The Office of the US Secretary of State has issued its Country Rpeort for Belize on Human Rights practices for 2012. The report says that “the most important human rights abuses during the year were the use of excessive force by security forces, including the deaths of five persons involving on or off- duty police officers and discrimination based on sexual orientation.”
The report notes that, quote, “There was apparent impunity for high-ranking officials, but authorities took action against 51 police officers and brought criminal charges against 48 of them for alleged abuses.”

In an interesting detail about the Hattieville Prison, the report notes that in 2012 prison “Authorities…seized 10 pounds of marijuana, 182 cell phones, 15 buckets of wine, BZ$4,692 dollars and 97 handmade weapons.”

Under human rights abuses in the area of sexual discrimination, the report notes that, quote “There were no gay pride marches organized during the year due to UNIBAM membership concerns over the public’s possible adverse reaction.”

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