Since the news broke out that more than 70 percent of one of the North’s largest Maya Mound had been destroyed for landfill, it has been discovered that the Noh Mul Archeological Site is that not the only Maya Site that has been ravaged for its rich material here in the north. A visit to the Posito Archeological Site erected in the outskirts of Carmelita Village, proved that the destruction of Maya Mounds for the extraction of land fill is at a rampage. One of the sites medium size edifices, constructed around 300 BC, has been completely destroyed by man made machines. For the Archeological Department it is sad to see that what took the Mayas thousands of years to construct, are being destroyed without remorse.

Screen_shot_2013-05-20_at_7.58.51_PMCarmelita Perez– Reporting

Hundreds of pieces of broken pottery found all over the archeological site is testimony to the ravishing of Posito located in the outskirts of Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District.

Approximately six Maya Mounds believed to have been constructed around 300 B.C form part of what was once a Maya settlement. Buried beneath the mounds is undiscovered Maya history, history, that is slowing being turned to rubble by manmade machines. Similar to Noh Mul, one of the medium size structures of Posito has been completely destroyed for its material. According to Doctor John Morris from the Archeological Department it is obvious that the mound was recently destroyed.

Doctor John Morris- Archeological Department

“As you can see this area has been bulldozed extensively and the bulldozing is fresh so it appears as if this has been done within the last couple of days.  We are at this point trying to find out who the people are who have been doing the bulldozing out here and put a stop to this because they are destroying another set of mounts out here in the Orange Walk area.  This is an area that is much closer that Altun Ha and to the site of Kul Ha and this area here has a series of mounts.  This one that we are on is part of the group and has a main temple to the left over there and from across from us there is also another series of structure there about ten that hasn’t been touched as yet but as you can see the area here this has been partially destroyed about half of this group her has been destroyed.”

And while several fingers are pointing at De Mar’s Stone Company for the destruction of Noh Mul, it is yet to be ascertained who is responsible for the demolishing of this particular medium size mound.

Doctor John Morris- Archeological Department

“It is unfortunate that these types of activities are done by Belizean people who are looking for gravel to fill for roads and seek the easiest way out in this case destroying the Maya ruin that are littered across this country of Belize.  We are going to embarked on a serious education of our people that this is not to be done and in fact we need to speak to a lot of those construction companies, we need to speak to the ministry of works and we need to speak to everyone so that people can recognize that destruction of this nature is taking place and that they can help us to stop it.  In this case we were informed yesterday evening about this one and thanks to CTV3 we were able to locate the area and now to put a stop to the further destruction of the site here, it is symptomatic of what is going on that people are not taking care of their cultural heritage and the ministry of archaeology and NICH will work very hard to try to stop this kinds of incidents.  We are going to take people to court and charge them for the destruction of these kinds of mounts and to show that there is other mount destruction going on in the country at the same time just tells how serious it is at this time.”

Representatives of the archeological Department are expected to be back in the area sometime this week to carry out investigations.

As it pertains to the destruction of Noh Mul, no one has been charged despite the public’s outcry. Of note is that despite several attempts, we were unable to get in contact with anyone from the archeological department for an update on the investigation or charges.