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Today's Belize News: May 17, 2013 #464544
05/17/13 06:02 AM
05/17/13 06:02 AM
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Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

John McAfee Orange Walk Estate up in Flames
Fire officials in the Orange Walk District have confirmed to The San Pedro Sun that at mid-afternoon today, May 16th a wild bush fire in Carmilita Village just outside of Orange Walk Town, Belize has consumed three structures on the John McAfee Estate. Officials are still on the scene battling the fire but it has been confirmed that two buildings and a thatch-roof gazebo has been consumed by the fire. According to an eyewitness the fire started in the Toll-Bridge area and eventually made it to the property at about mid afternoon. “The buildings were totaled, everything was destroyed,” said a witness to The San Pedro Sun. According to the witness, her sister and other family members were living on the premises at the time of the fire but no one was injured. Fire officials are still battling the wild fire after which they will be assessing the damages.

US Navy Supervises Special Warfare Operations Course
Graduation Ceremonies were held this morning, May 15, 2013 for 24 members of the Belize National Coastguard and 5 members of the Anti-Drug Unit (ADU), who all completed a 5-week intensive Special Warfare Operations Course. They were trained by Special Warfare Combatant Crewmen of the US Navy. The course covered Navigation, Small-Boat Handing, Communications, Board Search and Seizure, Vectoring, Radar and GPS Operation, Weapon-Handling Skills, and Waterborne Techniques. The keynote address at this morning’s ceremony was delivered by Vice Admiral Joseph D. Kernan, Deputy Commander of US Southern Command, headquartered in Miami, Florida. Commander of the Belize National Coastguard, Rear Admiral John Borland thanked the US Navy for their assistance and presented a plaque of appreciation to Vice Admiral Joseph D. Kernan. The plaque bears the image of a boat with members of the Belize Coastguard Seal Team on Board.

Public Service Information Day celebrated in San Pedro
Belize will be observing the United Nations sanctioned International Public Service Day on June 23rd, but as a forerunner to the celebration, the Ministry of the Public Service and Elections and Boundaries are spearheading several activities countrywide. In San Pedro Town, a Public Service Information Day was held as part of the countrywide activities on Friday May 10th at the Central Park. This year’s theme for Public Information Day is “Belize Public Service: Facing the Challenges Embracing the Changes, while Striving for Excellence and Professionalism.” Twelve (12) government departments were represented at the Public Information Day which was declared officially open by the Minister of Public Service, Elections and Boundaries, Honorable Senator Charles Gibson. Joining the Minister on stage were Mayor of San Pedro Town, Daniel Guerrero and Freya Parham August, Chairperson of the Public Service Day National Committee. When speaking at the event, Mayor Guerrero underscored the importance of public officers and the critical role they play. “When we think of the Public Service, we must bring to mind all those workers who provide the day to day service in all the different areas… Being a member of the public service is challenging and at the same time, rewarding. It is challenging because you provide the day to day work necessary to keep our country functioning and it is not an easy task to deal with the public…. [but] there are exemplary workers who do not hesitate to go out of their way to provide the services in good faith – this is what is rewarding to them,” said Mayor Guerrero.

Noh Mul…No More!
There has been wide outrage from every corner in Belize after word broke loose that one of the four largest Maya ruins of northern Belize, thousands of years old, has been bulldozed for roadfill aggregate. The news first broke out on May 9th that the main structure at Noh Mul Maya site situated 10 miles northwest of Orange Walk Town was almost completely demolished. Since then the actions have received condemnation from various sectors of society calling on the Government of Belize (GOB) to bring those responsible to justice. According to CTV 3 News based in Orange Walk Town, Noh Mul meaning Big Hat, was being demolished by construction company D Mar’s Construction Company who currently has government contracts to repair rural roads in both the Corozal and Orange Walk districts. According to reports, the material bulldozed by the company was being trucked to nearby Douglas village where the BC era Maya temple stones were being converged to hardcore for the rural roads. It’s an action that has archeologists in Belize at dismay at the level of ignorance displayed by the contractor who almost completely bulldozed a 20 meter structure considered to be thousands of years old.

Ambergris Today

Goodwill Brings Comfort to Senior Citizen on Wheelchair
If you frequent Boca del Rio Drive you might have stumbled upon this elderly lady sitting on her wheelchair, mostly during the afternoons across from the Oasis condo complex. Dońa Maria Lourdes de Cano loves to spend her time enjoying the cool breeze under the seagrape tree. But have you noticed the condition of the wheelchair she sits in? It looks very uncomfortable; a makeshift wheelchair made out of a plastic chair, bicycle wheels and parts of a real wheelchair. Well, thanks to Mama Vilma Family Home and a group of generous and thoughtful individuals, Dońa Maria has a new and much more comfortable wheelchair and better mobility. Mrs. Shelly Huber, President of the Mama Vilma Family Home, presented her with the new wheel chair courtesy of the Rotary of Belize-Sunrise and Rotary of Fort Sascatchewan Alberta, Canada. Special thanks also go out to Caye Caulker Water Taxi, Carms Mancia, Perlita Zapata, and Ms. Patty Arceo for their cooperation.

Three Simultaneous Training Courses for Police Officers
Three new training courses got underway on Monday, May 13, 2013, at the Belize National Police Training Academy in Belmopan. The first is a One-Week follow-up Training Course for Adjudicators and Presenters, mainly officers involved in tribunals within the Belize Police Department. Lecturers for this course include attorneys, magistrates and other legal experts, including Assistant Commissioner of Police Keith Lino, who holds an LLB Degree. The second is a Two-Day Training Course for members of the National Crimes Investigation Branch, focusing mainly on investigative techniques; intelligence and evidence gathering; and legal interpretations. Lecturers also include seasoned legal experts, including Mrs. Donelle Hawke, a full attorney who now heads the Prosecution Branch of the Belize Police Department.

Misc Belizean Sources

VIDEO: Ladies and Gentlemen we have started our final descent into San Pedro
... and thank you for flying MAYA.

