Monitoring Unit of Gulf of Honduras Project to reactivate key stakeholders network

Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL) is extending the main water line to neighborhoods in the Boca Del Rio area. Work on the streets commenced about a week ago and residents have been experiencing inconsistent water availability. According to Aaron Locke, BWSL district manager, the new pipe lines that are being installed are necessary to improve water service in the area. Residents of the Boca Del Rio area have often complained of low water pressure. The replacement of the pipe line will aid this problem and provide much needed water pressure to residential homes.

Cherie Chenot-Rose, resident of the area, stated that it was great that the issue of low pressure has been addressed by BWSL, “Water pressure is really bad in this area, sometime there is no water from 8AM to 2PM, and when there is water available, the pressure is really so low that only a trickle of water comes out from the faucet During hours of high water usage, we have no pressure at all, especially since I live on the second floor of my house.” Rose was thankful that the issue was being addressed.

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