Last night the Belize City Council and the Solid Waste Management Authority held a meeting at the YWCA where they disclosed details of the garbage tax city residents will have to pay starting in the second half of 2013.
The standard fee for residential users will be $13.00 dollars per household per month – which, we should note is $3.00 dollars more than the proposed residential garbage fee. Of that, City hall will get seven dollars monthly and the Solid Waste Management will get five dollars, with the rest going into a service charge. For low income homes, there will be a social rate of $3.00 per household per month.

A 2011 Waste Generation Study showed that the average household rate is 1.7 pounds of waste per person daily – and the amount of waste generated in Belize City is about 85 tons per day.

According to a Willingness to Pay Survey conducted by a German Consultant, 19 percent of those surveyed in the city feel that it is the household’s responsibility to pay for garbage disposal, but 42 percent of respondents feel that it is their city council, municipal board or central government that should cover the garbage disposal cost.

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