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Today's Belize News: April 20, 2013 #462754
04/20/13 06:19 AM
04/20/13 06:19 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

SP Darts Team wins first ever Big Creek Group Darts Classic
The San Pedro Jaguars Darts Team is the winner of the first ever Big Creek Group Darts Classic. The event, which the organizers hope to make an annual once, took place at the Belize City Lions Den on Saturday April 13th and Sunday April 14th. Sponsored by the Stann Creek based Big Creek Group of Companies and the competition attracted teams from all over the country who competed in six different categories. The host team was the Jolly Rogers Reloaded Darts Team of Belize City. The host team "Jolly Rogers Reloaded". The event kicked off with a short ceremony and had the presence of the Minister of State in the Ministry of Youth and Sports Honorable Herman Longsworth. In his remarks, Longsworth applauded the organizers and sponsors and pledged his support in improving and promoting darts in Belize.

ACCSD responds to West Side Marina dredging
ACCSD is very concerned about the dredging taking place on the west side of the marina. We are concerned that the laws of the country are apparently not being followed. There was no EIA for this development when it is clearly stated that any dredging that exceeds 50,000 cubic yards should require an EIA. We are concerned that proper protocol does not seem to have actually taken place in this instance. This area is a major fishing spot for the fly fishermen who visit this area on a daily basis. We cannot stress how very important it is to protect these areas as they are where all the fishes are born. The mangroves around this island are very important, they are our natural barriers against storms; provide a home for all the fishes that eventually make it to the reef which is our most precious natural asset.

Belize Zone with Lowest Levels of Major Crimes in March awarded
On April 17, 2013, Minister of National Security, Hon. John Saldivar presented a Certificate of Award and a cheque of $1,000 to Senior Superintendent Robert Mariano who heads the Southern Zone and is also the Officer Commanding the Dangriga Formation which forms part of the Southern Zone. The cheque of $1,000 is for the best performance by the Southern Zone, and the Certificate of Award is for the best performance by the Dangriga Formation in the Month of March. This is the second consecutive month that the Southern Zone has had the lowest level of major crimes in the Country.

An exciting night find: it’s a Sea Walnut!
Imagine walking down the beach barefoot, enjoying the sounds of the waves as they lap at the shore. The stretch of sand going ever forward, the soft squelchy feel of that … eeeewwwww…what is that!! What on earth have you stepped on? *shudder* It’s time to turn on the phone light…look down with trepidation and search…nothing! Short of a true-to-life Stephen King novel, there cannot be disappearing squelchy things on the beach. One must investigate. Look closer – get down on all fours and peek, if one dares that is. Well, we did, and imagine our surprise at what we found! So transparent was this squelchy, squishy jellyfish, which was in obvious distress as it had washed out on shore and gasping for breath, it was hard to locate in the dark of night. Overhead, true to scary story form, lightning started flashing, and thunder pealed and clapped loudly. The temperature had increased in the still, windless evening – rain would pour shortly.

Ambergris Today

Founder of Caribbean Fashion Week Visits Belize
Kinglsey Cooper, the chairman and CEO of Pulse Model Agency was visiting Belize from April 13th to April 18th, 2013 accompanied by his partner and wife, Ms. Romae Gordon who is also the fashion director of Pulse Model Agency. Pulse Model Agency is credited with launching the careers of several internationally known models, including Jamaican- born models Jaunel McKenzie and Carla Campbell, over the past thirty-three years, and its Caribbean Fashion Week has been regarded as the leading fashion event in the Caribbean since its inception in 2001. This event has been a major catalyst for the development of the Caribbean fashion industry, and brings together the best designers and stylists from the region and designers from all over the world. Mr. Cooper’s work has been recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award at Caribbean Fashion Rocks!, New York’s signature event for Caribbean fashion and models.

Miss Guatemala Turismo 2012 Visits San Pedro
Ambergris Today had the opportunity to spend some time with the beautiful Cintya Contreras, Miss Guatemala Turismo 2012 this week as she visited San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, on a personal trip to get to know our Isla Bonita. Having made friendship with Ambergris Today’s Editor, Dorian Nuńez, through facebook, Cintya met up with him to solidify their friendship in person. Cintya was crowned Miss Guatemala Turismo in 2012 and has seven years experience in modeling in fashion shows, advertising and commercials. She has modeled for Guatemalan brands and international brands that include Zara, Menetton, MNG, Sebastian Professional, Tigi, Alfaparf and Avon. Cintya has studied theatrical and movie acting and has also worked in television in her home town of Peten, Guatemala. She is currently a student working for her degree in Communication; she is a very talented and hard-working woman.

Misc Belizean Sources

VIDEO: Scuba Divng Belize

A Bird's Eye View
Aerial photographs from Southern Belize by Benedict Kim.

OFFICIAL Dates Announced for Next Placencia Yamaha Saltwater Fishing Tournament!
September 21 & 22, 2013 are the official dates sanctioned by the Placencia BTIA. Mark your calendars!

Africanized Killer Bees
Steps to take if you see or are attacked by Africanized bees. There is no need to panic. There are a lot of bee colonies out there. While Africanized honey bees are very defensive and easily provoked, they are generally not a threat to humans provided they are not riled. However, if you are attacked by Africanized honey bees, you can take the following steps to get away from them and protect yourself and others. STEPS 1. Be aware of the triggers that encourage Africanized honey bees to attack, so that you can avoid provoking an attack. Some of the things that can encourage attacking by Africanized honey bees include hive disturbance, causing the bees to think that the hive is under threat, and a range of sensory threats such as loud noise, strong odor or artificial fragrance, shiny objects (including jewelry) and dark clothes. If you do spot a hive of stray bees in your yard, farm, or when out for a walk, take care and consider the following precautions:

Caye Caulker in Black & White photo book
by Lee Vanderwalker

The Beautiful Scarlet Macaw
"...For man, as for flower and beast and bird, the supreme triumph is to be most vividly, most perfectly alive..."

Evidence Room Handing Over Ceremony
The new evidence room for the police was handed over by the People's Coalition of Cayo, and the Cayo Neighborhood Watch Association was there to get pictures of the event. "CNWA was present at the PCC handing over ceremony of the new evidence room that shall provide additional space inside the main building of the Police station and also provide better evidence to court with less tampering."

BHS Open House
The Belmopan Humane Society is having an open house today. Go and learn about what the BHS has done, and is currently doing. Maybe pick up a new dog while you're there. There will be food and drinks, along with a free health clinic for cats and dogs.

