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Today's Belize News: May 14, 2013 #464302
05/14/13 06:29 AM
05/14/13 06:29 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro mothers celebrated with fabulous extravaganza!
The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) spread love to the mothers of the San Pedro community in a huge celebration that took place on Saturday May, 11th. Every year, mothers look forward to an evening of entertainment, dinner, laughter, drinks, prizes and surprises, and this year it was no exception. Hundreds of mothers filed in to Central Park, which was transformed into a comfortable venue for the event. There they were greeted by Miss San Pedro Naiely Puc, who presented them with a beautiful rose. They were then guided to tables by ushers for the night, San Pedro High School (SPHS) students. Once seated, mommies waited for the show to commence. Master of Ceremonies, Eiden Salazar Jr., led the evening’s events. After the national anthem and a heartfelt prayer by Clive Welsh, Mayor Daniel Guerrero addressed the crowd and delivered a speech to all mothers present. He expressed his gratitude to all the mothers – past, present and future – who take care of us on the island. He indicated that though he felt the loss of his own mother, he was grateful for the time and memories he had with her and implored those who still had the gift of their mother’s presence to show appreciation not only on one day, but every day. Area Representative, Honorable Manuel Heredia, also took the stage to express his heartfelt sentiments to the mothers who build the backbone of society.

Mama Vilma Fashion Show dazzles the night
The Mama Vilma Family Home Organization was formed based on the legacy of Mrs. Vilma Arceo known to many as Mama Vilma. She was a woman that emulated love and courage. Her compassion towards her community and its members allowed her to touch the lives of many that needed a helping hand. In honoring the legacy of Mama Vilma and in efforts to raise funds to sustain the home’s mission, a fashion show is held annually in attempts to allocate funds to continue striving for their goal: a family home for those in need. Gracious hosts Horacio Guerrero and the lovely Monica Prevett set the ambiance for the night, presenting the various boutiques’ fashions and the gorgeous models that dazzled on the runway. Amongst the lineup of lovely ladies that graced center stage were both Miss San Pedro 2012-2013 Naiely Puc and the newly crowned Miss Chiquitita 2013-2014 Zillah Flota. Even young David Syme joined both his stunning sisters on the catwalk – it was a family affair indeed!

Celebrating rich history and tradition
At the break of dawn, the fishermen head east into the deep blue waters in small rustic fishing boats. In high spirits, the fishermen turn their trust to Saint Peter in hope of inspiration, as their ancestors did before them. On stormy days, against monstrous storms and crushing waves lashing on the reef, when the fog blankets any sign of land, they turn to Saint Peter – the patron saint of the fishing community of San Pedro Town. And so, every June the town of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye comes alive as it pays homage to their patron saint, San Pedro. Hundreds of Sanpedranos, and those who have adopted the island as their home, come together in prayer as well as lively festivities to celebrate and thank their patron for yet another bountiful year. It’s a time that islanders come together to share stories of the past – of fishing experiences at sea, and to remember those whom the sea has called home. “La Bajada” is the traditional and religious celebration that starts on June 21st and includes ten days of novenas leading up to Dia de San Pedro, an event that officially kicks off the celebrations on the island. The patron saint’s statue is brought down from its permanent altar inside the Catholic Church just before dawn. This year at La Bajada, islanders will relive tradition when they breakfast at the municipal dock as in years long gone, in a traditional morning meal known as El Desayuno.

Ambergris Today

First Ever Public Service Information Day Held In San Pedro
On Friday, May 10, 2013, the first ever Public Service Information Day was held in San Pedro. It was a countrywide campaign which started in Belize on Thursday, May 9, 2013; it is a day where government departments proudly put their services on display. Being the first ever Public Service Information Day held on the island, the fair kicked off with a short, yet meaningful ceremony. His Lordship Mayor Daniel Guerrero delivered the welcome address where he emphasized the importance of all public officers and the excellent and hard work they have each day. “Being a public officer is both challenging and rewarding,” stated Mayor Guerrero. “Public Workers play a vital role in a day to day basis and are necessary to keeping this country forward. It is quite difficult to deal with people when resources are limited yet they are there to make life easier for all of us and they are exemplary workers, keep striving for excellence and professionalism.”

Technology To The Rescue!
By Gustavo A. Ramirez, Guidance Counselor / Education Consultant Some people may consider it as pathetic, even disgusting perhaps, that today’s super-advanced mobile technology has surpassed and replaced everyday human interaction. Raging over the internet this month is a picture of Albert Einstein, with a caption next to his picture, “Has this day arrived?” The controversial saying that some people attribute to Einstein, although it has not been proven, is one wherein he predicts that technology would surpass humanity and eventually create a generation of idiots. The fact is that today’s advanced technology is no longer science fiction, as it may have been in Einstein’s time, or even only 25 years ago. Regardless of whether we understand or accept it, advanced technology is now everyday reality in all corners of the world, including Belize. To know what I’m talking about, simply step onto any crowded bus, train, or mass transit system; walk through any open grocery store or mall; enter a crowded bank or Post Office to transact business; enter any popular restaurant to enjoy a meal, and casually glance around you. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll see more people talking into cell phones, or checking Facebook and email on a Smart Phone or some type of hand-held mobile electronic device than you’ll see people chatting face-to-face with each other or looking directly into each other’s eyes. Casually look around in any public place and you’ll see a majority of people, young and old, with their faces buried in the latest hand-held and touch technology mobile fad; many of them will be seen and heard talking loudly into the cell phones, and paying no attention whatsoever to anything or anyone around them. What then has happened to everyday human interaction? Has it now been replaced by advanced mobile technology?

Pic of the Week: Mishap at North Ambergris Construction Site
A pier gave way to the weight of a heavy truck filled with sand as made its delivery to a construction site in North Ambergris Caye, adjacent to Las Terrazas (Journey’s End) resort this past weekend, Sunday, May 12, 2013. As can be seen, fortunately the truck remained lodged into the pier and did not plummet into the water. There have been no reports of injuries, but major damage was caused to the weakened pier and some fuel spillage was also reported. As construction of resorts and homes continues in the northern part of the island, it is easier to barge construction material on site as some areas have limited road access to larger vehicles.

Misc Belizean Sources

Turning the Tide on Ocean Waste
Cigarettes, plastic bags, food containers, caps, plastic bottles, and more litter the beaches in Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. In a new report, ELAW’s science team found that inadequate management of waste at the local level poses a regional challenge. “Waste management in Belize, Guatemala and Honduras is not just an aesthetic issue, it is a serious public health and environmental problem, says ELAW Staff Scientist Meche Lu. “Data from Belize indicate that approximately half of the waste there is not collected. Much of it is burned or disposed in waterways.” Elito Arceo, Chairman of Ambergris Caye Citizens for Sustainable Development (ACCSD) in Belize, concurs: “The amount of garbage that ends up on our beaches and reef is unbelievable. This is not what our tourists come here to see.” ELAW’s science team recently published: “Ocean Waste in the Gulf of Honduras: Where it goes and what to do about it.” The report was a collaborative effort with organizations in the region working to turn the tide on ocean waste. “This report shows that first of all we need to take responsibility for our own garbage,” says Arceo. “It’s time for all of us to change our habits. Education is the going to be the key.”

