Author Documents Experiences w/ Judiciary and Land Systems

This morning long time author Olatunji Balogun launched his brand new book at the Leo Bradley Library. It’s Balogun’s 19th publication and is entitled “A Victim of My Wealth”. The book, Balogun says, is based on his personal experiences with the judiciary and land system in Belize.


"Basically the book is just looking, I’ve documented some experiences that I have with the judicial system and the land system in Belize and some of the injustices that I experienced and I chose to document it because I feel like it could be of assistance to the average Belizean who might not know how these systems operate.  What I did, was a collection of essays but they are all related to each other.  I do a blue print of all my experiences; what it was like, when it started off, if somebody is illegally living on my land and all the steps I went through in trying to address the problem through the Village Council, through the Police Department, through  the Ministry of Natural Resources then through the Magistrate’s Court and even in the Supreme Court; all the steps that I have been through I have documented it and what are some of the bad and good experiences I had in the process. As I said before, one of the problems that we have is that we do not have a blue print; everything that you do in life has a blue print to it.  When you do things without a blue print, they tend not to be successful.  It will be valuable as a blue print; people could look at the information.  It has structure and they could either add or subtract according to what their need might be."

The book was published by African Advancement Association of Belize and Balogun says that five hundred copies were printed by Print Belize Limited at a cost of twenty dollars. Olatunji Balogun was born in Trinidad and Tobago and migrated to Belize in 1984.