Today, over 25 law enforcement prosecutors were in Belmopan at the police training academy to learn about more effective prosecutions. For the next two weeks, they’ll be learning how to draw up charges and see them through to conviction. Superintendent Linden Flowers, the Commandant of the Training Academy tells us how it will be helpful.

Superintendent Linden Flowers- Commandant - National Police Training Academy
"It is very important for our police and the different agencies that are taking perpetrators or alleged perpetrators or persons who you suspect have committed a crime or an offense to be able to properly present that case in court. It is very timely. With a lot of the organizations we see more and more people are taking persons into court. A component of this course will also assist these sergeants and corporals for internal presentations of cases against Police officers who are charged for one offence or the other."

Attendees are from the Police Department, the Fisheries Department and Municipal Traffic.

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