The the first issue of the Belize Tourism Industry Association Orange Walk Chapter’s quarterly publication, made it into the Belizean market today. Apart from featuring its new logo and name La Dulce Vista, the publication highlights the business community and features various events the Northern Districts have to offer. According to Information Officer for BTIA Orange Walk Chapter, Jasmine Zetina, the newspaper will be published over a period of nine months with a $16,000 grant from the La Inmaculada Credit Union.

Screen_shot_2013-06-07_at_7.47.46_PMJazmin Zetina, Information Officer BTIA/OW

“La Dulce Vista has finally been launched and we receive the newspapers on Wednesday and today we finally distributed the newspapers to all over Orange Walk and also Corozal and like I said it is distributed throughout the country. We went through a series of events before we actually got to where we are, we started off form getting the grant from La Inmaculada Credit Union so that two project, then we launched the name and logo competition where we got the finals, the winner to actually get to participate in contributing towards the initial stages of the newspaper and finally we have the hard copy of the newspaper that finally get distributed today. Basically what we are planning to do with the newspaper is to highlight different activities, event, businesses and mainly from the northern districts Orange Walk and Corozal but of course there is national issues and things that it would impact both Corozal and Orange Walk we will feature them in the newspaper, we are also highlighting different businesses as well, micro, small, medium and large businesses or enterprises.  So that local and international tourists get to know much more about what Corozal and Orange Walk has to offer.”

If you are a conscious reader or a lover of literature, then you must read “La Dulce Vista” newspaper which means “The Sweet View”.

Jazmin Zetina, Information Officer BTIA/ OW

“Copies can be gotten throughout the country like I said it is being distributed throughout the country, her in Orange Walk we try to distribute to as many businesses in the main section of town as well as around Trial Farm as well as up to the Puma Gas station, so north, south, east and west basically and we wanted to be accessible to everyone and people wherever you see “La Dulce Vista” don’t be afraid pick it up it is free of cost and support the BTIA Orange Walk.”

According to Zetina, the funds obtained from the LICU SSEEDAT 2 Program will only make possible the publication of three issues, thereafter, the BTIA Orange Walk Chapter will need to seek funding for the publication. Consequently, businesses will have the opportunity to be featured in the newspaper.

Jazmin Zetina, Information Officer BTIA/OW

“In term of Ads, we do sale the Ads spots so if you are interested in having an advertisement in the newspaper you can come in here at the newspaper centre and we will give you the sales kit and in terms of a news article we try to keep to different events and different activities or groups that belong to the northern districts, so if you take a look at the articles that we feature in this issue we are promoting what is BTIA Orange Walk so people know exactly where we are coming from as well as we are featuring articles from Corozal Santa Rita archaeological site, the Corozal House of culture as well so we are trying to centralize it on activities or places that is important to the north, so in terms of the article we are the ones that will be coming up with the suggestions and things in articles and in terms of sales ads we do have a sale kit.”

Of note is that from the name and logo competition launched for the newspaper, an incorporation of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner’s design form the new name and logo for the newspaper “La Dulce Vista”.