Belizeans are very familiar with the Mexican State of Quintana Roo – so many of us are regulars in the capital, Chetumal, and for Easter, who isn’t down for a Cancun run? But, when we think of the state of Yucatan, we mostly think of Merida’s hospitals’ – and not much else.

That’s why a delegation from Yucatan’s Ministry of Tourism is in Belize trying to bolster the image of their state as a touristic and as a shared gateway to the Maya world. Marketing Director Santiago Gonzalez explained.

Santiago Gonzalez - Marketing Director - Ministry of Tourism Yucatan
"Specifically we are trying to build a new relationship with Belize. We are trying to develop new roots and new products that combine Mexico and Belize and also to offer the people from Belize the things we have in Mexico that are attractive for people here. In Yucatan we have great infrastructure - the hospitals, malls, shopping centers for the restaurants that combine perfectly with the things you have here in Belize. I think the European markets and the people from North America don't see the borders between the countries, they don't see the difference between the Mayan world. Starting a trip in Mexico could perfectly combine by ending the trip in Belize and seeing the miracles of nature and the wonders of the Mayan world here in Belize so we're starting a new relationship with BTB here in Belize to combine those roots. So that people in Mexico start selling Belize in Mexico and in the entire world and people that are coming from there could have more attractive trips like 15 - 20 days combining both parts of the Mayan world."

"So if they come and do tours in Belize we want to be the one to give them the tours."

Santiago Gonzalez
"Exactly. That is the thing that is creating the alliance between two operators. The companies that are established here in Belize can start getting money from the Mexican enterprises. If we don't solve the thing with the border and we don't solve the thing with the police in Chetumal, Quintana Roo and Yucatan that should treat really kind in a really kind way the people from Belize - if we don't start working on the relationship with the two operators that could combine the tourist from Mexico and Belize - if we work on the promotion of these destinations, we don't have anything to solve. If we want to solve this part of the world as a reality then we need to work on all those things that you're saying to create that real relationship in terms of business."

The Yucatan Caravan, as it is called, visited five Mexican States, and Belize.

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