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#466179 - 06/08/13 05:31 AM PSE Results Announced, Grades Trending Down  
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Tonight, the PSE results are in, and, as always, we celebrate the top finishers, while lamenting an overall performance, which is down this year.

But, first, to the good news: the students who excelled. The top finisher this year is Siyun Ye, from Bernice Yorke Institute of Learning in Belize City. She topped her peers easily with a overall total of 391 points, six more than the second place finishers. And that’s right, we said, “finishers”; that’s because there’s a three way tie for second between Vincent Hulse and Nelson Esteban from St Andrews Anglican in Cayo along with Jenessa Sierra from San Pedro RC. There’s a four way tie for third with Agatha Petkau, from United Evergreen in Cayo, Iani Adolphus from Hummingbird Elementary in Belize city along with Sherry Tan and Alana Rosado from Belize Elementary in Belize City. Miracle Mgeahburke from Solid Rock Christian in Stann Creek is alone in fourth and Alexandra Gibson from Hummingbird elementary is tied with Marlina Eck from Belize Elementary and Gordon Knowles from St, Joseph in Belize City for fifth.

The results came in just two hours ago – and we only got a chance to speak to two of the top finishers who are from the city, first place finisher Siyun Ye, and third place, Iani Adolphus. We spoke to Adolphus an hour ago and Siyun Ye just five minutes ago. We start with Adolphus.

Iani Adolphus - Rank 3rd in PSE
"I was relieved first of all and kind of surprised, but definitely proud."

Monica Bodden
"Who first informed you?"

Iani Adolphus
"My dad called my mom and she told me afterward."

Monica Bodden
"What are your score for your PSE."

Iani Adolphus
"I'm not sure - they didn't tell me."

Monica Bodden
"So you're just imformed that you got the third highest in the country."

Iani Adolphus
"Yes that is all they told me, they didn't tell me my score, which I wanted to know that more than what I came in but nobody told me."

Monica Bodden
"Tell me during the exam - what was the most challenging part for you?"

Iani Adolphus
"The story writing - I'm not a very good writer so the story writing was definitely more challending for me. I was never really a student that studied everyday, I just basically listend in class. I had a really good teacher, Ms. Chavarria so I definitely have to thank her because she was so dedicated to us and she gave us all the information we needed and I went into the PSE room really confident because I had everything I needed so I just want to thank her. I just want to thank my family and all my friends for supporting me and they believed in me - they knew that I would do really well so I have to thank all of them."

Monica Bodden
"You already have your high school picked out where you will be attending?"

Iani Adolphus
"Yes I will be attending SCA. I'm excited for that."

Jules Vasquez
"Did you expect specifically this student?"

Sherry Ali - Principal - Bernice Yorke
"Yes I did, I expected her to do well because she's a brilliant student and extremely hard working and she's been with us since pre-school and she's continuously topped at every level so I was expecting her to do well."

Jules Vasquez
"Siyun, when did you find out how you did on the test?"

Siyun Ye, Top finisher PSE 2013- Top finisher PSE 2013
"I did just now."

Jules Vasquez
"And how did you react. You don't seem very exciteable."

Siyun Ye
"I was surprised because I didn't think that I'd get first place."

Jules Vasquez
"After you finished the test what did you think about the test? Did you think that you got all the questions right because you did, you only got a few wrong."

Siyun Ye
"It was easy."

Jules Vasquez
"If I am a student in standard 5 at home and I'm looking at this. What would you recommend? What did you do to get the highest score?"

Siyun Ye
"Just to do your best and practice more."

Jules Vasquez
"Which subject was your weakest. Which one did you not get a 100 on.?"

Siyun Ye
"The language, writing one."

Jules Vasquez "Why is that?"

Siyun Ye
"The time limit - I couldn't finish."

Jules Vasquez
"So what's next for you? How will you celebrate? - No plans right now..and where are you going to High school?"

Siyun Ye
"St. Catherine's Academy."

