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Today's Belize News: May 21, 2013 #464853
05/21/13 06:13 AM
05/21/13 06:13 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Street Treats: Kenep
It’s kenep season once again! They can be found at almost every little fruit stand across town that has fresh produce for sale. The local vendors sell them by the bag for a low cost of $2. Many people call it by different names (kenep, kinep, waya, guinep, mamones, Mexican lime), one fact remains unchanged: the sweet yet tart flavor makes it a great snack, any time of the day. The fruit typically ripens during the summer and grows in bunches on trees up to 30 meters high. You can find a kenep tree virtually in any district of mainland Belize. The outer skin of the fruit is green and thick, I personally compare it to a soft nut shell. To get to the yummy insides you use your teeth to break the casing open. The pulp is an orange or peach color, depending on the type and the stage of ripening. It is sweet and juicy, yet sour at the same time, and the texture is so smooth and silky it sends your taste buds on an unexpected ride. Pop the fruit in your mouth, and suck or chew the flesh away. When only the seed remains, you spit it out.

Placencia dominates 12th Annual BTB Tourism Awards
BTB Tourism Awards-7Bannister Caye was the location for the 12th annual Belize Tourism Board (BTB) tourism awards ceremony held on Saturday, May 18, 2013. This year, the party was an all-white affair, and guests were whisked away from Old Belize via two large boats to Bannister Caye, about 45 minutes away from the coast of Belize City. The location was tropical, gorgeous and fabulous, and the welcoming sounds of Pantempers Steel Band filled the air. BTB Tourism Awards-7Bannister Caye was the location for the 12th annual Belize Tourism Board (BTB) tourism awards ceremony held on Saturday, May 18, 2013. This year, the party was an all-white affair, and guests were whisked away from Old Belize via two large boats to Bannister Caye, about 45 minutes away from the coast of Belize City. The location was tropical, gorgeous and fabulous, and the welcoming sounds of Pantempers Steel Band filled the air.

Dental health professionals attend annual workshop in San Pedro Town
Government dentists and other dental health professionals were on Ambergris Caye for two days as part of their annual dental workshop. The event took place on May 16th and 17th at Banana Beach Resort in San Pedro Town and had the participation of about 20 government dental workers. During the two days the participants got to discuss issues relating to dentistry in the government run public health facilities in ten different outposts. Heading the government dental workers is Doctor Rafael Samos, Senior Dental Surgeon in the Dental Department of the Ministry of Health. According to Dr. Samos, the annual conference is held in different venues annually and for the first time, San Pedro Town was the host. “We gather all the dental staff in the Ministry of Health from the dental assistant to the auxiliary dental officer to dentist from all our clinics. In all, we have ten dentists working with the government and ten dental assistants and two auxiliary dental officers. We take into consideration all the activities and statistics we do throughout the year and we build up on that. We also take time out to discuss the action plans, we discuss challenges and try to come up with solutions and we also look at the way forward for the next year,” explained Samos.

University of North Georgia students interact with Belizean students
A group of students from the University of North Georgia, USAwere in Belize conducting several activities. It is a part of the university’s Students Study Abroad program and while in the country, were working in two municipalities. The students were scheduled to work in schools in Belize City and in San Pedro Town where they had the opportunity to do some hands-on work. On the night of Saturday May 11th, the students had the unique opportunity to meet other students from the University of West Indies (UWI), Belize Campus. During a meet and greet, the US students enjoyed the Garifuna Culture through drumming and various dances. The foreign students were introduced to the dances and all were excited to try it. They also interacted and participated in various games and even sang during the karaoke sessions. The following day, on Sunday May 12th, the university students traveled to the Lamanai Maya Site in the Orange Walk District, one of the main sites in the country and the largest in northern Belize. There, the North Georgia students were met by students of Sacred Heart Junior College (SHJC) from the Cayo District. Speaking to The San Pedro Sun, Vicky Novelo, Director of Student Services at SHJC, explained the purpose of the interaction between the two groups of students.

Ambergris Today

Video Pick: Bridal Party Harlem Shakes at Tranquility Bay Resort, Ambergris Caye
Local wedding photographer Jose Luis Zapata took this small video while he was documenting a beach wedding at Tranquility Bay Resort in northern Ambergris Caye, Belize. When the Harlem Shake song came along, a spontaneous dance erupted and he was able to capture the dance that has gone viral the world around. Congratulations to Jason and Morgan Hawks!

Flashbacks: La Beluga Submarine in San Pedro
Submarines are said to have been sighted outside the reef along the north coast of Ambergris Caye during World War II. Could this have been one of them captured and landed in San Pedro. That would have been cool, but no, only wishful thinking. This is actually one of those life boats used in those big container ships. In times of emergency, several men could lock themselves in it and it could roll in open seas. The boat once appeared in San Pedro in the early 1980’s and it belonged to Mr. Kevin Gonzalez. He parked it in front of Mr. Dan Dawson’s yard for him to do some repairs on it. Mr. Dawson, of course, was San Pedro’s most renowned mechanic and handy man who could repair anything. The boat was called the submarine by everyone in San Pedro and it was named Beluga. When in the sea, children would enter and play in the beluga pretending to be soldiers or a submarine crew. A short anecdote: Once a group of children were playing in the Beluga and locked one of their friends inside the Beluga. When it suddenly rolled over, they became scared and ran off leaving their frightened friend all alone in distress. It was not until a friend asked them to go and release the prisoner that they did so. We are sure some other persons might have hilarious stories to tell about the Submarine, La Beluga.

Pic of the Week: Traditional Uniform Signing at San Pedro High School
Today was graduation announcements at San Pedro High School and with that came the signing of the uniforms. It's an annual and year-old tradition where students and friends write congratulatory messages on the senior's uniforms once they know that they are graduation from San Pedro High. Here are a few pictures from today's happy announcements. Congratulations to all the graduating seniors at San Pedro High School.

Misc Belizean Sources

Accounting Part 1: Introduction to Accounting
LEARN ABOUT The basic understanding of accounting: how accounting numbers are generated, the meaning of income, and how to track expenses, profit and loss.. also learn how to use accounting reports to make better small business decisions.

Intent to toll - Northern Highway - into Belize City
On February 21, 2013, the Mayor of Belize City effectively declared war on the residents of northern Belize by expressing his intent to toll the portion of the Philip Goldson Highway leading into Belize City. Thankfully, the Minister of Works (the Hon. Rene Montero) has stepped in and put an end (at least for the time being) to the Mayor’s plan. The residents of northern Belize should remain alert none-the-less, because CitCo may still be plotting on how to get its hands on their money. The Mayor, in attempting to justify his taxation on the residents of northern Belize, declared that non-residents of Belize City pour into his city, use its services and pay nothing for it. Wow! It appears that the Mayor has forgotten that his council receives an annual subvention from GOB. Where does he think that money comes from?

