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Today's Belize News: May 19, 2013 #464652
05/19/13 06:02 AM
05/19/13 06:02 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: Thank you from ACES
ACES/ American Crocodile Education Sanctuary ACES would like to thank The Belize Audubon Society (BAS) for coming to the rescue of an 9 1/2 ft problematic Morelet’s Crocodile in Crooked Tree last Friday. BAS immediately called ACES after capturing the croc before locals could kill it after the croc ate a local pet. ACES Volunteer, Evan Sims, responded and the croc is being monitored in a holding pen at ACES in Ladyville. After the tragic torturing of a croc last week in San Pedro, it is a great reward that locals helped to save a croc in another part of the country. Additionally, ACES applauds The Belize Forest Department, The Belize Tourism Police, Captain Mike of the ‘Thunderbolt’, Saga Humane Society and WildTracks for their critical roles in the expedited rescue of an illegally captive Yucatan Spider Monkey the morning of May 14th. Only by working together can we protect the species for future generations.

SPTC celebrates teachers and nurses
On Thursday night, teachers from the various schools on Ambergris Caye, along with the nurses from the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro PolyClinic II came together at the R. A. Nuñez Auditorium to be feted by the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC). In honor of Teachers’ Day and Nurses’ Week, a celebration is held to show appreciation for the hard working teachers and health care providers of our island. Speaking at the event was Minister of Tourism & Culture, Manuel Heredia Jr. He thanked all teachers for their contribution to society, molding the minds of the upcoming generations while also showing compassion, giving of their extra time in an effort to make a difference. Mayor Daniel Guerrero also spoke of the work of teachers, expounding on the merits of discipline. He called on all teachers to ensure that while teaching to ensure that discipline was a part of their daily curriculum. Guerrero asked that teachers help the community to ensure that “we do not lose a generation”, by speaking up, and showing children the right way.

Misc Belizean Sources

Pouring concrete the old-fashioned way: by bucket
A broken concrete pumper truck didn’t stop members of New Horizons from pouring concrete at the construction site of Trial Farm Government School May 15. Originally, a concrete pumper truck was scheduled to pour concrete into the stay-in-place concrete wall system the week prior. However, the electrical circuit of that truck burned up after pouring 68 cubic yards of concrete. The only truck available to finish the job was a concrete pumper truck with an inoperable hydraulic boom. The construction project required an additional 33 cubic yards of concrete to be poured in the walls in order to continue construction of the classrooms and keep the project on schedule. To finish the job, the New Horizons team would need to use a little bit of creativity and sweat equity to pour the concrete using the resources they had available. Many members of New Horizons volunteered to lend a hand to pour concrete by bucket to include members of the Belize Defence Force, the New Horizons construction team from Ladyville Technical High School, and the New Horizons support staff including members from the legal office, civil affairs, the tactical operations center and public affairs.

Fox Update at BWRC
The Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic has rehabed the fox they've been taking care of for a few weeks. He's got a healthy check up, and has gained a lot of weight. Good luck, Foxy. "Foxy has moved out of the rather busy clinic, into our first rehab enclosure in the private protected area across the street! A few pic to document..."

Bishop Martin Visits SIPL
Bishop O.P. Martin primary school had some storytelling sessions during Education Week, courtesy of the San Ignacio Public Library. "The classes of Infant 1 and 2; Standard 4 and 5 visited the SIPL as part of education week. Activities included a talk about the importance of libraries, how to handle a book and much more. They had a great library visit."

Sign: Help Us Keep La Isla Bonita Safe
This Crime Stoppers sign was created by Gecko Graphics and I used it on my large signs around town. CLICK HERE for a downloadable version, a 70kb PDF


Orange Walkenos Speak Out On Destruction Of Maya Site
Since the destruction of the Maya Mound in Nuevo San Juan is the main topic of discussion to date, today we hit the streets of town an obtained the reaction of Orange Walkenos on the matter. Concerned Resident “Realmente es un caso que para mí no tiene ningún sentido en la cual hacerlo no, porque es el patrimonio del país y al mismo tiempo es una belleza de mostrar como país del mundo Maya y ahora como se destruyó es una vergüenza y no tiene precio porque ese patrimonio estuvo haya por anos.” Amada Balam – August Pine Ridge “A mi parece que no está bueno porque es algo arqueológico y ellos no tienen por qué destruirlo.” Seferino Flores – Concerned Resident “Pues como dicen golpe pegado ni dios lo quita ya está hecho. Pues en todo debe de hacer su trabajo y ser parejo no solo en la ruina pero en todo debe de hacer su trabajo la ley hacia se debe hacer pero si al él le aplican la ley y al otro no se lo aplican entonces no está bien Lorena Torres – Concerned Resident “Pues fue triste porque fue un trabajo de mucho tiempo de los Mayas haciéndolo de nuestros ancestros.” Magdalena- – Concerned Resident “No es correcto lo que hicieron porque es patrimonio y deben de cuidarlo y eso en todo trae beneficio para el país porque así los turistas pueden venir a ver y es algo que no se debe destruir y yo no digo que se deben de hacer con ellos.” Oscar– Concerned Resident “La reserve que Belice mantiene debería respetar porque es algo grande para el país, porque el puesto Belice es un puesto de turismo y lo que hicieron es una ignorancia.” Nichole Hamilton – Concerned Resident “I think that they should be criminally charge whose ever was responsible because that is part of our history and legacy an for the next generation what is left of the Maya ruin and it is very unfair for us who are particularly interested in our history and the archaeologist who are upcoming and the ones already here studying it.” As mentioned at the top of the newscast, investigation into the destruction is ongoing and charges are expected to be levied soon.

