(FYI..Jasper's photo can be located under the photography section)

Hello Everyone,

Jasper needs a great family to adopt him. He is a Jack Russell mix so he is extremely smart, about 6 months old, was adopted from SAGA so he has had all his puppy vaccinations up to date, he is crate trained (sleeps like a baby all night long), flea/tick free as I have been applying Parastar, and most importantly he is Ö house broken! YAY!

He is trained in basic commands and now Iím exposing him to ride in a bicycle basket; which he is passing with flying colors. He is great with other dogs, cats and people. I take him to our Crossfit facility all the time and he just sits and people watches. There is nothing wrong with Jasper. He is an unfortunate victim of divorce and his human parents decided not to take him back to the United States. Long story but he was given to the wrong person but luckily Jasper was smart enough to find his way back to his old condo and I decided to take him in for fostering until l find him a suitable home. I know I can take him back to SAGA but being that he has been around a family since very little I donít want to until absolutely necessary. I have three dogs and a cat of my own so I canít keep him, otherwise, I would.

He needs a stable family environment where he wonít be chained up outside. He needs love, play time and to be treated like a member of the family.

If anyone is interested, please message me privately or I ask that you share Jasperís information with family and friends that you think may be suitable. Please use the power of social media to find Jasper a home.

Jasper and I thank you in advance,