For those of you who have been following the Lucky Boy story you will love how he is looking these days!!!! Kudos to all who helped save the beautiful animal! Wouldn't we all like our own personal pool to lounge beside on a hot, smokey day like today? Lucky Boy continues to stay super cool despite the weather, with the occasional dip in his pond. When the light hits him just right, you can see those gorgeous rosettes hidden under his shiny black coat. Genetics lesson of the day: black jaguars are the SAME species as regular spotted jaguars. They just were lucky enough to be born with more pigments in their coats!

Baby tapir rescued from smoke
While we are thrilled to save this little fellow, we would prefer that he were still with his mother... What has turned into a chronic fire situation in western Belize, has resulted in "Fuego" needing much wildlife has suffered due to careless bush fires? Turtles, snakes, birds, grey foxes. Not to mention us 2 legged species breathing in that noxious smoke day after day.....The burning must stop! Little Fuego here is a testament to that.

8 pieces of chicken, skinned (or you can use boneless chicken breasts) Juice of one lemon 4 tablespoons mango chutney 2 teaspoons curry powder 2 tablespoons mustard 4 tablespoons butter, softened 1 tablespoon white wine 1 teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon thyme ¼ teaspoon black pepper

Scholarship Club Sees Belize
Feelgood news of the day. Restore Belize and the BNE Charitable Trust teamed up last year to create 60 scholarships for Belizeans from around the country. They've been showing the kids the natural wonders of Belize, and this short video captures their trips in 2013. Thanks, BNECT and Restore Belize! "Greetings. Here's a short update on some recent trips made by the Scholarship Club."

International Museum Day in Cayo
The SISE Hoc had their celebration for International Museum Day, and they got some good pictures of the event. Everyone loved hearing, and playing, the marimba. Thanks, NICH!

Belize Coalition Logo Contest
The Belize Coalition to Save Our National Heritage is having a logo competition. If you have an idea for their logo, you have until May 24th to submit it. The winner will get $300. Good luck!

Belize Bank Scholarship Program
Scholarships for the next school year are being offered from Belize Bank. They have the requirements up on their website, and this year, they are offering scholarships for high school and 6th form. You can pick up application forms at the local branch. "We are seeking some bright Belizean students to become a part of our Scholarship Program! Visit our website at for the requirements and application forms. Deadline for submission is June 28, 2013."

Cayo's Old West Feel
Cayo got a great write up in International Living. Yes, Everyone should visit Cayo, even though the only things we have here are Mayan archaeological sites, rivers, waterfalls, caves, hiking trails, butterfly farms, medicinal trails, ziplines, cenotes, canoe adventures, botanical gardens, granite pools, Lake Benque, ATM, award winning hotels... Photo is from the Black Hole Drop adventure at Caves Branch Lodge. "If you love lazy rivers, vast rolling hills, and fertile farmland and rainforests where you can test your gardening skills, Cayo is for you. The heart of this area are the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, which both enjoy an Old West feel…but in a tropical frontiersman kind of way that you’ll find only in Belize. Bargains can be found here, too—not only on real estate but on the huge amount of produce and fresh cheeses grown and produced here by local Mennonites."

SIRH Wins Hotel of the Year
The San Ignacio Resort Hotel won the Belize Tourism Board's 'Hotel of the Year' award at their annual tourism awards Saturday. Of course they did! The top notch quality and elegance they provide really sets them above the others. Congratulations to the San Ignacio Resort Hotel! In related news, the airlines are increasing their flights to Belize. Must be to come to Cayo. "Just got the news, We won 2012 Hotel of the Year at the BTB Tourism Awards. More to come Monday :)"

Scarlet Six Biomonitoring Team
Tony Rath uploaded some more great pictures from the trip the Scarlet Six Biomonitoring team took through the Chiquibul Forest Reserve. "This final Album from the Chiquibul documents the process these dedicated researchers go through to safe guard and learn about the scarlet macaws nesting in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, Belize."

Channel 7

12 Newborns Die In May At The KHMH Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
12 newborns have died at the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of the KHMH in the first 20 days of May, 2013. It is a frightening statistic that was confirmed by the KHMH in a press release sent an hour ago. So, what’s causing the deaths? The KHMH Quality Assurance Team is investigating but they say it might be an outbreak of, hospital based infection, which means it was likely carried by careless hospital staff. The newborns in the pediatric intensive unit are especially vulnerable because all of them were either born premature or with some other serious complication and they do not have the resistance to fight such an infection. The statement says the unit often operates above 100% capacity – and given the frequently overcrowded conditions, hospital based infections are a constant threat. So, right now the Unit has been shut down. An Air Quality Assessment will be done by an independent contractor, followed by removal and disinfection of all equipment and terminal cleaning of the entire unit. The statement adds that all staff will be swabbed to identify possible carriers. The unit will remain closed until the hospital has determined that it is safe to resume operations.

Ann-Marie Got Carjacked!
Ann Marie Williams is one of the best known names and faces in Belizeans – she’s been on the frontline of media, activism and politics for over two decades. But tonight, she’s in the headlines after she was car jacked this weekend. On Saturday night at around 11:00, Ann Marie was returning from the Miss Y Pageant and pulled into her driveway on Durgeon Drive. But when she parked her Mazda Tribute, she saw a car abruptly pull up at the speedbump near her house. She then saw two men striding into her unfenced yard. She says she shouted at them, but they just kept on coming at her. One of them held a club over her while the other demanded the car key. She handed it over and one of them drove off, while the other ran back into the vehicle they had come in and sped off. They also took her cell phone. Police recovered the vehicle in Hattieivlle around noon today. It was undamaged, but had to be towed into the city because the ignition key could not be found. Today Ann Marie declined comment explaining that she was traumatized. Police have no suspects at this time.

City Man Survives Shot Through Head
A Belize City man survived a shot to the head on Saturday morning. At 6:00 am, 33 year old Peter Castillo – who is employed at the City Council - was riding his bicycle on Gill Street going to visit a friend at the corner with Faber’s Road. But when he got to the corner a gunman who was standing nearby fired multiple shots at him. Castillo who is from nearby Jane Usher Boulevard was shot in the calf, shoulder and jaw. We are told that the bullet which hit his shoulder actually traveled up through his head and damaged his eye. But, almost miraculously, he did not receive major brain damage and can speak. He is listed in stable condition. Police have not made any arrests.

