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Today's Belize News: May 9, 2013 #463920
05/09/13 05:44 AM
05/09/13 05:44 AM
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Marty  Offline OP


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Karen Waldrup and Ashlee K Thomas sing for Mama Vilma’s Family Home
On Saturday, May 4th the melodious voices of Karen Waldrup and Ashlee K Thomas, also known as the Midtown Violets, drew a crowd on Wet Willy’s deck. The concert started at 8PM to benefit Mama Vilma’s Family Home. This is the second concert Karen has performed to benefit the Mama Vilma’s Family home and the first for Ashlee. Both artist are based in Tennessee, USA and are currently in their “Spring in the South” tour. Singing several of their original songs, as well as covers of popular songs requested by those in attendance, Karen and Ashlee brought the house down indeed. With songs like “Whiskey Straight”, “Save Paris for me”, “Down by the Bayou” by Karen and “Fine me” and “Pull the trigger” by Ashlee, there was good music for everyone in attendance.

Spelling Bee – the Belize District finals
On Tuesday, April 30, students from The Island Academy showed their strong support of two peers at the 19th Annual Coco-Cola National Spelling Bee District Final in Belize City. The Belize Elementary School auditorium full of kids waved off oscitancy (excessive yawning) and hoped forapotheosis (powerful glory) or thaumaturgy (a miracle), as Standard 6 competitor Kaylee Kumul and Standard 5 contestant Zulema Ayala demonstrated their manageability of a miasmic (of fog-like density) collection of words. Unfortunately, even after BEEing encouraged by that gigantic insect, the ever-dancing A-Zee Bee, both San Pedro students were eliminated by the fourth round. Victorious spellers, First Place Nikki Sanches, from Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic School, and Second Place Danielle Mohammed-Ali, of Burrell Boom Methodist, will advance to the national finals in June. The Island Academy claque (a favorable audience) checked their aglets(plastic tip on a shoelace) and congratulated the girls on their effervescent (bubbling energy) participation. Interested protégées (apprentices) can begin studying any time for the perennial(occurring each year) contest.P1020059

San Pedro team sets new record in Mahahual at annual “Copa Gobernador” fishing tournament
A group of fishermen set a new record at the annual Governor’s Fishing Tournament in state of Quintana Roo, Mexico held on May 4th and 5th. The 22nd annual fishing tournament called “Copa Gobernador” is the largest fishing tournament in the state of Quintana Roo and takes place in the tourism community of Mahahual. Four teams from San Pedro Town participated and for the first time, a Belizean team captured the first place. The team consisting of Captain Enrique “Ricky” Marín, Josué Reyes, Kevin Kelly, Alby Godoy, and Kim Kelly also set a new record after catching a blue marlin weighing 314.5 pounds on the first day of the tournament. Team Hook Line+Sinker managed to secured 9435 points far ahead of the other fishing teams. Three other teams from San Pedro Town also participated in the intense competition. The Cuarto Poder Newspaper is reporting that one of the Belize team’s catch was disqualified, causing “controversy” and gaining major attention in the state’s press.

Ambergris Today

It’s Raining Cats in San Pedro, SAGA Reports Overpopulation on Island
Cat overpopulation in San Pedro is bad news for people and cats. Right now there are hundreds of stray and abandoned cats hiding in bodegas, alleys and only coming out at night to hunt, scavenge and reproduce. These cats rarely live longer than two years as they succumb to injuries and disease. They cause a nuisance by ripping open garbage, fighting and making noise as well as spreading infectious diseases. They have no one to love them or care for them and that is the fault of the people who allowed them to breed and continue to breed. Unfortunately, their irresponsibility has now become the responsibility of the community and SAGA Humane Society.

Action Planning for Central Belize Corridor (Forest and Maya Mountains)
The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable and the University of Belize through its Environmental Research Institute will initiate Management Action Planning for the Central Belize Corridor through a launch event from 10 a.m. to 12 noon at the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center on Thursday May 9, 2013. Strategic partners in this initiative will include the Panthera Foundation, the German cooperation though GIZ, the Forest Department, the Fisheries Department, Department of the Environment, the Belize Zoo, Belize Audubon Society, Community Baboon Sanctuary, the Nature Conservancy and the Rancho Dolores Environmental Group as well as all private landowners and communities in the area. The Central Belize Corridor is a critical segment of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor and connects the northern block of protected forests in Belize, including the Rio Bravo, with the southern block, the Maya Mountains.

Mama Vilma’s presents “Señora, Reina de Reinas” Pageant
Mama Vilma’s Home in an effort to raise more fund for their cause will be having their first “Señora, Reina de Reinas” Pageant. Persons over 35-years of age are invited to participate. Interested persons can make contact at 627-2681 or 629-2233 or visit Mar’s Boutique for more information or contact Mrs. Shelly at El Bistro Mestizo Restaurant.

Did Students Get Married at San Pedro High School?
On May 9, 2013, I was cordially invited by the junior students at San Pedro High School to witness two wedding ceremonies. Trust me, when I was asked to attend the weddings, I was as confused as when you read the headline to my blog post. Don’t worry, the weddings were only a reenactment as part of a project of their Christian Life Choices class. Up to this day, I still remember my fun sessions of Christian Life Choices with my Principal Mr. Angel Nuñez. It was one of those classes that my peers and I looked forward to every day. Mr. Nuñez thought us many paths that we will face in life as we got more mature. Marriage was one of the topics that we came across and believe me it raised a lot of questions. The most important question was “What is Marriage?”