Jules Vasquez
"Excellent Siyung. - Right back to your principal. A student like this, they say brilliant students will perform well in any setting. Is she known to be a hard worker or is she just purely brilliant?"

Sherry Ali
"Yes that's true. She's an extremely hard worker and she always asks for assistance and not only that, she's a willing, giving student - she helps all the other students in class. She's very good at math and even though she didn't get a 100 in Language she's an extremely good write, she's good in Language so i'm surprised she didn't get the 100 in Language."

Jules Vasquez
"Now, it must be good pride for your school - this is not the first time Bernice York, a very small school, had a first place finisher. What is the secret?"

Sherry Ali
"There's not secret you know. As I've said before, the importance and emphasis that our school places is early childhood education. That is the launchpad to have students prepared to meet the challenges of Primary education. To ensure that the curriculum is covered and to ensure that students are prepared to meet the next level."

Siyun Ye is from the Yabra area where he parents own a grocery store – in which she is often seen doing her homework. Bernice Yorke shared the first place in 2012.

7359 students sat the exam this year – more than ever before.

But, performance overall was down. English was down slightly to a median score of 58. Math was more or less consistent with a median score of 54.2% but, approximately 45% of students failed, with scores of 49 or less – that’s over three thousand students with a below passing grade. Grades in the subject of social studies are down from last year, but the mean score of 67.2% was the highest. In science scores were also down slightly, but the median remains around 70%.

And so while Math was the biggest trouble area this year, the PSE official release ends on rhapsodic note, saying quote, “the result of the PSE was never intended to…cast blame and point fingers, or attempt to shame teachers, schools and other individuals and groups…” Of course, that’s hardly consolation to the students, who are the only ones getting an E or F, when the results suggest the entire system is failing.

Channel 7

#466184 - 06/08/13 05:59 AM Re: PSE Results Announced, Grades Trending Down [Re: Marty]  
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Jennessa Sierra of SPRCS ties for 2nd in PSE countrywide

The Primary School Examination (PSE) results are out and one student from Ambergris Caye is amongst the highest in the country. The overall results were announced late on Friday June 7th by the Ministry of Education. Jennessa Sierra of San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRC) is among the top five students countrywide.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun

Belize Primary School Examination's Top 26 Students

The 2013 Primary School Examination also known as the PSE has been released to the media for the top 26 students in the country of Belize. 

The 2013 PSE results reveal of the 26 Top Students, Siyun Ye from Bernice Yorke in Belize City has taken the top spot in this years PSE with an Overall Score of 391. 

It also reveals that of the 26 top students 14 are from Belize City, 7 from Cayo, 2 from Corozal, 1 from Orange Walk, 1 from Stann Creek, and 1 from Toledo. 

The results are as follows:

1. Siyun Ye - Bernice Yorke  - Belize City - Overall Score 391
2. Vincent Hulse - Saint Andrews Anglican - Cayo - Overall Score 386
3. Nelson Esteban - Saint Andrews Anglican - Cayo - Overall Score 386
4. Jennessa Sierra - San Pedro Roman Catholic - San Pedro - Overall Score 386
5. Agatha Petkau - United Evergreen - Cayo - Overall Score 385
6. Iani Adolphus - Hummingbird Elementary - Belize City - Overall Score 385
7. Sherry Tan - Belize Elementary School - Belize City - Overall Score 385
8. Alanna Rosado - Belize Elementary School - Belize City - Overall Score 385
9. Miracle Mcbeahuruike - Solid Rock Christian Academy - Stann Creek - Overall Score 384
10. Alexandra Gibson - Hummingbird Elementary - Belize City - Overall Score 382
11. Marlina Eck - Belize Elementary School - Belize City - Overall Score 382
12. Gordon Knowles - St. Joseph Roman Catholic - Belize City - Overall Score 382
13.Zahara Zul - Saint Andrews Anglican - Cayo - Overall Score 381
14. Alain Morris - Saint Andrews Anglican - Cayo - Overall Score 381
15. Zaria Morris - Belize Elementary School - Belize City - Overall Score 381
16. Jose Torres - Succotz Roman Catholic - Cayo - Overall Score 380
17. Shelby Hamilton - Grace Primary School - Overall Score 380
18. Jazmine Ysaguirre - Bernice Yorke - Belize City - Overall Score 380
19. Amanda Graniel - St. Joseph Roman Catholic - Belize City - Overall Score 380
20. Dayne Guy - Saint Benedict Roman Catholic - Toledo - Overall Score 379
21. Kristen Medina - Corozal Methodist - Corozal - Overall Score - 379
22. Aliyaah Allen - Our Lady Of Guadalupe - Cayo - Overall Score 379
23. Cusion Wong - Belize Elementary School - Belize City - Overall Score 379
24. Astrid Lopez - Louisiana Government School - Orange Walk - Overall Score 378
25. Consuelo Leslie - Mary Hill Roman Catholic - Corozal - Overall Score 378
26. Halle Villanueva - Saint Ignatius Roman Catholic - Belize City - Overall Score 378