Earth Day Fun at UB
The University of Belize had their Earth Day Thursday, and it was a huge success, with a great showing of kids, students, and NGO's.

The National Agriculture and Trade Show (NATS), the largest and brightest agriculture and trade show in Belize. Since its establishment in 1970 the show has grown by leaps and bounds. The 2011 fair have been expanded to be an international show as several countries of Central America have been invited to participate. The National Agriculture & Trade Show is Belize’s leading agricultural show which is organized by the National Agriculture & Trade Show Committee in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries. The Ministry of Agriculture has committed to make this year’s show focus more on the agriculture and agro-industry sectors. Zoning of the grounds will be implemented this year to have better control of the number and distribution of bars. The dates for this year’s Show are from the 3 – 5 May, 2013. Held in the Nation’s Capital the show is well attended as it attracted over 32,000 show goers over three days. The main objective of the show is to educating the public on the importance of agriculture and its contribution to the Belizean economy and food security. Since its establishment in 1970 the show has grown by leaps and bounds.

Channel 7

Child Suffocates In Massive Rice Bin In Blue Creek
There are two deaths to report in northern Belize tonight – one child who died by accident, and one man who was killed. We start with the tragic death of seven-year-old Jacob Dueck who was killed at a rice processing plant in Blue Creek yesterday evening. The owner of the grain facility Peter Remphel confirms that three children were playing in what is known as the dump bin – which holds 30 tonnes of rice. Yesterday, the bin had half that, 15 tonnes, which is still a lot. They were playing but no one knew they were in there – and the workers turned on the “augur” – which is like a giant corkscrew that feeds rice down into a cleaning machine. That’s when the three boys – all relatives of the workers and owners – started to be pulled down into the tones of rice like quicksand. At 5:45 Jacob Dueck was pulled under, and resurfaced briefly screaming for help. All the workers tried to get him out but he was buried beneath tonnes of Rice as the augur had pulled everything down. It took them 45 minutes to find him at 6:30 but by the time they did he was already dead. It is believed that he suffocated.

Midday Murder In A Northern Town
And staying in the north, there was a murder at noon today in Libertad Village. 43 year old Sisto Victor Osorio, a mechanic known as Dalla Coin was found lying face down on the pavement at noon today, apparently dead. He was walking along the main road when an individual indentified as Marciano Moh approached him from behind and struck him with a blunt object on the head. No one knows what prompted the attack, but alcohol may have been involved. The main suspect is reported to be on the run.

Triple Traffic Fatality On Western Hwy
When we left you last night, it was with the news that there had been a major traffic accident at mile six on the Western Highway. It turned out to be a triple fatality – three Hattieville men dead and another injured. Monica Bodden spoke to the families of the deceased today. Monica Bodden reporting Our news team arrived on the scene just after 7:00 last night - about 25 minutes after the accident happened. The two vehicles - a grey Suzuki car and this red pickup truck were mangled into each other in the eastbound lane of the highway. Two bodies were inside the red pickup truck and one on the left shoulder of the highway. Both vehicles were extensively damaged - almost beyond recognition.

Shot By Cops With An AR-15, Burglar Dies
Last night, we told you about 21 year-old Ryan Lozano who was shot by Ladyville police when he was caught in the act of committing a burglary at a home in Los Lagos. Pictures provided of the home show that it had been properly ransacked. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition yesterday, but sometime around 8 this morning, he succumbed to massive internal injury. As we reported, police responded to the report of a burglary in progress in Los Lagos at around 12:00 noon yesterday. When they arrived, they reportedly saw 27 year-old Lenny Benguche hiding behind the house and Lozano was walking out. Police say that they cautioned him, but according to them, he advanced in a threatening manner whilst armed with a knife and a crowbar. So, they shot him in the midsection.

Wanted Man Turns Himself In
Two days ago, Marvin Neal was Cayo’s most wanted – but tonight we can report that he has voluntarily turned himself into San Ignacio Police. He did so at 11:30 this morning. According to a release from San Ignacio police, he has, quote, “pledged his full corporation with the Police in the Valencia Murder, the Rumours Robbery, the November 2012 robbery in Mango creek and other crimes within the country of Belize.” End quote. His alleged partner in crime, Jarod Arthors Lamb aka Steel Bob is still on the run and is a wanted man. As we reported, the duo are accused of a brutal home invasion, assault and armed robbery at Rumours resort earlier this week. Police recovered all the stolen items.

Bar Assoc Gets Major Court Victory
Tonight, the Government of Belize is smarting from a major judgment against them coming out of the courtroom of Justice Oswell Legall. It’s in relation to challenge launched by the Bar Association about the amendment to the Belize Constitution in 2008. In these amendments, the Government gave itself direct control over the length of time that they can allot when appointing sitting judge on the Court of Appeal. The Bar saw this as the government having the ability to directly influence the decisions of these judges because they didn’t have security of tenure. According to them, a reasonably informed observer can draw the conclusion that the judges being appointed under these amendments experience undue pressure because they appreciate that the government can make the decision on whether or not to extend their contracts after their short period of tenure is up. According to the Bar, the judges are then unable to make a fair and impartial judgment in relation to litigation concerning the government because the constant threat of termination hangs over their heads.

US Radar Is Mobile, Tactical
What’s up with the US Army installed Radar near Chan Chen Village in the Orange Walk District? We mentioned it last night, and since then we’ve learned it is – according to the internet - a “TPS-75 a mobile, tactical radar system capable of providing radar azimuth, range, height, and Identification Friend or Foe information for a 240-nautical-mile area.” The description adds that the radar system is capable of providing long-range radar data to support operations and control of tactical aircraft. It can be assembled and disassembled in 90 minutes. According to our information it was put up in the area about two months ago by the US Army Southcom when they came to do the New Horizons Project in Belize.

City Garbage Tax Will Be $13.00
Last night the Belize City Council and the Solid Waste Management Authority held a meeting at the YWCA where they disclosed details of the garbage tax city residents will have to pay starting in the second half of 2013. The standard fee for residential users will be $13.00 dollars per household per month – which, we should note is $3.00 dollars more than the proposed residential garbage fee. Of that, City hall will get seven dollars monthly and the Solid Waste Management will get five dollars, with the rest going into a service charge. For low income homes, there will be a social rate of $3.00 per household per month.