Misc Belizean Sources

Mama Vilma's 3rd Annual Fashion Show May 10th
San Pedro Fitness Club, 7pm

VIDEO: Ocean Academy’s Fly Fishing Class
Belizean high school students are learning the art of fly fishing and guiding in their P.E. elective at Ocean Academy Non-Profit High School on the island of Caye Caulker. Going beyond paper and pencil to fly rod and line, I share my passion with students who had never touched a fly rod before. Like us on Facebook and watch the evolution. We are always in need of equipment and scholarships. Thanks and enjoy!

Youth Artist Award Nominations
The National Institute of Culture and History is accepting nominations for the Youth Artist Award. The winner will receive a $1000 grant to be used towards education. Nominees must be between 10 and 24, and be engaged in an artisitc discipline. NICH's Institute of Creative Arts is getting ready for the Festival of Arts.

SIPL Appreciation Video
The San Ignacio Public Library has released a wonderful feelgood video that goes from inception, showing it being built, and painted with some help from the Rotary Club members, to the events they've recently done, and the schools they've hosted there for storytelling and plays. Who can forget their great rendition of 'Green Eggs and Ham?" Well done, and worth the time to watch. "The San Ignacio Public Library wishes to extend sincere gratitude to all its library patrons for their continued support to the library."

BumBastic Party Pictures
The Bumsquad had their Agric parties between the Wing Stop and Barrio Fino. News Exchange Magazine sponsored some wild nights, and Danny Chung was there capturing the festivities. DJ Alvin Duke came over from Bumsquad Ireland to have a little mixing time too. Well done!

Little Bean Update
Feelgood news of the day. Little Bean, the rescued howler monkey that's at the Primate Rehabilitation Centre, is doing great, and getting bigger. Thanks, Wildtracks! "Wildtracks Update: Now, almost a month into the Primate Rehabilitation Centre Nursery Unit appeal, we catch up with Little Bean to see how she is doing..."

Beltraide at AGRIC
Beltraide got some good pictures of the business booths at Agric.

Make-Belize Films News
Make-Belize Films, which made Kurse a di Xtabai here in Cayo, has upgraded their website, and they are listing their upcoming movies and productions. They are planning on producing 50 short movies that will focus on culture around Belize.

Channel 7

Hamel-Smith Says Church Doctrine Not Universally Against Decriminalization
Last night we showed you the beginning of the case between Caleb Orozco and the Government of Belize. Orozco is challenging Section 53 of Belize’s Criminal Code claiming that it violates his constitutional rights to privacy, dignity and equality as a gay man living in this country. Well, it seems that the rhetoric from both sides is being dialed down somewhat now that it is before the courts. The matter coming to the forefront now is that on one side, Orozco claims that the law needs to be declared unconstitutional because it violates his sexual freedom. And on the other side, those who support it say that it’s there to protect against male on male rape and child molestation. This morning, Orozco’s lead attorney, Chris Hamel-Smith spoke to the media outside of court where he briefly discussed an argument he presented before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. According to Hamel-Smith, contrary to the public perception, the different churches around the world are not uniformly against the decriminalization of homosexuality. Here’s how he explained it.

Staffer Embezzled Major Money from SATIIM
Tonight, Greg Choq’s organization, the PG-based Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management known as SATIIM, is going over its books, after a staffer reportedly embezzled as much as one hundred thousand dollars from the organization. 7news has confirmed that police have questioned the staffer about 100 thousand dollars allegedly embezzled between January 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013. Information so far suggests that he made out cheques to himself and would cash them while documentation in office showed they were made out to businesses he had supposedly purchased from. The staffer was released yesterday evening, possibly pending charges as police work on their investigation which is also getting input from SATIIM’s bank. Reports say charges could be brought as early as next week. We cannot release his name at this time since no charges have been brought. Executive Director Greg Ch’oc told us that he could not comment on a matter that is before the courts.

Post Mortem Says Baby Bucket Drowning Was not Foul Play
On Monday, police said they suspected foul play in the death of one-year-old Kyle Leslie who was found dead in a bucket last Friday. But tonight the news is that after a post mortem showed no signs of foul play, the investigation has been closed, and it is being treated as an accidental death. Officer commanding for the Precinct two in Belize City, Superintendent Alford Grinage told us that the Police Forensic Pathologist found that the baby died by asphyxia due to drowning. His 19 year old mother Tanya is now proceeding with the funeral for her youngest child. She told police that she stepped out of the house briefly on Friday afternoon and when she came back inside, Kyle was face down in the bucket.

Fire Dept Confirms House Was Torched
Last night we told you about the fire that destroyed Messelina Usher’s home in Hattieville. The Fire Department has confirmed what Usher told us yesterday: Orin Smith of the Fire Department concluded that it seemed to be a case of arson. Police note that the home did not have any electricity at the time of the fire. They say the value of all the items destroyed amounted to a total value of $4,168 dollars. Police say they are seeking a man named Lloyd Banks Usher whom they believe can assist in the investigation.

Controversial Corporal Charged
31 year-old Corporal Darrell “Tutsi Usher, is out of bail tonight after he was taken to court today for allegedly beating up a school teacher. According to the teacher, at around 6 p.m. on Thursday, April 25, she was at a wake for Mark McKoy, one of the men who died in that terrible Western Highway accident along with Emmerson Jones and Pastor Godwin Flowers. The teacher reported to police that without warning, Usher approached her chair. He allegedly punched her in the left temple area, and kicked her in the stomach. According to her, Usher apparently was misinformed that she had insulted him earlier that day. She sought medical attention, and the doctor classified her injuries as wounding. After 2 weeks of investigation, Police arrested and charged Usher. He was arraigned today before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith, who granted him bail of $1,000, which he was able to meet. He is due back in court on July 8, 2013.