Incumbent Chairman Seeks Re-election
Last Sunday, the first phase of the Village Council Elections was held in the entire country of Belize. Here in the Orange Walk District, the United Democratic Party had a clean sweep in the villages of Trinidad, San Lazaro, and Trial Farm while in the village of Chan Pine Ridge, the village council was formed by a UDP Chairman, five UDP Councilors and one PUP Councilor. In the Corozal District, the race was more even-handed; the PUP had a clean sweep in the Corozal South East constituency which is considered to be the strong hold of the Hon. Florencio Marin Jr. Villages such as Ranchito, Calcutta, and San Joaquin all went blue. The villages of San Pedro, Cristo Rey, Yo Chen, and Carolina however, all went red. The second part of the village council elections will be held this Sunday May 19th, in the villages of San Pablo, Yo Creek, San Roman Rio Hondo, and Palmar here in the Orange Walk District. Today we when spoke to the incumbent Chairman of Palmar Village, Orlando Balam, who is now seeking re-election, he told us why he is the best person to serve his community. Orlando Balam, Chairman of Palmar Village “Yo creo que es algo muy importante yendo visitando a la gente de casa en casa, veo de que las personas tienen la confianza de que uno tengo la experiencia, por seis años he estado trabajando en la aldea, tres años lo he hecho como tesorero, tres años como alcalde y realmente han visto el interés, el tiempo que tengo para poder servir a la aldea bien y hacer lo que debo de hacer como alcalde. Creo que uno de las cosas que nos va a llevar y la gente han puesto esa confianza es la experiencia que tengo como chairman y han visto de que lucho para lograr lo poco que he logrado pero lo he logrado con la unidad de la aldea y eso es de adonde yo me baso y paso mi tiempo en demostrarle a la aldea de que ese es la única forma que nuestras aldea va a prosperar y que unidos podemos lograr mucho, hemos logrado abrir una oficina, hemos logrado comenzar con el waste management control, hemos empezado a trabajar con el Mayor que es algo muy importante que yo creo que la amistad con el vamos a poder lograr componer las calle.”

Grijalva Says His Company Should Be Fined
By now the name of Denny Grijalva is probably being mentioned in most households across Belize. But just in case you don’t know who we are talking about, which is highly unlikely since his name has been plastered all over the local and international media, he and his company, De Mar’s, are being pinpointed as the main perpetrators of the destruction of a 2,330 year old Maya Mound that lies in the middle of a cane field in Nuevo San Juan, Orange Walk. Grijalva has exonerated himself from all responsibility and has out rightly blamed his foreman Javier Nunez and the Chairman of Douglas Carlos Zetina for the demolishing of the Noh Mul Maya Site from which material was extracted to rehabilitate streets in the Village of Douglas. But today, in a twist of events, the Foreman of De Mar’s Stone Company, Javier Nunez, also washed his hands of all culpability and held Chairman Zetina responsible for the demolition of the Noh Mul complex. Here is what he told Love F.M. Javier Nunez- Foreman De Mar’s Stone Company “I would like to emphasize that this ruin has been broken from about fifteen years now and it has been done by the ministry of works and other private contractors so what you see on the TV that we did, we met that like that, I am not trying to justify what happened, people feel very proud about it and very good about it but it happened but there are other facts that people need to know. For example, when you go and do this types of jobs in the villages to service villages, the contractor has nearly any control over nearly anything but do the job, the village will take you where you will mine the material, they tell you where you will eat, and they run the whole show you just go and you know what to do. We took our equipment to Petrojam, the pit from Petrojam, the chairman of the village was not happy with that type of material and he steered the equipment to the ruin, personally we were not aware when this was happening then, so when we found out about it we stop the operation, personally, I did know at the point that the equipment was taken to this particular road to be specific.”

Week 24 Of 2012/2013 Crop Shows Increase In Sugar Production
Tonight our weekly crop review continues to show an increase in sugar production. To date one million thirty two thousand one hundred and twenty tons of cane has been milled by the factory, producing one hundred and twelve thousand seven hundred and thirty three tons of sugar. Here is our weekly crop review. Carmelita Perez - Reporting Week 24 of the 2012/2013 sugar cane crop season began on May 8th and ended on May 14th 2013. So far the factory has milled a total of one million thirty two thousand one hundred and twenty tons of cane. That’s sixty seven thousand and fifty three tons more compared to last year when nine hundred and sixty five thousand sixty seven tons of cane was milled during the 24 weeks of crop. For this week alone the factory milled thirty nine thousand seven hundred and four tons of cane. Taking a look at sugar production one hundred and twelve thousand seven hundred and thirty three tons of the sweetener has been produced so far. Compared to last year, its eight thousand eight hundred sixty six tons more when one hundred and three thousand eight hundred sixty seven tons of sugar was produced. This week’s sugar production stood at four thousand nine hundred fifty four tons.