Ocean Waste in the Gulf of Honduras: Where it goes and what to do about it
Waste management is a serious global and regional issue and multiple entities have attempted to characterize the problem and identify solutions. We have confined our review to investigating the potential sources of waste in the part of the Western Caribbean that stretches from Corozal (Belize) to La Ceiba (Honduras) including the Gulf of Honduras (hereafter ‘the Gulf of Honduras’) that could be affecting the coast of Belize and its atolls. We hope results from this review will be used to identify potential solutions for NGOs and/or governments to employ to address the massive human health and ecological problems that solid waste causes. We reviewed national census data from Belize, Guatemala and Honduras; analyzed reports from the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB); and incorporated information from interviews with local people in the study area, including local government representatives and fishermen. This review has identified the following factors influencing waste in the study area:

Episode 8 'Loving Belize' Paul Nabor, How to make Chocolate, Trees of Belize, killer Bees
Yey episode 8 of 'Loving Belize' enjoy! - Have you ever fallen in love with a 70 year old woman? I did the other day, the beautiful soul of Mrs Coleman from Punta Gorda. This episode of 'Loving Belize' starts with the sweet lady Mrs Coleman singing you a song. Then you are taken to met Paul Nabor, and 85 year old Garifuna musical artist who has traveled the world. I then whisk you off to learn 'How to make chocolate' with Juan Cho and Abelina Cho at IXCACAO Maya Belizean Chocolate in San Felipe, google: ixcacaomayabelizeanchocolate Then Juan Cho takes you through his tropical rainforest farm and teaches you about the trees and plants of Belizean and their the nutritional and medicinal properties. You are then witness to 'The attack of the killer African bees' when Scott and I have to run away for a swarm of angry killer bees in The Rio Blanco national park.

VIDEO: PGtv interview, Painting Pirates mural with School kids
Painting Pirates Club completed a mural workshop in Punta Gordra town, in Saint Peter Clavers RC school. We taught the kids to design their own mural to represent their school. Then the we taught them to take the small and blow it up to the size of the wall. They painted and decided together what colors to use. We just touched in up when mistakes were made. They were very very proud of their achievement.

Bulldozers destroy 2,500-year-old Mayan pyramid in Belize
One of Belize's largest Mayan pyramids, which survived more than two thousand years of environmental hazards, has been largely destroyed by heavy equipment belonging to a local construction company seeking gravel for road fill. The head of the Belize Institute of Archaeology said the destruction was discovered late last week, and only a small portion of the centre of the pyramid mound was left standing. "This is one of the worst that I have seen in my entire 25 years of archaeology in Belize," John Morris, an archaeologist with the Institute of Archaeology, told Channel 7 News in Belize. "We can't salvage what has happened out here -- it's an incredible display of ignorance. I am appalled and don't know what to say at this particular moment." Jaime Awe, director of the Institute of Archaeology, said he was sickened by the destruction of the Noh Mul pyramid and temple platform, which date back about 2,500 years. He told Channel 7 News it was "intolerable."

Martha's Guesthouse Promotional Video
Martha's Guesthouse has a new video out. It showcases their rooms, restaurant, and laundry service, and shows the panoramic view of downtown Cayo from the top floor. Nicely done.

Ascenthium in Benque Friday
Ascenthium is coming to Benque this Friday. Are you ready to rock! They've posted some publicity stills that Demian Solano took, and where Cayo's Vanessa Awe did the makeup. Looks like they had some fun while doing it. In Bloom, one of Cayo's up and coming bands, will be opening for them. This is the concert you don't want to miss.

SI Rotaract Club at Bi-District Conference
The Rotaract Club of San Ignacio, along with the other Belizean Rotaract clubs, attend the bi-district conference in Honduras. The Orange Walk club captured the fun times they all had representing Belize. Congratulations to Stephanie Acosta, who was named Rotaractor of the Year, Grisel Carballo, who was named Miss Rotaract 2013, and Kevin Lewis, who was named Mr. Rey Feo. "Belize was well represented by Belize City Club Mr Hershel Armstrong, Belmopan Club was Represented by Mr. Leon Castillo, Cayo Club was Represented by Predisendt Miss Astrid Salazar Silva, Miss Debbie Alfaro and Mr Frankie J. Montero while Dangriga Club was Represented by Mr. Kevin Evil Angel Lewis represented as Acting President and Represented Belize for the Mr Rey Feo (Mr Rotaract) Pageant. Our Country was filled with pride since we won four Awards for the Country: Miss Stephanie Acosta Won ROTARACTOR OF THE YEAR. Miss Grisel Carballo Won Best Costume for the Arabian Night as well as Miss Rotaract 2013 and Mr. Kevin Lewis Won Mr Rey Feo. GO BELIZE WE WERE REPRESENTED WELL CONGRATS GUYS. Job Well Done."

Nature and the Maya Creation
Dr. Jaime Awe produced and stars in this video about the Popul Vuh. Elfego Panti is the narrator. The Mayan archaeological sites of Xunantunich and Caracol are featured. "This is the narrative of the Maya creation story and it follows the descent of the hero twins Hunahpu and Xbalanque to the underworld. Taken from the Popol Vuh, “Book of the People” found in the 18th century by friar Francisco Ximénez in the Guatemalan highlands. This documentary features archeological destinations like Caracol, Lamanai, Xunantunich, a wide variety of wild animals and jungle scenes. It is narrated by Elfego Panti and special appearances by Dr. Jaime Awe."

International Museum Day at Benque HoC
The Benque House of Culture will be celebrating International Museum Day today by kicking off their latest exhibition on the National Heroes of Belize. They'll also have booths from the Belize Audubon Society, the Institute of Archaeology, the Belize Archives and Records Service, and the National Heritage Library. The festivities start at 9:00am. See you there! "Be our guest at the 3rd Annual International Museum Day Celebration. Educational Booths with Invited Guests: Belize Audubon Society, Belize Archives & Records Services,National Heritage Library & Belize Archeology Department. Theme 2013: Museums ( Memory + Creativity) = Social Change"

Belize Chess Olympiad Pictures
More great pictures from the Belize National Youth Chess Foundation's Chess Olympiad. Great to see so much interest in a game that teaches strategy and critical thinking. They really transformed the UB gymnasium for the event. They even had stlit walkers show up. "Teams from across the country travel to Belmpan to compete in 'the game of WAR' Once again a wonderful day as Stann Creek defended the National title. Special thanks to our fearless President Pedro Pixabaj who lead us to victory again!"