Belize Documentary Film Course
The New Mexico State University Documentary Film Course is in full force in Cayo. The students have been around Cayo this week, filming the subjects of their documentaries. They visited Lucas Island in Bullet Tree Falls.

SIPL Visits El Progresso
Feelgood story of the day. The storytellers from the San Ignacio Public Library took a trip to see the students of El Progresso, and get them interested in reading. The SIPL had a busy Education Week.

International Museum Day at SISE HoC
The SISE House of Culture is celebrating International Museum Day today. If you wnat to learn how to play the marimba, today's your chance. The El Cayo Historical exhibit and George Price: Man of Purpose and Vision exhibit will be on display.

Ascenthium in Benque Tonight
Ascenthium is playing in Benque at the Cancha Marshalleck tonight. In Bloom will be opening for them. Doors open at 8:00pm.

Mashed Craboo With Condensed Milk
This a quick,cheap dessert that we enjoy in Belize. The fruits of a number of species of Byrsonima have been consumed by the Indians of Central America and northern South America. The best-known of these is the Nance or Craboo. The tree is native and abundant in the wild, sometimes in extensive stands, in open pine forests and grassy savannas, from southern Mexico, through the Pacific side of Central America, to Peru and Brazil; also occurs in Trinidad, Barbados, Curacao, St. Martin, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and throughout Cuba and the Isle of Pines and of course Belize.

Choking Smoke
The Cayo district and some parts of other areas of the country are blanketed by choking smoke. The smoke is from burning fires in the forest, people's backyards and along the major roads.

Sharks & Rays NEW DVD
Sharks & Rays, a new film release from Dive Into Your Imagination for the home, school, and retail markets, takes you on a journey to discover the wonders of sharks and rays. Underwater photographer, filmmaker and ocean explorer, Annie Crawley takes you on a high definition adventure around the world documenting these amazing creatures. Sharks & Rays, shares with you the biology of these elasmobranchs and engages you with complex information in easy to understand language woven into interesting stories about these creatures. Exclusive footage will have you diving with schooling hammerhead sharks, observing manta rays feeding, nurse sharks entering a state of tonic immobility, plus you will experience the first Shark Sanctuary in the world while diving in the blue waters of Palau. This program takes you on a journey to discover sharks and rays around the world. Whale sharks, hammerheads, great white sharks, electric rays, manta rays, reef sharks, mako sharks, dozens of species of sharks and rays from around our world’s ocean are explored in this program. The importance of sharks in the world can in no way be understated. People are often terrified of these animals because of misinformation. Sharks & Rays shares with you how sharks and rays move, what they eat, what makes these animals similar and different plus shares some of the threats they are facing.

Channel 7

Wild City Shootout – Police Shoot One, Get Two Guns
There was a wild shootout in the Lake Independence area this evening – but quick police response has led to the recovery of two weapons, and the detention of two suspects, who were both shot. It happened just before 5:00 pm on Flamboyant Street. Two men started shooting at each other, and 7news has confirmed that over 20 rounds were fired. Police from precinct two arrived while the shootout was happening. They report that one of the men pointed his weapon at a police officer, who fired back, hitting him in the arm. The gunman’s weapon, a 9 millimeter pistol with an extended clip, fell to the ground and police recovered it. The other man ran off and police set chase, recovered his weapon from the area where he had been standing. It was a 380 pistol. He was reportedly shot three times in his foot.

Wilfred Peters, The Third Killed
Gun violence had subsided in the city for the past two months – but last night there was a killing which had all the marks of a gang related execution. The victim had a famous name: Wilfred Peters, The Third – grandson of the great brukdown legend. But his death was the kind of event befitting the notorious, not the famous. Daniel Ortiz tried to find out how he got murdered inside his own house. Daniel Ortiz reporting Today the family of 26 year old Wilfred Peters III was back at his house looking for an explanation as to what made 3 gunmen ambush him in the safety of his own home. He only lived there for about 1 month, and he probably wanted to increase his security. That's probably why he had video camera surveillance partially installed. If it only were capturing, what a brutal attack it would have caught on tape. Wilfred Peters Jr. - Father of Deceased "About after 2 last night they called and told us that they killed my son, he's my only child in my life." Daniel Ortiz "Do you know how it happened sir?" Wilfred Peters Jr. "They shot him - he got about 5 shots." Daniel Ortiz "He was in his bed right?"

Chinese Businessman Killed By Employee
Police got the report of the Peters murder at 2:20 am, and twenty minutes later, they got another report, this one at mile 12 on the Western Highway. The murder had happened earlier in the morning, around 1:00 am when a Chinese business-owner was fatally clubbed across the head by his own employee. We found out more today. Daniel Ortiz reporting There are more questions than answers in the murder of 42 year-old Wei Tao Liu, which happened at his foam factory at 12 ˝ miles at on the Western Highway. His family isn’t speaking with the media, but we have confirmed that they were witnesses to the entire incident. Police say that his own employee was the one who hit Liu in the back of his head with a blunt object. That blow was massive, and he died on the spot. ASP Chris Noble - Regional Executive Officer "We had an incident in the area of the foam factory. The police did visit and we do have a male person that was injured and has been transferred to the hospital. That person succumbed and subsequent to that our investigations has led us to record some statements and the matter is still ongoing. The suspect in this case or the person of interest in this case has not been detained and we're hopeful that he will."

Shot At Park Concert, Paralyzed, Gregory Jones Dies
Two weeks ago, we told you about Gregory Jones. He’s the 22 year old who was shot out at the BTL Park in December when a gang brawl broke out at a public concert. Jones was left paralyzed from the chest downwards and was experiencing a severe case of bedsores on his legs and buttocks. His family was on the news trying to raise money to get Jones across the border for better medical assistance. But today all hopes for a speedy recovery expired after Jones succumbed to his injuries at around 12:45 this afternoon at the KHMH. We spoke to his family this evening who informed us that a bar-b-q sale was set up for this Saturday out at the Sikaffy empty parking lot on Bishop Street to raise funds for his medical expenses. The bar-b-que will proceed, but this time to raise money for his funeral and his first child, which is on the way.