7 years for $13 Stolen Biscuits
31 year-old Mark Faber, a resident of Biscayne Village, is spending the first night of a 7 and a half-year prison sentence after he was convicted of burglary in Magistrate’s Court. 2 police officers testified in his trial before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith that at around midnight on January 21, 2013, they caught Faber in the act of burglarizing Burritos Place, while they were on mobile patrol at the Burrell Boom Junction. The officers told the court that they saw him pushing his hand into one of the wooden windows of the shop, so they detained him. They searched him and discovered 13 dollars’ worth of snacks, belonging to the establishment, and they charged him with burglary and handling stolen goods. When he was given a chance, he could not provide an adequate defence, and he even put himself at the scene on the night in question. After considering the evidence presented before her, Chief Magistrate Smith ruled that the prosecution provided adequate evidence which proved Faber’s guilt.

The Aftermath of December Shooting Is Paralysis For City Man
We report on many shootings that don’t result in fatalities, and sometimes we say, “fortunately, so-and-so survived”, or that the “injuries were not life threatening.” And that’s usually the end of it, the media moves unto the next event, in the expectation and hope that shooting victim recovers. But there is no happily ever after for one victim, whose shooting was not even reported. It happened on a night of terror at BTL park, December 15, 2012 when a concert featuring local artists erupted into public terror after a gang brawl broke out and three salvos of shots were fired. Hundreds of terrified concert goers made a desperate dash for safety: four persons were stabbed and one shot. Tonight, one of those victims is in the fight of his life. 22 year old Gregory Jones who claims that he was socializing with his girlfriend has been left paralyzed from his chest down and is suffering from a terrible, consuming case of bedsores which is causing him to nasty infections. His family told 7news today that they are trying to get better medical assistance for him across the border.

PUP Re-making The Village Council Rules
Village Council elections start this weekend – and both major mass parties are gearing up for battle. Now, the elections shouldn’t be partisan, but they are – and often-times viciously so. But not for the PUP, not this time; they say they want to play the game right. Now, we know in Belize’s poisoned political culture – the word “right” doesn’t sit too well with either red or blue, and when it comes to election time conduct, all bets on good behavior are off! But, this time around the PUP say they want public officers who administer the elections, including police, to change a culture that their own party played a large part in creating. At a press conference this afternoon, Deputy Leader Julius Espat explained. Hon Julius Espat - PUP Deputy Leader "We are therefore calling on public officers who are assigned to supervise Village Council elections - to ensure non-political intereferance and allow the people in these communities to elect their own leaders. We are also calling the CEO's and Heads of Department to remind their staff that they must not take part in electioneering and vehicles in their care should not be used for transportation of UDP supporters. We are calling on the general public also to be vigilant and ensure and that they document by use of their telephones and cameras, any government vehicles that are on the ground. My message to the government of the day 'we the Belizean people will be watching you but this time it will not only be watching, we will be documenting you and we will be putting you on every media we possibly can."

Australia And Belize Come Up With Best Practices For Reef Management
What do Australia and Belize have in common? Not much except for having the two of the largest reef systems in the world. And that’s why this week managers of both reef systems are teaming up in a 3 day workshop to share ideas and devise best practices. Dr. Paul Marshall, from Australia explained common challenges both reef systems face. Dr. Paul Marshall - Change Program Manager, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority "Even though Australia and Belize are so far apart - our reefs share many of the same challenges. In Australia one of our biggest issues is pollution from the land, mostly fertilizers that are coming off farms and this actually can really undermine the ability of coral reefs to deal with other pressures like climate change. You have big challenges from coral bleaching which we also have. Coral reefs are much more susceptible to Coral bleaching if they are under stress from pollution. So understanding that there are linkages is very crucial because it helps us to identify things we can do as people who live along the coast and people who care about reefs. It's such a fascinating and important challenge for people to grapple with the vulnerability of these systems that seem so large and so permanent but they're not. Coral reefs are built by living organisms and they are very fragile and very vulnerable."

OCEANA Says GOB Should Stop Treaty Energy
And staying with the marine matters, OCEANA also held a press conference today. We gather it’s to respond to the prime minister’s response to OCEANA’s response to the Supreme Court judgment about offshore drilling. Yes, that is a lot of responding, but today OCEANA still wanted one more bite at the already much bitten cherry. For Audrey Matura – Shepherd, that last word is that companies which want to continue drilling – and are not directly injuncted against doing so - should be stopped by the government. Audrey Matura Shepherd - OCEANA Vice President "I think that that's the quagmire we are in - where we have a government which should be a law abiding government, a government that should operate within the rule of law it is that government would then have to police. But if you give a statement that 'we will allow and have the concession holders decide how we will proceed next' - what you have done is relinquish your responsibility as the government of this country and handing it over to a set of companies that the law has said don't even qualify under the law to even have a contract. But until they violate we will not move the court and so we would call on all Belizean - everyone, even public officers need to know that the government cannot tell them 'give them the permit'."

