Police and B.D.F. last Thursday, found nine blue drums containing suspected aviation fuel and sixteen empty plastic gallon containers near a landing strip that was destroyed by the B.D.F. two years ago in the area of Back Landing in the Orange Walk District. The find was made when law enforcement units were looking for a plane that was heard circling overhead in the general area near Crooked Tree. The plane wasn’t found nor was anyone at the site where the containers of fuel were found. On Sunday night, just after eight o’clock, residents of Libertad also heard a plane droning in the village.  According to one eyewitness account, the aircraft seemed to be a cargo plane. It landed on the open stretch of road in Estrella, which is a small community of the old BSI factory which is close to Libertad. The eyewitness, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that he was prevented from proceeding on the road by four men who held him to the ground. A white pickup truck blocked the road. According to Corozal Police, a contingent of police and B.D.F. were deployed and combed the area, but came up empty-handed. No incriminating evidence was found, but usually clandestine landings are drug related.

Channel 5