Accused of Killing Boyfriend, Woman Gets Off Manslaughter
A jury acquitted 26 year-old Leshawn Lino of manslaughter last night in Justice Adolph Lucas’s courtroom. Lino was accused of slicing her boyfriend, 23 year-old Shamir Henry, on his throat which caused his death on September 2, 2010. Well, Lino stood trial before Justice Lucas, and a just after 7:30 p.m. last night, she got a not guilty verdict from the jury after a little less than 2 and half hours of deliberation. We got a chance to speak with both Lino and her attorney, Brian Neal, after they got the positive outcome. Neal told us that there were too many loose ends that the prosecution couldn’t tie up, and that evidence came out that Henry had abused Lino. Here’s how that conversation went with both of them. Bryan Neal, Attorney for the Defense "Well we had put forward three defenses, first was that it wasn't the accused who in fact inflicted this wound, the second was the defense of accident, and third defense was self defense." Daniel Ortiz "So can you explain to us the rational behind those three defenses Sir, it seems a bit strange that you would offer them a choice, conceading that she might be guilty of inflicting the injury but not of an actual legal criminality?"

McAfee OW House Goes Down In Flames
The John McAfee compound on the outskirts of Orange Walk Town at the Tower Hill Bridge, burnt down this afternoon. As these pictures show, the two main structures were destroyed. The fire started at 1:00 this afternoon when a bush fire enveloped the compound. Property Manager Noel Codd is reported to have said that he was informed of the encroaching bush fire and called the Fire Department, but by the time they got there, the bush fire had overtaken the wooden buildings and flattened them. Codd estimates the value of the buildings at two hundred and fifty thousand dollars each. The buildings are of some significance in terms of the trajectory of the Mcafee’s demise in Belize – because that’s where the GSU led an intensive search almost exactly two years ago in May of 2012. They found a bunch of guns and enough ammunition for a small army. They briefly detained McAfee and set him off on a paranoid excursion which saw him re-locate to San Pedro, and ultimately disappear after his neighbor, American Greg Faull was murdered.

SJC Suspension, A Slight Reprieve
Last night, we told you about the situation which was brewing at Saint John’s College, well it seems that a compromise has been struck. As we told you, the 3rd form class, 3D, was suspended en masse and faced the threat of academic failure because of a stolen cellular phone belonging to one of the female teachers. The entire class was suspected of having information that could lead the administration to discover the culprit. The problem is that the students all denied that they had any such information, and the principal was determined to get to the bottom of the situation. They were suspended and parents called us in an uproar to complain that her disciplinary action is too extreme. That forced a meeting today between the parents, the 3d students in their casual clothes and the administration, and they came to a resolution.

An Agenda For All
This morning, the National Women’s Commission launched the Revised National Gender Policy. The policy is a follow up to a situation analysis – and it will now specify actions or commitments to address issues of gender inequality. Lead consultant Adele Catzim Sanchez explains that the policy is designed to reflect changing times:… Adele Catzim-Sanchez, Consultant "Life changes over time and there are new emerging issues that have come to our attention over the last few years and one of those critical areas is the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and so the national gender policy includes those things and it makes specific commitments for how the Government will address that situation and that's just one of the situations. We have other things like the accidents; the number of accidents that are affecting men on the road. You know men die more from road accidents than women but also the gun violence; that's a gender equity issue that is now in the updated national gender policy so it's not just a women's document as people would tend to believe but it truly embodies all the issues that affect us as human beings, being male or female, young or old"

UB Students, Professor Allege Rip-off By School
Near the end of every academic year, students from the Junior Colleges around the country start to make preparations to transfer to different tertiary institutions, be it local, regional, or intentional. And that is always a stressful process because often times, they have to be accepted into the school, and they must prove that they have the financing to afford it. They have one other additional burden in which they must painstakingly and tediously go through all their courses that they’ve taken over the 2 years to see if they will be accepted at the new institution to count toward their bachelor’s degree. Well, one group of students, led by their professor Patrick Menzies, has come out swinging at the University of Belize. That’s because according to them, UB rejects a lot of credits and courses offered by junior colleges which count toward the undergraduate degree, and most of the time, those rejected courses are the same ones offered by the University. The second issue is that they say UB over-charges Bachelor’s students by 300 percent when they offer those same per-requisite courses to Associates students for far less. They say they’ve conducted intensive study on this issue, and today, they presented findings to media.

Wrecked GOB Prado Is A Write-Off
As we reported, a Toyota Prado with government plates which flipped and tumbled off the road. 4 prison officers were hitching a ride, and they received injures. As we told you, the officers responding to the accident found contraband beer, and today, the media asked the Regional Executive Officer to comment on that find. Here’s how he responded: Daniel Ortiz "It was an accident in which the police had to respond to and they found a contraband licquor in the vehicle" ASP Chris Noble - Regional Executive Officer "We had an accident that we did respond to involving a Government vehicle but regards to contraband, I believe they were damaged, beer on scene but to say that it was inside the vehicle or had been there prior to the vehicle being in the accident, I can't say"

What Killed Angel Chiac?
48 hours ago, on Tuesday night at around 8:00, 22 year old Angel Chiac was found dead on the side of the Northern Highway near mile 26. He had last been seen alive half an hour earlier at a bus shed near to where he was found. His body showed no signs of violence and today we asked the officer in charge of the rural Belize District if foul play was involved. ASP Chris Noble - Regional Executive Officer "In Biscayne, to be exact, we do have an autopsy being conducted on a male person that was found on the highway and was pronounced dead at the hospita. The autopsy is yet to reveal what are the causes of death; what may have lead to his demise" Daniel Ortiz "Have you guys been able to identify who the person is?" ASP Chris Noble "Yes, that I believe has been released in a press release but I'll give you the name as soon as we are off" A post mortem was scheduled for this afternoon.