The Cruel Killing Of A Crocodile
Tonight, the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary and the Forestry Department are gathering information to detain 4 minors in connection with the brutal killing of a crocodile on San Pedro. According to ACES, they received a call on Saturday that 4 twelve year-old boys were dragging a tied up crocodile along a dirt roads near the airstrip in the San Pedrita Area. One of the boys reportedly jammed a PVC pipe down the crocodile’s throat. ACES personnel immediately responded and they found the battered and beaten crocodile in a bushy area. They did everything that they could for the crocodile, but it was beyond help, and it died later that day. The Forestry Department has indicated that they will bring charges against the perpetrators of this crocodile’s death. It belongs to the American Crocodile Species, which is protected around the world.

CITCO sand SIF Reach Agreement After Stop Order
A few weeks ago on April 22nd we told you about the Buttonwood Bay drainage project launched by area representative Santino Castillo. But one day later the City Council led by his future opponent at a UDP convention Mayor Darrell Bradley put a stop order on those works because the project did not provide for the repairing of streets after BWSL dug it up. So that was the impasse for over two weeks, but today a release form the City Council says that the Social Investment fund has agreed to expand the scope of works to REPAIR Pike Crescent, E Street and Park Avenue – the council will then concrete Buttonwood Bay Boulevard. With that agreed the stop order has been lifted.

BEL Says OK to PUC Plan
Last week Friday, 7News showed you the press conference in which PUC Chairman John Avery explained the slight rate reduction to the Social Class of customers from 29 cents to 26 cents per kilowatt hour. Well tonight, BEL is reporting that they are still in the process of going over the Annual Rate Review, but they find this decision from the PUC favorable. BEL had originally asked the PUC to reduce the average electricity rate by about one cent per kilowatt-hour. The PUC proposed a reduction of even less than that, about one quarter of one cent per kilowatt hour.

Major Works Released By Belizean Author
You may know Doctor Corinth Morter-Lewis as an educator, but she’s really a writer and a poet – and today she launched two major works. They compile stories, poems and plays from 55 years of writing, a staggering total of 76 poems, two short stories and one play. The collection divided into two volumes is called “Moments In Time” and it was launched today to well-deserved bouquets of praise from life long fans. They spoke at the event, which was held at the Leo Bradley Library. Adele Ramos - Reviewer - Moments In Time "Moments in Time reflect our unique Belizean experience. There have been books published, tons of books but to be quite honest I have never seen a production where you can turn the pages and you keep seeing yourself and your experience and who we were, where we were, things we used to say, enjoy, things we still enjoy." Jose Sanchez - Reviewer - Moments In Time "There's a poem about the intricacies of 'Pepitos' and another called 'Ecstasy' and surely the mango that she wrote about was not meant for the ears of children. The poem, short stories and the play are all living testimonials of a gradual shift same as the tectonic plate shift sometimes slowly beneath the ocean, sometimes violently - but it's a craft that shifts along the history of Belize. Feel free to paddle in your leisure on the river of Moments in Time Volume 1."

The Gift Of A House
Today the Rotary Club of Belize alongside Hand in Hand Ministries handed over a brand-new two bedroom house to a much needed family in Belize City. As a part of their humanitarian agenda – this is not the first home that has been built to assist struggling families. With annual fundraising activities, the group manages to build at least one house per year. The Rotary President told us more. Maria Coye - President, Rotary Club of Belize "Well we just blessed a house that the Rotary Club built for the Avilas and we did it in collaboration with the Hand in Hand Ministry. One of the things that we do as a Rotary Club we do a lot of humanitarian work in Belize and internationally and the Rotary Club of Belize - we do build houses. This is just another house that we built so we do fundraising. We select certain projects for the year and one of those projects is that on an annual basis we build a house for a needy family."

Channel 5

Closing arguments for UNIBAM in Caleb Orozco versus Attorney General
Day two of Caleb Orozco versus the Attorney-General of Belize wrapped up after four this afternoon before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. Orozco is challenging the constitutionality of the section fifty-three of the Criminal Code. Lead counsel for Orozco, Christopher Hamel Smith closed arguments while Lord Peter Goldsmith, made submissions on behalf of three foreign interested [...]

Holy See and Anglican Church views on homosexuality in court
And while that was the case submitted by Orozco’s lead counsel in a nutshell, Christopher Hamel-Smith spent quite a bit of time dealing with the fourth to sixth interested parties in the trial, the Churches. He spoke on the diversity of views allowed and supported by the Constitution of Belize, and likened that to the [...]

UNIBAMer feels threatened because he’s gay
In a release from the Belize Council of Churches issued on May sixth, they reiterate their intention to stand against, “Any and all changes in the Constitution of Belize that will not promote the sanctity of human sexual relations as established by God.” But in that same release, the churches condemn any act of violence, [...]

The faithful and the gay fight over poll
And while taking issue with homosexuals who want to have their cake and eat it too, Pastor Louis Wade took issue with our online poll which is an unscientific measure of public opinion. The question this week was ‘Do you support the decriminalization of sodomy,’ and the response has been overwhelming; at news time over [...]

National issues to be discussed at O.A.S. Gen. Assembly in June
There is another issue of national importance that is brewing…that is the referendum on taking the territorial dispute to the ICJ this year. News from Washington is that Guatemala has agreed to hold one in the not too distant future.  Foreign Ministers, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington and Fernando Carrera of Guatemala met this morning along with [...]

Who’s got the purse strings? P.U.P. has new agenda
The People’s United Party has launched its Village Council election agenda entitled True Development. The brief ceremony took place today at Independence Hall and featured addresses from P.U.P. leaders from the North, South, East and West of the country. But while the development agenda was on the table, the discussion was all about reality, and [...]