Senator Makin’ Bacon News
The Customs Department has confirmed that it has a few thousand pounds of bacon waiting to be returned to sender – because it was imported without a BAHA permit. It’s news because the importer is the owner of Southside Meat Shop, who also happens to be the Senator for the business sector Mark Lizarraga. Sources from BAHA tells us that Lizarraga imported an assortment of meats with proper permits – but also imported as much as six thousand pounds of processed bacon, for which he had no permit. We are told it is an item with restrictions. So the bacon can’t be cleared, and we are told he will either have to pay for it to be destroyed or return it to sender. We tried to reach Senator Lizarraga for comment at his business but at newstime he had not returned our calls.

More Condemnation For Rosewood Trade
Two more significant groups have come out against Government’s decision to share Rosewood revenues. The Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management, known as SATIIM today called on the Prime Minister to immediately rescind the Rosewood Amnesty. That Organization says that the Amnesty has only served to trigger flurries of illegal Rosewood cutting in Toledo. They have provided photos of to prove that rosewood flitches are being cut in numerous areas in Toledo. They add that these newly cut rosewood flitches will be sold; in fact some have already been sold. They conclude bys aying that the amnesty is only serving to perpetuate a vicious cycle of the destruction of precious resources for short-term gain. Also speaking out is APAMO, the Association of Protected Area Management Organizations which quote, “registers its objection to and disappointment with the…amnesty. “

Mixed Martial In Belize
Since the beginning of the year, 7News has closely been following the revival of boxing, but this weekend, the House of Shotokan, seeks to launch mixed martial arts here in Belize. This weekend they will hold the first tournament of its kind for the sport, and instead of us trying explain it to you, we got the experts themselves do so. Here’s what the Belizean big ticket fighter, and his trainer told us about what MMA is, and what the Belizeans audience can expect Jameel "Ice Man" Smith - MMA Fighter, House of Shotokan "MMA is Mixed Martial arts. It's basically a mixture of all the Martial Arts. We're mixing the junior, wrestling, boxing, kick boxing - we mix it together and we throw in a couple rules to make sure that it's not - no holds bars of course. We mix it together and the best man wins." Daniel Ortiz "So tell us about what is expected of an athlete of MMA and what type of discipline does it take at peak conditioning?"

Team Off To King James
Since February, the Belize Basketball Association has been holding tryouts and practices with an under 18 team in order to prepare them for the King James Tournament to be held in Ohio. It’s been a long 3 months for the athletes as they wait in anticipation to participate in the tournament, today, they finally left the country. 7News was there to see them off, and we got a chance to speak with a few of the athletes and their coaches. Here’s what they told us about their expectations for their performance while in Ohio. Bernie Tarr – Coach, U-18 King James Team "Yes we are all set, we rapped things up yesterday about noon so I was able to smile, relax a bit after that and we are very excited to go look forward to keep that one goal. Our goal is to get one individual a scholarship. We were fortunate to get four last year so we will see what happens this year." Steven Williams - Assistance Coach, U-18 King James "It's just for them to keep that mindset and focus because from seeing the guys in workout for the past couple weeks and so forth; they are ready, so it's just to go out there and put whatever they did in workout into action."

Getting The Jump On Father’s Day
Father’s Day is 2 months away, but the President of The Association for Belizean Artists First, Tony Wright, is already making his rounds to promote his 5th annual Fathers’ Day Song Competition and Concert. And this one is unique because the organization is accepting entries from only high school students. That’s a major departure from prospective contestants, and so, Tony Wright, the competition’s organizer stopped by 7News a few weeks early to get the message out to the public. Here’s what he told us about his collaboration this year with the Ministry of Education and Youth. Tony Wright - Organizer, Father's Day Song Competition "It's the fifth year we are doing Father's day song competition and concert. The difference about this year is that, for the last four years it was open for all musicians or artists to write a song. Last year when we did it we had some people from the Ministry of education and youths and they were all excited about it and they contacted us.

Vansh’s Birthday Celebration Wraps Up
Vansh Charles celebrated his 6th birthday today – along with about 187 other Belizean children between one and 12 years old. As we’ve been reporting, he’s been having an open giveaway to all those kids all this week. Here are a few of the April 19th recipients. Mikey "Mikey" Reporter "How old are you? Mikey "Six" Reporter "Six years old and are you happy you got a gift? Mikey "aha" Reporter "How do yo u feel getting your gitf?" Denisha - 10 Years old "Wonderful"

Channel 5

Three Hattieville residents perish in a traffic accident
As many as three persons were killed on Thursday night when a small car and a pickup truck collided on the George Price Highway. The stretch of road just before mile eight where the accident happened was desolate, but became a bloody scene and traffic came to a halt.   Two victims were trapped inside the [...]

Man dies within hours of being shot by police in Los Lagos
The mother of twenty-one year old Ryan Lozano says her son was executed at the hands of the police. Lozano succumbed to injuries he received on Thursday afternoon after being shot multiple times by a police officer in the Los Lagos Community.  Shortly after midday, Ladyville police responded to a burglary in progress where they [...]

Murder in Libertad
A man was murdered in the north of the country this afternoon.  Several accounts say that the man who was killed is known as Victor Chi, who also uses the surname Osorio.  According to one of the victim’s friends, Chi was a mechanic by trade and he was well liked in his neighborhood. But it [...]

Court agrees with Bar and calls for security of tenure for judges
The Bar Association of Belize has won a landmark case against the government of Belize with wide ranging implications for judges of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal as well as the public at large. Today, Justice Oswell Legall ruled to overthrow government’s sixth amendment to the Constitution which effectively allowed the executive [...]

Amended Legal Act; will it be passed?
In early March, Attorney-General Wilfred Elrington launched what was considered in some quarters as a direct attack on the Bar Association. He proposed an amendment to the Legal Act which would mean that attorneys would not be required to join the Association in order to practice in Belize. Elrington used as his justification an assertion [...]

Massive dredging on la Isla Bonita; Deputy Mayor says no EIA has been done
There are more details tonight on dredging activities taking place in San Pedro and it appears that it is a case of putting the cart before the horse. As we reported, investor Darrin Sherry was granted a license to dredge even before the San Pedro Town Council could see a development plan. But even more [...]

Sanchez brothers freed of murder charges
Earlier this week in the Belmopan court, two brothers were freed of murder charges. Herson and Jose Sanchez were on trial for the murder of Belmopan businesswoman Rosa Cornejo which happened exactly four years ago. There were signs that Cornejo had been abducted  from her house in the Salvapan area on the night of April [...]

