A business fair was held at the ITVET compound in Belize City today. But it wasn’t your typical business showcase – instead the businesses on display were by youths who participated in the financial literacy training staged annually by teams from Price Waterhouse Coopers. They got to show what they’ve learned and be honoured for it. We found out more:…

Dr. Carol Babb - Deputy Chief Education Officer
"We are having a business fair originated out of the fact that we've had financial literacy campy for two years form 2008. We’ve partnered with Price Waterhouse Coopers and peace work and they've partnered with us at the ministry to teach young people about planning and savings, budgeting and planning towards their goal. So these students have been taught about entrepreneurship and today this gives the opportunity to display their products. You will notice that they become very creative and they come up with very innovative products. That's the whole idea. We're trying to change the mindset. We want them to think about becoming employers instead of employees"

Patrick Faber - Minister of Education
"If you go around to the various different displays, I've had a chance to only visit some. I hope to get to see all of them before I leave today.But if you look at the kind of work that they've been doing and this is not only happening now. As Dr. Babb explained we've been having financial workshops for a few years now with these schools and our partners Price Waterhouse Coopers and Peace house international. So this is something that is ongoing and we see that it has taken off in the school."

Jessica Rice - Representative, Peacework
"All of the selections are very Belizean. I've enjoyed seeing what kind or products they have come up with because they seem very creative and they semm to really appeal to a diverse audience. "

Jim Smith - Representative, PWC
"We're committed to this program. We started back in 2008 with the Ministry of Education along with the theme of non-profit, educational or Economical group called Peacework. Each and every year we've been involved here in Belize, we're going to continue and we're coming back in July with over 400 people from PWC to continue to run the financial literacy camps so we're very committed to Belize and this program."

The fair is part of ongoing activities for Education Showcase 2013.

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