Police Make Minor Gill Street Bust, Roy Bennett Has A Major Problem with It
And also on Gill Street on Saturday, police made an arrest at the Felix Yard, which has been a target of both law enforcement and criminals. This time it was the police who found 24 grams of marijuana. That’s less than an ounce, but it was enough for them to detain brothers Ryan Cash Felix and Roy Bennett for the entire weekend. They were released this morning after appearing in court and Roy Bennett told us he is tired of police harassment. Voice of Roy Bennett - Complains of Police Harassment "I was at home watching TV and I'm tired of being disturbed by the Gang Suppression. I want them to know and I'm sending them a message because they treat us like we are the biggest criminal when they are the biggest criminal and they know what is going on in the streets. Saturday they came into my yard and nearly shot my dog and took me to the station concerning a shooting that I didn't know about. Now they charged me for weed and instead of them bringing my charge sheet so that I can get bail and go home instead they left me at the station and when people were bringing food for me they didn't give it to me. They still have my phone and they are texting from my phone and I don't know what they are doing. I just want them to know that they know what they are dealing with. I am tired of them harassing me. I wasn't resisting arrest, I was sitting down in my house. Instead of them investigating what they should they are coming around here for information and no information is around here. I am tired of the harassment and I want them to stop it ."

Shooting Victim’s Family Says Police Making their Loved One Suffer
Last week, we told you about the shooting at the corner of Oleander and Tulip Streets on Thursday at around 5 p.m. A 16 year-old minor was allegedly shot by police after he turned his gun on them. According to police, this minor was allegedly in a shootout with 25 year-old Ryan Myles, who he allegedly targeted at the corner of Oleander and Tulip Streets. The minor shot Myles miles 3 times in the left thigh, left knee and left ankle. Police searched an abandoned lot and found a black 380 Ruger brand pistol with 3 live rounds of ammunition. Police believe that this was the weapon that Myles used it to defend himself against the minor, and that he threw it away when he realized that they were coming. Myles was rushed to the KHMH which could not provide him with much medical treatment because his leg was too swollen. And so the KHMH was supposed to release him from the hospital today until the swelling went down. But that didn’t happen because CIB police detained him for questioning, much to the chagrin of his family. They told 7News today that Myles should not be detained right now, he should be in bed, off his leg which is in awful condition.

Placencia Sweeps Tourism Awards, San Pedro Shut Out
San Pedro may be Belize’s premier tourism destination, but Placencia was the one that virtually swept the 12th annual tourism awards on Saturday night at Bannister Caye. Daniel Ortiz and Cameraman Codie Norales attended to meet with those who pretty much carry this important industry on their backs. Here is their report. Daniel Ortiz reporting This year’s Tourism Awards were almost swept by tour operators and businesses out of Placencia, which was recognized as the Tourist Destination of the Year. Because Belize’s economy depends so heavily on this industry, it is easy to recognize the fancy hotels, and beautiful exotic destinations. People often forget however, that there are real individuals who work very hard behind the scenes to drive it forward. One of them is Natalie Ranguy, who makes a first impression on her guests, and you know what they say about first impressions. She makes sure that each individual she comes in contact with remembers her, and by extension, Belize. Natalie Ranguy - Front Desk, Chabil Mar Villas - 'Frontline Person Of The Year' "From the time your guest steps on your property you know that that person is a value to your property and to Belize. So you have to make sure that they're contented and they're happy because they travel all the way just to come and see our country and when they get here we have to make sure that they have a good time and want to come back and bring friends."

Belizean Soldier Stabbed In Barbadoes; Very Critical
A BDF soldier has been stabbed in Barbados. According to the Jamaica Observer Newspaper 45 year old Warrant Officer Andre Gabb, who is in Barbados as part of the Regional Security System was in the company of two other people when he was stabbed. It happened late Friday night in an area known as Black Rock, two miles north of the Capital Bridgetown. The Observer reports that Gabb underwent emergency surgery and was listed in a critical condition at the Queen Elizabeth hospital. From local sources, we found out that he was out socializing, and a friend caught in a fight, Gabb went to help and he was stabbed. He lost 13 pints of blood and was extremely critical – so much so that he had to be put on life support. We are told that he is now conscious and off life support – but still critical. Arrangements are being made for his wife to be flown to Barbados. The regional security system or RSS we learned from the Observer is the quote, “defence alliance of several mainly eastern Caribbean Nations” tasked to provide assistance in police and army operations. He is the only soldier from the BDF who was assigned to that group in Barbados and he had been there for a year.

Whistleblower To Alleged Abuse Says He’s Being Threatened
We report tonight on the controversy coming out of San Ignacio Town which involves a primary school teacher who is accused of inappropriately contact with a male student. Eddie Pinelo is in jail tonight after he was arraigned last week Friday on the charge of aggravated assault of an indecent nature. It’s due to a report by a 14 year-old male student who reported to police that on March 22, he visited Pinelo’s home in Bullet Tree. The minor alleges that while at the teacher’s house, they both drank Caribbean rum with coke. He said that after about three cups, he felt drunk, but he could remember that he was taken to a bed. He alleges that the teacher removed all his clothing and had intercourse with him. A doctor examined him and certified that there were no signs of abuse, so the police could not bring an unnatural crime charge against him. Well, before the minor reported the incident, he allegedly confided in a coach, who advised him to go to police. That coach is now reportedly coming under fire from supporters of Pinelo, who are allegedly issuing death threats against him. He spoke to 7News today, and asked for us to shield his identity, and he told us what the minor confided in him: Voice of: Concerned Teacher "During the Easter vacation I was at the Falcon Field in San Iglancio where I met this student and this student told me that he was with a teacher drinking at the river then the teacher took him to his house not far away from the river and put him on the bed in front of a porn and a laptop and sodomized him. He took off his clothes and had sex with him for about half an hour."

Shalini Has Impressive Cross Country Win
Last week 7News told you about the issues which almost caused the Women’s Cross Country not to take place. Well, the Cycling Association, with the advice of their attorneys, decided that they would move forward with it, and only 4 riders participated. 2 of them were the elite riders, Shalini Zabaneh and defending Cross Country Champion Kaya Catouse. Zabaneh was looking to provide payback to Cattouse who defeated her at a sprint last year. And she delivered in a major way; we’re talking about a 22 minutes gap between Zabaneh and Cattouse. News was out there, and we spoke to both of them about the race, and massive blowout. Here’s what they told us. Shalini Zabaneh - Winner, 2013 Women’s Cross Country Classic "It feels good to be the champion again. It definitely worked in improving in the hills and that's where the plan was to execute so I as praying for a head-win today so I knew once I had the gap I would have been able to maintain and be able not catch me." Daniel Ortiz "What differently did you do this time than in the last race where miss Cattouse won that sprint." Shalini Zabaneh "I improved on my climbing - that's my strength. I worked on it and focused on it hard and trained hard so that was the difference."