OCEANA may seek injunction against Treaty Energy for continued drilling
On Tuesday, Louisiana-based energy company Treaty Energy Corporation announced its plan for Treaty Belize Energy to resume drilling operations at its San Juan three well in the Stann Creek District.  The decision succeeds advice from their attorneys and Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s public opposition to a recent Supreme Court decision rendered by Justice Oswell Legall. [...]

OCEANA tells P.M. to take criticism to court
Matura-Shepherd also commented on the prime minister’s open objection to the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Oceana during his quarterly press conference last week.  P.M. Barrow described the judgment handed down by Justice Oswell Legall as both egregious and aberrant.  According to Matura-Shepherd, as a matter of ethics, the prime minister’s protest should have [...]

Burglar shot dead; mom says cop murdered him
This Friday will make three weeks since twenty-one year old Ryan Lozano of Ladyville was shot and killed by a cop. That officer, believed to be a high ranking officer attached to the Ladyville Police Sub-formation, is said to have fatally wounded Lozano following a burglary in the Los Lagos Community. An internal police investigation [...]

Governors of Central Bank from the CARICOM region
Financial experts from the region are in Belize for the fourth bi-annual meeting of Governors of Central Bank from the CARICOM region.  Aside from the governors, other participants are from the CARICOM Secretariat, the Caribbean Centre for Money and Finance, the Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Centre, the International Monetary Fund and the Caribbean Financial Action [...]

Educator Corinth Lewis pens Moments in Time, Volumes 1 & 2
Academic and scholar, doctor Corinth Morter Lewis released two not one, publications this morning. Lewis’ books will be enjoyed by both children and adults. Combined they are a compilation of short stories, plays and poetry. At the launch this morning, the Governor General introduced Lewis as the Renaissance woman who was interested in the likes [...]

Cop arraigned for wounding woman
A cop was arraigned in courtroom of Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith this morning for Wounding a teacher. The incident happened in Hattieville on April twenty fifth when family and friends were holding a repast for the late Mark McKoy, one of three men who were fatally injured in a traffic accident at Mile Six [...]

Stealing from cookie jar; 7 years for cookie burglary
Thirty-one year old Mark Faber, an unemployed resident of Biscayne Village, was today sentenced to seven and a half years in prison after being found guilty of Burglary for stealing from the cookie jar.  On the night of January second, Faber was caught red-handed by a pair of officers as he was stealing from inside [...]

3 new cases of carnal knowledge; one is pregnant
There are three cases of carnal knowledge to report tonight. The latest allegation is against twenty-six year old Edwin Coye. On Tuesday afternoon, Coye was surprised by police in an abandoned house in the Belama Phase four area with a fourteen year old student.  Both were taken to the police station where the student reported [...]

Settling the score with a bake-off competition
Four Belize City high schools competed this afternoon in a bake off. The students pulled out their aprons and cooking utensils but they had one secret ingredient to incorporate in their recipes. The aroma of freshly baked pastry permeated the YWCA compound, but in the end there could be only one recipe that swayed the [...]

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05/09/13 05:44 AM
05/09/13 05:44 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

More News: Scroll up from here


Day 2 Ends On Orozco vs Attorney General on Homosexual Issue
Caleb Orozco Vs the Attorney General of Belize continued today in the court room of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. Attorney for Caleb Orozco Christopher Hamel-Smith was allowed over an hour to complete his arguments today. After concluding, Queen’s Counsel Lord Peter Goldsmith p...

Opposition Party Calls Press Conference On Upcoming Village Council Elections
It is village council elections time and the People’s United Party has already introduced its 14-point list of pledges. At a press conference today at its Queen Street party headquarters, the PUP’s Area Representatives, Julius Espat, Dolores Balderamos Garcia and Dr. ...

Central Bank of Belize Hosts Meeting of CARICOM Central Bank Governors
In fulfilling its mandate as an official organ of the regional integration movement, the Committee of CARICOM Central Bank Governors meets biennially in a member country as the chairmanship is rotated. This year the Central Bank of Belize will be hosting the 40th Bi-Annual Meeting of C...

Rotary Club Builds New Home For Family of Seven
A family of seven is tonight sleeping comfortable after they received a new home. The Rotary Club of Belize in partnership with Hand in Hand Ministries this afternoon handed over the keys to the brand new home to Jose Avila and his family. According to President of Rotary Club of Beliz...

Belizean Literary Stalwart Launches Two Volumes of Moments In Time
One of Belize’s literary stalwart, Dr. Corinth Morter-Lewis, today launch yet another of her literary works at the Leo Bradley Library in Belize City. The launching ceremony was for the first and second volume of “Moments in Time Volume -A Collection of Poems, Short Stories...

Oceana Explains Supreme Court Ruling
Today Oceana in Belize called a news conference to explain what the recent Supreme Court ruling means and what its steps next are in its fight against offshore drilling. People will remember that on April 16th, Justice Oswall Legall, ruled in favour of Oceana. Oceana had ch...

Police In Southern Belize Investigates Two Cases of Carnal Knowledge
Two other cases of carnal knowledge have been reported, this time in the Toledo District. A 19-year-old unemployed of Dangriga Town is facing charges of carnal knowledge after reportedly, impregnating a 14-year-old female of Punta Gorda Town. According to the police, the yo...

Minor Admits To Sex With Belize City Man; Man Faces Carnal Knowledge Charge
Belize City police are currently investigating a report of carnal knowledge. Acting upon information received, police officers went to an abandoned house on Apollo Street in the Belama Phase Four area on Tuesday, April 7 at around 4:30pm. Upon their arrival at the location,...