IMF concludes yearly review of Belize’s economy; how did Belize fair off?
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded its yearly review of Belize’s economy on April eighteenth, 2013.  This exercise began in November, 2012 and is carried out with guidance from IMF’s Article Four. Three major recommendations are covered by the Mission: output growth, debt and debt management, and measures to strengthen Belize’s external position. First, on [...]

City refuses to renew driver’s licenses if you owe the council
Streets in Belize City are being upgraded courtesy of the municipal bond that was successfully launched by the Belize City Council. But how will the council pay that debt?  Well, by encouraging residents to pay their taxes and fees. The revenue stream for City Hall will also benefit from the implementation of a garbage collection [...]

Revisiting the court ruling on oil contracts
OCEANA Belize spends as much time in the courtroom as it does on the ocean and two legal battles took place in court just this week.  The most recent included a roadblock to Oceana’s referendum case that Vice President for Belize, Audrey Matura Shepherd vows to continue possibly in the Appeals Court. But earlier in [...]

ITVET holds annual open day and fight night
The Institute for Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Belize City today hosted its annual open day. It’s an event designed to showcase the talents and achievements of the students enrolled at the institution, and also serves to sell the school and its programs to the many students who attend the open day each [...]

Mexicans come to Belize for mixed martial arts competition
Belize’s history with full contact sports has been limited to rare amateur boxing. The crowds that attend thirst for and appreciate the fervor of the fighters who probably, once a year, get to spar in a ring. But mixed martial arts is a sport that is almost unheard of except for when the House of [...]


Murder in Libertad Village
There is news coming out of Corozal that a 43 year man was killed. Details are still sketchy at this time but preliminary reports are that Victor Osorio Chi, a resident of Libertad Village, died today after he was hit to the head with an object. Reports are that...

Deadly collision claims three lives
Three men, residents of Hattieville, died late Thursday evening after a violent collision with another vehicle on the George Price (Western Highway). According to police, around 6:45 p.m. Hattieville police found a gray Suzuki car and red Chevrolet pickup truck on the right hand side of the highway as...

Night accident on the Hummingbird Highway
There was yet another accident last night. It happened on the Hummingbird Highway just about two miles outside of Belmopan near to the garbage dump. Apparently, a Green Nissan truck heading towards Belmopan, followed by a white Chevy Silverado with a trailer on it were just about to hit...

Belizeans need to change their culture on disposal of garbage
A consultation for the Solid Waste Management Authority on its project to link the Western Corridor from Benque Viejo to the cayes to a single regional landfill located at Mile 24 on the Western Highway was held today. Previously each community had its own dump-site for all sorts of...

Attorney says Rosewood sale is a conflict of interest
The Rosewood Amnesty decision taken by Cabinet has not been met with much acceptance by many sectors of the society. The fact that one of the major exporters of the coveted Rosewood is the brother of Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega has also been met with cries of “Nepotism”...

UB holds Community Outreach Symposium
Yesterday the University of Belize was the venue for a Community Outreach Symposium organized by the Faculty of Education and Arts. The bi-annual event is aimed at enriching participants with an understanding and strategies to overcome barriers that negatively impact teaching and learning. The symposium was held under the...

CDEMA holds Technical Advisory Committee meeting in Belize City
The Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) closed its meeting of its Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) held in Belize City. At a press briefing held after the conclusion of the meeting, executive director Ronald Jackson outlined the key points of the 5 year strategic direction plan approved at the...

Medical School in Grenada seeks to expand
In this latest installment of our series on international medical schools, we give you an example of what such an institution can do for its local government. St. George’s University, the Caribbean’s first private medical school, was established in Grenada in 1976 by an act of its parliament and...

Vice-President of OCEANA comments on cancelled oil concessions
Earlier this week, Oceana, COLA, and Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage, won a ruling in the supreme court. Justice Oswell Legall ruled that oil concessions granted from 2005 and 2007 to Island Oil Belize Ltd, Tropical Energy Ltd, Petro Belize Co Ltd, Princess Petroleum Ltd, Providence Energy...

One Home Invasion suspect turns himself in, another at large
Marvin Neal, the Santa Elena resident, wanted for questioning in relation to a recent home invasion, turned himself into Police today. On Wednesday of this week, a wanted bulletin was issued for the twenty year old’s detention, after it was believed that he and another man assaulted and robbed...

Recycling company exhibits at Earth Day Fair
Recycling is one of the best ways you can contribute to a sustainable future, as it has both local and global benefits. Locally, it saves our limited disposal capacity by reducing how much garbage must be buried in our landfill. While globally, recycling reduces pollution and conserves both energy...

PCC donates Exhibits Room to Twin Towns’ Police
The Peoples Coalition of Cayo (PCC) has been working closely with the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Police formation over recent years. Another gesture taken by the PCC which affirms its commitment to the community and Police was the handing over of a forty foot container. For many months...

Battlefield Park refurbishment begins Monday
Perhaps it is a sign of how hard the Belize City Council has worked in its first year in office that on Thursday night, holding its first public meeting of 2013 at the YWCA meeting hall on St. Thomas Street, very few City residents attended and even fewer questions...

Youth Basketball Team leaves for the US
The group of young Belizean basketball players selected to play in the King James Classic, left the country for Cleveland, Ohio today. The team is set to play against US teams of their peer group, where they will have a shot at getting scouted by top colleges. Between the...

“Do the Right Thing Pedestrian Crossing” safety program set for Fort George
The “Do the Right Thing Pedestrian Crossing” safety program has been all over Belize in the last few years teaching our youngest citizens the importance of traffic safety. It has evolved into a sort of do-everything community initiative under the watch of former Belize City Council employee Philip “Fawda”...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Was the sharing of the land fairly done?
Since the lands were shared with the people of Caye Caulker or so we are made to believe, there have been quite a few rumors circling around that a number of people who were recommended were not qualified or better yet, not even residents of the island. It was also rumored that to be qualified for a piece of lot you are to be a resident of the island for at least 5 to 10 years. One thing is for sure that you are not suppose to own any land but there have been a few people who already own a piece of property, was still put on the list and still got their piece of the pie as well as non residents of the island. Will the residents of the island ever be granted the wish to see the list of who all were lucky to get and if it is not confidential why hide it?? A list of names which seems to be the preliminary list has been obtained and these are just some of the names from the 150 or so recommended names. Please note these are not the final list of the people who got property.