Teacher Minerva Castillo Bestowed Pre-Primary Level Award
Last night the nation’s outstanding educators were honored for their history of long time service to the country’s children. The 2012 – 2013 Outstanding Teachers and School Leaders of the Year Award took place in Belize City and the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts and as is customary a number of outstanding teachers, representing pre-primary, primary, Tertiary, the special Education Teacher, the Technical and Vocational Teacher and the School Leaders Awards were handed out. The selection process was not easy, as each district nominated four teachers to compete for the prestigious titles. From there, a special committee selected the best teachers from among the finalists. Tonight we are proud to note that among the awardees is a teacher from Orange Walk Town. Mrs. Minerva Castillo, from La Inmaculada R. C. School, was bestowed the Pre-Primary Level Award. Castillo is described as being an enthusiastic, dynamic and creative teacher when it comes to the delivery of her lessons. Apart from always being willing to assist her colleagues, she always encourages her students to do their best. As a humble person, Castillo has gained the respect and the admiration of her students and fellow colleagues. We were unable to speak with Castillo today since she is away on a trip celebrating Teachers Day. We will do our best to speak with her on Monday. Congratulations also go out to Teresita Canto of Buttonwood Bay Nazarene Belize District who received the Primary Level Award, Giovanni Pinelo from Mount Carmel High School in the Cayo District who was bestowed the Secondary Level Award, Cecilia Smith from Stella Maris in the Belize District who received the Special Education Teacher Award and Rene Allen from ITVET in the Belize District who was awarded the Technical Vocational Teacher Award. Silvaana Udz received the award for Tertiary Level while the award for the category one Pre-Primary and Primary Level was given to Carolyn Betson from Unity Presbyterian Primary School in the Belize District. And last but not least the Outstanding School Leader was bestowed to Brenda Armstrong from Wesley College in the Belize District.

Investigation On Destruction Of Noh Mul Continues
The investigation on the destruction of one of the temples in the more than 2000 year old Mayan Archaeological Site, Noh Mul, continues and today members of the Archaeological Department were in Orange Walk where they submitted their final report to the police officers who are heading the investigation in order to ensure that person or persons involved be prosecuted with the full extent of the law. The topic has caused mix emotions across the country and today the public’s outcry continues. Today we spoke to Orange Walk East Area Representative Honorable Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez, who shared his sentiments on the socially debated topic. Hon. Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez, Area Rep. O/W East “Bueno es una situación muy emocional lo que sucedió y claro uno se puede dejar por la frustración y por saber de qué han pisoteado una historia en nuestro país tan sagrada con tantos años de que tenía esta ruina y estamos hablando de casi 2000 mil años ya, el haberlo destruido de esta manera y traer estas maquinarias como para no importarle lo que es el significado en cuanto a nuestro ante pasado, en cuanto a nuestra historia, en cuanto a nuestra forma que hemos estado trascendiendo en la vida es algo imperdonable ya y realmente me da náuseas y frustrado por lo que hicieron.” Irvin Aragon – Repórter “Hemos escuchado muchas críticas en términos a lo que sucedió y mucha gente habla y dice que supuestamente la tierra que se estuvo escavando es la mejor tierra para hacer este tipo de trabajo de rellenar los caminos y aún más todavía unos llaman y dicen que el lugar no estuvo bien señalado entonces cuál es su reacción a esto para aqueas personas que dicen es un accidente, todos cometemos errores y veamos que esto no vuelva a suceder.” Hon. Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez, Area Rep. O/W East “Bueno como es la mejor tierra para hacer la calles entonces empecemos a derrumbar a Lamanai y a todos los templos más grandes y usemos esas tierras para rellenar esas calles es ridículo pues y es ridículo”

BHOC Celebrates International Museum Day
International Museum Day is a celebration held every year on or around May 18th. The event is coordinated by the International Council Of Museums with the aim of providing museums across the world with the opportunity to meet with the public and alert them as to the challenges that museums face. Yesterday the Banquitas House of Culture here in Orange Walk, joined hands with the rest of the world in celebration of International Museums Day celebrated under the theme “Memory Plus Creativity Equals Social Change”. Yvette Torres – coordinator of the Banquitas House of culture. “Today we are celebrating international museum day and we have focus today as an open day and with that we have a lecture which is based on the Caste War and it influence on Northern Belize and today we have visitors from the Trial Farm government school and they are going to be coming in for the whole day to visit and tour our museum whereby we have permanent exhibit which has our history or Orange Walk and what the museum has to offer, you know, the knowledge, the information, our history so this day we are creating an awareness of our existence and what we have to offer, what we are and the way forward.”

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Tracie Young for Councilor
I would like to take this opportunity to say that I, Tracie Nadine Young, have made the decision to run for this year’s village council election to hold a seat as one of the six councilors in office. This decision was made 10 years ago, unfortunately i was not ready to hold any position then as i was not as educated or informed on how to run an island. I now believe that this is the right time for me to take that step. I welcome any advise from my peers and anyone who has more knowledge on the processes in an election and running of the island. I do have a home, family and a personal life to attend to but Caye Caulker is my home. It is a priority and a privilage to serve this island and its people. I urge everyone to come out on June 16th and vote, vote for people who are willing to work for the betterment of the island and its people. We are made up of many cultures, colors, sizes, characters etc… and we need to learn to work together. I can have countless things to say about past and present councils but the fact remains i can only speak for myself. About how i am willing to fight for the island for the children for the people for what i believe in. I know that it is not an easy task but everything worth fighting for is never easy. And we learn from the past what is good and what can be made better. Vote for me, give me a chance to prove my intentions are pure.