Ariel Rosado Memorial Education Foundation Says Bike Ride Was Successful
On April 20 the Ariel Rosado Memorial Bike Ride was held and saw the participation of just under two hundred riders. It was the second year that the bike ride was held in memory of cyclist and sports enthusiast Ariel Rosado who lost his life in a terrible accident years ago. The ride w...

Biscayne Resident Gets Seven Years For Stealing Biscuits, Chips and Chocolate
Thirty-one year old Mark Faber, a laborer of Biscayne Village who pushed his hand through the window of a fast food shop and stole grocery items amounting to $13, was sentenced to 7 years for burglary and 6 months for handling stolen goods today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie smit...

Day One Of Orozco vs Attorney General of Belize Concludes In Supreme Court
The most awaited court challenge of Caleb Orozco Vs. the Attorney General of Belize gave way in the Supreme Court this morning. The case which was scheduled to begin at 9:00 am got off to a late start at about 10:30 a.m. The court was packed to capacity as representatives from both sid...


Challenge to the Belize’s Sodomy Law enters second day
The second day of the trial between Caleb Orozco, figurehead of the movement to decriminalize sodomy, and the Government of Belize began in the Supreme Court this morning with concluding arguments from Trinidadian Queen’s Counsel Christopher Hamel-Smith. He went through various reports looking at the impact of HIV on...

Belize Council of Churches issue press release on homosexuality
In response to the lawsuit filed by Orosco, the Belize Council of Churches issued a press release today. The Belize Council of churches is made up of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Belize City and Belmopan, The Anglican Diocese of Belize, The Belize/Honduras District of the Methodist Church, The...

UNIBAM and supporters apparently high jack Channel 5 poll
UNIBAM and its supporters apparently high jacked a channel 5 poll today. Now internet polling has never been considered scientific in any regard but, they may still offer some idea as to where a specific population is headed. The poll question on the channel 5 website is “Do you...

Agronomist suggests alternatives to Rosewood
Rosewood is a highly prized and a much sought after timber. In Belize, the timber is found primarily in the Toledo district in low-lying coastal areas. The District, which once boasted over 85% forest coverage, has been losing some 5000 acres of forest each year. Rosewood was being extracted...

Minister Lisel Alamilla explains Cabinet’s position on enforcement duties
In more Rosewood related news, information recently circulated suggests that Cabinet has tried to block enforcement duties on the part of the Ministry of Forestry and Fisheries and Sustainable Development and Department of the Environment, particularly with regard to Rosewood. Today, Minister Lisel Alamilla issued a response. Minister Lisel...

BCSNH reply to PM’s comments on Judge’s decision
After a few false starts, two of the three claimants in last month’s Supreme Court judgment quashing six production sharing agreements for various violations of local law and policy, OCEANA in Belize and the Belize Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage (BCSNH) hosted the press in Belize City to...

Man detained pending carnal knowledge charge
Belize City Police were tipped off about suspicious movements at an abandoned house in the Belama Phase 4 area yesterday afternoon. There they saw a 26 year old man, who lives at another house on the street. He was with a 14 year old girl. Police took both of...

Oil exploration continues despite injunction
Activity continues in the South off Punta Gorda in the hunt for petroleum despite the injunction granted by Justice Oswell Legall last month. Today Minister for Fisheries Lisel Alamilla told us the next move of Providence Energy, which has a block in the Port Honduras Marine Reserve. Lisel Alamilla...

Five family members charged with armed robbery of Belize City taxi driver
Five family members, one of whom is a 14 year old, have been charged in the armed robbery of a Belize City taxi man. The suspects, all residents of Supal Street – 27 year old Kareem Williams, 23 year old Cathelee, 19 year old Kevin Alvarez Reyes, 19 year...

Dr. Corinth Morter Lewis releases new books
Author, poet and educator Dr. Corinth Morter Lewis, who served as President of the University of Belize from 2003-2007, has released two volumes of fiction, poetry and plays for a wide audience under the name “Moments in Time”. Dr. Lewis has been writing poetry for five decades and previously...

Gill Nets must be registered
The Belize Fisheries Department, today issued a release advising the public that anyone who intends to engage in fishing, using a non prohibited gill net, is required to apply to the Fisheries Administrator to register the gill net, using Form I of the Second Schedule. This is in accordance...


Treat yourself to summer school in the Jungle!
Education doesn’t need to be boring. In fact, it can be quite an adventure. One of the things Chaa Creek prides itself on is providing an informal learning experience for our guests by stimulating interest in Belize’s fascinating history, natural environment and culture, and then providing the tools to follow up that interest. For example, guests can wander up to the Belize Natural History Centre (NHC) and get a glimpse into the local ecology, Maya culture, flora and wildlife at their own pace, and then feel free to ask our knowledgeable licenced naturalist guides questions. Since we’re situated in the very Heartland of the Maya, there’s no better place to learn about this enigmatic ancient culture, for it’s all around you. As another example, while running electricity into the Chaa Creek gift shop some years ago, we unearthed a perfectly preserved chultun, an ancient Maya storeroom, and the NHC has more examples of Maya artefacts we’ve uncovered over the years.

