Update -- we now have 4500US raised visit www.aprivateisland.com/donations to see who has pledged a financial contribution.
Help us please

Today (monday) I bought 3K worth of supplies that are in a van and going to the Atlanta airport in the morning if any airlines indicate that the may go to Belize.

We will probably going to Houston and catch taca since american has already cancelled

below is the standard letter

please commit some money

My Name is Jeff Gram. I own the island of Cayo Espanto (three miles from San Pedro). During Mitch, I tried to put together relief efforts to raise some funds. We had one other person come through for us. He donated 500 dollars. I purchased 3K worth of Rice, Beans, rakes, shovels, gloves asthma machines and first aide supplies and flew in with them the day they opened the airport. Fortunately, most of it was needed more in Honduras. SO we ended up sending it there.
I am in Atlanta and am flying to Miami or Houston on Monday. I have contacted Claudio, Armando Graniel and others in San Pedro and we are trying to find out from Patty Acero what is needed. I will take it down on Tuesday or Wednesday (probably Wednesday).
I will go ahead and buy whatever she says and will probably make several trips to and from Miami over the next 10 days. I have already spoken with American Airlines (Patty made arrangements last time on Taca for cargo at no charge...I pay for my own airfare)

My e-mail is [email protected] If you would like to contribute, please e-mail me with your name, address, phone and amount. I will post all names of contributors and how much was contributed on my web site to insure honesty. If you do not see your name, let us know. It will be under www.aprivateisland.com/donations

I will let you know later where to send the money and how to get tax info. What I would like now is a commitment for a certain amount so I know how much I can buy and take down. You an also call my office at 1800-666-4282 on monday. Ask for David or Katherine. My web site is www.aprivateisland.com

The money will be put to good use!!!! There will be a lot of cleanup.

Please help.

No need to send money now, just a note of commitment and support. I will work on the Tax information for you to write your check. We do have some charities in San Pedro that are affiliated with US organizations.

Money, goods and friends are needed. We can act quickly and make a difference.

Thank You


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