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The San Pedro Sun

Doctor Love: Follow the head or the heart?
Four months ago I went through a breakup with my boyfriend of two years. We had been drifting apart for the last six months and when it ended, neither of us had any hard feelings toward the other. I guess you would say it was a mutual breakup. We ran into each other at a party this weekend and after sharing a few laughs and memories, things started turning serious. He wants us to try it again. I admit, I still have feelings for him.

Letter to the Editor: UB Condemns destruction of Noh Mul
This letter is in reference to the destruction of one of the main temples at the Ancient Maya site of Noh Mul, in the Orange Walk District. Students and alumni from the Department of History and Anthropology of the University of Belize are outraged by what has occurred. As a group of young intellectuals preparing to dedicate the rest of our lives to the preservation of our tangible and intangible heritage, this occurrence is simply disheartening and demoralizing. It is already difficult to fulfill our duty to the Belizean society because of the many financial hurdles we face, now to witness the outright disrespect of our heritage. We would go as far as condemning this act as an act of patrimonial genocide.

Wolfe’s Woofers: Drowning your Troubles
“Waiter, bring me another Bloody Mary.” “Yes, sir. Coming right up.” I sat at a table at Estel’s Restaurant waiting for Charlie to come downstairs. The waiter brought the Bloody Mary to the table next to me and set it down. I watched the tourist drink it off in four big gulps. “Waiter, another Bloody Mary.” By the time Charlie made it downstairs fifteen minutes later the man had already drunk two more Bloody Mary’s. “What’s up with this guy?” Charlie asked, as we watched the customer down two more drinks. “I’m not sure,” I told him. “He’s drinking those things as fast as the bartender can make them.” Charlie and I went out to a table on the beach and by the time we came in the tourist was gone. The next day we were sitting at one of the inside tables and the tourist came in again and sat at a table close to us.

Misc Belizean Sources

24th Annual Female Cross Country Cycling Classic
Top finishers in the 24th Annual Female Cross Country Cycling Classic. Congrats to all 1st - Shalini Zanabeh; 2nd - Kaya Cattouse; 3rd - Kerah Eiley. The Race finished in a sole fashion by the champ in 3:55:21. (Belize Cycling Association)

VIDEO: Tourism Awards, SingingSands

VIDEO: Maya Beach Bistro

Education Week in Santa Elena
The San Igancio Public Library finished up their Education Week school visits with a trip to Santa Elena primary school. "Education week concludes with Santa Elena Primary School. It was a very informative afternoon."

Creative Kaos Premiere Screening
Creative Koas, the documentary about the making of Kurse a di Xtabai, was shown Friday night at the Soul Project. The directors of both movies, Daniel Velazquez and Matthiew Klink, were there to answer questions from all the film students from New Mexico State University, who are in Cayo doing their own documentaries. Creative Kaos was as great as its name implies.

2013 BNYCF Chess Olympiad
The BNYCF has released a video from the Olympiad they had at the UB gym last week. They really went all out for the event, ensuring that the kids will never forget it. The list of winners and more pictures can be found on their website. "Highlights and interviews from the 2013 Belize National Youth Chess Foundation Olympiad."

Dr. Ryan Educates on Dental Hygiene
Feelgood news of the day. Dr. Meg Ryan went to Santa Familia primary school to teach the kids proper dental hygiene. Thanks, Dr. Ryan! "Dr Ryan teaching kids about proper dental care"

Ascenthium Rocked Benque
Ascenthium really rocked the Cancha Marshalleck in Benque Friday night. It had been way too long since they'd played in Cayo, but they made up for it. They had a great laser light show, thanks to DJ Caesar, to go with the rocking rythym. Guido had a wicked drum solo, and thankfully they were coaxed into performing an incredible encore too. Can't wait for them to come back. Great show, Ascenthium! "Ascenthium rocked Benque last night! In Bloom opened. What a night!"

In Bloom At The Cancha Marshalleck
In Bloom opened the night Friday night in Benque. They got the crowd ready for Ascenthium. What a concert!

Protected nurse shark killed in San Pedro
A large mature nurse shark - a protected species in Belize since July 2011 - was hooked, hauled onto the beach, stabbed in the head and eventually killed between RAmon's and BC's bar and the BElize Yacht Club on SAturday evening around 5-5:30. The hauler is apparently not the fisher who made off with the tail section. If anyone has information on this nurse shark death, please call it in to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve Office 226-2247. Nurse sharks are protected and represent a major attraction for 1000s of tourists and the livelihood of over 100 guides in the area.