The Other Side of Aurelio
Song and Dance Man Aurelio Martinez has achieved legendary status in the pantheon of Garifuna Music among the ranks of Paul Nabor and Andy Palacio. He’s made his name here for his soulful Paranda performances captured on the albums Garifuna Soul and Laru Beya. But the Aurelio Martinez we know in Belize is really only half the story – those Stonetree albums capture his international side; in his home country of Honduras he’s known as a straight up Punta Rocker. And that’s the direction he’s going on his latest track which is called “Me Enamore.” It’s a latin tune recorded in New York with a Belizean American artist named Jahsa (Hasa) – and he told us about the video today – and discussed the wider concept of cultural music versus music for the hometown clubs:… Aurelio Martinez - Performer "He invited me to do something with him and I decided it to be my single for my new Punta Rock album. Aurelio Martinez is a multi faceted singer so before I did any professional way - Paranda and Punta Rock music, I played in a latin band in Honduras. My first band I sang Rancheras and sang Salsa, Merengue, every kind of music so I know to do that. When Jahsa invited me to do the song with him - he's a fan of Aurelio Martinez and so I said I don't really like to do collaborations with other artist but this Jahsa touched my heart and he called me to help him and I said 'yes'. Jahsa met some people in New York and he found people to be the models for a special video on a special boat in beautiful places in New York."

Budna Speaks From Guatemala, Says He Will Cleared On Appeal
As we told you on Friday, Joseph Budna has been sentenced to 25 years in jail – and is already serving his sentence in the maximum security jail called Jocotes (HOCOTES) in Zacapa Guatemala, about 7 hours from Melchor. And today he went back to a Guatemalan court in connection with another kidnapping. When he went to court today, he spoke to us and told us he is confident he will be exonerated on appeal. Joseph Budna - Serving Jail time in Guatemala "I could tell you that these Guatemalans, all of them they were three of them on different occasions have planned to pretend that they were kidnapped as to obtain money from their parents. I was in my car, I facilitated the car and at the end of the day they changed the story and said it was a kidnap because the money was not shared the way it was suppose to be shared. If I was involved I would not deny that because that is not a criminal offence over this side. At the end of the day Wednesday I will be going to court again and that is when my attorney and myself will decide on an appeal. We will appeal this because we will have an ID parade and they will see there statements were contradicting." We’ll keep following his case…

Channel 5

B.D.F. soldier almost killed in Barbados
A Belize Defense Force Soldier was critically injured in Barbados on Friday night and his family is preparing to travel to the island. Forty-five year old Warrant Officer Andre Gabb is currently attached to the Caribbean Defense Pact’s Regional Security System also referred to as R.S.S.  Gabb was along with two friends when he was [...]

Bajan bus conductor attacked because he didn’t like foreigners
Just before news time, we spoke via phone to Rene Montero, Gabb’s cousin, who was with him at the time of the incident on Friday. Montero says that a group of Belizeans was about to go to his house for dinner, and half of the group got into a zedar, which is the Bajan version [...]

Is a bacteria in the hospital related to infant death?
There is alarming news about the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital which says that at least ten babies have died as the result of suspicious circumstances surrounding a bacteria in the last two weeks. Last Friday, we aired the plight of an Orange Walk couple whose newborn baby died at the hospital after he was allegedly [...]

Treaty Energy resumes drilling despite the potential dangers to communities
As we reported on Friday, Treaty Belize Energy’s drilling operations are in full throttle in San Juan Three in the south. The company shares a joint venture with Princess Petroleum and that license was among a list of six that were declared null and void by the Supreme Court. The government is appealing that decision [...]

Placencia sweeps Tourism Awards
The biggest event in the tourism calendar is the National Tourism Awards. This year it did not disappoint; the event was moved to Bannister Caye where the guests, dressed in white, arrived by catamaran from the Old Belize pier. The highlight was the announcement of the nine winners in the industry… and move over San [...]

NCL mega tourism project goes against sustainable tourism policy
As we said, the Placencia Peninsula was the biggest winner at Saturday night’s tourism award. It was a major win for the industry in the south which has remained environmentally conscious over the years, retaining its natural beauty and cultural uniqueness.  But, all that can change overnight since Norwegian Cruise Lines is proposing a mega [...]

Forest fires smoke out Cayo residents
Belize is nearing the end of its dry season…in fact, we should already have been experiencing some pretty significant rainfall, but it is nowhere in existence and for some residents it can’t come soon enough. That’s because while there is no hint of rain, there is plenty of smoke. In fact, the entire west of [...]

More fired in Cayo…this time at St. Hilda’s
Residents of the twin towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio, and even as far as Belmopan, have been complaining for weeks now about the smoke which seems to permeate everything. But for one school in Georgeville in the Cayo District, the situation is a lot more serious. The school is built on a hill [...]

Tree falls and kills woodcutter
A logwood cutter from Spanish Lookout is dead after a tree fell on top of him in the Yalbac area behind that community. Reports reaching News Five are that on Sunday at around four p.m., forty-six year old John Penner, an employee of the Yalbac Sawmill, was fighting a fire along with Henry Dueck. Dueck [...]

Multiple road traffic accidents in the country
The weekend may have been murder free, but it had its share of traffic accidents. We start with the early hours of Sunday morning in the south. At about three thirty Police were called to the junction of the Southern Highway and San Antonio Road where they found two men lying on the highway with [...]

Women’s Commission’s Ann-Marie Williams robbed
A brazen robbery late Saturday night has left the Executive Director for the National Women’s Commission, Ann-Marie Williams traumatized. According to Williams, she was returning to her house on Durgeon Drive in Coral Grove Area in Belize City around eleven p.m. following the Miss Y Pageant that was held at the Bliss Center for the [...]

Not a target, but Peter ‘Animal’ Castillo gets shot
A Belize City man remains admitted at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in a stable condition following a shooting incident around six a.m. on Saturday. Thirty-three year old Peter Castillo, better known as “Animal” had just gone to a house on Gill Street to visit a friend when several shots, some say up to five, [...]

Minister of Tourism saddened by destruction of Noh Mul
Much has been said over the past week about the wanton destruction of the Noh Mul Archaeological Site by De Mar’s Construction, a company owned and operated by U.D.P. supporter and onetime candidate Denny Grijalva.  In the wake of the incident, there was an immense public outcry condemning the actions of those involved.  While the [...]

Border talks inside the adjacency zone with the O.A.S.
The offices of the Organization of American States have been established in Belize for over a decade. Aside from a Belize City office, there is another that houses the General Secretariat of the organization and is snuggled at the official border crossing between Belize and Guatemala which is committed to keeping peace in the adjacency [...]

Raw talent unleashed on Sports Monday
Good evening folks, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   The Premier League of Belize football sporting event continued over the weekend. In this Police Press Devon Mckay fires at goal – the ball is headed out by Jorge Estrada to Lemmot Castillo who can’t do anything with it. Fortunately in the second [...]

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Ancient Mayan Canoe Uncovered in Southern Belize
A historical and ancient Mayan Canoe was discovered in the Toledo District. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story. PAUL MAHUNG “The magnificent, historical and ancient discovery in Paynes Creek National Park was made by a team of archaeologists led by Doctor Heath...

Orange Walk Police Seek Weekend Shooters
Police in Orange Walk Town are investigating a shooting incident. Reporter Dalila Ical has the details. DALILA ICAL “An entire neighbourhood was awakened by the sound of gunshots in the area in the wee hours of Sunday morning in Orange Walk Town. According to neighb...