Re: Today's Belize News: May 19, 2013 [Re: Marty] #464653
05/19/13 06:02 AM
05/19/13 06:02 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

More News: Scroll up from here

The Belize Times

No More Noh Mul! – UDP Politician Destroys 2,300 Year Old Mayan Site
In a rushed and shameless attempt to carry out late and last minute repairs to village roads in order to win votes in the upcoming village council elections, a UDP politician’s construction company desecrated a world-recognised Mayan site. An entire week after Denny Grijalva’s heavy-duty equipment was caught by CTV-3 News of Orange Walk clawing desperately into the 2,300 year old Mayan mound known as Noh Mul for the removal of limestone, no one has been detained nor charged. It appears that because this case involves a UDP politician and because the embattled Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega is implicated, the wheels of justice are barely turning. There has been global outrage at the act. Countless international news agencies, from CNN to Fox News, NBC and National Geographic, have reported on the incident, accusing Belizeans of having lost respect for the kind of cultural heritage treated as treasures elsewhere.

Police shoot to kill
The Police Department has launched an investigation into the shooting death of Rasheed Elijio who was killed by a Police Officer while reportedly attempted to escape. On Friday May 10th, Elijio was being ...

Cultural Genocide Strike 2!!
The destruction of Noh Mul is déjà vu for the UDP. They have been found guilty of the exact crime before. Double jeopardy plays no role here. Attacking cultural heritage is like attacking an entire people, their history and significance. Guatemalan President Rios Montt was just convicted and sentenced to 80 plus years for that kind of crime. It is definitely genocide of another kind. The UDP is guilty of that. Twice now. Back in 1998, the same Noh Mul was targeted by another UDP politico. Back then Ambassador for life Alfredo Martinez was the man “bringing down the hatchet” on Mayan history, so to speak. As UDP candidate in Orange Walk North, Martinez hired a contractor who rammed into an important Noh Mul structure and excavated away, again to use the material for road fill. It is now clearly dangerously pathological. Can the UDP explain how it didn’t know that it was Noh Mul when they have committed the same crime at the same crime scene before?

By G. Michael Reid. A bigot is a blinkered, narrow-minded person, usually also very intolerant and unable to see anyone else’s point of view. People can be bigoted about things that have nothing to do with race, for example, religion or sexual orientation. A prime example would be Archie Bunker from the old television sitcom “All in the Family.” ~Wikipedia Belize is a melting pot of many different races, cultures and lifestyles. We currently exist in a state of what might be considered relative harmony. It was not always that way. I have always felt that the greatest accomplishments of our late leader George Price, was his ability to hold this mangled mess together and steer us from colonialism to our state of “jerry-built” Independence. It could not have been very easy. As it is, we are very much a polarized nation, deeply divided along religious, philosophical and in particular political lines. We are governed by a Constitution which affirms “that the Nation of Belize shall be founded upon principles which acknowledge the supremacy of GOD…” Considering our attitudes toward others and the types of crimes and gross indiscretions of late, one would be hard-pressed to convince anyone of any such thing. Belize started out as a settlement of ragtag pirates and a few slaves. They subsequently turned to the harvesting of the rich mahogany and logwood trees that they found growing in the area. They pushed inland as far as the Rio Hondo and established parameters for what would become this “tranquil haven” of “wealth untold”. Of course, from early in our existence, our neighbor to the west has been violating the tenth commandment and “coveting” all that we hold to be ours.

The sentiments of all right-thinking Belizeans have been expressed in superlatives and sometimes expletives, as we are disgusted by the “Talibanistic” destruction of a two thousand year old Mayan building. A priceless part of our national soul has been irreparably gouged by the actions of this group of UDP plunderers. Our agony has been amplified to produce undiluted venom towards this heinous act. The unexplainable stupidity, greed and laziness is going to be sustained by the international humiliation, which looms over our country. It is difficult to rank the desecration of Noh Mul, amongst the unforgivable political and cultural sins of Belizean History but it is safe to say that the loss of Noh Mul is as bad as the tomb raiding of the crystal skull which was found in Belize by Anna Hedges at Lubaantun. On a comparative local scale of un-retractable historical losses, Noh Mul’s bulldozing is our idiot secured version of the pillaging of the Egyptian pyramids. To think that we have forever lost the incalculable benefit of this Mayan archeological site because a UDP politician wanted to build a road is mind boggling. A road? And to add insult to injury that the reason for the road was to win the smallest level of elections i.e. village council. This is simply unbelievable. At a very important time in the Mayan lifecycle which recently marked the end of the 2012 mayan calendar, this is how the Government respects the rich culture of the mayans. Fresh on the heels of the “year of the Maya” and the dawn of the new “baktun”, the largest Mayan Monument in Northern Belize, the very ceremonial center of Noh Mul was ravaged for road fill. Unfathomable.

Jury acquits man of rape charge
A jury of 6 men and 3 women deliberated for about 2 hours and 15 minutes yesterday in the court of Justice Herbert Lord before it found Brian Smith, 35, not guilty of rape. The jury’s verdict was not unanimous. It was in ...

22 yr. old walks from Murder charge for second time
On Friday evening, May 11, 22 year old John Chessman, beat a second murder rap when a jury of 8 women and 4 men found him not guilty of the murders of Karen ...

Oceana No Limits & CYDP win back to back in interoffice basketball
Oceana No Limits enjoyed their 3rd win 106-103 over the Department of Youth Services on Saturday night. Greg “Chippy” Rudon led with 36 points while Jacob “Snake” Leslie added 24 ...

Belize’s Rigo Vellos excels in UK Hercules Olympia
In his first attempt to put Belize’s bodybuilding talent on the world map, Mr. Belize Rigo Vellos did a spectacular job. Rigo competed in the Hercules Olympia held in Colchester, London on Saturday, May ...