#466235 - 06/09/13 05:18 AM Re: PSE Results Announced, Grades Trending Down [Re: Marty]  
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The Mayor and the San Pedro Town Council would like to congratulate Jenessa Sierra of the San Pedro Roman Catholic School for placing 2nd in PSE Countrywide. She scored 386 out of 400 total points in the PSE. The SPTC would also like to congratulate the teachers of the SPRCS and Jenessa's Parents Juliana Alamilla and Marlon Sierra! Great Job Guys and Great Job Jenessa! We are proud of you!

San Pedro Town Council

#466363 - 06/11/13 05:23 AM Re: PSE Results Announced, Grades Trending Down [Re: Marty]  
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Meet the top scorers on the Primary School Examination

Last Friday, the Ministry of Education released the much anticipated results of the 2013 Primary School Examinations. This year’s results in respect of English and Math were dismal falling below last year’s. In English, fifty-three percent of the students did below a C grade which is ranges from sixty to sixty-nine percent and is considered satisfactory. In math it was worse…with sixty-one percent of students scoring below that C grade. The Ministry of Education will be providing details this Thursday at a press conference. But there are still bright spots, the top performer hails from Bernice Yorke Institute and is a shy young girl. We also found some students who did exceedingly well despite the odds. Duane Moody reports.

Duane Moody, Reporting

Some twenty-six students from primary schools across the country shared the top nine spots in the 2013 P.S.E. While first and fourth place had individual place holder, the other seven—specifically third, seventh and eighth place were shared by up to four bright minds. Fourteen year old Siyun Ye of the Bernice Yorke Institute got three hundred and ninety-one of the four hundred points to claim title as top performer.

Siyun Ye

Siyun Ye, Bernice Yorke Institute

“I was surprised, but happy at the same time. I just studied a lot and tried to practice at home and here at school.”

Marleni Cuellar

“Did you do extra classes?”

Siyun Ye

“The school had extra classes on Saturday.”

Marleni Cuellar

“And you spent a lot of time studying for it?”

Siyun Ye

“Well I tried to study at least some time every day.”

Marleni Cuellar

“Now when you took the exams, how did think you did initially?”

Siyun Ye

“I thought I did good, but I didn’t think it was that good.”

Second place in the exams was split between three students—one from San Pedro R.C. and two from Saint Andrews Anglican School in San Ignacio. Saint Andrews Anglican, according to its Principal, Joan Neal, has always had students coming in the top twenty-five for the exams, but it’s the first time that they’ve made second and with two.

Joan Neal, Principal, St. Andrews Anglican School

“We are very happy, we are excited, we are elated that our students have done well. It wasn’t really a surprise because of the caliber of the children that we sent up this year. They were very good students and we knew that they had the ability to perform well. Our school in the past has performed exceptionally well. We have had students more than once in the top twenty-five. We have in the past reached first place in the country in Math so we have a strong Math program here at our school.”

