Brand new solar panels that are perfect for grid-tie or off-grid applications. Both models operate at 35+/- volts and are about 77" X 39". The Suntech are Grade A, perfect in all respects. The JA Solar are considered Grade B because of slightly misaligned cells or tiny scratches on the frame or glass. They look fine and put out full power. I personally cannot see any flaws. Both panels passed the German TUV tests for salt spray location. Both have 25 year factory warranties on the power output and 10 years on workmanship, but I'm really not in a position to handle warranty issues. I will guarantee that the panels are fully functional with no defects. Test before you pay.
I can deliver and help install for a modest charge. I will be bringing some Xantrex charge controllers and inverters next month.
$450 USD for the Suntech.
$385 USD for the JA Solar. BZ dollars are fine.

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