Police United vs. FC Belize in finals
FC Belize will host Police United in Game 1 of the 2013 Premier League of Belize football championship finals at the MCC Garden on Sunday, May 19. FC Belize upset the No. 1 seed, Belmopan Bandits, 1-0 in Game 1 of the semifinals and shut them out 0-0 in Game 2 to eliminate the defending champs at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan last Saturday night.

Ministry of Natural Resources continues assault on Public lands in Dangriga
The Ministry of Natural Resources continues to assault and victimize the people of Dangriga Town. On Tuesday 7 May 2013 at about 5:45 PM The Dangriga Town Council confirmed that one Mr. Kelly of Sittee River, without any consultation, was surveying the prime piece of property, Parcel # 1217, situated on Front Street, on the beach north of the Carl Ramos Football Stadium, east of the Ignacia Cacho Library and South of the Dugu Temple within the Juan Lambey Institute Parcel. This maneuver, the Dangriga Town Council believe, is a deliberate attempt by the UDP Central Government to further punish the people of Dangriga and in so doing continue to deprive the residents of Dangriga of their fundamental rights to earn a living. This sustained onslaught will further plunge the residents into poverty. Furthermore, this is clearly a case of political and cultural isolation, and an assault on fundamental human rights of the people of Dangriga. This Policy and agenda will therefore further marginalize and keep the residents of Dangriga dispossessed. In 2002 this property Parcel # 1217 was surveyed by the Dangriga Town Council and an Application for Grant of National Land was lodged at the Ministry of Natural Resources on 7 February 2002, File # 759/02. Since that time subsequent Councils have sought to finalize this transaction with a view to provide the infrastructure for Tourism and Economic Development for the people of Dangriga. Despite the efforts of this Council, the Ministry of Natural Resources continuously denied the people of the Title to this Property. Similar to how the people were denied of property on the Foot of the main bridge spanning the North Stann Creek River. Reportedly, the reason why the People and Town Council are denied is because the United Democratic Party (UDP) aided by Central Government plans to build a Headquarters for the UDP Executive Dangriga Branch there.

Fathers And Homosexuals – What’s the Relation?
In Belize the topic concerning sexual orientation of its citizens is still a sizzling one. Some men believe they are women and some women believe they are men and some believe they are both men and women! As I listened to a talk show one morning I heard one confused person boastfully declare that the constitution or (Bible) is out of date! This was said in an effort to justify this person’s sexual preference, and it sounded intelligent. It worked as a perfect excuse to completely ignore any instruction given in the manual, and now any man can live as they please because the constitution or Bible is no longer valid. It is out dated and no longer modern and for that matter can be thrown in the trash can! Before I move on I would like to ask that person one question. It has been thousands of years now since a principle of gravity existed, is it now outdated because we have today’s technology of electronics? Has it gone away now because it is now too old? To many people, the scriptures is simply a story book that can be tossed to and fro worth only to be ignored. Well I must take the time to clarify that the scriptures is not only a law book, but it is actually a treasure chest of principles! Principles that if ignored carry fatal penalties!

Yasser On Books
By Dickie Bradley. Knowledge is only good if it is useful. What is the purpose of having knowledge if you cannot put it to any use? What good is it, if for example, you read and acquire a lot of knowledge about the history of the planet and you cannot put such information to any use? And yet, knowing about things is a value in itself. These are some thoughts that flowed through my head this morning when I read a short article by Yasser Musa. Yasser is one of my favourite persons, although I hardly know him. He is an artist and an excellent one. But he is also a very practicable man. And he is smart. He would have gotten some of his brain power from his dad, who is very intelligent. I hope he gets none of his father’s bad luck. His dad was very bad-lucked in politics. Yasser is a lover and a reader of books. That is what endears him to me. His brother Saido manages the Image Factory Bookstore and Saido is practical and insightful. I, here, thank him publicly for all the books he helped me obtain, including the enjoyable “Wolf Hall” by Hilary Mantel. Did I enjoy reading that. Especially as I no longer read fiction.

How Do Children Cope When Mommy and Daddy Are Incarcerated?
By Dr. Angela Banner Joseph. “I am convinced that imprisonment is a way of pretending to solve the problem of crime. It does nothing for the victims of crime, but perpetuates the idea of retribution, thus maintaining the endless cycle of violence in our culture. It is a cruel and useless substitute for the elimination of those conditions—poverty, unemployment, homelessness, desperation, racism, greed—which are at the root of most punished crime. The crimes of the rich and powerful go mostly unpunished. It must surely be a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit that even a small number of those men and women in the hell of the prison system survive it and hold on to their humanity.” - Howard Zinn, You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train: A Personal History of Our Times Having a parent in prison can be stressful on children and caregivers. Oftentimes, children of inmates suffer from embarrassment, depression, anger, or self-hate because of the backlash they may endure from friends and family members due to one or both parents’ incarceration. Recently, I viewed Mothers of Bedford, a documentary about the life of women who were incarcerated at New York’s only maximum security prison, Bedford Hills Correctional Facility. The movie depicted the lives of five women and examined the relationship between their children and the children’s caregivers. In most cases, the caregiver was a grandparent. The filmmaker Jenifer McShane videoed the women as they spent time in an innovative children’s center at the prison that created space for the women to spend positive time with their children while behind bars. I learned that children served time along with their parents and were unfairly sentenced by society because of their parents’ poor decisions to commit a crime. How many parents leave their babies annually to live in a prison cell?