It’s Education Showcase week two, and tonight’s profile is of a career educator, CLORISELA TORRES. Her story is not so much about teaching, as it is about learning, the hard way. This child from San Roman Rio Hondo in Orange Walk’s Albion islands attended school in Belize City where she got an education in bullying. She told the profile how it led her down a path where she almost lost her chance at an education:…

US Capital, Winning Hearts And Minds In Toledo East
US Capital energy has come under sustained criticism in southern Belize – where the oil company has been harshly criticized by community groups such as SATIIM, the Maya Leaders Alliance and the Toledo Alcalde’s Association. But, the reality on the ground is not as simple as a press release; poverty is widespread in Toledo and US capital energy has lots of money to go around, both in terms of the jobs they create and the hearts and minds they can win over with donations. Yesterday, Monica Bodden went south to find out about how they’re generating goodwill and bi-partisan political clout inside the communities, even as community leaders try to fend them off at the official level. Monica Bodden reporting For over 6 years USCapital Energy Belize Limited has been working in a number of communities in the Toledo District. The company is trying to show the communities how the Petroleum industry brings the promise of development. Nial Gillett - PR Consultant, Us Capital Energy "What the US Capital is doing is that they have been in these communities for over six years and they've invested a lot of money in these communities to show that the petroleum industry can bring development to these communities. Behind us right here we have the Roman Catholic School that was start by SIF - the downstairs and it was completed by US Capital so the entire upstairs was done by US Capital. This is just one of the various places that we're demonstrating our commitment to development in Toledo. Even before the company has even found a drop of oil. So we're doing this as far as a partnership with the communities, partnerships with the people who are working here providing jobs and employment and mostly showing what development can do."

Re: Today's Belize News: May 17, 2013 [Re: Marty] #464545
05/17/13 06:03 AM
05/17/13 06:03 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 82,857
oregon, spr
Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP

More News: Scroll up from here

Channel 5

Evening shootout in Belize City, several injured
There has been a surge in violence in the past sixteen hours. Two men were murdered overnight…but this evening, a sustained shootout, purportedly between members of rival gangs in the Lake Independence area, has resulted in the hospitalization of two Belize City youths. Just after five p.m., a barrage of as many as twenty shots [...]

Namesake and grandson of legendary musician, murdered
Gun blasts were heard just before two o’clock this morning in the vicinity of George Frazer and Iguana Streets. When the gunfire subsided, twenty-six year old Wilfred Peters, the third lay dead in a pool of blood in his kitchen. But who killed the grandson of the legendary king of brukdong and why? That’s what [...]

Foam factory boss murdered by employee
Just before Wilfred Peters the third was gunned down, there was another murder. A Hattieville businessman, Wei Tao Liu, succumbed to injuries when he was hit on the head by one of his employees. The incident occurred at his place of business at mile twelve and a half on the George Price Highway just before [...]

Man falls dead on road
Police are also investigating the sudden death of twenty-two year old Angel Chiac, whose body was discovered just after eight on Tuesday night between miles twenty-five and twenty-six on the Phillip Goldson Highway. The Biscayne resident was last seen around seven-thirty that night under a bus shed in the village. Chiac’s body was found about [...]

6 months later, shooting victim succumbs
Gregory Jones was shot in December 2012 while he was at an event at the B.T.L. Park on Princess Margaret Drive. The youth was shot while partying with his girlfriend at the public event. He never recovered and his condition worsened when he became afflicted with bedsores at the K.H.M.H. A fundraising effort to pay [...]

Buildings on John McAfee’s compound burn to ground
John McAfee – now there’s a name you probably never wanted to hear again…but you will, because early this afternoon two large wooden houses on his gated compound in Carmelita in the Orange Walk district went up in flames. Reports are that the blaze was fast and furious, and by the time the Fire Department [...]

Belizean kidnapper gets 25 years in Guatemalan jail; more charges pending
There is word tonight from Guatemala that thirty-three year old Joseph Budna has been sentenced to twenty-five years in a Guatemalan prison after being found guilty of kidnapping.  The former freelance reporter, who apparently became the leader of a regional kidnapping and extortion ring, was condemned in the Department of Chiquimula, following a case in [...]

UB students upset about fees (lowest in region)
The University of Belize is the only educational institution in Belize which offers degree programs at both the Associates and Bachelor’s levels, and each year enrollment grows. But the institution has not been without its fair share of hiccups, drama and outright controversy. Even now, there is still tension between the office of the President, [...]

El Turk will soon know if he will be extradited to U.S.A.
Extradition proceedings for Lebanese businessman Khalid Jamil El Turk to be handed over to U.S. authorities continued this morning in the courtroom of Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith.  El Turk, who is wanted for his role in conspiring to import pseudo-ephedrine, is being represented by senior counsel Edwin Flowers and attorney Anthony Sylvester.  In his [...]

Woman who stabbed and killed B.D.F. freed
At about seven-thirty on Wednesday night, a jury of seven women and two men concluded deliberations in the manslaughter trial of twenty-six year old Leshawn Lino. When they emerged after deliberating for about two hours and half, the verdict went in favor of Lino, the mother of three. The jury found her not guilty of [...]

Mental appraisal needed for man charged with carnal knowledge
Also in court, the trial of Dean Bennett for a charge of attempted carnal knowledge and aggravated assault of an indecent nature was interrupted today by Judge Troadio Gonzalez. Bennett is accused of sexually abusing a ten year old girl.  The trial was suddenly halted by the judge when Bennett displayed peculiar behavior, a mental [...]

John Briceńo appalled by destruction of Noh Mul
The destruction of Noh Mul continues to draw condemnation from numerous sectors. Late last week, Noh Mul was savaged by a company, De Mar’s, owned by businessman and U.D.P. affiliate, Denny Grijalva for road fill. It has been a personal loss for John Briceńo, P.U.P.’s Area Representative for Orange Walk Central. Briceńo told News Five [...]

Mexican exhibit honors Yucatecan expert in ink collages
Friendship between Belize and Mexico has recently further enhanced by a meeting of representatives working in the tourism sector. But for those who don’t cross the border to visit, our neighbors have brought the art of one of its painters to Belize. Tonight, the Embassy of Mexico invites the public to view the works of   [...]