Joan Neal

Duane Moody

“What does this mean for your school to have done so well?”

Joan Neal

“It is very good; it is something that we have been working towards and by no means we intend to stop. We need to stay up there; we need to keep up there.”

Even more touching is that both students come from humble homes.  One is from a single parent home while the other lives in a remote area in the Cayo District with no electricity. Both said they were expecting to do well, but not to be one of the top scorers.

Vincent Hulse, St. Andrews Anglican School

Vincent Hulse

“I expected to do a little good, because during my school, I would usually come in first. Going into the exam, I was nervous and didn’t expect to come second. I feel very proud of myself and it is really an honor to be second place.”

Duane Moody

“How hard was it to actually get this far and do this well?”

Vincent Hulse

“Well you had to put a lot of effort, you have to thank god of course because without him nothing would be possible. You also need to thank the teachers; they really helped me—from infant one and preschool as well. You yourself have to put in the extra effort so that you can achieve your goals.”

Nelson Esteban

Nelson Esteban, St. Andrews Anglican School

“I expected to come in the top twenty-five, but not this place.”

Duane Moody

“How does it feel to have done so well for the P.S.E.?”

Nelson Esteban

“I feel proud of myself and I thank god first and my teachers for help me.  I studied hard, my parents pushed me and my teachers helped me a lot. Also my friends, we helped each other.”

Duane Moody

“Going into the examinations were you nervous? Did you find any particular paper hard?”

Nelson Esteban

“In fact I found like some questions that were a bit complicated to answer, but I felt sure of myself because I knew I had studied hard.”

Duane Moody

“School… Have you decided which high school you are going to go to and what’s your anticipations?”

Nelson Esteban

“Yes, I am going to attend Sacred Heart College.”

Twelve year old Vincent and fourteen year old Nelson are joined by two other classmates, Zahara Zul and Alain Morris, who tied for sixth in the P.S.E. results. Duane Moody for News Five.

In the list of the top twenty-six performers, thirteen were registered in the Belize District, nine in Cayo and one each from Stann Creek, Orange Walk, Corozal and Toledo Districts. 

Channel 5

#466574 - 06/14/13 05:10 AM Re: PSE Results Announced, Grades Trending Down [Re: Marty]  
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The PSE, Everybody’s Failed, But Only the Kids Got An “F”

And while Fonseca’s leadership is being criticized by his former colleague, today Education Minister Patrick Faber was the one doing the criticizing – as he tried the explain the universal failure that accounts for the PSE results – where thousands of children scored less than 50% - which is considered a failing grade. At the outset, Faber made it clear that he wasn’t trying to defend anything and then went on to defend a system that is failing its students.

Hon. Patrick Faber - Minister of Education
"Let me point out from the start that I am not here to defend."

Jules Vasquez reporting
Today’s press conference, with presentations from Ministry officials, and attendance form school principals and managers was about the PSE, not defending the consistently abysmal grades, but, in a sense sharing of the blame.

Hon. Patrick Faber
"To fix these problems in education, we will need everybody's support in order to make sure that it is successful and so for those people are waiting on 'superman' as it is said, to come down and do everything - it's not going to happen."

But what is happening according to the Chief Education Officer Chris Aird - is a mild upward trend even in math where over three thousand students got less than 50% - a failing grade:

Chris Aird - Chief Education Officer
"In the case of Math - the mean score in 2009 was 46.2 and 2013 54.2. Most students continue to score the E grade range and this is a cause for concern, something must be addressed to cross the system. It is very likely a matter of competence in the delivery of Math."

But he says students are showing greater competence:

Chris Aird "Apart from 2009 we're almost nine times as many students scored E's as those who scored A's in 2009. In the years 2010, 2012, 2013 that ratio decreased to around three times more, scoring E's than A's, which indicates that efforts are being made to address these issues. The overall conclusion would be that Math performance has been relatively stable and that doesn't mean that it's a good thing because we would all want to see our students doing better than they are. The question is not what the exam results show from one year to the next, it is what interventions we are taking."