Legalized Corruption
By Gilroy Usher, Sr. For some time members of the public have been expressing outrage that the government has rented two premises in Belize City in which two Ministers Santiago Castillo and Anthony “Boots” Martinez have major interest. One of the properties is a large building for Martinez cor. Euphrates and Kut Avenue that is being used as a police precinct reportedly at a whopping cost of $7000 per month. The other property belongs to Santiago Castillo Co. in which Minister Castillo is a director. That property is being rented to the Vital Statistics Unit, and is located cor. New Road and Hydes Lane. The rental cost is reportedly a large figure per month. The Prime Minister held his first press conference for the year on Monday. When asked about the conflict of interest with the government renting premises from ministers, the Prime Minister stated that he approved of the decision to rent the premises because the premises are being rented at market rate. Barrow shied away from disclosing the monthly rent the government is paying for each of the premises. It is common knowledge that corruption is rampant when ministers direct the funds of government towards projects or undertakings in which they have a direct interest. Corruption in such cases often comes in the form of bloated contracts, bloated rent, bloated request for supplies, and weekly wage for many ghost employees (employees who only exist on paper). The Prime Minister said that the premises are rented at market rate, but anybody can say that. If the government has nothing to hide, why doesn’t it disclose the actual monthly rent, and why did it not invite offers from the public for rental space for those two particular purposes. Talk that only those two buildings are suitable for the intended purpose is total nonsense. There are many suitable concrete buildings for a police precinct in the Queen Square Division, and there are many buildings in the heart of Belize City that are more suitable the Vital Statistics Unit. The truth is that those two particular premises were rented to butter the paws of the ministers connected with them, while there is a lack of funds for the most basic services in communities across the country. That is what stinks most about this abuse of taxpayers’ money.

The Work in Belize Rural Central Continues
Chairman of the PUP Belize Rural Central Committee Jose “Pepe” Garcia, husband of Area Representative Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia, has been leading the charge on behalf of Dolores and the Committee in giving much needed attention to various sporting facilities in this constituency of over 6000 voters and nine villages. In just over one year he has spearheaded the building the new basketball court for Mahogany Heights, and worked at the refurbishment and upgrading of basketball courts throughout the division. Recently the uprights and backboards have been replaced at the La Democracia basketball court. Also, rims have been replaced at the basketball court in Lord’s Bank, with replacement of the backboards at the BDF housing area basketball court on Xunantunich Street soon to be done. Also on the list for attention shortly is the basketball court at Old Hattieville.

Mangrove reserve under threat
Strange activity is taking place within an environmentally sensitive area along Belize City’s northside shoreline. Construction workers have set up camp and are digging into the ground, preparing to erect an unknown structure, next to Dolphin Park on Seashore Drive in the Caribbean Shores area. Several weeks ago, 7 News had inquired into the goings on at the site and the explanation given back then was that the area would be used as “storage” for construction equipment. The area is designated as a mangrove reserve, but no reason was given as to how it came to be that the public space was occupied by unknown private interests. The storage area now appears to be a fully-operational work site as the men enclosed the area with chain link fence and have begun physical work. A large container sits at the site. Holes can be seen in the ground. Steel pipes and concrete beams lay nearby.

Caleb Orozco’s security includes Police & GSU?
A group of specially-assigned security personnel trails behind UNIBAM President Caleb Orozco with his every movement. Orozco and his team of attorneys had been going to the Supreme Court for five days last week, asking the Court to remove Section 53 of the criminal laws, which he claims denies rights to the LBGT individuals. Orozco said a security detail was assigned to him after increased threats on his safety. There was one reported attack on his vehicle and his home on Wednesday night. His security, he said, observed suspicious activity, but no one was arrested. Security personnel were also seen escorting Orozco from the courtroom to his vehicle. The BELIZE TIMES has learnt that the security involves ex-BDF, ex-Police and Gang Suppression Unit officers. We also understand that Orozco’s security was contracted to a senior Police official. Members of the security team were assigned weapons and ammunition. They are paid $250 per day. This security detail is also doubled up by a team of GSU officers who trail Orozco also.

THE BELIZE TIMES has been reliably informed that there is interesting news coming out Belize’s judiciary. We are told that the DPP, Cheryl-lyn Vidal, who has been widely criticized for the dismal 3% conviction rate at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions is being called to Bar. This process is undertaken when a person wants to practice law privately in Belizean Courts. However, we are advised that this process may be telling of something else. Persons within Belize’s justice system are estimating that Vidal’s move is an indicator of a possible future appointment as a Supreme Court Judge. We over here at the BELIZE TIMES can only shake our heads. Further investigations reveal that coming out of the departure of Judge Oswell Legal, the UDP are looking to stuff the Judiciary as they please. We are told the word in the hallways of the Court house is that the UDP are considering to put another one on the Belizean public. We are informed that the UDP are looking at two other non-nationals, particularly, the District Magistrate from Punta Gorda, Shawna Griffith (Jamaican), the current Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith (from Eastern Caribbean) and possibly the Solicitor General, Cheryl Krusen (Jamaican).

UK scholarships open doors for Belizeans
Rudolph (17) and Daniel’s (18) decision to accept scholarships to study in the UK was primarily influenced by the financial difficulties they faced. They had been going to high school every day knowing that after its ...

Gilroy Usher sponsors checkers competition in Port
First place in the Belize City weekend checkers competition that was sponsored by Gilroy Usher, Sr. and Rufino Lin over the weekend was taken by Charlie Hyde from the Japan area in Ladyville. Second place went ...

