This is bee season! Faye Garnett, District Agriculture Coordinator, Cayo affirmed a department call from the Police Dept in regard to swarms of Africanized bees near Hawksworth Bridge swarming out of their nest at the top tower of the bridge. In collaboration with BEL, the Town Board and the Police Dept traffic was redirected in order to spray and elevate the beekeepers to remove the hives accumulating over 30,000 bees.

She affirmed reports of hives on the bridge for the last 20 years so it will be a recurring problem. For this month alone there have been a recorded 42 bee cases throughout the Cayo district primarily in Belmopan, San Ignacio, Succotz, Cristo Rey, Teakettle and surrounding areas. Reports can be made to is 804-2079 in order for the situation to be assessed.