A delegation of Mexican companies has been in Belize since yesterday. The reason for their visit is to establish contact with Belizean companies where both sides can see what goods and services each has to offer.

Itís part of an ongoing trade relationship which Belize shares with Mexico, and today, we got to speak with representatives from ProMexico, the Mexican equivalent to Belizeís BELTRAIDE.

Hereís how they explained the ongoing talks between both sides:

Jose Manuel Rodriguez Chauvere - Representative, ProMexico
"I am representing ProMexico which is a government institution that promotes trade and investment."

Daniel Ortiz
"So tell us about your visit here in Belize and it's purpose?"

Jose Manuel Rodriguez Chauvere
"Well we are here in order to increase the trade between the two countries and we are together with fourteen companies from different parts of Mexico. Willing to present their project, their products to societies in Belize and also to distribute products from Belize to Mexico."

Marco Antonio Lopez - Economic Affairs, Mexican Embassy
"During the last ten years the commerce between Mexico and Belize has doubled. Ten years ago it was about $60 Million US dollars and the last years it's almost $140 Million dollars so the commerce/trade between the two countries has been growing within the last ten years. For a lot of people are getting benefits from this commerce either in Mexico or in Belize so the idea is to bring companies from Mexico. We bring companies that are small or medium size here in Belize to know the market, to talk about the business with Belizean business men and to let them know what they sell, produce and to look for opportunities to share."

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