Case of Mistaken Identity Leaves Man Critical in Hospital
Tonight a man lies critically wounded with a bullet wound to his face and other parts of his body as the police seek out his attacker. Sometime around six on Sunday morning, are following a lead into the incident. Thirty-three year old Peter Castillo, also known as “A...

Placencia Peninsula Stars In Tourism Awards in Belize
Over the weekend the 12th Annual National Tourism Awards was held on Bannister Island. It’s the award show hosted every year by the Belize Tourism Board that seeks to recognize establishments and other stakeholders for the work they do in the industry. Eleven awards were handed o...

No Light and No Water In Harmonyville; Residents Plead for Water
Residents of Harmonyville located on the George Price Highway and a short distance away from Belmopan, are concerned about water in their developing community. Love News spoke to one of the residents who informed us that they have been to Belize Water Services several times, but ...

Village Council Elections Continue in Belize
43 villages held Village Council elections yesterday. We join Correspondent Harry Arzu for a look at the results in the Stann Creek District. HARRY ARZU Village council elections were held in six villages in the Stann Creek District on Sunday, May 19. In Seine Bight, Eloi...

Executive Director for Women's Commission In Belize Robbed In Her Drive Way
Police have recovered a vehicle that was stolen on Saturday night. Executive Director of the National Women’s Commission, Anne Marie Williams was robbed of her vehicle on Saturday night. According to reports, Williams arrived at her home around 11:00 pm on Saturday and as s...

Freak Accident Proves Fatal for Mennonite
A freak accident has claimed the life of a man in Cayo. According to reports, police visited a farm in Yalback Village, which is located behind the Spanish Lookout area sometime around 7:30 last night and upon arrival saw the body of a Mennonite man dressed in long blue jeans pan...

Punta Gorda Resident Beaten and Threatened Over the Weekend
A Punta Gorda man says he was attacked and threatened by another man yesterday. The twenty seven year old Dive Master of Jose Maria Nunez Street reported that around 9:00 am yesterday while riding his bicycle on Far West Street, he was approached by a black Montero SUV driven by ...

Police In Southern Belize Investigate Robberies Netting Over 25K
Two burglaries have been reported in the Stann Creek District. In the first, a Real Estate Property Manager of Middlesex Village reported that sometime around the 17th of May, several items were stolen from his twenty two acre citrus farm situated in the same village. The t...

Belize Police Officers Graduate From Adjudicators and Presenters Course
Over twenty police officers graduated on Friday afternoon from an Adjudicators and Presenters course. Twenty one officers mainly involved in tribunals within the police department attended a one week follow-up training. The graduation featured the former Director of Training for ...

Boat Passengers Rescued At Sea
Four persons were rescued after their boat capsized at sea. According to reports, Corozal police responded to a report of a boat capsizing about a mile out at sea in the Finca Solana Area in Corozal. Upon arriving at the area they saw four persons floating out at sea. Quick...

Corozal Laborer Lands In Jail Then Hospital Following Self Inflicted Injuries
Also on Sunday a theft was reported in Corozal. Twenty year old Jose Alberto Escamilla of Finca Solana in Corozal Town, reported that on Sunday at around 3:00 am while on the Consejo Road, a man known to him as Samir Vivas approached him to borrow his phone. Escamilla was about to lend him ...

Police In Northern Belize Uncovers Unlicensed Firearm and Ammunition
Police have charged a twenty seven year old man for keeping firearm and ammunition without a license. On Sunday around 5:00am, they were on mobile patrol by Olga Marin Drive in Corozal Town, behind Doctor Gregorio Garcia’s clinic in the Santa Rita area, when they observed three m...

Police In Corozal Investigate Fatal Road Accident
Corozal police are investigating a fatal road traffic accident that occurred on Saturday night in the Corozal District. According to authorities, the incident took place around seven on Saturday night between miles 88 and 89 on the Phillip Goldson Highway. According to preliminary inve...

Belizean Soldier Critically Injured In Barbados Says Jamaican Newspaper
The Jamaican Observer is reporting that a Belizean Regional Security Soldier is in a critical condition in Barbados following a stabbing incident. The article says that forty five year old, Andre Gabb, a soldier attached to the Caribbean defence pact Headquartered in Barbados rem...

Monday, May 20 ------------ Sugar Cane Crop Season Closes Shortly In Belize
Sugar Cane farmers in the North agree on closing date for the cane crop season. Correspondent Arturo Cantun has the story. ARTURO CANTUN “It has been confirmed that 2012/2013 sugar cane crop season is scheduled to close on Saturday, May 25 at 6pm. Representati...

Deputy Takes Over In Prime Minister's Absence
Prime Minister Dean Barrow will be out of the country for five days. A press release from his office informs that he left the country on Saturday and is expected back on Thursday May 23rd. Prime Minister Barrow will be attending a graduation ceremony and will then proceed t...


PUP Takes Three Villages In The North, UDP Takes Six
The second part of the 2013 Village Council Elections was held yesterday in nine villages here in the north, five in the Corozal District and four in the Orange Walk District. Countrywide 34 villages held elections, most of them won by the United Democratic Party. Here is how the elections played out in the Northern part of the country. Irvin Aragon – Reporting Yesterday a number of villages across the country of Belize came alive once again as the second round of the 2013 Village Council Elections was carried out. Here in the North, nine villages held elections: four in the Orange Walk District and five in the Corozal District. This week our coverage began in the Corozal District where the electorate of Consejo, Chan Chen, Louisville, Santa Clara, and San Roman exercised their right to vote. Our first stop was in the Village of Chan Chen where candidates and representatives of both political parties, including Corozal North Area Representative Hugo Patt, were busy garnering last minute votes and refused to comment on the elections. With that we headed out to the Village of Consejo, located some 6.5 miles north of Corozal with approximately 80 registered voters. Here the people were all fired up waiting anxiously to cast their vote. While incumbent UDP Chairman Carlos Arrana refused to give us an interview, the opposition’s candidate Edilberto Escalante told us why he and his team were the best persons to run the affairs of the community.

Another Maya Mound Destroyed
Since the news broke out that more than 70 percent of one of the North’s largest Maya Mound had been destroyed for landfill, it has been discovered that the Noh Mul Archeological Site is that not the only Maya Site that has been ravaged for its rich material here in the north. A visit to the Posito Archeological Site erected in the outskirts of Carmelita Village, proved that the destruction of Maya Mounds for the extraction of land fill is at a rampage. One of the sites medium size edifices, constructed around 300 BC, has been completely destroyed by man made machines. For the Archeological Department it is sad to see that what took the Mayas thousands of years to construct, are being destroyed without remorse. Carmelita Perez– Reporting Hundreds of pieces of broken pottery found all over the archeological site is testimony to the ravishing of Posito located in the outskirts of Carmelita Village in the Orange Walk District. Approximately six Maya Mounds believed to have been constructed around 300 B.C form part of what was once a Maya settlement. Buried beneath the mounds is undiscovered Maya history, history, that is slowing being turned to rubble by manmade machines. Similar to Noh Mul, one of the medium size structures of Posito has been completely destroyed for its material. According to Doctor John Morris from the Archeological Department it is obvious that the mound was recently destroyed.

