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The San Pedro Sun

Doctor Love: Long-distance relationships
A relationship that started up with a part-time resident has a smitten lover confused and a little jealous.

Editorial: San Pedro Snubbed at BTB Awards
On Saturday, May 18th, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) held their 12th Annual National Tourism Awards. At the night of the awards guests were informed that once the deadline for nominations passed, judges whittled down the finalists and chose the winners in each category. Of the nine category awards given, including Small Hotel of the Year, Restaurant of the Year, Frontline Person of the Year, Tour Guide of the Year, Tour Operator of the Year, Major Festivals & Events, Hospitality Award, Hotel of the Year and Destination of the Year. Placencia took all but one of the nine awards, San Pedro won nothing. In mid-January 2013 the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) issued a press release revealing the results of the TripAdvisor’s 2013 Traveler’s Choice Awards, boasting that Belize had received multiple awards and acknowledgements. According to the release, Belize dominated in the categories, with many of the recipients being Ambergris Caye based establishments. The recognized San Pedro businesses were included in the “Top 25 Small Hotels in Central America,” “Top 25 Hotels for Service in Central America”, “Top 25 Hotels in Central America” and “Top 25 Luxury Hotels in the World”.

Wolfe’s Woofers: Taking No Chances
When Roger's mother-in-law dies in the Holy Land, he must decide whether to have her buried there or transported back home. Apparently money is not an issue

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize Territorial Volunteers discover palm oil, cornfields encroaching on border
On a recent morning, approximately 60 people boarded buses and vehicles in Punta Gorda for the rough road journey to the village of Dolores on the Southern Belize-Guatemala border with a group of the Belize Territorial Volunteers. After almost three hours of travel to the border, the BTV group began a strenuous hike to the borderline. Just before reaching the border, the group was met by Organization of American States (OAS) representatives, who informed the group that they had reached the borderline and warned them not to proceed further west. A local Mayan resident in the group of BTV volunteers advised that the group had in fact not yet reached the border, so the group proceeded to push forward to the cement survey marker despite the comment from the OAS representative.

Eastbourne diplomat wins five-year battle to clear his name
A diplomat who was wrongly accused of sexual misconduct is to get compensation after winning a five-year battle to clear his name. Despite his 37 years of service, John Yapp, 61, of Eastbourne, was withdrawn from his post in June 2008 after Belizean politician Eamon Courtenay accused him of touching his wife’s bottom. The claims were found to be untrue and Mr Yapp has now successfully sued the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) over its handling of the incident. Mr Yapp was subjected to a lengthy FCO disciplinary process and became ill with depression.

The Belize National Triathlon Association partnered with Hol Chan Marine Reserve for their 8th Annual Reef Week.
Congrats to the top finishers in the under 14 Category. They completed that following course 100 meter swim, 1 mile ride, 800 meter run; 1st Luis Carcamo 2nd Esrom Aldana 3rd Andy Rivero In the 14 and older category they completed the following course; 200 meter swim, 2 mile ride, 1 mile run 1st Eric Donis 2nd Brandon Santos 3rd Jason Estrada Thank you to Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Kerah Forman, Banyan Bay, Belize Bank International, Belize Bank Ltd, Bowen & Bowen. Also a big thank you to Kent Gabourel for taking care of all the logistics prior to the race.

Multicultural Festivity in Belmopan
The Cultural Regional Institute of Belize is having a 'multicultural festivity' today, starting at 10:00am, at the UB gymnasium. The event will be fun for the entire family, like the small cultural events CRIB has done at the Belmopan market. Tickets include entertainment and food, and all the proceeds go towards contributing to the diverse range of artisans that will be coming to the event from all over the country. For more information, call 621-2703. Picture album is from previous events.