Despite Noh Mul fiasco, tourism industry is booming
The Ministry of Tourism and Culture has been taking a hit in the wake of the destruction of the Mayan monument, Noh Mul. While its C.E.O. Tracy Panton, acknowledged these are dark days for the ministry, there are at least two rays of sunshine to report in the areas of flights to Belize and cruise [...]

Healthy Living: an apple a day keeps the doctor away
The last time we sat down with nutritionist and the coordinator for the Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama (INCAP) and PAHO advisor, Evelyn Roldan, we spoke about the minimum amount of physical activity that your body requires. This week’s Healthy Living looks at another important element of a healthy lifestyle: Eating healthy [...]


Reward Is Out For The Apprehension of A Man Who Allegedly Killed A Chinese Businessman
MARION ALI REPORTING: LEE MARK CHANG “The Chinese Association is ready to give a five thousand dollars reward through the Police Department for the arrest of Christian Alexander Mejia Munoz.” MARION ALI “While it is not normal for the police...

John McAfee's Structures Go Up In Flames In Northern Belize
The two main buildings in the John McAfee estate in Orange Walk is now ashes after a fire gutted the two buildings. Love News understands that the two structures with thatch roofing, one measuring forty by fifty and the other measuring fifty by sixty, went up in flames due to a nearby ...

Activist In Belize Reveals Studies Done at Local University Concluding on A Rip Off of Students' Money
Today adjunct lecturer at the University of Belize, Patrick Menzies, came out swinging at the institution for which he works. Menzies has accused UB under its current structure UB is guilty of unethical practices with regard to its credit/class acceptance policy and tuition rates...

Senior Police Officer Awarded; Course on Intensive Warfare Operations Ends in Belize
Head of the Northern Zone, Senior Superintendent of Police Joseph Myvette, was presented with a cheque of $1,000 is for the best by his department in reducing Major Crimes during the month of April, and the Certificate of Award is for the best performance by the Orange Formation for th...

Police Department Releases Statistics on Crime
There have been forty one murders so far for the year 2013 a decrease of 3 compared to last year during the time frame from January to April; that’s according to the statistic issued yesterday by the Belize Police Department. January had the most murders with thirteen while Febru...

Thursday, May 16 ---------- Grandson of Legendary Brukdown Belizean Artist Murdered In His Home
MARION ALI “Wilfred Peters III, the grandson of Belize's brukdown icon, the late Wilfred Peters Sr. was awoken by gunmen who had kicked in his front door at his home at the corner of George Frazer and Iguana Street Extension in Belize City at around two this morning. The ...

Minister of Immigration Comments On The Arrest of Illegal Indians
Last night we told you about the eleven Indian Nationals that appeared in the San Ignacio Magistrates court yesterday morning where they were each charged with one single count of illegal entry. The group consisting of eight men, two women and a minor was found in Santa Elena Tow...

Art Exhibition Opens At The Institute of Mexico In Belize City
Today doors open at the Mexican Institute in Belize City to welcome the public to view the art work of contemporary artist, Maria Luisa Villarreal Sonora. Sonora is showcasing twenty three art pieces in an exhibit called “My life, my dreams, My World”. The forty year old ar...

Chief Magistrate Sets Date To Render Decision In Extradition Case
The Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith today reserved June 28 to give her decision in the extradition hearing of Kalid Jamil El Turk, a Lebanese national living in Belize who is wanted by the U.S. Government for alleged conspiracy to import pseudoephedrine into the United States. The su...

Judge Stops Carnal Knowledge Trial To Have The Accused Evaluated
The trial of 44 year old Dean Bennett, charged with attempted carnal knowledge of a girl, 10 years old, was stopped today by Justice John Gonzalez for Bennett to get a psychiatric evaluation. Justice Gonzalez stopped the trial because from since it began, Bennett kept saying that he ha...

Mother of Three Acquitted After Standing Trial For Her Boyfriend's Murder
Twenty-six year old Deshawn Lino, a mother of three, charged with manslaughter, was acquitted of the charge late yesterday evening in the court of Justice Adolph Lucas. The jury of seven women and two men deliberated for two hours and 32 minutes before it arrived at its verdict, wh...

Chocolate Festival of Belize Heads Into Its Seventh Year
At the end of the month all road will be leading down south for the 7th annual Chocolate Festival of Belize. The festival will span from the 24th, to the 26th of May and Chairman of the Chocolate Festival of Belize, Dennis Garbutt spoke to Love News about what you can expect at this ye...


Belizean And Mexican National Remanded To Prison For Firearm and Ammunition Charges
Today, George Valencia, 32 year old Belizean laborer of G-Street South Corozal Town and 46 year old Mexican National Juan Alliesto Hernandez Zuniga of Chetumal Quintana Roo were charged with two counts of kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license at the Corozal Magistrates Court. As previously mentioned, on Sunday May 12th, Police were on mobile patrol when they set chase after a black F150 pickup truck driven at the time by Valencia. Travelling along with Valencia was Hernandez Zuniga and another individual of Mexican Nationality who managed to escape from police by running into some nearby bushes as the vehicle came to a stop. Reports are that before police intercepted the vehicle; the men were seen throwing a number of objects out of the pickup. The objects were later discovered to be a 9mm Beretta Pistol, three magazines: one containing fourteen 9mm rounds and two containing fifteen 9mm rounds and a black ski mask. When police visited the area the following morning along with Hernandez Zuniga and Valencia, they found one 9mm Browning Pistol along with one magazine containing thirteen 9mm live rounds. Both men were remanded until the 31st of this month.

