Yesterday, leaders from villages, cities and towns across Belize gathered for a presentation at El Rancho Restaurant in Belmopan.

It was hosted by the Minister of Local Government, Godwin Hulse, and he called them in to talk about the different produce markets which exist in these municipalities.

Government wants to improve how the markets are controlled by the different city, town and village councils and after consultation with an international Expert, the findings were presented yesterday.

Minister Hulse explained its importance:

Hon. Godwin Hulse - Minster of Local Government "This is the launch of a workshop under the BRDP II so there's a consultant in the country whose function was to help to improve the management of the various market in the municipalities and these are all the market by the Belize City one and Stann Creek is coming on as well at sometime. So he's been here from March and he's visited then and he did a preliminary study and today he's going to present his findings to the group, this is why you see all the Mayors invited etc. Generally the whole idea is that we ensure the management of the markets so that when people bring their produce particulars, from the rural areas to a market there's a place for them to display them, there's security, water - it's hygienic and then you can create a dynaminism. I talked about in a market where people buy and haggle and go and come and that's the whole idea. This is particularly to enhance the management, the physical management of the infrastructure, accountability for the resources and sort of thing. It is simply the municipalities and those persons at the city council and town councils who will be managing the facility - as you know the Ministry of Finance is involved because it's under the BRDP II project and they are in charged of the resources to do this and the consultant will be presenting his financing. So it's mainly major for the managers which are the councilors and the administrative staff in those various municipalities. It is to how you create those facilities so that the vendors are comfortable in their location and can sell their produce, that is the crooks of the whole undertaking. "

This initiative is part of the Belize Rural Development Project (BRDP II).

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