A historical and ancient Mayan Canoe was discovered in the Toledo District. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story.


“The magnificent, historical and ancient discovery in Paynes Creek National Park was made by a team of archaeologists led by Doctor Heather McKillop. For those at the location it was surely a Joyful, a touching and historical experience as the remains of the Maya wooden canoe was carefully floated for a short while to the surface of the sea level.

It can be recalled that in the same Paynes Creek National Park in 1994 Doctor Heather McKillop and her archaeological team made the historical discovery of the ancient Maya wooden canoe paddle which was exported under temporary license from Belize for conservation and will be returned and officially handed over to the relevant authority in Belize this year. A life-size replica of that paddle in now on permanent display at the Tourist Information Center in Punta Gorda where Belizeans and visitors can view it free of cost. This report is sponsored by Three Star Quality Chicken whose management and Staff congratulate the archaeological team for the ancient Maya and historical discovery in Toledo.

Reporting for Love News Paul Mahung Punta Gorda.”