Anti Virus Guru Says GOB Sent To Burn Is Home
Tonight John McAfee is on the news again and this time he is blaming the Belizean Government of burning two of his wooden structures in his 5 million dollars estate located in Carmelita Village in Orange Walk. On May 16th, the two wooden structures and a palapa valued at approximately half a million dollars belonging to McAfee were gutted by fire. The inferno reportedly started in an empty lot and crossed over to MacAfee’s property. Speaking from his home in Portland, Oregon, McAfee told MailOnline today that he believed the Belizean government paid a low-level individual to commit arson. McAfee said that he has a private investigator working on the case that could prove that UDP stalwart Orlando Landy Burns was behind the act committed. According to McAfee a woman has been charged with reckless endangerment over the fire but no corroborating reports were found. But as far as we are concerned no one has been charged.

Traffic Accident Claims Life Of U.S National
A traffic accident on the Philip Goldson Highway on Saturday night claimed the life of a US National who resided in the Village of Copper Bank in the Corozal District. Reports are that at around 6:30pm, 61 year old Earl Erwin Schmidt was driving his black Honda motorcycle towards Corozal when upon reaching between miles 88 and 89 of the Philip Goldson Highway he collided into a Tilletts bus which was parked on the right hand side of the highway facing a northerly direction. As a result of the collision, Schmidt sustained sever head injuries and died on the spot. We understand that at around 9:30am, the bus experienced mechanical problems and its driver Elvis Castillo from San Estevan Village in the Orange Walk District decided to leave it parked on the highway. A Notice of Intended Prosecution was served on Castillo and investigations continue.

Residents Of Pasadita Area Awaken By Gunshots
The sound of gun shots early Sunday morning left residents of Burns and Juventus Streets in the Pasadita Area of Orange Walk Town shaken. When we arrived in the area this morning, residents told us off camera that more than seven shots were fired at around 12:41 in the morning. Three of those shots left their markings on the residence of Zacarias Copo, who along with three of his siblings, including his wife, was sleeping inside the house when the shots were fired. While two bullets went right through one of the front windows, one targeted the front door. Luckily no one was injured. CTV3 News understands that two men armed with heavy artillery were seen leaving the area minutes after the shots rang out in an unmarked vehicle. By the time police arrived the men had made good their escape. Who exactly was the intended target or if the shooting was just an act of two persons playing cowboy and Indians, is yet unknown since police are still investigating. Residents in the area believe; however, that it all has to do with underworld activities. As for the Copo family they believe they were not the intended target.

Firearm Removed Off The Streets
And while an investigation into the fatal traffic accident continues, one man is tonight behind bars after Corozal police detained him for firearm offences. On Sunday May 19th, at about 5:00am, Corozal Police was on mobile patrol in the Santa Rita Area when they observed three male persons hanging out in a yard. As police approached the 3 individuals, one of the men, later identified as Ronny Hernandez, was observed hiding an object under a pile of dirt later discovered to be a 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol with a single magazine containing 4 live rounds of ammunition. Immediately Hernandez accepted blame for the offence and as a result was arrested and charged for kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license.

PM Accompanies Wife To Houston
Tonight the Prime Minister of Belize Dean Oliver Barrow is in Houston where his wife Kim Simplis Barrow is continuing her medical treatment for cancer. The Prime Minister left the country on Saturday and is expected back into the country on Thursday May 23rd. During the Prime Minister’s absence the honorable Gaspar Vega will act as Prime Minister.

Honouring Our Educators
On Thursday night Teacher Minerva Castillo from La Inmaculada R.C School was among the many educators that were honored for their outstanding work with children. Out of six nominees Castillo was bestowed the Outstanding Pre-Primary Level Award. Castillo has dedicated 27 years of her life to the teaching profession, 22 years at the infant level and five years at the pre-school level. Today we caught up with Castillo while she was in class doing what she loves best; educating the future leaders of the country. Minerva Castillo – Teacher at La Inmaculada School “It’s an honor and a pleasure to have won that prize, it is a hard work that I have gone through and it is not an easy job to teach the children of small age.” With a total of 26 students, 16 in the morning session and 10 in the afternoon, Castillo shared that the long hours of work, dedication and most of all her passion for the profession, played a key role in her accomplishment. Minerva Castillo – Teacher at La Inmaculada School “This accomplishment has a long way to go and the sleepiness nights that you have and a lot of planning and apparatus making and my dedication and passion to what I have in school that I have with the children especially with small children I love working with small children so that has brought me up to where I am 27 years of teaching profession.” Teacher Minerva Castillo now joins Tr. Rinelva Valladarez in making La Inmaculada R. C School proud. Valladarez received the Pre- Primary Level Award back in 2011.

LICU Holds 64th AGM
For over 60 years, La Inmaculada Credit Union has been offering financial support to its members owners in many different capacities. This past Saturday, the banking institution held its 64th Annual General Meeting at the Orange Walk People’s Stadium where its membership was presented with the 2012 financial report and other reports on the different sectors that make up the institution. Yolanda Gomez, General Manager LICU “They have a right to know what is happening with their investment and their money, the shares, the savings and we are only there working and operating and so we have a right to report back to them.” Irvin Aragon – Reporter “What are some of the highlights for this meeting?” Yolanda Gomez, General Manager LICU “The many activities we are engaged in, in addition to only accepting deposits and giving loans at the most affordable rate which is on an average 7% per annum, we are engaged in quite a number of activities, in outreached programs that include people who are ordinarily would not be or have access to any financial institution, we are currently forming a networking and having allies with BNE trust for educational loans, we have the European Union for the small scale and enterprise development in agriculture and tourism and we just engaged a new one with the International Development Bank for a social entrepreneurship program, we are driving the productive sector we are encouraging small business and that is really breathing success for us.”


Man dies when his motorbike hits parked bus
A man is dead after he collided into the back of a parked bus. Yesterday morning, bus driver Elvis Castillo, a resident of San Estevan, was traveling on the Phillip Goldson Highway, when the bus began to experience mechanical problems and so he parked the bus on the right...

Minister’s Daughter allegedly hit motorcyclist with Government vehicle
There was a traffic accident over the weekend involving a Government vehicle, allegedly being driven at the time by a Minister’s daughter. After 1 o’clock on Saturday afternoon, Melvin Escobar was driving his motorcycle in the Las Flores area of Belmopan and as he was crossing an intersection, a...