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Marty Offline OP

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More News: Scroll up from here


A tragic accident involving two vehicles occurred tonight, Thursday, at approximately Mile 7 on the George Price Highway, claiming the lives of three persons, Godwin Flowers, Mark McKoy, Jr., and Luis Jones, according to preliminary reports. The three men died at the scene of the incident. All three were traveling in a red Chevrolet pickup truck which was said to have been traveling away from Belize City. Jones was the driver of the vehicle, while Flowers and McKoy were traveling in the pan of the vehicle. One other passenger in the Chevrolet, Philip Latchman, sustained injuries to the upper body. The other victim, Marlon Martinez, was driving a black Suzuki four-door sedan. Martinez survived, sustaining injuries to the lower body. He was reportedly traveling to Belize City from Hattieville Village.

“Allowing oil exploration before any assessment of its effects on the environment is not only irresponsible, but reckless, especially in a situation where Belize may not be fully capable of handling effectively an oil spill.” – Justice Oswell Legall The court made two major findings: (1) no environmental assessment was carried out before the agreements were awarded, violating the EPA, and (2) contracts were given to companies that were unqualified and did not demonstrate a proven ability to contribute the necessary funds, assets, machinery equipment, tools and technical expertise necessary for the effective performance of the terms and conditions of the agreements, contrary to the Petroleum Act. “…prior to entering into agreements for oil exploration and seismic testing, an assessment of their effects on the environment is required” Supreme Court Justice Oswell Legall issued a landmark ruling on Tuesday morning, when he quashed six offshore contracts as “unlawful, null and void,” because Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) were not conducted before the Government of Belize gave concessions to the companies, mostly owned by foreign interests. Furthermore, the court ruled that the companies to which the contracts had been granted were unqualified. The court went further to grant an injunction, barring the government from acting on the PSAs which Legall has quashed. Former Minister of Natural Resources, Johnny Briceńo, who approved the earliest of the six contracts to Island Oil Belize in 2004, admitted to Amandala today that the strict interpretation of the law, as he understands it, is that an EIA is required before the concession is granted. He said he knew Government was going to lose the suit filed by Oceana.

A masked gunman shot the brothers in their Roaring Creek meat shop. Six children are now fatherless after their father, businessman Randolph Hyde, 46, of Roaring Creek, died after being shot multiple times in the family store, Hyde’s Tender Meats and Groceries in Roaring Creek, at about 7:30 Tuesday night, April 16. Along with Randolph Hyde in the store at the time was his brother, Mark Hyde, 36, who was shot in his shoulder and back. He was taken to the Belmopan Hospital in a critical condition, and has since been stabilized and is recovering in ward. Randolph has been taken to the morgue, where he will undergo a post-mortem to certify the cause of his death. Less than a year ago, on May 11, 2012, the third son of the family, James Hyde, 26, was shot to death by three gunmen while he was socializing in a yard in Dangriga. Witnesses told police that a car pulled up in front of the yard, then three gunmen got out of the car and shot James, hitting him multiple times.

The successful restructuring of the US$547 million super-bond by the Government of Belize has triggered Moody’s Investors Service to upgrade Belize’s government bond rating from Ca to Caa2, adding that the rating outlook is stable. “The upgrade balances an improvement in the government’s liquidity position following a pre-emptive restructuring of its external commercial debt, against a debt overhang that was not cured by the default and continues to impair Belize’s credit solvency,” the agency said. Moody’s added that, “The distressed debt exchange concluded Belize’s second default since 2006.” It cautions that, “While the restructuring should provide temporary liquidity relief, we see it as insufficient in addressing Belize’s debt overhang.” Last month, Standard & Poor’s, another international ratings agency, announced right after the new bond offer closed that, “We are raising our long- and short-term foreign and local currency issuer credit ratings on Belize to ‘B-/B’.”

What we have with Guatemala is a difference of opinion over whether or not the territory which forms the nation state of Belize belongs to us or to them. It does not make sense for a country to claim the land which constitutes another country. We have been negotiating directly with Guatemala to settle her claim since Independence. Recently, the OAS has had to take a hand in the negotiation, in order to ease tensions not of our making. They have got the two parties to agree that what we have between us is a differendum and, to declare an adjacency zone on both sides of the boundary line agreed upon by Guatemala and Great Britain (our former colonial masters) in the 1859 Treaty. The adjacency zone is like a kind of “no man’s land,” which neither nation should occupy. The negotiations between Belize and Guatemala have reached the point where both our governments have agreed to submit the differendum, in the form of the Compromis, for adjudication by the International Court of Justice. This piece is not about the ICJ, it is about leadership. In democratic countries, which our country is, leaders are empowered to make decisions in Affairs of State and take action in the name of the people. I think that the fact that we are uncertain about the outcome of the referendum is a failure by our leadership to lead.

Popper allegedly drugged, then sodomized a Burrell Boom resident. Today, David Popper, 70, was taken before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer and charged with three offenses after a doctor discovered that a Burrell Boom male resident, 23, had been the victim of sodomy. According to police, at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, they visited the home of the Boom resident after Popper made a report that he had assaulted him. But when police arrived at the house, they found a disoriented person, who told them that he had visited Popper’s residence and was offered a drink, which he accepted. He continued that after he started consuming the drink, he started to feel dizzy and lost consciousness. He regained consciousness for only a few moments, and saw Popper standing beside him, but passed out again

“The expedition is definitely on…” says Orlando de la Fuente. “We will raise the Belize flag on the Belize side of the monument. We will plant 3 mahogany trees as a symbol of friendship…” A group of individuals organized by the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) plan to make a historic visit to the border marker at Aguas Turbias in Orange Walk, northern Belize, to install a metal plaque where they say the name “Belize” has only been penciled in to identify the country. The group is hoping to make a statement to mark the 154th anniversary of the signing of the 1859 Boundary Treaty by Britain and Guatemala, describing the border between Belize and Guatemala. Among the latest documents making reference to the dividing line between the countries is a set of Confidence Building Measures signed in 2005, in which “the adjacency line,” which Belize knows as the borderline, is described as “a line running generally in a south-to-north direction from the reference marker at Gracias a Dios in the south to the reference marker at Garbutt’s Falls and from there to the reference marker at Aguas Turbias in the north.” Orlando de la Fuente is organizing this weekend’s expedition. He had a Belize plaque made for the Aquas Turbias marker, and vowed, “This plaque will be installed on the monument.”