Caye Boy – Barefoot Adventures of an Island Child
We are all aware, living on our tiny little island paradise, that we are all blessed!!! Our simple lifestyle is different from that of those in the larger world and its simplicity is part of its enormous beauty! This has been proved by a totally charming book that has been written by our resident yoga guru Jessica Retseck Wigh. Jessica, originally from Indiana, lives on the island with her husband Brad and their two young sons. She appreciates the carefree lifestyle of the children born and raised her on the Caye and has decided to write a book to illustrate this and we LOVE IT!! For more information on the book and how to purchase click here.

Esmeli - Belize Top Model of The Week - Behind the Scenes Video
Belize's Top Model is selected Weekly and shot on location at various sites in and around the beautiful travel destination of Belize. Models are selected bas...

Don't forget its Crooked Tree's Cashew Festival this weekend
Feast on Caribbean style dishes while sipping on cashew wine at the Crooked Tree Village’s Cashew Festival, located in Northern Belize. Games and

Channel 5

Important Maya monument is savaged; U.D.P. political aspirant is responsible
There is huge public outrage over the reckless destruction of Noh Mul, one of the most important Mayan monuments in northern Belize. Noh Mul stood proudly ten miles north of Orange Walk; it was known as the Big Hill constructed over two thousand years ago. The site consisted of two twin ceremonial clusters surrounded by [...]

COLA says damage to Noh Mul deplorable and obscene
It is not the first time that there has been destruction to Noh Mul. Our records show that in June 1998, similar destructive activity was reported by the Archeology Department on one of the smaller plazas. Fortunately, the damage was not as extensive as it is tonight to the main ceremonial plaza. But the motive [...]

Security guard killed for his gun in San Ignacio
An employee from the Ministry of Works was released late this evening from police detention following a murder on Friday night in San Ignacio. Calvin Welch and a minor were both detained and questioned for the murder of Randy Casey. It happened at Kenny’s Store situated on Flamingo Avenue just before eight o’clock when fortunately [...]

Is a referendum even possible in 2014? Ambassador Fred Martinez says its easier said than done
There will not be a referendum to take Guatemala’s unfounded claim to fifty percent of Belize’s territory to the International Court of Justice, at least not this October sixth. Both nations had agreed to that date on April twenty-seventh 2012, but since last year, the Guatemalan President and Foreign Minister made several public declarations about [...]

Ambassador Martinez says no offensive map to be displayed at O.A.S. General Assembly in Guatemala
The forty-third regular assembly of the Organization of American States is being held in Antigua, Guatemala from June fourth to sixth. Guatemala had produced videos that show Belize and Guatemala as one country and those images had been presented at a previous O.A.S. General Assembly in Colombia and at an O.A.S. gathering in Washington. It [...]

Department of Civil Aviation employees injured in afternoon traffic accident
A number of traffic accidents were reported over the weekend. While various persons were lucky enough to have sustained only minor injuries, two persons perished in separate accidents. The most recent traffic accident happened this afternoon in which two men escaped grave injury when the Toyota Hilux they were traveling in was clipped by a [...]

Lexie Dixon killed in accident in the city
On Sunday night at about twelve thirty, another traffic accident claimed the life of a Belize City man. A trip from Hattieville to Belize City ended fatally for Lexie Bradford Dixon. Dixon was a passenger in a Pontiac car which overturned near Harry’s Imports on the George Price Highway. The driver of the vehicle Dominic [...]

16 year old killed in Friday night traffic accident
The second fatal accident occurred between miles twenty-four and twenty-five in Biscayne Village. The body of sixteen year old Dillon Davis was seen lying on the left side of the highway with multiple head and body injuries. Davis was riding his bicycle on the highway when he was knocked down by a Chevrolet pickup driven [...]

Knowing your history; 45th annual Association of Caribbean Historians meet in Belize
Belize is this week entering the history books as it hosts the forty-fifth Annual Association of Caribbean Historians for the very first time. Those historians, some of the most eminent from the Caribbean and the world, will be presenting papers, fielding questions and facilitating discussion on a wide range of topics affecting the Caribbean…past, present [...]

Weekend Sporting Highlight with Sportscaster, James Adderley
Good evening I’m James Adderley and this is sports Monday.   The tension in the camp was painfully obvious as the defending champions Belmopan Bandits hosted FC Belize Saturday night in the final leg of the home and away series that would determine which of the 2 makes it to the 2013 PLB finals. The [...]


Police News
There was a shooting in Belize City early Sunday morning. According to reports, Belize City police visited the KHMH on Sunday May 12th at about 2:00am where they observed 57 year old Manuel Mendez suffering an apparent gunshot wound to the right side of the jaw. Initial investigations ...

Father of Dead Teenager Wants To Know Why The Police Shot and Killed His Son
Investigations still continues in the shooting death of 18-year-old, Rasheed Elijio which occurred on Friday, May 10. According to police reports, Elijio along with 19-year-old, Brian Garcia and a third person were being escorted to a James Bus so that they can be transferred to the Ha...

Government Vehicle Flips On Highway
At about 1:30 this afternoon, a government vehicle was involved in a traffic accident on the Phillip Goldson High Way. The government vehicle bearing license plates number B-1655 belongs to the department of Civil Aviation and was transporting three passengers in it at the moment of th...

Belizean Places Second In Hercules Olympia In London
Over the weekend Belize’s body building champ, Rigo Vellos, participated in the 2013 Hercules Olympia, a body building competition held in Colchestor, London. The 2013 Hercules Olympia is being described as the best body building show over the last decade with world class body bu...

Opposition Party Speaks On Village Council Results and Destruction of Mayan Temple
As we have been reporting, Village Council elections started this past weekend in a number of villages across the country – 44 to be exact. The People’s United Party has issued a press release following the elections. In it, the PUP states that in ten of 28 of t...

Belize Police Training Academy Houses Training Courses For Its Officers
Three new training courses are underway at the Belize National Police Training Academy in Belmopan. The first is a one week follow-up training course for adjudicators and presenters, mainly officers involved in tribunals within the Belize Police Department. Lecturers for this course in...

Primary and Secondary Students Tested On Financial Literacy
The ITVET in Belize City is being swarmed by primary school students in yet another effort by the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders in the field of education. The compound is the venue for a business fair and a financial literacy competition for primary and high school...

Cannabis Uncovered in Motor Vehicle; Three Men Charged
Three men have been charged with drug trafficking in connection with 25 point one kilograms of cannabis that were found in a van. They are 36 year old Kirk Dougal, a boat captain of 29 Faber’s Road; 39 year old Walter Beaton, a taxi driver of 44 Dolphin Street; and 28 year old Pe...

Two Remanded and One Still At Large For Attempted Murder in Belize City
Twenty-five year old Albert Clother, one of three persons who the police believe were involved in a shooting incident, was charged with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder when he appeared in Court today. No plea was taken because the offences are indictable. Neither could...