This is Village Council Elections season and the districts are conducting polls for the village representatives. The UDP are particularly desperate. On Sunday May 12, 2013 villagers contacted the BELIZE TIMES to inform us that in Chan Pine Ridge, the UDP desperation was at fever pitch. So unpopular is the UDP in Orange Walk that Dean Oliver Barrow was running around like a chicken without head. In fact, we are reliably informed that the UDP was leaning on and intimidating the electoral process in that small village. The report is that there were several persons who were sent by the UDP who had only been living in Chan Pine Ridge for less than a month. They arrived at the polling booth with pieces of papers with the signature of a Justice of the Peace who is the father of the UDP candidate running for the post of Village Chairman. To make matters worse, this piece of paper arrived after the polling station had already been closed by law.

Senior citizen lives in terror
62 year old Christopher Lamb is calling on the Police to keep permanent presence in his neighborhood. If this is done, he says, a lot of criminal activity would be stopped. Lamb, who ...

Dusty streets pose serious health risks
The ad hoc construction of paved streets throughout Belize City is raising an alert for health officials. The uncontrolled and fast-spreading dust emanating from construction zones and cement poses dangerous health risks. Health officials told the BELIZE TIMES that dust causes numerous health problems, such asthma and ...

Henderson exposes UDP DNA
Some people have no shame. Commission of Police David Henderson, under whose leadership crime escalated in record numbers, was prancing around in full regalia during the village council ...

“An incredible display of ignorance” – – Dr. John Morris, “It’s like being punched in the stomach, it’s just so horrendous” – Dr. Jaime Awe
Belize’s eminent archaeologists have reacted strongly to the destruction of Noh Mul, one of Belize’s largest Mayan sites. Dr. John Morris was called to the site on Friday May 10th after the Institute of Archaeology received a call from CTV-3 News in Orange Walk on Thursday about an excavation at a Maya mound. Dr. Morris did not know then that it was one of the oldest and important Mayan sites that was being ravaged. Since the discovery, the archaeologists have expressed outrage at the destruction. Noh Mul is a Belizean treasure. It dates back to 2,500 years ago; built by the Mayans who used stone tools to quarry the rocks. The site, which sits in an area about 12 square miles, consists of twin ceremonial clusters surrounded by 10 plazas and connected by a raised causeway. Historians believe some 4,000 Mayans lived there between 500 and 250 BC. The site was first recorded in 1897 by Europeans.

X-Mas Day pick axe murder trial concludes
Today in the Belmopan Supreme Court, 35 year old Teakettle resident, Jose Garcia, was freed of the charge of murder after his Attorney, Kareem Musa, made a successful no case submission. The submission came a week and a half into trial following a series of ...

UB exploits students with new fees
The BELIZE TIMES has received numerous complaints from students of the University of Belize who claim that they feel financially exploited by the University. The students informed us that on April 24th, just weeks prior to the 2013 graduation, the University issued a notice that in order ...

Mother’s Day in Corozal Bay
On Saturday, May 11, 2013, mothers from the Corozal Bay Constituency were given a treat by the People’s United Party (PUP) Corozal Bay Executive to commemorate Mother’s Day – a day that is dedicated to all mothers for ...

PUP commits to defending rights of Village Leaders
Yesterday, May 12, 2013 Village Council Elections were held in 44 communities representing all six districts countrywide as follows: - 7 in the Corozal District - 4 in the Orange Walk District - 8 in the ...

BDF musicians being neglected
Dear Editor, Musicians who are playing for almost three years in the Belize Defence Force Band are concerned about their fate. These musicians are concerned as they traveled throughout this country with the Band and believe that they should enjoy the same privileged that other members would enjoy in the event ...

National Garifuna Council supports Mayor Gilbert Swaso in land dispute
Dear Editor, The Dangriga Branch of NGC supports Mayor Gilbert Swaso in his efforts to keep the parcel of land by the bridge foot at North Riverside as public property, for the use of the PEOPLE OF DANGRIGA now and for the generations yet to come. This has always been used ...

Mayor Bradley’s war on northern Belize
Dear Editor, On February 21, 2013, the Mayor of Belize City effectively declared war on the residents of northern Belize by expressing his intent to toll the portion of the Philip Goldson Highway leading into Belize City. Thankfully the Minister of Works (the Hon. Rene Montero) has stepped in and put ...

Audrey Matura Shepherd cautions Mayor Darrel Bradley
Dear Editor, Allow me to address this letter as an open letter to the mayor of Belize City, Mr. Darrel Bradley. Honorable Mayor Bradley, I have become concerned at the reports that you, the Mayor of the City, an attorney by profession and a Christian is refusing to obey the ruling of the ...


Belize is Wildly Civilized at Chaa Creek
In 1981, the Chaa Creek Experience was created by owners Mick and Lucy Fleming. This young couple were traveling through Belize in 1977 and met the owner of an overgrown 140 acre farm on the Macal River in the Cayo District. Soon, they moved to this property and before long, they were living off the land. They started to outgrow their small farm with more than home grown vegetables. The Flemings welcomed two children, and then guests, and the word spread….more travelers who heard about the farm, wanted to come visit and stay. Inspired by the rich Belize culture and respect for diverse ecology, they pioneered sustainable, nature based tourism with Belize’s first jungle lodge. At the base of the Maya mountains, and in the heart of the rainforest, they have grown 365 acres of a private nature reserve into an award winning Belizean Rainforest eco lodge – Chaa Creek Lodge.

