Sharks & Rays, a new film release from Dive Into Your Imagination for the home, school, and retail markets, takes you on a journey to discover the wonders of sharks and rays. Underwater photographer, filmmaker and ocean explorer, Annie Crawley takes you on a high definition adventure around the world documenting these amazing creatures.

Sharks & Rays, shares with you the biology of these elasmobranchs and engages you with complex information in easy to understand language woven into interesting stories about these creatures. Exclusive footage will have you diving with schooling hammerhead sharks, observing manta rays feeding, nurse sharks entering a state of tonic immobility, plus you will experience the first Shark Sanctuary in the world while diving in the blue waters of Palau. This program takes you on a journey to discover sharks and rays around the world. Whale sharks, hammerheads, great white sharks, electric rays, manta rays, reef sharks, mako sharks, dozens of species of sharks and rays from around our world’s ocean are explored in this program.

The importance of sharks in the world can in no way be understated. People are often terrified of these animals because of misinformation. Sharks & Rays shares with you how sharks and rays move, what they eat, what makes these animals similar and different plus shares some of the threats they are facing.

Sharks & Rays showcases spectacular up-close underwater footage, with shark information suitable for young and old. Created and narrated by Annie Crawley, a team of underwater photographers and filmmakers contributed to this work including famous shark filmmakers Bill Fisher, Joe Romeiro, Tom Osborn, Nick Martorano, Pascal Kobeh, Amos Nachoum, and Marty Snyderman. The film was sponsored in part by Sam’s Tours in Palau, Shark Diving International, and DivEncounters.

The underwater scenes include expeditions to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Belize, Galapagos, Mexico, Malpelo, Cocos, California, Rhode Island, and more. You will want to share this over and over as you learn about the magical world of sharks and rays.

Says Annie: “Filming sharks and rays excites me as there is so much still to be learned and discovered. There are more than 500 species of sharks and 700 species of rays from cold water to the tropics, shallow water to the deep sea. This film was produced to share with you the fascinating life of sharks and rays, hoping you will love and respect them as I do. We protect what we love. Many species of sharks and rays may go extinct within our lifetime if we don’t change the way we interact with these animals. It is my responsibility as a filmmaker to entertain and educate.”

Sharks & Rays is the first of several shark and ray films being released by Dive Into Your Imagination. Look for Great Whites, Hammerheads, Mantas & More and Explore Galapagos, Dive Into Biodiversity coming soon. If you would like to include images with your article, please contact us for web or print images.

Photographer, Filmmaker, Producer Annie Crawley

Annie Crawley, CEO of Dive Into Your Imagination, has spent the past 20 years living and working around the world.  As an award winning producer, photographer and motivational speaker, Annie photographs and produces programs about life on our planet, specializing in our ocean. Trained as a journalist, with a corporate as well as a non-profit background, her recent work includes books, educator guides, DVDs, films, cartoon characters from the Adventures of Ocean Annie series, and a series of eBooks designed for the iPad® available on the iBookstore. Annie is a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame and is the Camp Director of Beach Camp at Sunset Bay in Edmonds, WA. As the founder of Dive Into Your Imagination, her mission is to promote an understanding about ecological systems to create a sustainable human relationship for a healthy Ocean. Dive Into Your Imagination is changing the way the next generation views the ocean and themselves. Annie is available for interviews and speaking engagements. Contact us today. Phone: 805-453-1947

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Sharks & Rays Credits

Filmed, Written, Narrated by Annie Crawley

Editor Justin Bergeron
Justin Bergeron edited Sharks &Rays. Bergeron has more than fifteen years experience producing, filming and editing award-winning projects in the film, television and corporate video industries and specializes in HD & digital cinema production. He has managed a wide array of projects for clients including Lucasfilm, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures & Walden Media.

During his career he has filmed projects in over twenty countries, including such challenging locals as Egypt, Papua New Guinea, and South Africa. 

Some of Bergeron’s career highlights include working with acclaimed filmmakers while playing a variety of creative, technical or supervisory roles in projects including, “Star Wars, Episode III”, “Journey to the Center of the Earth, 3-D”, and “The Blue Realm”.
Says Bergeron, “Working with Annie on the latest programs in the Dive Into Your Imagination series was a privilege as well as great fun. Natural history documentaries are among my favorite to work on and Annie’s genuine passion for the oceans and the various creatures that inhabit them comes through in an easy to understand and entertaining way that is enjoyable for audiences young and old.”

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Bill Fisher & Joe Romeiro
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