Painter Out On Bail After Squeezing Minor's Bottom
Forty-eight year old George Dakers, a painter of Freedom Street who allegedly committed a sexual assault on a 10 year old girl, was charged with aggravated assault when he appeared in Court today. Dakers pled not guilty to the charge. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser offered him a bail ...

Painter Out On Bail After Squeezing Minor'Pats Female Minor
Forty-eight year old George Dakers, a painter of Freedom Street who allegedly committed a sexual assault on a 10 year old girl, was charged with aggravated assault when he appeared in Court today. Dakers pled not guilty to the charge. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser offered him a bail ...

BELTRAIDE Seeks to Develop Entrepreneurship Strategy for Belize
The Belize Trade and Investment Development Service, BELTRAIDE hosted a workshop for the development of a National Entrepreneurship Strategy for Belize, in conjunction with a Colombian based company by the name of NEXUS. The Local Project Coordinator for the Entrepreneurship prog...

Ambassador Speaks On The Calling Off of Belize Referenda With Guatemala
The simultaneous Referenda between Belize and Guatemala have been called off by Guatemala’s announcement that it will not take part in the event. But since that, and Belize’s common-sense decision to not carry through with holding our end of the bargain since that pos...

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05/14/13 06:29 AM
05/14/13 06:29 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

More News: Scroll up from here


Demolishing Of Archaeological Site Gains International Attention
The obliteration of one of the North’s four largest Mayan Mounts has also captured the attention of the international media. Today Fox News published the story entitled Bulldozers destroy 3,200-year-old Mayan pyramid in Belize. The report was covered with pictures of the destruction bringing to light the extent of damage done to the Maya Mount. Here at home the issue is also causing controversy and gaining momentum so much so that it has even prompted Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action, COLA to issue a strong worded statement on the topic. In the release COLA out rightly attacks the government by stating and we quote “The current administration shows no respect for the environment or for the historic perspective of Maya society and culture embodied by these monuments.” COLA further states that they are completely revolted by the destruction of the Mayan Mount. In the release COLA also calls on the Department of Archaeology to follow through on its promise to enforce the law and assign strict penalties to those responsible. The archeological department has indicated that they are seeking to levy charges against the company in this case De Mar’s and the owner of the property where the site is located.

PUP Loses Seats in Orange Walk North and South
The first round of the 2013 Village Council Elections commenced yesterday, Sunday May 12th, for the northern districts with elections slated in 11 Villages, four from Orange Walk and seven from Corozal. In the villages of Chan Pine Ridge, Trinidad, San Lazaro and Trial Farm, polling stations opened at ten in the morning with both major political parties in full gear. We start our coverage here in Orange Walk where the United Democratic Party almost had a clean sweep. Victor Castillo - Reporting Our coverage began in the Village of Trail Farm considered to be one of the strong holds of Deputy Prime Minister and Orange Walk North Area Representative Honourable Gaspar Vega. As polling stations opened at ten in the morning, residents of Trail Farm took the line ready to cast their vote. The area, as was expected, was decorated with red t-shirts making the presence of the United Democratic Party known. But as the good old saying goes, t-shirts don’t vote and the blue machinery stuck to the program and did everything possible to get their people out. In Trail Farm, the UDP team had the full support of their Area Representative Gaspar Vega while the team running under the PUP ticket had the backing of Orange Walk Central Area Representative John Briceno.

Clean Sweep For the PUP In Corozal South East
In the District of Corozal seven Villages held elections as voters from Calcutta, Ranchito, San Joaquin, Carolina, San Pedro, Cristo Rey and Yo Chen went out in full swing to exercise their constitutional rite. Polling stations in the different Villages opened at 10:00am and by four in the afternoon some of the results were already in. In the Villages of Ranchito, Calcutta and San Joaquin considered strong holds of Corozal South East Area Representative Honorable Florencio Marin Jr., the PUP had a clean sweep. Incumbent Orvin Rancharan and his team was once again elected by the people of Ranchito while in Calcutta Rofino Lin and his team won the elections and Florencio Martinez and his team was victorious in San Joaquin. In the Villages of Carolina, San Pedro, Cristo Rey and Yo Chen the UDP teams formed the new Village Councils. Elections in the Corozal District continue this Sunday in the villages of San Roman, Santa Clara, Louisville, Consejo and Chan Chen. Yesterday 44 communities held Village Council election country wide: 7 in the Corozal District, 4 in the Orange Walk District, 8 in the Belize District, 5 in the Cayo District, 7 in the Stann Creek District and 13 in the Toledo District. The People’s United Party is reporting that it endorsed and supported the elections on 28 of these communities. In 10 of the 28 communities all 7 candidates of the party were successful. Some 8 communities were split, and a majority of the winning candidates from 5 of these communities are either supported by the PUP or have Chairpersons endorsed by the PUP.

Who Will Be Held Responsible For Destruction Of Noh Mul?
The destruction of one of the largest Mayan structures in Northern Belize has prompted an investigation from the Archeological Department and according to our sources several heads will role that is, if there is no interference from Government. This particular Maya Mount which forms part of Noh Mul Archeological Site located is believed to have been the focal point of other small mounts found in the area, marking the epicenter of the Maya settlement in Northern Belize. But today this is all that’s left of the Mayan edifice that was constructed around 250 BC as it is being excavated for its rich material used to upgrade streets and roads in Orange Walk North. The blame for the destruction of the site is being placed on De Mar’s Stone Company who was awarded the contract to upgrade the streets of Orange Walk North represented by Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega who is yet to speak on the issue. As for Grijalva, we approached him for an interview during yesterday’s Village Council Elections here in Orange Walk but he told us that he will issue a press release sometime this week giving his side of the story and that he knew nothing of the project even though equipment bearing his company’s logo on them was being used for the excavation. As for Prime Minister Dean Barrow who was also here in Orange Walk for the Village Council Elections he told us he could not speak on something he was not familiar with when questioned about the demolishing of one of Belize’s historical sites.

Dental And Medical Clinic Robbed In Broad Daylight
A brazen daylight armed robbery at “Brigidos Dental and Medical Clinic” located on Cinderella Street here in Orange Walk has left many people in shock especially the victims, in this case, Doctor Anel Brigido and his wife Maria Caridad Carollo. What’s more surprising is that at the time of the robbery the clinic was closed for business and the only ones inside were the doctor, his wife who is a dentist and a few customers. Here is what transpired, at approximately 1:30 this afternoon; two masked men of Hispanic descent entered the clinic where they held everyone inside the building at gunpoint. Reports are that Doctor Brigido was tied up while the robbers ransacked the place. One shot was fired and a short while after, the men exited the building and made good their escape on bicycle heading towards the direction of Progress Street. Still in shock, one witness told us what she saw. Witness “Mire la gente y yo salí a ver que es pero no mire nada y salí de otro lado y mire la gente que está gritando, la doctora está pidiendo auxilio y que llamen pólice pero nada y después mire que ella salió en su vehículo y se fue y arratito vino el pólice y oí los tiros adentro de la casa pero yo no sé qué se y mire la gente que estaban saliendo. Las personas no los bidé quien son, ya después que la doctora salió con su vehículo mire una familia que estaban saliendo y la señora venia de este lado pero la volvieron a hablar a dentro y el señor les dijo que no salgan porque no hicieron nada y después oí que asaltaron haya a dentro.”