John McAfee's Property Goes Up In Flames
Just a little over a year ago the Gang Suppression Unit entered John MacAfee’s premises located in the Village of Carmelita near the toll bridge and raided his home, busted into his research facility, killed his dog, took his passport and even placed him under arrest for weapon charges. MacAfee made the news again in November of 2012 when he was wanted for questioning into the murder of U.S National Gregory Faull which occurred in San Pedro Town. The anti virus guru is now in the U.S but today he received the bad news that two of his houses erected on the property near the toll bridge here in Orange Walk, went up in flames. According Manager of the property Noel Codd, at around 1:00pm he was informed that an empty bushy lot adjacent to MacAfee’s property was on fire. He immediately informed the Orange Walk Fire Department but by the time the fire truck arrived in the area both wooden structures and a palapa were already engulfed in flames. Noel Codd – Manager “They call me and tell me that the fire coming close to the building or one of the building was already on fire and I went straight to the fire department, I was in Orange Walk Town so I went to the fire station and reported it and they came but by the time they reached it was too late the other house had already caught fire, the second building, both of them had caught fire at the same time. Each one of those building are over BZ$250,000.00 each and they were fully furnished so we are talking about half a million dollars Belize that lost right there and unfortunately the buildings are not insured. The fire department came as we reported it they came and they are still here, they came from the time we reported it so I have to give them thanks and they did a good job and we were lucky we were right beside the river so we had more water but they came as we reported it but these house are made out of what you call trash top and they are like kerosene and wood they were gone.” According to Codd, the entire property was a step away from being sold to new investors who would have signed the purchasing contract sometime next week. Noel Codd – Manager “When the fire was happening I called Mr. McAfee, of course other people would have called him you know. I was with some investors for like a whole week and they came to purchase the property and I just got an e-mail saying that they would have purchased the property sometime next week but now it is all gone there is nothing else that we can do it is all gone. The buyers were going to purchase the property for much less that it is worth but it is gone now.” Both structures, valued at more that $250,000 each, were not insured. According to personnel from the Orange Walk Fire Department there was little they could to salvage the structures.

Did Douglas Chairman Contribute To The Destruction Of Noh Mul?
When he ran for politics back in 2012 he did not attract as much attention as the one he is getting today for the destruction of Noh Mul, one of the four largest Maya Mounds found in Northern Belize. Denny Grijalva, the Managing Director of De Mar’s Stone Company, is tonight swimming in turbulent waters as he is being chastised here at home and abroad for bulldozing more than 70 percent of the 2,300 year old Maya Mound located in Nuevo San Juan for land fill used to rehabilitate streets and roads in the Village of Douglas and other communities in Orange Walk North. Despite the fact that Grijalva has abolished himself from all responsibility, through a press release issued late yesterday evening, and practically laid the blame for the destruction of the archeological site on his company’s foreman and the chairman of Douglas Village Carlos Zetina, he is at the center of the conviction. In his unapologetic release, Grijalva stated that the Company’s Foreman had identified a site for the initial excavation of road material, but the Chairman of Douglas Village was not satisfied with the quality of material and as such he obtained permission from a landowner to extract material from his property from which material has been excavated for well over a decade. Bottom line is that the UDP politician is blaming his foreman and the Chairman of Douglas Village for the destruction of Noh Mul. So today we went looking for answers and tried to get an interview with the chairman of Douglas Village Carlos Zetina. We found him at the San Pablo R.C School where he teaches but he refused to give us an interview. All he stated was that if deemed necessary he will issue a press release sometime in the near future or will call on the media if and when he decides to given an interview.

Putting Orange Walk On The Tourism Map
Apart from the Sugar Industry, the Tourism Industry is one of the main backbones of the Belizean Economy. But here in the north tour guides and other stakeholders of the industry enjoy only a small piece of the pie due to a number of reasons. It is good to note though that the scenario is slowly changing and with the formation of BTIA Orange Walk Chapter who seeks to put the north on the tourism map, the tide is expected to shift in our favour. Giving an extra push to BTIA’s initiative is a newly launched project funded by the European Union and the Government of Belize which seeks to develop nine archaeological sites across Belize including Lamanai erected here in Orange Walk. Victor Castillo - Reporting Last night approximately seven executive members of the Northern Tour Guide Association witnessed the launching of a project which seeks to enhance nine archaeological sites including Lamanai found in the Orange Walk District. The project, funded by the European Union and the Government of Belize, seeks to promote broad based rural economic growth, reduce the incidence of poverty in rural communities, and increase household incomes and food security through tourism. According to the program’s Policy Coordinator Geraldo Flowers, one of the objectives of the project is to increase the economic opportunities in rural communities thus reducing the poverty rate by enhancing the services offered at the nine archaeological sites.

Reports Of Major Crimes Decreases In Orange Walk
Yesterday Officer in Charge of the Northern Zone, Senior Superintendent of Police Joseph Myvette, received a cheque for a thousand dollars for the best performance in reducing Major Crimes during the month of April. Minister of National Security John Saldivar also presented Myvette with a certificate with a Certificate of Award for the best performance by the Orange Walk Police Formation for the month of April. And based on the crime statistics for January to April 2013, the awards are well deserved since Orange Walk saw a reduction in major crimes for the month of April. Statistics show that there was a decrease in the number of murders and rapes committed in Orange Walk compared to 2012 while Corozal remained the same. A decrease in other crimes such as robbery and theft were also recorded for both Orange Walk and Corozal. But it’s not all good news since Orange Walk did see an increase in burglaries and carnal knowledge. Corozal on the other hand recorded a decrease in burglaries but saw an increase in carnal knowledge. The same cannot be said for other municipalities where crime statistics remained the same or increased. Of note is that the Old Capital saw the highest numbers in all major crimes from January to April but saw a decrease in robberies and burglaries in comparison to 2012.

Honouring Our Nurses
This week is being dedicated to the people whose work although significant, usually goes unappreciated. Nurses are amongst the professionals whose work, though vital, also goes unrewarded. That’s why this week is being celebrated as Nurses Week for the country’s five hundred plus nurses with a number of activities. On Tuesday, nurses at the Northern Regional Hospital celebrated their week with a special church service. Guadalupe Longworth – Regional Health Manager “This week basically we come out and give them thanks to our nurses and give them credit for all the hard work that they do and we must acknowledge that they are the back bone of the doctors, they are the back bone of all that we do and five of the gaps that we are trying to close it is an international goal and five of the gaps that we are trying to close deals with nurses and doctors with medical team. We are having our Orange Walk nurse’s week ceremony normally every year we have a day that we celebrate nurses week and nurses international is celebrated on the 26th of May but since it was mother day we decided to do it today.” Two of the problems that the NRH is seeking to eliminate have to do with malnutrition and vaccination of children underage, according to Regional Health Manager, Guadalupe Longsworth.