Amazing Belmopan Round-about Statue [Illustration]
This is an illustration of the statue found by the round-about in Belmopan City. It was done with Adobe Illustrator using a cubism touch. It can be customized to any preferred size or color. It is a limited edition and we can also frame it for you for an additional fee. It makes an excellent gift for those wonderful mothers or friends. Anybody that is seriously interested in purchasing this piece (either digitally or printed) can email us at [email protected]

“I Like Chinese” in Ambergris Caye, Belize
Spent the early part (well around 8 am so not that early) of yesterday morning sending an email to Benny’s to establish if they will supply us with electrical appliances e.g. ovens (ranges for non UK readers), microwaves, a washer, dryer, TVs absent import tax (because of my acceptance in to the “QRP”). They were very quick in responding to my enquiry and confirmed that any goods supplied – provided I prove proof of entry in to the programme – would be supplied without applying the tax. They also supplied links so that Rose and I can see what is available. We now need to make selections, obtain prices and do a cost comparison against the cost of buying in the States and shipping to Ambergris Caye. Next job on the ‘to do’ list which I will start tackling today. Whilst I was focusing on the appliances Rose spent time deliberating over the choice of tile for her bathroom and having made her decision made the entry on the spreadsheet she has prepared (detailing the tiles we have chosen by room – name, dimensions, reference number and price per square foot) that we will now send to Daniel Camal, our building contractor. We then had a frantic rush to get to Pedro’s Inn by noon for lunch in advance of the Chelsea v Tottenham Premiership game that could prove to be pivotal in Arsenal’s efforts to achieve Champions League football next season. This time Pedro (aka Peter) had organised lunch with a difference – a Chinese meal prepared by Chon Saan Palace (Kelly Street, Belize City) and flown over to Ambergris Caye on a Tropic Air flight. Shades of David Beckham and his pie and mash being flown from London to Los Angeles! OK, not quite!

Vaccination: The Hidden Truth
Do vaccinations cause more childhood diseases than they prevent? If you have small children in your family, you owe it to them to become aware of these startling facts. This hard-hitting video will shock you. The truth it reveals is that vaccinations do not reduce the incidence of childhood diseases. To the contrary, they increase them. They can also cause a multitude of illnesses that are far worse than the childhood diseases themselves. This program was produced in Australia and features contributions from medical doctors, authors, researchers, and victims. If you have small children in your family, you owe it to them to become aware of these facts. In this extremely informative video, fifteen people, including Dr. Viera Scheibner (a PhD researcher), five medical doctors, other researchers, reveal what is really going on in relation to illness and vaccines. Ironically, the important facts come from the orthodox medicine’s own peer-reviewed research. With so much government and medical promotion of vaccination for prevention of disease, the video is clearly devoted to presenting the other side of the issue that parents and others are not being told. The result is a damning account of the ineffectiveness of vaccines and their often harmful effects. It declares that parents are not being told the truth by the media, the Health Department and the medical establishment, with a medical doctor, Dr. Mark Donohoe, confessing that “It is a problem for me that I am part of a profession that is systematically lying to people…”

International Sources

Taiwan and Belize to Strengthen Bilateral Investment Cooperation
A delegation of six industry leaders from Belize called on the Department of Investment Services (DOIS), Ministry of Economic Affairs on April 23 to exchange views on strengthening cooperation in the promotion of bilateral investment, trade, and economic relations. The delegation was led by Mr. Daniel Gueerero, mayor of San Pedro, and included Herbert Hugh Hay Lock, president of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BITA); Israel Ivan Marin, councilor of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Khub Chand Vanjani, member of the board of directors of the Corozal Commercial Free Zone; Jimmy Vanjani, a trading company executive; and Ms. Marilyn Suzette Pinelo, a BITA specialist. The Belize visitors noted that their country is rich in natural resources and beautiful landscapes, and is blessed with a hard-working people. In addition, the government offers a number of inducements to invest. One of these is the Corozal Commercial Free Zone, in which wholesale and retail companies enjoy duty-free treatment. Taiwanese businessmen can set up wholesale and retail bases there and import quality products from Taiwan into the zone, and then sell them on to the Mexican and North American markets. Mayor Guerrero pointed out that Belize is one of the member states of the Caribbean Common Market, and that it has signed FTAs with other countries including Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela. In addition, its export products enjoy preferential tariff treatment in the U.S. under the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) program and the provisions of the European Union. Gueerero suggested that Taiwanese manufacturers make use of these advantages to cooperate with Belize manufacturers in setting up production bases for products and parts which will be eligible for this favorable tariff treatment. Such cooperation will boost economic and trade relations between Taiwan and Belize.

Moody's: Debt overhang will continue to constrain Belize's sovereign rating
Belize's Caa2 government bond rating will likely remain in the Caa range for the next two to four years, given persistently high debt ratios and two defaults in the past seven years, says Moody's Investors Service in its latest report on Belize. Two default events reveal the country's low debt tolerance and signal diminished institutional willingness and ability to service external debt, according the report "Credit Analysis: Belize, Government of." Moody's says government debt on the order of 70% of GDP, coupled with limited fiscal and foreign exchange buffers, impairs Belize's credit outlook and leaves the country vulnerable to adverse shocks that can materially impact government creditworthiness. Debt servicing capacity is likely to decline as Belize exhausts its limited oil reserves. At the current rate of extraction, oil exports are set to decline to around 1% to 2% of GDP by the middle of the decade, from a high of 11% of GDP in 2011, impairing both fiscal revenues and foreign exchange earnings, says Moody's. Compensation claims arising from the nationalization of two utilities during 2009 - 2011 - Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) and Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) -- could pose significant credit risks. Currently in litigation, the materialization of sizeable BEL/BTL liabilities would significantly increase the likelihood of another external debt restructuring, says Moody's. Contingent liabilities could also stem from a weak banking sector, as poor credit quality and under-provisioning for impaired loans has led to a marked deterioration in capital adequacy ratios and profitability indicators. In April, Moody's upgraded the government bond rating to Caa2 from Ca after Belize restructured its sole foreign currency bond, the US$547 million "Superbond" due in 2029. The distressed debt exchange represented Belize's second debt restructuring since 2006. The upgrade balanced an improvement in the government's liquidity position following a pre-emptive restructuring of its external commercial debt, against a debt overhang that was not cured by the default and continues to impair Belize's solvency, says the rating agency. For more information, Moody's research subscribers can access this report at