17 Year Old Student Knocks Down Man On Bicycle
A 17 year old student from the community of Blue Creek in the Orange Walk District is in serious trouble tonight after hitting a 16 year old Belizean mechanic of Gardenia Village in the Belize District while travelling from the direction of Orange Walk to Belize City. At around 6:45pm on Friday, Ladyville police visited an area between miles 24 and 25 on the Phillip Goldson Highway where they saw the lifeless body of one Dillon Davis lying on the left hand side of the highway with multiple head and body injuries. Initial investigations have revealed that at around 6:15pm, Davis was riding his bicycle in the direction to Orange Walk when he reportedly made a sudden left turn and as he crossed the highway collided right into a blue Chevrolet pickup truck bearing license plate OW-C-15487 driven at the time by Joshua Bueckert of Blue Creek. A Notice of Intended Persecution was served on Bueckert and a urine sample was obtained from him. The body of Davis was transported to the KHMH where it was pronounced dead on arrival. Police investigation continues.

Controlling The Use Of Pesticides
Controlling the use of Pesticides for a healthier living is very important to the Pesticides Control Board hence why they held a three day training workshop for 10 field officers of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association last week. Those officers are now ready to go into the field and disseminate all the necessary information to cane farmers about the positive and negative effects of using pesticides on the cane fields. The aim of the workshop was to educate farmers on the proper selection and use of pesticides with its ultimate goal to reduce the amount of pesticide residue on the final product, in this case the sugar cane. But when it comes to educating famers on the proper use of pesticides, there is more that needs to be done. With this in mind, the Pesticides Control Board will soon embark in another training workshop this time catering for five farmers in every district. According to Selvin Molina of the Pesticides Control Board farmers will receive training in a number of areas including the testing of the product to determine the amount of pesticide residue that it contains. Selvin Molina, Pesticides Control Board “That we are venturing along with it Pesticides Control board, BAHA, the Taiwan Technical Mission in Belize and the Ministry of Agriculture, we are selecting five farmers per district, where they will get intense training so that they can become examples or role models farmers in the proper use of pesticides.”


Security guard killed while on duty
A security guard was killed on Friday night. 23 year old Randy Casey was on duty outside Kenny Store, situated on Flamingo Avenue in San Ignacio Town, when shortly before 8pm, a masked man, dressed in a black T-shirt and 3/4 pants, approached him and fired three shots at...

Taxi man recovering from shot to his jaw
A Belize City taxi man is recovering after he was shot at his home on Sunday. 57yr old Manuel Mendez said that around 1:45 that morning, he exited his cab and was heading toward his house, when a masked gunman approached him and fired a single shot at him....

Ambassador Alfredo Martinez contemplates alternative referendum date
It may not be on October 6, 2013, but Belize and Guatemala, sooner rather than later, must decide on a date for a simultaneous referendum to send the territorial dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Backstopped by the Organization of American States (OAS), the two sides met...

Two fatal road accidents
Ladyville Police are investigating a fatal Friday evening traffic accident. It happened at an area between miles 24 and 25 on The Phillip Goldson Highway. Police say when arrived on the scene, they saw the body of 16yr old Dillon Davis, a Belizean Mechanic of Gardenia Village lying on...

Maya monument in Orange Walk severely damaged
News broke late on Friday that the Department of Archaeology is investigating a serious breach of a Maya monument in the Orange Walk District called Noh Mul. It means “Big Hill” and is located between the villages of San Jose and San Pablo. The Department has confirmed that on...

Two vehicles collide on George Price Highway
There was yet another traffic accident over the weekend on the George Price Highway. This one happened between miles 13 and 14 on the George Price Highway. The two vehicles involved were a grey four door Terrios and a black four door Accura. 43 yr old Gregory Nicholas told...

15 year old minor reported missing
Belmopan Police are seeking the assistance of the general public in locating a 15 year old minor, who has been reported missing. Gloria Perez, a Guatemalan Domestic of the Maya Mopan Area, in the City of Belmopan reported that on Saturday May 11th, her daughter, 15 yr old Jennifer...

Weekend stabbing in Belmopan
There was a stabbing incident in Belmopan over the weekend. It happened on Saturday, around 4:20pm, at Chens Restaurant, located in San Martin. 21yr old Jonathan Sho, a student of Santa Cruz Village was at the restaurant with a cousin, when he was allegedly approached by a man of...

Village Council Elections begin
The Village Council Elections got underway this weekend. The elections are held every four years and in the first round, which took place on Sunday, over 44 villages cast their votes at the polls. Earlier this month, we sat down with Ernest Banner, Coordinator for Rural Development to discuss...

Cycling rift still not resolved
PLUS News learned on Saturday that the rift in the sport of cycling may not yet be healed. We were there for the election of the board representing the Western Region at the Belmopan Hotel, a re-do of the election held a few weeks ago in San Ignacio Town...

ITVET hosts business fair
For several years now the international accounting and services firm Pricewaterhousecoopers U.S. branch along with international community development firm Peaceworks has been working with the Belize Ministry of Education to teach primary and secondary school students the value of money. Today as part of the Education Showcase, the Belize...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Little Stars Preschool Community Service. By Tracie Young
Parents and Teachers along with students of Little Stars Preschool Caye Caulker did their part in giving back to the island. The Community Service was a clean up at the Community Park by the Split. It was a good experience for the kids as they enjoyed assisting their parents and teachers clean up while learning not to litter.

Belize Archaeology & Anthropology Symposium

September Celebrations “Theme Competition”


May First Aid Training at Seascape Villas
Below are details on the May San Pedro Belize Red Cross first aid course. Our goal is to make Ambergris Caye and Belize safe and bring awareness to both tourists and locals of all the business that trained staff onsite, in case of an emergence. Website buttons and window stickers will be coming soon for all participating businesses to make them easily identifiable in case of an emergency. Thursday May 30th 2013 Course Location: Seascape Villas Hosted by Las Terrazas Course: starts at 10:00am and will finish by 4:00pm Cost: $50bz per participant with all funds raised going to the San Pedro Red Cross. Lunch: to be determined cost is usually $13 or less Advance payment and registry required to register your staff. If you have paid for staff and for what ever reason they could not make the course, that money goes to the sponsor program. Please contact Laurie at tacogirlbelize[at] to register this course is open to anyone not just businesses. We have sponsorship program in place and so far 2 of the 4 post office boys have been sponsored as well as 2 community Health Workers from San Mateo and One staff from the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary. we have also identified DFC and San Juan Community Health workers that need sponsorship. If you know someone worth sponsoring or you would like to sponsor a spot please let me know.

