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The San Pedro Sun

Police’s Coastal Executive Unit and two officers awarded
The Coastal Executive Unit of the police department received an award for making the most drug interdictions for the month of April within the Eastern Division Section. The Coastal Executive Unit comprises of San Pedro Police and Caye Caulker Police formations. The award was received by the officer commanding the Coastal Executive Unit Superintendent of Police Luis Castellaños on May 17th. Two officers were also awarded for their outstanding work. Since the month of January 2013, the amount of drugs interdiction on the two islands has increased. According to police 1436.18 grams of drugs were removed off the streets in both communities combined in April. Speaking of the award, Superintendent Castellaños said that it is a good feeling to know that the work of his officers is making a positive impact and more importantly that it is not gone unnoticed. “It feels good that we got this award. It serves as a motivation for our officers who are doing their best, despite the challenge they face. Yes it is a form of competition between the different police formations but the most important thing is that it motivates us to improve. It recognizes the good work of our officers,” said Castellaños.

Xcalak residents celebrate 113th anniversary
Xcalak 113 Anniversary-8Ambergris Caye and the community of Xcalak, Mexico have many things in common and the connectivity is rooted deep within family bonds. So much so that when the 1955 Hurricane Janet practically destroyed the community, a few of the survivors (less than 100) migrated to the then fishing community of San Pedro to build and start a new life. Now, those are memories that live with the residents of both Ambergris Caye and Xcalak, and annually both communities find time to come together to celebrate their roots. On the weekend of June 1st and 2nd, the Xcalak community celebrated its 113th anniversary. Residents of San Pedro Town travelled in large numbers to participate in the two-day celebration. The weekend celebration started with a short ceremony commemorating “Dia de La Marina” (Marine’s Day) on June 1st. The event included speeches by different Mexican military and port officials, followed by an inspection of the guard of the Guard of Honor. Part of the day’s activities included a football marathon which had three teams from Mexico and Belize. The football marathon was declared open by the Head of the Xcalak Port and organizer of the events, Laura Susana Rivero.

Misc Belizean Sources

Queen of the West Call
The SISE Town Council is calling for ladies between the ages of 18 and 23 for the Queen of the West pageant that is coming up for the September Celebrations. You can contact them at 804-2035 for more information.


Three Students From The North Top PSE Results
Late this evening the 2013 PSE results were released by the Ministry of Education and CTV3 News is proud to report that among the list of top 26 performers are three students from the North, one from Orange Walk and two from Corozal. They are no other than Astrid Lopez from Louisiana Government in Orange Walk, Kristen Medina from Corozal Methodist and Consuelo Leslie from Mary Hill RC in Corozal. Seven of the other top performers hail from the Cayo District, 14 from the Belize District, 1 from the Stann Creek District and one from the Toledo District. Special recognition goes out to Siyun Ye from Bernice Yorke, Belize who topped the list and Vincent Hulse and Nelson Esteban both from St. Andrews Anglican, Cayo who came in second and third respectively. We will be speak with the North’s top performers on Monday and bring you their reactions in the newscast.

Corozal Police Release Picture Of Wanted Man
Robert Hill is the man who police say entered and robbed Chan Li Game Room at gunpoint on June 5th 2013 at about 11:25pm. Tonight, the individual, who is said to be from San Antonio Village in the Corozal District, is on the run and police are asking for the public’s assistance in order to identify his whereabouts and lead to his arrest. As mentioned, Hill is accused of entering Chang Li Game Room situated on 4th Avenue Corozal and robbing its proprietor at gunpoint while four customers were inside the establishment. Fearing for her life, the proprietor of the game room handed over $300.00 to the robber who made good his escape on a blue beach cruiser bicycle belonging to one of the customers. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Hill is asked to contact the nearest police station.

