There was another killer bee attack in the Orange Walk District today. 72 year old Wilhelm Nuefeld, a Mennonite of Camp 18 in Shipyard was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital after bees swarmed him while he was working behind his house. KREM News reports that he was attempting to transfer swine from one stall to another and was not aware of a hive of bees in the stall. Fortunately he was treated and released. His horse was also attacked but survived as well.

Thereís also news about the other tragic case which occurred in Little Belize. As we reported 4 year old Enrique Thiessen was killed by a swarm of bees while his five year old brother, Pedro was critically injured. Well, Pedro has been showing signs of improvement, and was released from the Northern Medical Plaza today to attend his little brotherís funeral. But when thatís done, heíll have to go right back to the hospital. Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez reports that his liver is still swollen and he has to be kept for two more days of observation.

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