Literature’s Alive and Well in The Jewel
Given the enthusiastic response during this week’s launch of a new book of stories, poems and drama at the Leo Bradley Library in Belize City, literature continues to thrive in Belize. “Moments in Time -A Collection of Poems, Short Stories and a Play” by Belizean writer Dr Corinth Morter-Lewis, drew immediate acclaim from the local literati, including Belize’s Minister of Education Youth and Sports, Patrick Faber, who said, “Now that I have had a chance to look through these two volumes of her book, I am even more convinced… what an excellent lady she is and how great her contributions have been to Belize’s education system.” Dr Morter-Lewis is a prominent Belize educator as well as an author and poet, having served as President of the University of Belize. As a poet, she is well known for penning the “Tribute to the Belizean Flag” which commemorated Belize’s Independence in 1981 and is still recited in schools throughout the country. Her latest work is presented in two volumes; Volume One, consisting of poems, short stories and a play, is intended for a broad audience of all ages, while Volume Two is aimed at upper primary and high school students. ”I really want you to read this book because it’s about you” Dr Morter-Lewis told the audience during the launch, and given the way her work resonates throughout Belize, it’s safe to say that there are many Belizeans who will agree.

The Belize Economy – A Review of 2011 – 2012
The Belize Economy has traditionally been dependent on one crop or product going back more than 200 years, when it was dependent first on logwood and then on mahogany. Since that time we have come a long way in diversifying our economy. While forestry does continue on a limited scale, the Belize economy now produces and exports sugar, citrus, bananas, seafood as well as smaller exports of papayas and farmed shrimp. More recent additions to our economic diversity include a well-established tourism industry that offers a wealth of opportunities for visitors and potential investors alike. All of this has contributed significantly to our growing population providing our people with sustainable employment. The Belize Economy has grown significantly from 2011 – 2012. According the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB), the economy grew at a rate of 5.3% as compared to the 1.9% rate during 2011. This was achieved mainly through growth in the value of sugar, citrus concentrate, bananas, and farmed shrimp in the agriculture sector. Growth was also experienced in overnight tourism, construction, and telecommunications. This increase in economic activity was enough to offset a sharp decline in the value of oil production, electricity generation and a decrease in cruise ship visitors. This also included Corozal Free Zone exports. In 2012, merchandise exports from Belize amounted to BZ$1,250.2 million as compared to BZ$1,207.2 million in 2011.

VIDEO: Sea Spray Hotel, Beachfront Facilties Tour

VIDEO: Sea Spray Hotel, Accommodations Tour

“Lessons in Love” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Spent a bit of time yesterday pulling together the required supporting documentation for the importation of our golf cart (absent of import tax) to Ambergris Caye. This required copies of the following : Belize drivers license, “QRP” ID card (I also included a copy of the “acceptance in to the ‘Program” letter I received for good measure), photograph of the off-street parking I have at the accommodation we are renting, photograph of the off-street parking we will have when we move to our build in Ambergris Cate, Belize, a copy of the Title for our land and, just to be sure, a copy of the letter we received from the San Pedro Town Council approving the build for our new home. After a visit to Gekko Graphics in Buccaneer Street to get photocopies of everything I went straight to Captain Shark’s to hand over the documentation – along with the application form and the fee of BZ$ 100 – so that they can now provide the Belize Tourism Board with a copy of the purchase order so that approval can be granted to import the golf cart without having import duty applied. Whilst at Captain Shark’s Enrique told me that our ‘cart was ‘on its way’ and could be with us in two or three weeks. Then it will just be a matter of getting the permit ( and having the registration plate fitted) from the San Pedro Town Council at a cost of BZ$ 335 and getting insurance (I am only going to ‘go’ for third party).

International Sources

2,300-year-old Mayan pyramid bulldozed
A construction company has essentially destroyed one of Belize's largest Mayan pyramids with backhoes and bulldozers to extract rock for a road-building project. The head of the Belize Institute of Archaeology says the destruction was detected late last week. Only a small portion of center of the pyramid mound was left standing. Dr. Jaime Awe says he was sickened by the destruction of the Nohmul pyramid and temple platform, which date back about 2,300 years. Photos of the portion that remained showed what appeared to be classic Mayan-arched chamber dangling above one clawed-out section. The Nohmul complex sits on private land, but Belizean law states any pre-Hispanic ruins are under government protection.

Chocoholics rejoice: Belize to hold Chocolate Festival
Chocolate lovers should head to Belize this month, where the country will be indulging in this sweet treat at the annual Chocolate Festival of Belize. The festival will take place from May 24 to 26 in the Toledo district of the country, which is known as the chocolate Mecca of the country, and will celebrate Belize’s history in the production of cacao, dating back to the times of the Maya. The three day event includes a full programme of fun chocolate-inspired activities for visitors, including meeting cacao farmers, touring cacao farms and chocolate factories, and witnessing chocolatiers at work. There will of course be plenty of tasting sessions and cultural entertainment too.

RED HORSE airmen build education opportunities
Approximately 90 airmen deployed from Hurlburt Field, Fla., are building school structures from the ground up throughout Belize as part of an exercise known as New Horizons. The first of the airmen assigned to the 823rd Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineers, commonly known as RED HORSE, began to arrive in Belize in February to begin pre-construction activities and set up logistics for the three-month training exercise that started April 1 and is scheduled to run through the end of June. “Our mission as part of New Horizons is to deploy to another country, set up our operations, construct the buildings and then redeploy our airmen and equipment back home,” said Maj. Timothy Barnard, 823rd Expeditionary RED HORSE Squadron commander. Barnard explained the importance of the structures the team of airmen in red hats is now building. “We have been fortunate enough to take part in this humanitarian assistance effort to build these four schools,” said Barnard. “The additional buildings will provide the opportunity to educate at least 500 more students based on the numbers they have given me to design the classroom sizes to.” The four school structures are being built at Ladyville Technical High School, Crooked Tree Government Primary School, Louisiana Government Primary School and Trial Farm Government School. The largest of the buildings is more than 5,000 square feet and consists of four classrooms, boys and girl’s bathrooms and a faculty office with separate bathrooms.

Mayan Nohmul Pyramid In Belize Destroyed By Bulldozer
A construction company has essentially destroyed one of Belize's largest Mayan pyramids with backhoes and bulldozers to extract crushed rock for a road-building project, authorities announced on Monday. The head of the Belize Institute of Archaeology, Jaime Awe, said the destruction at the Nohmul complex in northern Belize was detected late last week. The ceremonial center dates back at least 2,300 years and is the most important site in northern Belize, near the border with Mexico. "It's a feeling of Incredible disbelief because of the ignorance and the insensitivity ... they were using this for road fill," Awe said. "It's like being punched in the stomach, it's just so horrendous." Nohmul sat in the middle of a privately owned sugar cane field, and lacked the even stone sides frequently seen in reconstructed or better-preserved pyramids. But Awe said the builders could not possibly have mistaken the pyramid mound, which is about 100 feet tall, for a natural hill because the ruins were well-known and the landscape there is naturally flat. "These guys knew that this was an ancient structure. It's just bloody laziness", Awe said.