And that was the recurrent theme of today’s two hour press conference, that much is being done, but everyone has to do more:

Hon. Patrick Faber
"We're not saying we're looking to find a new strategy because all is falling down - no. There are things in place so we are merely using this opportunity to say our stakeholder, partners 'help us we need you to be doing your part'. It's easy for us to say that nothing is happening, it's not going backward. I was looking at the Match scores from last year, it fell .2 points and one headline in the media was 'we're doing worst than last year'. Well .2 is negligible - the worst that you can say is that we're not moving forward."

And much of that lack of progress rests with untrained teachers and unresponsive managements says Faber:

Hon. Patrick Faber
"We've seen how untrained teachers have been placed in the rural areas; we've seen where untrained teachers are placed at the early childhood level. These are the decisions made by the managements and principals that can create tremendous harm. How is it that we expect children to pass the PSE when they can't read and they can't write? This is a concern we've discussed to death. You can't!. You don't learn to read and write in Standard 5 and Standard 6 - you learn to read and write at the very early stages of your education, informative year - early childhood. I urge you principals now and teachers, if you have people in your schools who don't love our children then tell them to get out because it damages us and it damages and affects these scores."

And when it comes to education or miseducation, there’s no shortage of blame to go around:

Hon. Patrick Faber
"What have the parents been up to? Terribly missing, you ask any principal that calls a PTA meeting and they will tell you that the parents don't show up."

Right up to the ministry where administrative bloat takes the place of oversight:

Hon. Patrick Faber
"You know we spend close to 200 million dollars a year but if you look at what we spend that money on, there's no real question why we have these issues. Very little is spent on monitoring and evaluating in the system, policing the system if you will - if one percent of that money is spent on it - that's a lot. What do we spend the money on? Salaries, we have too many teachers, I will go on record one more time and I will get it in trouble. We have too many schools and too many teachers - we need to amalgamate some of these schools that are scattered all across the country where we are paying teachers. I'm not saying to fire people and in some cases they are not qualified to be teachers, they are qualified to be something else anyway, that's the truth. You heard me say that we're up to 54% trained teachers at the Primary School level that means 46% of them are trained to do something else, so they shouldn't cry."

But, right now the only ones left crying are the kids – and there are literally thousands of them - who get the failing grade:

Jules Vasquez
"But in fact it is preposterous that the teachers should be requesting a raise when by all outward indications they have failed and parents have failed, and the ministry has failed and you have failed. There has been universal failure. But only one person gets the 'F' - poor thirteen and fourteen year old students who have to leave with that scarlet letter for the rest of their young lives. They are told ' da unu duncy, we will get 30% raise and Minister will get his new Montero - everything is hunky dorey at our level'. At what point will the charade end?"

Hon. Patrick Faber
"I don't believe that our system is a failure. I don't believe that students who did not perform at what we would hope that they performed are failures and in fact if you check it out, you will find out that a failing grade on the PSE does not end a child's chance of getting an education. It is not the end of a child's educational career if the child does not get above a 50 on the PSE. That's absolute nonsense. That child is not deemed a failure in life because of that, we're not destroying. If High School started to take only those students who got over 50 they would be in problems under the new financing regime at the High School level. You get paid by the number of students that you take in. You get paid by the kind of students that you take in as well. So you take more students that are coming from poor socio-economic background , then you get money according to that formula. You take students who come from economically challenge backgrounds, you get more money. You take less students in a year, you get less money. So I am convinced that that measure alone is strong enough to make sure that schools are going out there attracting."

And with that Faber made one last pitch for everyone to pitch in:

Hon. Patrick Faber
"If management and schools and the parents and the union are not working with us in the Ministry, it ain't going to happen my friends."

Channel 7

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