Mayor Bernard Denounces The Destruction Of Noh Mul
As the days go by, public out cry for the destruction of one of the largest Maya Edifice in the north, increases. Since we first broke the story on Thursday May 9th people have been commenting on the issue and tonight we can safely say that those being blamed for the destruction of Noh Mul, specifically Denny Grijalva, are being chastised. Strong worded press releases issued by various organizations condemning the actions of De’ Mar’s Stone Company owned by Grijalva have been making headlines. And from the looks of it the topic of Noh Mul will be on the media for quite sometime. Today two names were added to the already long list of disgruntled Belizeans as Mayor of Orange Walk Town Kevin Bernard and Randy Jones President of the Northern Tour Guide Association weighed in on the issue. Kevin Bernard, Mayor of OWT “I would use the word distasteful, I think it is an outrage I was very much appalled when I saw the images and in fact the day when I was at a workshop in Belmopan when we got the call that this was happening. At the same time it shows that serious level of ignorance from their part that they wouldn’t not have known, a claim to not have known that Noh Mul existed there, I myself studied history in primary school and these are things that have been thought to us so why is it that they will tell me that they didn’t know anything at all, I think it is very unfortunate and it is wrong and I believe that the people are the archaeological department , the police department they need to take serious action against those perpetuators and those who created this because we have been bruised internationally, I mean I have watched Mexican news, BBC news, NBC news all of these things we look very bad internationally as a people because how can we allow our culture heritage to go like that I mean it is sad to say that somebody right from Orange Walk a company responsible that has destroyed our own Orange Walk heritage and I think it is wrong and it needs to be dealt with and if I was the law I would have taken it to the very length.”

Developing A Master Plan For the North
The first phase of the Belize Municipal Development Project, BMDP, saw the rehabilitation of three streets in Orange Walk: Tangerine, Avilez and San Ignacio Streets. Currently plans are underway for the second phase of the project to commence which will see the restoration of the Orange Walk Central Park. The 30 million dollar project, funded by the Government of Belize through a thirty million dollars loan from the World Bank and implemented by the Social Investment Fund, has four components: infrastructure, revenue enhancement, capacity building and the development of the municipal growth plan. In order for the fourth component to be carried out, a local planning group was formed in all seven municipalities that currently benefit from the BMDP. Today members of the local planning group from both the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts along with members of the Ministry of Natural Resources and other organizations met at the Banquitas House of Culture to formulate the master developmental plan for the north. Kevin Bernard, Mayor of OWT “This morning what we are doing we have put together both the two local planning working groups from Corozal District and the Orange Walk District who have come together in a cluster workshop, cluster meeting to discuss the way forward in terms of the municipal development plans that we are set out to achieve through the VNDP project and it is very important to understand that the people that we have put together in our various planning working groups stems from the town, people from the community, people from the town and so we have the councillors on board as well, people with different ideas and different expertise and so the idea here is to get people on board that would be able to come up with ideas and plans that we want to see Orange Walk within the next ten, twenty, fifty years. The investment that have been placed in today we have the team from IUD, the consultancy firm as well as representation from the Ministry of Natural Resources, from the lands and survey department planning section especially, that would assist these local planning working groups in achieving these goals and setting up these plans but they are not the ones doing the plans it is us the community members that will work in developing that plan, they are just basically going to guide us along the process and I want to welcome whoever in Orange Walk Town as well that would be willing be part of this and a broader committee of this local planning working group to come up with ideas, to come up with plans that we think would benefit Orange Walk Town in the longer run.”


Grandson of late popular musician murdered
In a few weeks time, it will have been three years since legendary brukdown musician Wilfred Peters died at 79 in June of 2010. While his death was peaceful and he was rightfully honored by all Belizeans, the family today mourns a more tragic and sudden loss, his grandson,...

Chinese businessman murdered by worker
One hour before Wilfred Peters III’s death, Hattieville police were dealing with a murder of their own. At the KHMH in Belize City, the body of businessman 42 year old Wei Tao Liu, 42, was observed with apparent injuries to the back of his head. He was at his...

Dead body was discovered on the outskirts of Belize City
The body of a 22 year old was found on the outskirts of Belize City. On Tuesday night, acting upon a tip, Police visited an area between Miles 25 and 26 on the Phillip Goldson Highway. There, they discovered the body of a Biscyane resident, Angel Chiac. Chiac’s body...

Shooting in Belize City Thursday evening
There are reports coming in of a shooting incident that happened in Belize City this evening. Details are still sketchy at this time but we know the incident happened on Flamboyant street. We understand that two persons were shooting at each other on that street and both received gunshot...

PNP condemns demolition of Noh Mul
The vocal agitation surrounding the destruction of Noh Mul continues. Today, the People’s National Party has come out to condemn the demolition of the archeological site, saying, “We consider this an act of sacrilege against all indigenous people, especially the Mayan community, and the entire nation and people of...

Dr John Morris comments on Noh Mul desecration
Last night, we brought you the story of an ancient Mayan civilization in the Capital City, which now sits under private development. This is a little known fact, but was brought to our attention by former Mayor of Belmopan, Anthony Chanona. He brought us a letter, written by him,...

Members have issues with Albert Street Taxi Union
Last month the men of the Albert Street Taxi Union were tangling with City Hall concerning their parking spaces on Albert Street in the wake of the renovation of Battlefield Park. That has been resolved but now there is concern of internal wrangling in the union with regard to...

Some UB students are being overcharged for courses
Today adjunct professor at the University of Belize Patrick Menzies and students of his Management Information Systems class at UB released details of what they believe is continued misinformation and misrepresentation of credit transfer policy between the University and junior colleges, resulting in students paying thousands of extra dollars...

Guatemalan farmer jailed after being caught in the Chiquibul Forest with unlicensed weapons
A Guatemalan farmer will spend the next ten years in a Belizean jail cell, after he was caught in the Chiquibul Forest with unlicensed weapons. 55 year old Salome Ramirez, was one of two men who tried to flee from Belizean authorities on Tuesday night; he, along with another...