The Five Places Everyone Should Visit in Belize
Belize has a lot going for it. For a tiny country, it packs a big wallop when it comes to charm and scenery. For the would-be expat—especially if you’re looking for real value—there are many places that deserve your attention. Places where you can live the laid-back, Caribbean lifestyle of your dreams. And yes, there are a couple of places that aren’t worth much attention… Let’s start with the places to avoid. The big one is Belize City. If you should ever put down roots in Belize, you’ll no doubt spend some time here. The international airport is here, after all. As are services you may need, such as hospitals, attorneys, and some shopping. But other than for these relatively uninspiring reasons, you probably won’t find any need to spend time in Belize City. Belize is a glorious country and there are many far more attractive places.

From Belize City I took a boat to Caye Caulker. It a 30 or 40 minutes ride and when you land you definatly feel like you've reached a carabean island. Rasta man everywhere, reggae music in the streets and the wind constantly blowing from the sea. Even the language seams from another world. Beacause of the strong african influence the english spoken here is close to arab to me, and even the food sold in the streets has that creol look and smell you can't resist to. Coconut milk and curry are at the base of any meal and the sea food is very accesible. A Story apart is Sarteneja! This cute little fishermen village, close to the border with Mexico, is the place where you can breathe some real life going on. I wanted to go there because I read somewhere that they were about to have this famous regatta with some very tipical boats, and I knew all the boat builders were busy getting their vessels ready! Only dirt roads cross the town and the slow rithm going on around here make you feel finally back in the nature. I was coming from la "isla bonita" San Pedro (have you ever listened to the famoes song from Madonna?'s dedicated to it), and I was sooo disappointed that I couln't wait to get to Sarteneja.

Top 10 most Romantic places in the World, Belize is Ranked #3
Belize is a gorgeous resort and a favorite holiday destination for couples in love. Nothing feels quite as magical as being in the warm embrace of your true love in one of the most enchanting places. Belize's azure sea, endless beaches, lush green jungle, mystic Maya temples and tropical weather make it the perfect place to get away with your beloved one.

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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Channel 7

Director Of Institute Of Archaeology Says Noh Mul Temple A Write-Off
Today, there was no quarry work at the Mayan site of Noh Mul in the Orange Walk District. Police have shut it down, and the D-Mars, the company, which was extracting aggregates or road fill, has withdrawn from the area. And while the work has stopped, it’s too late. Dr. Jaime Awe, the Director of the Institute of Archaeology today told us that from what he has seen in the report compiled by his Archaeologists, the site is completely destroyed. Dr. Jaime Awe - Director, Institute of Archaeology "Jules, the destruction is horrendous, its deplorable, its unforgivable. I had hoped that I could have gone in and find something that was salvageable. That we can go in and do repairs to the damages so that we could preserve some aspect of the ancient building. I completely regret that I have to say this - I think that 80% or more of this building is destroyed . There is simply no way or no hope that we could attempt any kind of preservation on this. The only thing left now is to watch the last bit of it crumble with the coming of the rainy season or to go in there and try to salvage the parts that remain that are scattered all over the site.”

Belize Accepts Possibility of 2014 Referendum, What Will Guate Do?
Fred Martinez and 25 other UDP candidates went on to lose the election, which was held a few weeks after that interview. It’s worked out better for him, and for the country because instead of becoming a transient politician, he became a career diplomat, serving an unprecedented 13 years uninterrupted as Belize’s ambassador to Guatemala. That’s given him an unmatched perspective on Belize Guatemala relations and negotiations. And this morning we spoke to him about the latest round of talks at the OAS in Washington. Those took place last week and while Press Releases have been issued, Martinez allowed us to peep behind the diplomatic velvet rope – where he revealed the OAS had heard talk for Guatemala. H.E. Fred Martinez - Belize Ambassador to Guatemala "I was very pleasantly surprised to see the aggressiveness of the Secretary General towards the whole issue and especially towards Guatemala insisting that twice already Guatemala would have backed down from an agreement to hold a referendum. If you remember the first occasion was in 2002 for the proposals and the facilitators and now again. Both Belize and the Secretary General made it very clear that this was a matter of survival for Belize to get this to closure somehow or the other. For Guatemala it may be a luxury to just keep pressing down a claim whilst its people benefit handsomely along the border and Belize works as an escape fall for their poverty levels in the Peten. But for Belize this could not be a luxury - for Belize it is a matter of utmost national security necessity and survival. The special agreement therefore which gives an option for a solution at an international court of justice must remain alive. Changing the date of the referendum is not a substantial breach of the agreement itself because the agreement does not have a date. The Minister of Guatemala mentioned once that we could have the referendum in 2014. Belize therefore did not break away from the agreement and I think that it was unilateral on Guatemalan side but we are willing to proceed in 2014 if you are. We would like you to process in 2014 because that's the last window of political opportunity. Allow me to explain why - by September 2014 goes into it's presidential campaign, 2015 is the Presidential campaign and election so that is out for a referendum. Then 2016 the new government takes office in January but then Belize enters a General campaign for elections the ending of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. So we said we are posing to you that we want to go to a referendum and soon. Whatever is the soonest for you - then we are ready"

Broad Daylight Robbery At Doctor’s Office, OW
There was a broad daylight robbery in Orange Walk town today – and it happened at a doctor’s office! At 1:30, two masked men stormed into the “Brigidos Dental and Medical Clinic” and held everyone at gunpoint. CTV-3 in Orange Walk reports that the Doctor was tied up while the robbers ransacked the place. One shot was fired and the men fled on bicycle. No one was hurt, and it is not known if the robbers got away with cash or valuables.

Security Guard Killed for Gun In Cayo
For the second week in a row, there was a murder in Cayo. This time a 23 year old security guard was killed – apparently not because the thief wanted to get into the Chinese store he was robbing, but because they wanted his gun. We spoke to his mother today. Monica Bodden reporting The murder of 23 year old Randy Casey happened here in front of Kenny’s Store on Flamingo Avenue in San Ignacio Town. When police arrived on the scene around 7:50 on Friday night, Casey was seen lying face up still gasping for air. He was rushed to the San Ignacio Town Community Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. According to police Randy Casey was on duty at the time when a man dressed in a black t-shirt, a black ¾ pants and wearing a mask over his face approached him with a gun and fired 3 shots in his direction. Casey fell and while on the ground struggling for his life, the gunman took away his point .22 pistol and the fled the scene. Nadia Casey - Mother of Ryan Casey "Well when we went to Cayo on Friday night, the police told us that persons went and gave statement saying that my son went into the shop to buy and when he was finished buying he was coming out and then the person just moved off from the side of the building and shot him without asking any questions."