“No one caught in the act as yet …it’s difficult to penalize anyone for illegally harvesting rosewood because the material is not submitted to the Government directly from the seller.” After Cabinet instructed that all the confiscated rosewood flitches be released for sale to exporters, the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development declared amnesty on rosewood from April 9 to the 26th, 2013. The Ministry issued a press release on Wednesday, April 17, stating that Cabinet has agreed that no new illegally cut rosewood will be allowed to be exported under the Rosewood Amnesty Program. The Ministry said that the amnesty was granted in order for persons who are in possession of harvested rosewood to submit their material to the Government. Well, it seems that some unscrupulous persons have been taking advantage of the amnesty period. Reports are that several persons have been cutting down more rosewood trees. The Ministry included in the press release that the Forest Department field staff can differentiate between freshly cut and old rosewood stock. Minister Lisel Alamilla has said before that any newly cut rosewood that is found or submitted would be confiscated by the Government and no compensation would be given for such timber.

In separate incidents, the two of them preyed on their 13-year, 12-year and 10-year relatives, onesince she was 4 years old. A man from Cayo has been remanded to the Belize Central Prison on charges of 2 counts of carnal knowledge and aggravated assault upon his 13-year-old niece and 2 counts of aggravated assault against his 10-year-old niece. The young victims of the assault—who are sisters—went to the San Ignacio police, accompanied by their mother, and reported that their uncle has been molesting them. The 13-year-old reported that her uncle raped her on two different occasions, while the 10-year-old told police that her uncle fondled her private parts on several occasions, the last being in February of this year. Police took the 13-year-old to the San Ignacio Hospital, where doctors examined her and found that she had been carnally known. Police immediately arrested the uncle, 38, and charged him with the sexual offences. He was taken to court on Friday, April 12. He pleaded not guilty to the offenses, but bail was not offered to him and he was remanded into custody until June 20.

by Annie Seashore-Heredia Dear Editor, Hello from Caye Caulker. Thank you so much for your wonderful article on my husband, Chocolate Heredia. I would like to make an important correction. His death was not related to the prostate cancer. He actually died from a ruptured aortic aneurysm. I was proud to help him keep the cancer at bay for over 10 years. He died with it, and not from it. He was the love of my life and my best friend. I’ll miss him so much! Please note: there will be a Celebration of Chocolate’s Life on Saturday, April 20th, from 1-3 p.m. Everyone is invited. Please come out and join us! Thanks again for a great article! Regards, Annie Seashore-Heredia

— 19 April 2013 — by Leon Sesare Harrison Dear Editor, There are very few times that I feel the impulse to publicly express my views. Late yesterday, I learned of the Boston Marathon bombing in the United States. The irony I felt, in that moment, was indescribable. I was deeply ashamed of the perpetrators that would engage in disgraceful acts of violence and terror. Those few people that know me best, know that shame is not a word that would best describe me. But yesterday, I felt an irrational impulse to walk the streets of Belize City, covered in “sack and ash.” Violence and terror was abhorred by the Mahatma Gandhi. This is not the Ghandhian way! In a time of war, with the world at the brink of nuclear destruction, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi gave the world a way out of madness. Gandhi professed that violence in the mind (by our thoughts) would lead to violence of the word (slander, insults, and hate), which would inevitably lead to the exchange of fists and bullets and bombs. “An eye for and eye, leaves the whole world blind!”

I noted the reported recent arrangements between GOB and the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) regarding the future development of Crawl Caye. Given NCL is majority owned by Apollo Global Management LLC, I wondered if the latter had conducted an in-depth risk assessment of the location before entering into discussions with GOB officials? During and after Hurricane Keith in 2000, the Mauger Caye and adjacent Crawl Cay suffered substantial weather damage. Mauger Caye was near flattened, with the majority of the sand area of the north side being transported to the south by the severe elements leaving the roots of the palms completely exposed. The light keepers only survived because they were able to take shelter in a concrete bunker near the lighthouse accommodation, which itself completely disappeared as a result of Keith’s fury. Crawl Caye fared little better, and it has taken 13 years for both to recover

by Paul Rodriguez Dear Editor, At a conference of Caribbean Ombudsman held in 2004, during a discussion on rights I asked the person sitting next to me, an eminent UWI professor: when are we going to discuss duties and responsibilities? The professor answered: let others do that. This response made me realize that there may have been even before then, an international agenda to remove human rights out of the context of Natural Law and away from the idea of justice. Justice, as you know, is that quality of thinking and acting by which everyone is given his due. It applies to every encounter between humans. There are no exceptions, except when a person wronged or violated chooses to exercise mercy, compassion, or love. In these instances the civilization of man becomes more pointed to a more exalted state of being. But, for the sake of order, the demands and requirements of justice should be observed and obeyed, as a general rule. When I wrote the “Foreword” of the Ombudsman Annual Report for 2003-2004, I made this comment: “Rights considered as set apart and in contradiction to the common good and the public interest will continue to contribute to the development of a culture of egoism. On the other hand, the human person must stand delicately poised between what the proper maturing of his own selfhood requires and what the community requires of him to help others achieve the fulfillment of their selfhood. Wherever any successful attempt is made to exaggerate either of these poles, i.e. self or society, it results in aberrations that dehumanize the human person.”

by Hakeem Bush Dear Editor, I’m not a big fan of Mayor Bradley but I must tip my hat to him for the wonderful work he’s doing with the infrastructure in the City, especially the streets. But mostly I must congratulate him on inviting the area representative for the Freetown Division to the opening of the Chetumal Boulevard. Although they’re on different sides of the political fence, the Mayor made it known he is the area representative for the division and he has all right to be part of the festivities. Oh how I wish the government would start to use that kind of mentality when there is any major development in a constituency. They need to invite the area rep no matter what party color they are. They are the duly elected representatives: the people put them there. Let us stop this nonsense about giving the so-called caretakers the limelight – they are not the elected representatives. Recently I noticed a Minister of Government boasting about a road being paved in Hopkins. Isn’t Hon. Rodwell Ferguson the area rep? I didn’t see him giving a speech or even sitting at the head table with the other dignitaries, but yet they featured some caretaker and a former representative. That’s totally wrong. Hon. Rodwell Ferguson is the area rep; the people elected him; he should have been in the forefront.