Man killed by falling tree
A man lost his life after a tree accidentally fell on top of him. Last night around 7:30pm, 46 year old John Penner, a Belizean Mennonite Logwood Cutter, along with another man, were cutting down trees at a farm in Yalback, located behind Spanish lookout. That is when a...

Four persons saved after boat sinks
Tonight, a group of four is lucky to be alive, after the boat they were travelling in capsized. 21 year old Gregorio Rosado, 22 year old Jeffrey Gongora, a 15 year old and a 13 year, were all aboard the vessel about a mile out at sea from the...

16 year-old arraigned in Family Court after shooting incident
The 16-year-old boy who was shot by police during last week’s shooting incident on Flamboyant Street was arraigned in the Belize Family Court this evening. It was believed that two rivalry gang members were at war and they were shooting at each other when police intervened and shot one...

Cross Country Classic for Women held on Sunday
On Friday we told you that the Cross Country Classic for women had been indefinitely postponed as stated through a release from the Cycling Association. Subsequent to that story we learned from the Association that the race was back on again. They said that after further consultation with legal...

Two Shooting incidents over the weekend
There were two shooting incidents over the weekend. The first happened shortly after 6am in Belize City. 33 year old Peter Castillo was riding his bicycle and as he reached the junction of Gill Street, a man standing at the junction fired several shots at him. Castillo was hit...

Roy Bennett fined for drug offences
25 year old Roy Bennett, his girlfriend, his brother, 27 year old Ryan Felix, and Kimberly Ciego were charged jointly with possession of 25.4 grams of cannabis. After the shooting of Peter Castillo on Saturday, Police executed a search warrant at the home of Roy Bennett. At the home,...

Second Round of Village Council Elections held
This weekend was the second round of Village Council Elections. The elections are held every three years, where one Chairperson and six members are voted in. In this second round, forty three villages participated and of that, the Toledo District hosted the majority with 14 elections. A full review...

BDF soldier stabbed in Barbados
A Belizean BDF is tonight recovering in a Barbados hospital after he was stabbed in the chest and left critically wounded. According to a report in the Jamaican Observer, 41 year old Andre Gabb, who is attached to the Caribbean Defense Pact in Barbados and assigned to the Regional...

NWC Executive Director robbed
The Executive Director fr the National Women’s Commission, Ann-Marie Williams, was apparently lay waited and robbed when she arrived at her house on Saturday. Williams had just exited her vehicle around 11 o’clock that night and was heading toward her house, when two dark complexion men, wearing hoods over...

PlusNews visit Blue Hole with Marine Protected Areas Manager
Our news crew was on a tour of the Blue Hole Natural Monument and surrounding seas this weekend. They came across an instance of the Belize Audubon Society (BAS) acting in its co-management role on the issue of fisheries. A team of fishermen were in the area between the...

GREAT Graduation in San Ignacio
Another series of the GREAT Program has wrapped up in San Ignacio. GREAT which means Gang Resistance Education and Training is a project by the Police Department aimed at deterring primary school students from gang related activities and educating them on conflict resolution. PC Ciriaco Medina, one of the...

Decision on extradition of Khalid Jamil El-Turk to the US set for June 28
On June 28, Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith will make her determination as to whether Khalid Jamil El-Turk will be extradited to the United States to face criminal charges. El-Turk is wanted for conspiring to import pseudo-ephedrine, a compound used to make the illegal drug methampetamine, into the United States....

Multicultural festivity this weekend in Belmopan
The Cultural Regional Institute of Belize (CRIB) has been busy promoting cultural events locally. The organization is a group of persons who through the promotion of cultural events and exposure to the different cultures of Belize believes that they can contribute to the sustainable development of the country. Directors...

Bi-national Border Bridge now open
The Bi-national Border Bridge that joins Belize and Mexico was opened last week. The new route, which promises to trim down traffic jams, is sketched with directional signs to aid motorists with smooth travels across the border. The new international bridge, as well as an access road was made...

Deputy PM fills in during PM’s US visit.
Deputy Prime Minsiter Hon. Gaspar Vega is holding over for the PM, while he is out of the country. The PM attended a graduation ceremony over the weekend and for the remainder of his trip will travel to Houston to accompany his wife for medical treatment. Hon. Barrow left...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Caye Caulker Lobster Fest 2013

The Reporter

US shale oil supply may shift global power balance
A steeper-than-expected rise in US shale oil reserves is about to change the global balance of power between new and existing producers, a report says. Over the next five years, the US will account for a third of new oil supplies, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). The US will change from the world’s leading importer of oil to a net exporter. Demand for oil from Middle-East oil producers is set to slow as a result. “North America has set off a supply shock that is sending ripples throughout the world,” said IEA executive director Maria van der Hoeven. The surge in US production will reshape the whole industry, according to the IEA, which made the prediction in its closely-watched bi-annual report examining trends in oil supply and demand over the next five years. The IEA said it expected the US to overtake Russia as the world’s biggest gas producer by 2015 and to become “all but self-sufficient” in its energy needs by about 2035.

The Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) of Toledo, operating under the leadership of Mr. Will Maheia do not have the authority or the resources to define the Belize Western border with Guatemala. But this is not what the volunteers have set out to do. The Belize-Guatemala border was defined in the Treaty of 1859, and there is no need for us to go over that ground again. But it has become necessary to remind Guatemala that this land is ours, and we intend to defend it. The Western Border demarcates the limit of Guatemalan sovereignty and jurisdiction. We must also remind ourselves that Guatemala has made her claim to Belize a constitutional issue by inscribing Belize as part of her territory in her constitution. More recently, there were reports of plans to incorporate Belize on the Guatemalan map inscribed on her new passports. The decision to incorporate Belize in her constitution makes it illegal (unconstitutional) for any person or party in Guatemala not to support her claim. Even our Belizean diplomats are constrained in their discussions (with Guatemala) to refer to the western border as “adjacency zone” in deference to Guatemala, whose constitution would make believe that there is no such border.. Moreover, Guatemala does not exercise any restraining authority over her citizens in Petén, who make frequent incursions into Belize for the purpose of plunder, illegal mining or seasonal (milpa style) agriculture. Belize has been obliged to maintain an active border patrol which is costing our country millions of dollars, and we have been reduced to a state of near-futile resistance in the face of the menacing population bulge pushing into southwestern Belize.

Facilitating Entrepreneurship in Belize
In Belize entrepreneurial ventures are the key to keeping our economy afloat. Small businesses account for well over 50% of all employment, thus it becomes vital to facilitate and nurture an entrepreneurial culture throughout our country. Entrepreneurs tend to be innovative, proactive, risk-takers who reach for change. They respond to it and exploit opportunities, and in turn convert a source into a resource. Keeping in-line with this, BELTRAIDE’s Small Business Development Centre Belize, with its mandate to provide advisory and training services to entrepreneurs and groups, has been working tirelessly to strengthen Belize’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Sector. Since opening its doors a mere six months ago, the centre has seen its client intake swell to almost 200 clients from various parts of the country seeking assistance in sourcing of financing, business plan development, marketing and sales, product development, sourcing of raw materials, just to name a few.