Mom Says Police Didn’t Have To Kill Her Son
On Friday’s newscast, 7News told you about 19 year-old Rasheed Eligio, the man who police shot to death in Punta Gorda after he escaped from custody. Eligio was arrested for carnal knowledge and along with another prisoner, Brian Garcia, was being transported by bus to prison after being remanded. According to police, Eligio and Garcia saw an opportunity to escape, and they bolted. 3 hours later, according to the officers, they tracked them down in the Carib Reserve Area. The fugitives saw the police and made an attempt to escape, which prompted the officers to open fire on them. One of those bullets fatally injured Eligio, and by the time he got to the PG Town Hospital, he was beyond help. Police say that an internal investigation has been launched, but today 7News met Eligio’s mother who has no doubt in her mind that police made a poor judgment call when they shot at both men. Curtline Flores - Mother of Rasheed Eligio "On Friday May 10th, my son was murdered by the polic in Punta Gorda. I said he was murdered because he was not armed, he was not convicted of any crime and he was running when the people shot and killed him. My son is not a killer, he's not a murdered, he's a nice person and I'm not here to criticize anyone - all we need is justice."

19 Year Old Dies In Traffic Accident
Tonight, we report on the weekend’s 2 fatal traffic accidents, which claimed the lives of 2 young men. We start first with the accident which occurred on the early hours of Sunday Morning. According to police, they responded to a report at Mile 1 on the Western Highway in front of Harry’s Imports. There, they found an overturned car, which had 19 year-old Lexie “Alex” Dixon trapped inside. The emergency personnel rescued Dixon from the vehicle, but they he passed away from massive head and bodily injuries. Police are still investigating, so all the details are not known, As a result, 7News tracked down one of the 5 men who were in the vehicle at the time of the accident to get an understanding of what took place. He told us off camera that they had a few drinks at a party, and that while they were driving to Belize City, Dixon grabbed the steering wheel and startled the driver, which led to the accident: Voice of: Wellington Armstrong - Eyewitness/Accident Victim "We were at a party behind St. Martin's area after Leslie's. We were drinking there and before we left we were looking for a song to put on. After that we took off full speed from in front of the party and we went on the highway to come back to Belize. All I remember was when Lexie pulled the steering wheel while the guy was driving and after that he was struggling to get back on the road. I don't remember if it flipped because I only felt we were spinning but my friends say we flipped, they said the first land was on Lexie's side. After that we tried crawling out and we couldn't talk and we couldn't see. Every time I crawled I fell after that I came out. One of my friends was telling me something but I couldn't hear him good and my neck was hurting, my should and the back of my head."

16 Year Old Knocked Down and Killed
The second fatal traffic accident occurred a few minutes after 6 on Friday night between miles 24 and 25 on the Northern Highway. Police found the body of 16 year-old Dellon Davis on the left shoulder of the road. Preliminary investigation revealed that Davis was knocked down by 17 year-old Joshua Bueckert, who was driving a pickup towards Belize City. Bueckert reported that Davis was riding a bicycle and suddenly turned into his lane, and he could not avoid the collision. 7News spoke to Davis’ sister, who told us that her family is devastated: Voice of: Lavinia Davis - Sister of Deceased "I understand they said that he was riding on the road and he was hit at the back and he died on the spot." Daniel Ortiz "Riding what, a bicycle?" Voice of Lavinia Davis "Yes he was riding a bicycle" Daniel Ortiz "Can you tell us what the police are saying at this moment? Have they contacted you?"

Taxi-Man Shot Outside Home
There was a shooting in Belize City early on Sunday Morning. A 57 year old taxi driver was shot as he entered his house. Manuel Mendez; a resident of Boots Crescent was walking into his home around 2am when a lone masked gunman walked up and shot him in the jaw. Mendez is in a stable condition; police have not made any arrests.

Police Expanding Training
Police are getting training in a number of areas, from law to self-defence. The three courses are happening at the Police Academy in Belmopan. The first is for Adjudicators and Presenters where attorneys, magistrates and other legal experts train them in the conduct of police tribunals. Then there’s also a course for the CIB in investigative techniques, intelligence and evidence gathering and legal interpretations. And the Mobile Interdiction Team is learning about defense tactics. It’s all part of the Department’s expanded Training Plan for 2013.

Police Bust Over 50 Pounds Of Drugs
Tonight, 29 year-old Walter Beaton, 28 year-old Pedro Ayuso, 36 year-old Kirk Dougal are out on bail tonight after they were taken to court for over 50 pounds of marijuana. According to police, the men were intercepted at the police checkpoint at mile 5 on the Western Highway. The bust occurred at about 8:40 p.m., on Saturday night when the officers stopped a cream in color van with the 3 men inside. The driver was asked to pull over and that’s when a search of the vehicle, led to the discovery of a brown crocus sack in the back seat which contain 25.1 kilograms of cannabis. All three men were arrested and escorted to the Queen Street Police Station where they were all charged with drug trafficking. They were arraigned today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer, who granted them bail of $15,000.

Bodybuilding Belizean Excels In UK
Mr. Belize Rigo Vellos excelled in the 2013 Hercules Olympia contest held in Colchester, London on Saturday, May 11. Judges scored points on size, shape, balance, proportion, symmetry, condition and vascularity. Vellos placed second behind Kai Lyons who advanced to the Mr. Hercules finale and ended up winning the grand prize. It is a significant achievement because Vellos is the 1st Belizean to compete at that level, where the best bodybuilders from North America and Europe compete. He returns to Belize on Tuesday night.

Moreno Won’t Ride Again?
Former Belize Cycling Association President Emil Moreno suffered a major setback yesterday in his bid for re-election. That’s because a new election for the Western Region was held yesterday and he was not elected. The man who filed the petition against the last election Daniel Cano was elected as Vice President while Gilroy Spence was elected as president. Moreno did not attend the meeting, but we understand he did get his attorney to file an injunction against the proceedings, but the injunction could not be enforced. As we understand it, he is protesting the decision of the protest board. If Moreno is not an elected executive member of a regional executive, he cannot become national president.

Showcasing Budding Entrepreneurial Brilliance
A business fair was held at the ITVET compound in Belize City today. But it wasn’t your typical business showcase – instead the businesses on display were by youths who participated in the financial literacy training staged annually by teams from Price Waterhouse Coopers. They got to show what they’ve learned and be honoured for it. We found out more:… Dr. Carol Babb - Deputy Chief Education Officer "We are having a business fair originated out of the fact that we've had financial literacy campy for two years form 2008. We’ve partnered with Price Waterhouse Coopers and peace work and they've partnered with us at the ministry to teach young people about planning and savings, budgeting and planning towards their goal. So these students have been taught about entrepreneurship and today this gives the opportunity to display their products. You will notice that they become very creative and they come up with very innovative products. That's the whole idea. We're trying to change the mindset. We want them to think about becoming employers instead of employees"

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