Looking back, I wish that I had paid closer attention to the history of the Harmonettes. At the same time, I want to go on record to say that the University of Belize (UB) or the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) simply have to find a way to finance the writing of Gerald Rhaburn’s biography. Rhaburn is a walking encyclopedia of Belize’s musical history, and when you talk about musical history in Belize, you are also talking about Belize’s sociology and politics. If UB and NICH don’t understand that this is so, then we have a real problem in Belize. At the very end of Regent Street West, where it is linked with the eastern beginning of Vernon Street, there is a small street called Turton’s Alley or Turton’s Lane, whatever. Bert Nicholas, a saxophonist who was in the full-time employ of the Santiago Castillo company at their headquarters corner New Road and Hyde’s Lane, lived on Turton’s Lane with his wife and children, and there is where he began the musical combo which would become the Harmonettes. The core musicians were Mr. Godfrey MacGregor and Bucko Cadle on guitars, and one Steeno on drums. The vocalist was Anthony “Cheapy” Richards. There was a tall trumpeter whose name was Daniel Bennett, but I’m not sure. Later on, the group added Anthony “Soupa” Jones as another vocalist, and one of Mr. MacGregor’s talented sons, Melvan (Majeli), began playing saxophone. “Soupa” Jones has seemingly vanished into history. When the Harmonettes were disbanded, Melvan would become a key member of Dickie Straughan’s Bamiki Bandula, along with another one of Mr. MacGregor’s sons on keyboards.

In the beginning of this newspaper in August of 1969, as the organ of a black-conscious organization, a certain amount of our energy was similar to COLA’s – we young people in the capital city were dissatisfied with the tame and submissive attitude of Belize’s PUP government where the Guatemalan claim to Belizean territory was concerned. It may be said that history, after a fashion, is repeating itself: Belize’s young people, 44 years later, are dissatisfied with the tame and submissive attitude of Belize’s UDP government where the Guatemalan claim to Belizean territory is concerned. When Mr. Price’s PUP government surged forward to political independence in September of 1981, despite the fact that Belize was under martial law, the Belizean people were divided, and the British were refusing to give us a defence guarantee, this represented a gamble on the PUP government’s part. This newspaper had rejected the Heads of Agreement in March of 1981. But we, who had supported the PUP all-out in the pivotal 1979 general elections, had begun to withdraw from our PUP alliance after October of 1980, when it became clear that Belize would become independent because of a decision by the Jimmy Carter administration in Washington. At Amandala, we had reason to believe that once they achieved independence, PUP leaders would seek to crush this newspaper, because it had become too powerful.

by Erwin Woodye, Jr. - General Secretary of BBSF The first ever Ben Bounahra 9-Ball Tournament, that was sponsored by Mirab and Company through the Belize Billiards Sports Federation (BBSF), was held on Saturday and Sunday, April 13 and 14, at Elements Bar in Belize City. It was a tremendous success, as twelve teams from across the country participated, namely: MJ’s Challengers and Sea Side Heights from Toledo; Dolphins and Shattaz from Belmopan; Eagles from Cayo; Elements, Extra Gold and La Cabana from Belize City; Dem Boyz, Tijuana and JR’s from Orange Walk; and Cerros Sand from Corozal. Here’s more: There was no electricity available by BEL at the start of the tournament due to upgrades in the area at Elements Bar, but the owner of Elements Bar acquired a backup generator that allowed the tournament to start, though a little later than expected. There was the brief opening ceremony, whereby Mr. Mike Bounahra of Mirab and Company opened the tournament with the first shot, easily pocketing the 9-ball. Then, it was show-time. It was a race to 4, double-elimination format, and certainly teams had to show-up their skills to stay alive. By the end of the first day, a number of teams were eliminated, then it got more interesting and exciting on the second day.

The Belize City Primary School Basketball Tournament 2012-2013 tipped off at Bird’s Isle on Monday of this week with 16 male (M) teams and 7 female (F) teams participating. The boys’ teams will compete in 4 Divisions – A, B, C and D; while the girls are divided into 2 Divisions – A and B. Game results for Monday, April 15, were: (F) Belize Elementary 9:0 Muslim Community; (M) Belize Elementary won by default over Queen Square Anglican; (F) St. Martin De Porres 13:6 Buttonwood Bay Nazarene; (M) St. John Vianney 16:4 Buttonwood Bay Nazarene; and (M) Unity Presbyterian won by default over St. Ignatius. On Tuesday, April 16: (F) Holy Redeemer 14:0 St. John Vianney; (M) Wesley Upper 14:10 St. Mary’s; (M) St. Luke Methodist 24:20 New Horizon Academy; and (M) Ephesus SDA 41:12 Hummingbird Elementary. On Wednesday, April 17: (F) St. Martin De Porres 16:4 Queen Square; (M) St. John Vianney 32:1 Queen Square; (M) St. Martin De Porres 17:14 Holy Redeemer; and (M) Wesley Upper 17:12 New Horizon Academy. And today, Thursday, April 18: (F) Holy Redeemer won over Muslim Community by default; (M) St. Luke Methodist 24:9 St. Mary’s; (M) Trinity Methodist 20:8 Queen Street Baptist; and (M) St. Martin De Porres 23:5 Unity Presbyterian.


Driving to Tikal or are we?
Phil and Marie were waiting for us at Municipal airport and so was our ride to Budget car rental, it was a short ride 10 min or less, very close to Benny’s Hardware. We ended up with a big @ss Ranger truck and a white Jmny, cost was $135 usd per vehicle for a 24h rental. The staff there were all very nice and helpful. Of course our first stop was Broadies supermarket, as if we did not have enough food already. We all got excited at the deli counter, samosas and conch fritters were 2 popular items among our crew. Unfortunately the conch fritters were on the greasy side Tacoboy was still clueless as to where we were going. It was not the nicest thing to do but I decided to completely throw him off track, after learning that Pedro had been acting like an spoiled 5 year old who can’t keep a secret and spilled the beans to Paul about where his party was. I told him that what Pedro said was Andy’s cover up when he kept asking where the party was, started name dropping Tikal and was in total agreement when Tacoboy said that is why we did not buy beer at Broadies because we will soon be drinking Guatemalan Beer. My travel trivia question to you is: Based on what I wrote above, how could Tacoboy have figured out that we were not driving to Tikal? See answer below.

