Students Left In Limbo

This morning the students of St Johns College Junior College were told to go home after their summer classes were abruptly cancelled. It caused quite an uproar between students and administration. That is because if there are no summer classes, these students will have to make up those courses during the normal school year, which means additional time at school and for some, even a setback for their graduation date. In a press release sent out by the Junior College today it stated that the shortfall in class numbers but more significantly the shortfall in the student payments and school collections are prescribed polices on cancellation of classes.

But for the students who have paid for their summer classes or have started a payment plan with the institution, this morning’s sudden news came as a shock and also a disappointment. We spoke to one of them:

Rondre Walker - Second year Student
"This morning while we were in the 8:00 o'clock class they brought to our attention that Summer School has been cancelled due to the lack of payment of the different students in the classes. I was upset to find this out because attending this summer school will allow me to decrease the length of time that I am supposed to be at John's, it's just depressing to know. Because they gave us a one day payment to pay our summer school bills, the registration was from the 16th and the deadline for summer classes was the 17th. They explained to us; yes I agree with them because they said they have to pay the teachers but we the students cannot get that amount of money in that short amount of time. I agree the school needs money to support but being the students that we are and the financial situation that we are in we deserve extra time."

We did try contacting the president of St John’s Junior College – Jorge Espat- but we were told that he was in a meeting. We were then told to leave the compound because the media is not allowed on the premises.

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