Pandy Show Anniversary
The Pandy Show is celebrating 21 years of programming tomorrow, which also falls on Commonwealth Day. There will be fun and games at the Cayo Welcome Center tomorrow evening, starting at 6:00pm. Congratulations, Pandy, and here's to many more! "Celebrating its 21st Anniversary, Lots games and surprises everyone invited"

SIRH Responds to Hotel Award
The San Ignacio Resort Hotel won the Hotel of the Year award from the Belize Tourism Board, and they put out a great response, commending their employees for making it happen. They explained it nicely and humbly. Congratulations once again! "Accepting the award on behalf of the San Ignacio Resort Hotel were Operations Manager Paulita Bedran Figueroa and Managing Director Mariam Bedran Roberson. Both sisters say their employees put the San Ignacio Resort Hotel on top: 'Collectively, they are the most incredible asset any hotel management team could ask for. This award reflects the years of hard work that the San Ignacio Resort Hotel family has invested into making the hotel one of the best experiences guests can enjoy in Belize.'"

BNE Fire Unit Extinguishes Never Delay Fire
The Belize Natural Energy Fire Unit has been doing some fire drills lately, but they had a real fire to extinguish at Never Delay. They were able to take some pictures at the scene. Great work. Thanks, BNE! In related news, fire season seems to be over. The rain is here cooling things off, and extinguishing fires around Cayo.

SISE HoC Full Moon Concert
The SISE House of Culture really put on an amazing Full Moon Party at the Cayo Welcome Center Friday night. All the best musicians from Cayo were there. Emmanuel Mangar jammed, with Catherine Garnett assisting with vocals. In Bloom rocked the house. The World Culture Band finished the night, and they had some special guests come up on stage too. The music was played so well, they sky even cried! Thanks for all the great music!

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Local Garifuna Cuisine
Hudut for Sale!!! Hudut is a Garifuna dish consisting of plantin and fish. Here we have some Locals showing how it is made. Get your plate now right at the Palapa Gardens. Here we have Elis cooking up the fish and stew that go over the plantin


Village Council Elections In Crooked Tree Village
Today is Village Council Elections in Crooked Tree Village. Please come out and vote. This is the best chance we have to move Crooked Tree Village forward. We have a lot of serious issues in the village and I believe that with this team we can get a new police station and cemetery. Forget about the plate of beans and rice people, we are worthy of much more!! Support the Crooked Tree Slate....Dr. Jane Crawford and team!!!

When Life Gives You Pea Soup, Make Seree ...
Visibility was so bad at Lighthouse Reef during a recent exploratory trip, that I left my camera in the tender 50% of the time. Though the underwater topography was spectacular - caves, tunnels, pillars and vertical cliffs - the chances of capturing a worthy image was near null.

International Sources

Caribbean Should Trade Venezuelan Oil for Homegrown Sun
Still recovering from last year’s Hurricane Sandy and the 2008 financial crisis, many Caribbean countries now face another threat: the possible curtailment of Petrocaribe, a Venezuelan program that has kept their economies afloat with deals on discounted oil. The good news is that Jamaica and its neighbors can reduce their dependence on Venezuelan heavy crude. More affordable technology can unlock the energy contained in the sun, wind and sea -- resources that Caribbean countries possess in abundance. True, many of Petrocaribe’s 13 Caribbean members would have suffered without the cheap oil that began flowing to them in 2005 -- especially after the 2008 crisis body-slammed the most tourism-dependent economies. These countries have benefited not just from the 1 percent interest rate but also from two- to three-year grace periods, 17- to 25-year repayment plans and flexible agreements that have let them channel money to development. This sweet deal, however, also enabled governments to postpone tough fiscal choices in favor of racking up debt.

Letter: United Garifuna Association welcomes reparations initiative
In reference to the press release issued by your office dated May 21, 2013, on behalf of your government and people of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, formerly known by we living in the diaspora countries as “Yurumei”, our association applauds this bold initiative on your part to seek reparation for the injustices committed against our Garinagu people on the island of Saint Vincent (Yurumei), our homeland. However, our executive body examined the press release in detail and we have some reservations with some proposed provisions of the current proposal, which are the following: 1. We believe that any reparation case brought on our behalf should be separate from the case to be brought for the descendants of slavery. 2. That the case to be filed should not only be on behalf of the people and government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines but also the Garinagu people who reside in the diaspora countries such as Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize, the United States of America and wherever else they may reside today.