Belize City resident robbed by men claiming to be Police
A Belize City resident says he was knocked over the head and robbed by men claiming to be Police. The 27 year old electrician says that around 12am on Wednesday, he was driving his SUV on Euphrates Avenue, and when he reached the intersection of Euphrates Avenue and King...

Burglars target Palotti High School
Burglars targeted the Palotti High School sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. They broke into the administration office and stole close to $2,000. The monies stolen were students’ graduation fees.

Two men in jail following armed robbery of fruit vendors
Two men, one of whom is an eighteen year old student, are tonight behind bars, after they allegedly robbed three fruit vendors at gun point. It happened just before 6 o’clock on Tuesday night, when a fruit vendor, along with two friends, who work with him, were standing on...

Men detained after car chase charged with firearm offences
Earlier this week, two men were detained after a high speed chase with Police that resulted in the discovery of a number of weapons. Those men, Belizean George Valenica and Mexican national Juan Alberto Hernandez have since been formally charged, with two counts of kept firearm and ammunition without...

Diesel price increases
Motorists will have to dig a bit deeper into their pockets, as the cost of diesel takes a slight increase. As of today, the cost per gallon of diesel is now $10.23, that’s a thirty-two cents rise.


Education Seen as Best Cure for Maya Destruction
The assistant manager of the Belize Natural History Centre (NHC) said that while worldwide condemnation and anger surrounding last week’s destruction of the ancient Maya pyramid at Nohmul in northern Belize is understandable and even healthy, the time has come to move on to finding solutions to prevent a repeat of the tragedy. Brion Young, who is also a naturalist guide at The Lodge at Chaa Creek, which sponsors the NHC, said he believes that education is the key to preserving Belize’s rich Maya heritage. “It’s only natural that all Belizeans are incensed with this wanton destruction of our Maya heritage. Our children’s children and literally millions of future visitors to Belize have been robbed of the chance to experience a magnificent part of Belize’s past. “However, we now need to move on to developing solutions and putting systems in place to ensure this never happens again,” Mr Young said, “and education is the key to this. That’s something that Chaa Creek and the NHC has always promoted, and we’ll be ramping up our efforts in this area.” Mr Young said that the NHC was founded as a way to showcase the natural and cultural history of this tiny Central American country on the Caribbean Sea as well as display some of the many Maya artefacts found in the Chaa Creek area, which was a major agricultural and trade centre for the ancient Maya.

“On the Floor” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Spent some time yesterday morning exchanging emails with Benny’s firming up on the appliances Rose and I have chosen for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. Pleased to say that following this exchange we have decided what we want for both the (our) kitchen on the First Floor and for the kitchen in the Ground Floor self-contained apartment. Prices agreed and Benny’s will hold the goods ‘in store’ until we are ready to take delivery of them. I now just need to provide them with proof of my acceptance in to the “QRP” ( so that import duty is not applied) and arrange payment (ouch). Oh, and organise arrangements for a barge to get them to Ambergris Caye. Next job for Rose and I now is to choose the TVs we would like, get prices from Benny’s and compare these to buying on-line (and arranging/paying for shipping) from the States. I then sent an email to Excess International (the company we are using to ship the household goods and personal effects we put in to storage before we left the UK) to establish if they can deliver direct to Ambergris Caye as opposed to Belize City.

John McAfee Belize Property Up in Flames
Worth over half a million dollars, the main structures on the John McAfee estate in Carmelita, Orange Walk are now ashes as a result of a nearby bushfire lit on the adjoining property. Uninsured, the fire started at 1:00 this afternoon rapidly spreading throughout the compound. Two years ago, the GSU found an arsenal of guns and ammunition for a small army on the compound.

International Sources

Globetrotting: Belize – May 2013
The sun is hot, in that Central America kind of way, but it’s the soft drizzle that’s pestering, like the ubiquitous mosquitos. Insects, I can surprisingly handle, but the rain is a monkey wrench for my perfectly planned excursion at Caracol. Not only is it Belize’s most popular attraction, it’s a major Maya archaeological site in the Cayo District, covering approximately 30 square miles and one of the best-kept ruins to date. Additionally, and what excites me most, Caracol is one of the best-preserved astronomical observatories—it points to the equinox and solstice. What further makes Caracol a gem is the little foot traffic: Belize only gets half a million visitors a year. Thrilled from my adventure and running on a natural high, I arrive back at my resort only to find another monkey wrench, this time in the form of an iPhone. I left mine at the archaeological site. A disheartening moment, I inform the staff of the resort but have already accepted the fact that I will never see my phone again. It’s not until a few hours later that I get the news my phone was found and would be sent to my hotel the next afternoon. Staff had made various calls to park rangers, one of whom discovered it untouched, held onto it, then had it delivered to me the next day. While this is reflective of the unforgettable staff, it speaks volumes for the people of Belize.

10 Best Wildlife Travel Adventures
1. Belize:Located on the northeastern coast of Central America, Belize is brimming with unique and exciting wildlife. There are approximately 145 species of mammals, 139 species of reptiles and amphibians, and over 500 species of birds that call the Latin American country home. Belize contains remarkable protected parks and coastal cays abundant with indigenous wildlife. To see some of Belize’s rarest animals, such as Baird’s tapirs and scarlet macaws, a tour guide is required, but many exotic animals can be spotted all around the tropical paradise. Swim with sharks and stingrays in the crystal-clear Caribbean waters, and make sure to visit the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, which is recognized internationally as the world’s first jaguar preserve.

VIDEO: 1 Day in Paradise -- Scuba Skydiving. Gulliver Page.
There's only one thing that's better than scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, and that's skydiving from a helicopter, releasing your parachute just above the water, swimming down to the bottom to get your tank and then scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. This is Scuba Skydiving.

Scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change
A comprehensive analysis of peer-reviewed articles on the topic of global warming and climate change has revealed an overwhelming consensus among scientists that recent warming is human-caused.

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