Earth Dr Reese Halter is award-winning broadcaster and writer, distinguished biologist and sought after public speaker. Earth Dr Reese Halter’s love of Nature began as a child. A springtime tree-planting ritual with his father and brother became his passion. He knew from the time he was a child that he wanted to be an Earth Doctor and has a PhD in eco-stress tree physiology from The University of Melbourne, Australia. It became clear at a young age to Earth Dr Reese that there was a tremendous lack of basic information on how trees and forests function. He believed that teams of interdisciplinary problem-solving scientists needed to work together to short-circuit ecological disasters, and identify and protect fragile ecosystems.

Silence of the Bees
In the winter of 2006, a strange phenomenon fell upon honeybee hives across the country. Without a trace, millions of bees vanished from their hives. A precious pollinator of fruits and vegetables, the disappearing bees left billions of dollars of crops at risk and threatened our food supply. The epidemic set researchers scrambling to discover why honeybees were dying in record numbers — and to stop the epidemic in its tracks before it spread further. Silence of the Bees is the first in-depth look at the search to uncover what is killing the honeybee. The filmmakers of Bees take viewers around the world to the sites of fallen hives, to high-tech labs, where scientists race to uncover clues, and even deep inside honeybee colonies. Silence of the Bees is the story of a riveting, ongoing investigation to save honeybees from dying out. The film goes beyond the unsolved mystery to tell the story of the honeybee itself, its invaluable impact on our diets and takes a look at what’s at stake if honeybees disappear. Silence of the Bees explores the complex world of the honeybee in crisis and instills in viewers a sense of urgency to learn ways to help these extraordinary animals.

Mennonite Gurls A'ken Cook: Rhubarb Coffee Cake
I’ll admit that I had nevr used rhubarb n' mah kitchin befor but wuz pleezed with t'lovelee coler and result. 3/4 cup sugar 1/3 cup cernstarch 4 cups fresh washed and chopped rhubarb 2 tablespoons fresh rung lemon juice 3 cups flour 1 cup sugar 1 teespoon bakin' powdr 1 teespoon bakin' sody 1 cup cold buttr 2 aigs 1 cup buttarmilk (I used powdered buttarmilk mix) 1 teespoon vanilla 3/4 cup sugar 1/4 cup flour 1/4 cup quik cookin oatmeel 1/4 cup cold buttr

International Sources

Belize Comes To CFW In Force - Delegation To Be Headed By PM's Wife
Kim Simplis-Barrow, wife of the Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow and the country's special envoy for women and children, will be leading a delegation to this year's Caribbean Fashionweek (CFW). The Belizean delegation will include officials, designers and models. Belize is interested in developing its creative industries, including fashion. This year, CFW takes place in Kingston from June 6-10. While in Jamaica, Barrow and her team will visit CFW events and participate in activities such as the business forum and designer workshops. She will also meet with local officials, especially those responsible for creative industry development. The initiative comes on the heels of an official visit to Belize by Kingsley Cooper, executive chairman of Pulse Investments Ltd and chairman of Jamaica's Entertainment Advisory Board. Cooper was accompanied by Romae Gordon, Pulse's general manager and fashion director. They went on the invitation of Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Mrs Kim Simplis-Barrow, their visit organised by Belize's Foreign Ministry. While in Belize, Cooper was special guest at an invitation-only gala event called Fashion Forward, organised in his honour and hosted by Mrs Barrow. It featured Belizean designer Rebecca Stirm's collection, shown by the country's top models, including reigning Miss World Belize Chantae Guy.

Bungle in the jungle: John McAfee's Belize home burns to ground
Just when you thought the strange story of John McAfee was over…. The former island home of anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee burned down Thursday afternoon under circumstance he told were “suspicious.” It’s an odd choice of words from a man whom the Belize police found suspicious, following the November 2012 murder of American expatriate Gregory Faull, a well-liked builder from Florida who was shot at his home in San Pedro Town on the island of Ambergris Caye. That incident led McAfee on a bizarre “Catch Me If You Can” flight from the police that took him into Guatemala and eventually back to the U.S. and Portland, Ore., where he now resides, hard at work on several books and movies about his life. McAfee chronicled his own exploits by blog and phone, turning the crime into farce. The murder remains unsolved. "I am sure that the public has had various opinions of my trials and tribulations over the months,” McAfee told “But I am hoping that this will bring to light that my concerns were based in reality." “I believe that there are a select few with great power in Belize that will go to great lengths to harm me,” McAfee said. “This fire was not just a strange coincidence." According to a news report on, the two main structures in McAfee’s compound were destroyed by the fire, which started at 1:00 p.m. on May 16 when a bush fire enveloped the compound. Property Manager Noel Codd estimates the value of the buildings at $250,000 each.

May 24-25 rummage sale benefits Youth Midwest Mission
Ascension Lutheran Church in Fond du Lac is sponsoring an incredible cross-cultural mission experience here in the Midwest (Fond du Lac, Milwauke and Chicago) July 19-29, for their high school students; and for 15 of their brothers and sisters in Christ from Belize, Central America. These are the same Belizean youth (the Jaguar Scouts) and adult leaders Ascension served with last summer on their mission trip in Belize. They’re calling this a “Reverse Mission Trip.” For many of these Belizeans, this may be the only chance they will ever have to go on a mission trip and/or come to the United States. “It is amazing to see our students so fired up about making this happen. I’m hoping their enthusiasm is contagious and that everyone at Ascension and in our community can somehow be involved with this upcoming cross-cultural mission experience,” states Julie Boelter, Ascension’s Youth Director.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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