Still kicking up dust and pork chop day
The city is still working on replacing the cobble stones on Coconut drive and the dirt road detour is still in effect. As a result we are still kicking up major dust and I am sure many of us would not mind some rain to clean things up a bit. The good news the Town Board opened up one of the roads further so now we have 2 options instead of one. When you turn left at the alley beside the orange store instead of going to the end and turning right on Seagrape Drive, you now have the option to take the newly opened up road that will lead you right to Saga Humane Society. From there you can continue on the back road or turn off onto the main road and head for town. Don’t forget it is Sunday so head on down to the beach at Banyan Bay and support the San Pedro Sailing Club, sailing begins at 9:00am and Charity Beach Barbecue at 11:30. Check out a pic from last week of the chops for their Sunday Barbecue on the Ambergris Caye message board. Remember one of the 4 easy ways you can support the San Pedro Sailing Club and have fun doing it - Liking the San Pedro Sailing Club Facebook page. We are also organizing a group of us to fly to the first Placencia sailing regatta next weekend, anyone interested just email me or leave comment and I will get you details. Watch for upcoming #traveltuesday post about my Belize City shopping adventures with Commodore Andy to find some deals for the sailing club barbecues. We totally scored at Food and Beverage and Smiling Meats and I have a new favorite Belize City Taxi guy whose info I will share. I will also be including a reader review on a well known luxury resort in Belize.

Happy Birthday Malcolm X
Born Malcolm Little and also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, was an African AMerican Muslim minister and human rights activist. To his admirers, he was a courageous advocate for the rights of blacks, a man who indicted white America in the harshest terms for its crimes against black Americans. Detractors accused him of preaching racism, black supremacy, and violence. He has been called one of the greatest and most influential African Americans in history. On February 21, 1965, Malcolm X was preparing to address the Organization of Afro-American Unity in Manhattan’s Audubon Ballroom when someone in the 400-person audience yelled “N*****! Get your hand outta my pocket!” As Malcolm X and his bodyguards attempted to quiet the disturbance, a man seated in the front row rushed forward and shot him once in the chest with a double-barreled sawed-off shotgun. Two other men charged the stage and fired semi-automatic handguns, hitting Malcolm X several times. He was pronounced dead at 3:30 pm, shortly after arriving at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. According to the autopsy report, Malcolm X’s body had 21 gunshot wounds to his chest, left shoulder, and arms and legs; ten of the wounds were buckshot to his left chest and shoulder from the initial shotgun blast.

Belize Tourism Awards 2013
For the twelfth consecutive year, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) has awarded the country’s finest establishments of the travel industry with top honours during the National Tourism Awards. The reception was held on Saturday May 18, 2013 on the secluded Bannister Island, which is two miles from the Belize Barrier Reef and nine miles east-southeast of Belize City. At the ceremony, stakeholders of the tourism industry from every destination in Belize were able to indulge in local food made by the finest chefs and treated to animated music by many talented Belizean artists. The Belize Tourism Awards happens every year and features the best of Belize, from boutique hotels that wowed tourists, restaurants that produced tantalizing cuisines, and the many dedicated frontline personnel who captured the hearts of many travellers.

International Sources

How to Ditch a Vehicle in Belize: A Running Diary, Part I
After a whirlwind 72 hours last week that saw me leave home with my prized Jeep and return empty-handed, I figured the story deserved it’s own kind of post. So… welcome to my Belize-trip running diary! And yes, if you’ve ever read any of Bill Simmons’ running diaries over at, I’m not ashamed to say I totally “borrowed” the format from him. At the very least, I hope this gimmick makes for more interesting storytelling, as I’ll narrate it exactly as the event unfolded. On with the diary: February 6, 2013 – The Cannonball Run 8:01 a.m: I finally load the last of my bags onto my Jeep and say goodbye to the family. Wife is so pissed that I’ve refused she go on the trip, it takes some nudging before she grudgingly says goodbye. I asked her for understanding, as I did not want to drag the family for the sake of saving time and money. She doesn’t quite buy it, but resigns herself to stay home on this go-round. Little did my family know that it would be the last time they’d see the vehicle we affectionately called “Mister Boxy”.

Running Diary: How to Ditch a Vehicle in Belize, Part 2
To recap, my last day in Guatemala, at least on this particular tourist visa has been a disaster. While the trip itself to the Guatemala-Belize border went fine, all things considered, things had definitely taken a turn for the worse. Customs officials in Guatemala had just informed me that I’d be unable to bring the vehicle back into Guatemala for at least 90 days. Needing time to ponder my options, I headed towards Belize’s immigration building to at least check myself into the country. On with the diary: 7:05p.m.: I drive through the “fumigation” machine at the Belize border. For the honor of letting my car be sprayed with what I suspect is just water, I pay $10BZD. I park the Jeep to the side and walk towards the Customs/Immigration building, paperwork on hand. 7:09p.m.: The lines are much thinner than I expected for a Friday night. In fact, there’s just one person ahead of me in line. 7:10p.m.: The Customs official asks how long I want to stay in the country. I ask for 90 days, which is the maximum for US citizens. She takes one look at my passport and decides that because it says I was born in the Dominican Republic, Dominican rules apply and says she’ll only give me 30 days max. I call it BS, in nicer words of course, but she tells me that it’s the law and blah, blah, blah. It’s useless trying to explain to her that I’m a US citizen, as if my passport wasn’t obvious enough. She says if I want more than 30 days, I need to travel to the capital (Belmopan) and ask for an extension.