Today, on Day Two of Caleb Orozco and the United Belize Advocacy Movement’s (UBIBAM) constitutional challenge of Belize’s Section 53 anti-sodomy law, lead attorney Christopher Smith‐Hamel SC, made his closing arguments. During his closing, he quoted Bishop Desmond Tutu, the Anglican humanitarian leader from South Africa: “’Our lesbian and gay brothers and sisters across Africa and elsewhere are living in fear, and they are living in hiding…Exclusion is never the way forward on our shared path to freedom and justice.’” Following Smith-Hamel’s closing arguments, submissions were made by Lord Peter Goldsmith representing the three law-related international human rights organizations (Commonwealth Lawyers Association, Human Dignity Trust and the International Society of Jurists) who have intervened in the case in support of the Claimants. Lord Goldsmith examined the issue from a global perspective, demonstrating that a large number of Commonwealth and other countries have decriminalized same sex conduct, among them, India, Armenia, the Balkans, New Zealand and Azerbaijan. During his submission, Lord Goldsmith commented about what we keep exclaiming here on OBLOGDEE:

Supreme Court hears closing arguments from attorneys urging strike down of anti-sodomy law
At the end of a second day of hearings around the country’s anti-sodomy law, Belize’s Supreme Court heard closing arguments from attorneys pushing for the country to remove the law, citing its unconstitutionality. Under the Central American country’s code, gay citizens currently face a penalty of up to ten years’ imprisonment. Section 53 states: “Every person who has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any person or animal shall be liable to imprisonment for ten years.” The United Belize Advocacy Movement, UNIBAM, is part of a constitutional challenge to overturn the ban on same-sex sexual activity, in the case of Caleb Orozco v the Attorney General of Belize. Chris Hamel-Smith, the lead counsel for claimant Mr Orozco, yesterday urged the court to look carefully at the constitution, citing the right to privacy, home and family life, and the recognition of human dignity of every individual.

John McAfee keeps riding the crazy train
Int'l man of mystery tells Slashdot about crushed testicles, drugs, VICE. When we left off, former software impresario and all-around goofball John McAfee had fled Central America and landed in, of all places, Portland, Oregon. Now he's speaking publicly, offering up stories about his life like: I had my right testicle shattered by a hammer in 1974 when I ran afoul of some local drug barons in Oaxaca. It's the size of a grape now and shaped like a small frisbee. And: I was also taking more drugs weekly than most of you will do in a lifetime, and I was a totally indiscriminate user. Whatever came across my desk went up my nose, down my throat, in my veins or up the nether region. The stories get stranger from there.

The Belize LGBT Anti-Sodomy Law Trial Day Two
I entered to an empty court room, now cool and quiet on a beautiful Belize morning. A beautiful woman comes in alone, sits down in the audience section, clasps her rosary between her two hands and prays silently. A few minutes later, a priest (I presume; he is wearing a dog collar) then enters and moves toward the the woman. They embrace. It is clear that this case touches deeply held beliefs on both sides. But this scene also tells us that there are also deeply held emotions. Now two porters come in with boxes holding the massive library of materials needed by both sets of advocates. The advocate tables are covered with thick volumes. Now the advocates are filing in, smiling at one another, shaking hands on both sides. Such is the majesty of the court: Two sets of people completely at sixes and sevens with each other, but showing each other respect, civility, cordiality. Would that all of us could manifest such decency in our daily lives. The Chief Justice enters. We all rise and bow to him as his takes his seat on the hand carved rosewood chair with an intrically carved phineal in the shape of a crowned globe on the back. The advocate for the plaintiff now starts.

Was Darwin Wrong?
Evolution by natural selection, the central concept of the life's work of Charles Darwin, is a theory. It's a theory about the origin of adaptation, complexity, and diversity among Earth's living creatures. If you are skeptical by nature, unfamiliar with the terminology of science, and unaware of the overwhelming evidence, you might even be tempted to say that it's "just" a theory. In the same sense, relativity as described by Albert Einstein is "just" a theory. The notion that Earth orbits around the sun rather than vice versa, offered by Copernicus in 1543, is a theory. Continental drift is a theory. The existence, structure, and dynamics of atoms? Atomic theory. Even electricity is a theoretical construct, involving electrons, which are tiny units of charged mass that no one has ever seen. Each of these theories is an explanation that has been confirmed to such a degree, by observation and experiment, that knowledgeable experts accept it as fact. That's what scientists mean when they talk about a theory: not a dreamy and unreliable speculation, but an explanatory statement that fits the evidence. They embrace such an explanation confidently but provisionally—taking it as their best available view of reality, at least until some severely conflicting data or some better explanation might come along. The rest of us generally agree. We plug our televisions into little wall sockets, measure a year by the length of Earth's orbit, and in many other ways live our lives based on the trusted reality of those theories.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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