” It Works”
CG Esthetic has a new products and service , called ” IT WORKS” made with Natural herbs. It helps you lose inches by tightening, toning and firming your skin. You can use It works wraps on any part of your body. Carole will be doing a will have a demonstration on Monday at 6 at her shop located in Fairdale Plaza on Coconut Drive. For more information on the product go to CG Esthetic facebook page, CG Esthetic website and It Works website.

VIDEO: Silk Cayes Marine Reserve, Splash Belize, 2013 Tour Operator of The Year
Join the Splash Dive Crew on a day trip to Silk Cayes, Two Tank Dive, Snorkel and Beach BBQ. Visit us Online and Thanks for Sharing us on Facebook- Splash Dive Shop by Patty Rameriz

BTB Honors Tourism Industry Partners at the Twelfth Annual Tourism Awards Ceremony
On Saturday, May 18th, over two hundred and thirty guests, including industry stakeholders and government officials, gathered at Bannister Caye to honor the recipients of the 12th Annual National Tourism Awards. Over twelve years ago, the BTB had a vision to recognize organizations and industry partners for their dedicated and outstanding service to Belize's tourism industry. The BTB is proud to say that the awards have certainly evolved from being just a statement of excellence, into a way to promote creativity and to help establish a benchmark for best practices in the industry. Director of Tourism, Laura Esquivel-Frampton said, "A heartfelt congratulations to all the nominees and winners. Your work is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire tourism industry in Belize." The Belize Tourism Board is pleased to congratulate the winners in the following categories:

Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Flavors 2013
We are very pleased to invite qualifying SMEs to participate in LAC Flavors 2013: a Buyers-Sellers Meeting, to be held in Granada, Nicaragua, July 25-26, 2013. The event is organized by the Official investment and Export Promotion Agency of Nicaragua (PRONicaragua), Superior Council of the Private Enterprise (COSEP) and the Trade and Investment Unit (TIU) of the Integration and Trade Sector (INT) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

“Need You Now” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Started the day yesterday – obviously with a mug of coffee on the veranda – researching the prices of the remaining items (TVs, dinnerware, mattresses, etc,) we need to purchase for our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize On checking my In Box I found that I had received an email (in response to my enquiry) from Hyde Shipping which provided detail for the charges for transportation from their warehouse in Medley, Florida to Belize City. Just need now to get prices for moving the stuff from Belize City to Ambergris Caye and I can get the calculator out to make the cost comparisons versus buying the stuff in Belize. Knowing that the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge (which connects the southern and northern ends of Ambergris Caye) is closed for repairs (they closed it at midnight on Saturday) Rose and I set off to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize slightly earlier than usual. Parking the golf cart at a friend’s house who lives just south of the ‘Bridge, Rose and I made the half a mile walk to our house. This will be our routine for the next week or two. Enforced exercise! As we drew closer to the build the sound of birds chirping (amazing how much more you hear (and see for that matter) when you are not in a golf cart) was joined by the sound of a cement mixer. Obviously they had managed to effect the necessary repairs.

Mennonite Gurls A'ken Cook: Nanner Split Deessert
Crust: 1/2 cup buttr er margarine, melted 1 1/2 cups graham wafr crumbs 2 Tablespoons brown sugar Fillin: 12 oz. / 375 g creem cheez, softened 1 cup icin' sugar 1 1/2 cups whippin' creem 3 tablespoons granulated sugar 1 1/2 teespoons vanilla 19-20 oz. a'ken crushed pineepple, well draind* 4 bananas, sliced 1 box instunt vanilla puddin', 4 servin size 1 1/2 cups milk Hershey’s chocolate sauce chopped peenuts strawberries

Cashew Festival in Crooked Tree is a Sweet Time in Belize
Cashews, Cashews and more Cashews is the reason for this two day festival held annually in Crooked Tree around the end of May which is held during the season for this awkward fruit. Awkward in the sense that its a fruit unlike many other fruits that has it seed growing on the outside and not on the inside. Crooked Tree is well known around the world for being a Bird Sanctuary but its a place also known for its Sweet Cashews and Cashew byproducts...

Kayla - Belize Top Model of The Week- Behind The Scenes Video
Belize's Top Model is selected Weekly and shot on location at various sites in and around the beautiful Central American travel destination of Belize. Models...

International Sources

Moody's warns of debt default relapse for Jamaica, Belize
Ratings agency Moody's Investor Service said Monday that there is a high probability that Jamaica and Belize will relapse into default. "At the moment, we see a high probability that Belize and Jamaica will relapse into default," Moody's said in a statement as it singled out Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname as two of the few Caribbean countries that had stable economies. Moody's sees the default of Belize, Jamaica and Grenada over the past year as part of a broader debt crisis in the Caribbean. The report predicts that debt default in the region may persist as countries continue facing a combination of solvency and liquidity pressures. "The lack of options has left debt restructuring as an attractive tool to reduce public sector debt," said Edward Al-Hussainy, Moody's senior analyst and author of the report.

Moody's Warns Of More Caribbean Debt Restructurings
A major international credit rating agency is warning of more Caribbean sovereign debt restructurings ahead of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) annual meetings in St Lucia this week. The Wall Street-based Moody's Investor Service said on Monday that it expects sovereign credit quality to continue deteriorating in the region. "We see the defaults of Belize (Caa2 stable), Jamaica (Caa3 stable), and Grenada (unrated) over the past year as being part of a broader debt crisis in the Caribbean," it said in a report. "Moreover, we expect the risk of sovereign default in the region to persist as countries continue facing a combination of solvency and liquidity pressures and are increasingly unable and unwilling to service debt," the report said. Moody's said the Caribbean's debt overhang is a "legacy of debt accumulation that started in the 1990s as governments accelerated borrowing, often from external commercial sources, to finance public-sector investment.

VIDEO: Last Call with Carson Daly: The Exquisite Corpse Project
Way to go island boy Ben Popik! You make us proud!

Guatemala annuls Rios Montt's genocide conviction
Guatemala's top court has thrown out the conviction for genocide and crimes against humanity of former military leader Efrain Rios Montt. The constitutional court ruled that the trial should restart from the point where it stood on 19 April. On 10 May, Gen Rios Montt was convicted of ordering the deaths of 1,771 people of the Ixil Maya ethnic group during his time in office in 1982-83. The 86-year-old was sentenced to 80 years in prison. He denies the charges. 'Illegal proceedings' Monday's ruling throws into disarray the historic trial of Gen Rios Montt, the first former head of state to face genocide charges in a court within his own country.

10 underwater heavens for scuba diving - Belize Blue Hole is listed among the 10
Here is a list of places you could visit. The Blue Hole is a large underwater sinkhole off the coast of Belize. This site was made famous by Jacques Cousteau who declared it one of...

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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