Belizean Folklore: The Legends of Belize
The Belizean culture is unlike anything else on Earth. It’s a unique blending of many different influences, ranging from the Spanish Mestizos, to the German Mennonites, and the Ancient Maya. Today, aspects of these people live on in the nation of Belize and its folktales. Here are some of the land’s most compelling legends: The Scary Sisimito, Beware the Tata Duende, Xtabai, the Ultimate Seductress

Chaa Creek Spa One of the World’s Top Ten
The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s Hilltop Spa has been selected as one of the world’s top ten spa values by the internationally respected Gayot’s Guide, according to spa manager Bryony Fleming Bradley, who said the recognition is a first for a Belizean rainforest spa. “Many people don’t realise that we offer a professional spa with a range of massages and therapeutic treatments,” Ms Fleming Bradley said, “So to be featured by such a highly regarded authority as Gayot’s is very satisfying.” Gayot’s “Guide to the good life,” which provides reviews on restaurants, hotels, travel, fine dining, wine and other topics, was launched by renowned French restaurant critic André Gayot in 1969 and is respected worldwide as an alternative to the Michelin guide. Gayot, who is credited with starting the term, Nouvelle Cuisine, has reviewed over 20,000 restaurants, hotels, and spas worldwide. The April 2013 online edition of the guide carries a feature, “Top Ten Value Spas” with the heading; “Get the best massage for your money at one of GAYOT’s Top 10 Value Spas! Found in dramatic locations around the world from South Asia to the Adriatic Sea, these idyllic escapes provide a posh spa experience at a price that will put your mind at rest.”

“I’m Down” in Ambergris Caye
Spent a bit of time yesterday morning researching a door lock that we had been told about . It’s the Millennium Ultimate Lock. This is the lock that we will be using on all external doors on the Ground Floor and the First Floor of our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize.. Then spent a couple of hours on the PC trying out different tile combinations (the website I used allows you to see what the effect would be) for my bathroom. I have found what I want but now need to find out if they have them in stock. Fingers crossed. If not, it is back to the drawing board! With that out of the way I then arranged the wire transfer for the fifty percent deposit for the golf cart that we have ordered from Captain Sharks. Using FC Exchange (the foreign currency exchange ‘house’ we have been using to convert sterling to US dollars) this only took a few minutes. Time out for lunch and then we headed to Tres Cocos to our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize to review progress. Walking from the golf cart there didn’t appear to be a lot of guys around. Alfredo out front clearing rubbish and one guy working in the living/kitchen room area of the Ground Floor self-contained apartment. He was creating the recesses that the windows will fit in to.

Belikin Commercial Focuses on the Hard Working Belizean People
Belikin Beer, the beer of Belize. Check out our latest commercial from our series. We focus on the hard working Belizeans and the different industries Belize has to offer in this one. At the end of the day, we all just want an ice cold Belikin Beer.

History's Persevering Reminder to all Belizeans
This cannon seen here was in battle at some point in the fight for the country of what is now Belize during the Battle of Saint George's Caye. Today it is mounted permanently on the island of Saint George's Caye as a reminder of the sacrifices others made to fight for what we have now as Belize.

International Sources

Great Blue Hole and Lighthouse Reef from space
Surrounded by darker, deeper ocean waters, coral atolls often glow in vibrant hues of turquoise, teal, peacock blue, or aquamarine. Belize’s Lighthouse Reef Atoll fits this description, with its shallow waters covering light-colored coral: the combination of water and pale corals creates varying shades of blue-green. Within this small sea of light colors, however, lies a giant circle of deep blue. Roughly 300 meters (1,000 feet) across and 125 meters (400 feet) deep, the feature is known as the Great Blue Hole. The Advanced Land Imager (ALI) on NASA’s Earth Observing-1 satellite captured this image of the Great Blue Hole and Lighthouse Reef in the Caribbean Sea on March 24, 2009. The Great Blue Hole appears at the center of the image, surrounded by a ring of lighter color caused by elevated coral. In fact, parts of the ring surrounding this feature actually crest the water surface at low tide, but a layer of shallow water covers most of Lighthouse Reef Atoll. Boats leave tiny white tracks on the nearby water surface, and two boats appear to travel away from the Hole in this image. East of the boats, a broad band of aquamarine indicates an area of especially shallow water along the reef’s margin. Along its easternmost edge, the reef crests the ocean surface, where breaking waves from the Caribbean Sea form a jagged line of white.

The Fishin' Magician: Go Fish Belize
I just got back from a week in Belize, fishing for bonefish, permit and tarpon. My wife Eileen and took a group of eight along with us, and we all had a ball. We fished for four days with guides from Go Fish Belize and everyone caught bonefish. Some of us caught permit, and tarpon eluded us on this trip. One day the gals went snorkeling and then had a shore lunch prepared by one of the people from Go Fish Belize. This was a nice break from the fishing and the sun for them and they thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the couples liked Ambergris Caye so much that they spent a day looking for a place to take their family and stay for a few weeks.

Machado Ventura Meets with Deputy Prime Minister of Belize
Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, Vice-president of the Cuban councils of State and Ministers, met on Thursday morning with Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture of Belize, who is on a visit to Cuba. During the cordial meeting, the two authorities expressed their satisfaction for the good state of bilateral relations and reiterated their willingness to continue strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation existing between the two countries, mainly in the health sector. Likewise, they spoke about the processes of integration of the region, particularly of the CELAC and the CARICOM and on the next Summit of the ACS. Accompanying the distinguished visitor were Pablo Saul Marin, Minister of Health of Belize, and Efrain Ravey Novelo, Charge d’Affaires of that diplomatic mission to Cuba, as well as Cuban Deputy Health Minister Marcia Cobas.

I want to go to Belize but I'm gay.
So Belize has some pretty backwards laws regarding gays and who can and cannot enter their country. Is this something that we should *actually* to worry about? Or, what are some alternate travel...

Pupils to work in Belize rainforest
Caithness pupils are to work with the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh as part of efforts to conserve plants and habitats in Belize. The teenagers from Wick High School will spend four weeks in the Central American country this summer. The trip will involve staying at Las Cuevas in the Chiquibul rainforest. More than 3,700 plants have been recorded in Belize and hundreds of other species are thought to remain undiscovered. The country's forests also provide habitat for big cats such as ocelot and jaguar.

Belize Resort Picks Top 5 Placencia Scuba Diving Sites
Belize Resort, Chabil Mar, Partners with Award Winning Dive Centers and Picks Top 5 Placencia Scuba Diving Sites to Create Luxury Dive Vacation Packages and Services Top 5 Scuba Diving Sites of Placencia, Belize selected by premier Placencia dive...

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
Click for excellent scuba lessons with Elbert Greer!
Chaa Creek is an award-winning luxury Belize Resort, rated as one of the worlds best Eco Lodges. We are a pioneer in adventure travel to Belize since 1981!
Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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