rivero told Love News that the boat was towed to the Corozal sea bank yesterday evening and just a few minutes ago it was taken out of the sea so that the damages can be assessed. Rivero says that the boat which cost him about $250,000.00 is insured.