Men At Work Exhibit Opens At The Corozal House Of Culture
Father's Day is a celebration honoring fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society. This year in honor of Fathers Day the Corozal House of Culture will be hosting the first ever “Men at Work Art Exhibit”. The exhibit officially opens tonight and will feature the work of ten male artists from Corozal the Corozal District. Coordinator for the Corozal House of Culture, Debra Wilkes Gray, says the exhibit recognizes the hard work men go through on daily basis to provide for their family. Debra Wilkes Gray - Coordinator for the Corozal House of Culture “We are opening men at work art exhibit, it is an annual event that we do here at the house of culture and it concise with the month of June which is fathers’ day and it is an opportunity to recognize the men in our community.” Victor Castillo– Reporter “What would be the main objective and purpose of this exhibition?”

Dumping Of Boiling Caused April's Fish Kill In The New River
In the month of April the Department of the Environment responded to reports of sightings of dead fish floating in the New River, here in Orange Walk Town. As a result, the DOE launched an investigation in which the water quality of the river was tested from approximately 1 mile upstream from the Toll Bridge to around Trial Farm Village. The good news is that the fish kill was not as a result of chemicals dumped in the river as was originally believed but rather the tests revealed that the river, had at a particular area, elevated readings for temperature and low dissolve oxygen which means low oxygen level in water.

Noh Mul Turned To Rubble, No One Has Been Charged
A topic that made headlines in both the national and international media back in May is the destruction of the Archaeological site, Noh Mul. As we have reported before, more than three weeks ago heavy machinery with imprinted stickers of De’ Mars Stone Company, were seen in the area extracting the rich material from the site reportedly to fill roads in the Douglas Village Area which falls in the constituency of Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega. Immediately after the destruction of the more than 2,000 year old Mayan Edifice, the Institute of Archaeology launched an investigation. Their work was completed more than one week ago and all files, that will support the case, were handed over to the Orange Walk Police Department for further investigation. Those files are presently being reviewed by Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryl Lynn Vidal. But while we have received assurances that those found responsible for the destruction of the site will soon be charged, those charges are nowhere in site.

Hill Is Joined By Austin Sutherland Wanted For Burglary
Hill is not the only man who is on the run and is wanted by police. He is joined by Austin Sutherland who police suspect burglarized The breeze Hotel situated on 1st Avenue Corozal Town on June 1st 2013. Police suspect that Sutherland entered the hotel, made his way to the owner’s room, located on the second floor of the building, and stole one Naval Binoculars valued at $300.00, one cell phone valued at $120.00, one cash box valued at $60.00 and containing $160.00 in cash, two jars containing a total of $75.00 in coins and one clock valued at $40.00. That’s more than $755.00 worth in stolen items belonging to the owner of the Sea Breeze Hotel, 63 year old David Gwyn Lawrence.

GMO SoyBeans Discovered By BAHA In The North
The Plant Health Department of Belize and the Belize Agriculture Health Authority, BAHA, discovered suspected genetically modified soybean seeds in Northern Belize on May 24th, 2013. As a result, samples of the suspected soybeans were submitted to BAHA's Plant Health Diagnostics Laboratory in Central Farm for GMO screening. The screening tests were conducted on May 28th and all samples tested positive indicating that the seeds were genetically modified. A further set of samples were then sent to Eurofins Genes Can laboratory in the United States on May 30th for a confirmatory test using Polymerase Chain Reaction or PCR technology. On June 5th, BAHA received results of the confirmatory test, which verified the results of previous tests conducted by BAHA on the soybean seeds.

The Role The Immigration Department Plays In Belize
Today the Department of Immigration hosted information day highlighting the many services the department offers to the Belizean populace. From 1986, the Department of Immigration opened its wings and became an independent branch after being managed under the Police department. Over the years the department has grown tremendously assisting Belizeans and visitors in many areas yet often at times people have the misconception that the department is all about arresting immigrants. But according to Immigration Officer Commanding the Orange Walk Office, Sheldon Hudson, that is not the case. Sheldon Hudson, Immigration Officer Commanding Orange Walk “Immigration day is a very important day in our calendar. It recognizes our main existence; so far today the Immigration department can smiling and bravely can say we are celebrating our 27th birthday. In June of 1986 the Immigration and nationality services were conducted under the police department, thereafter on June 9th, 1986 the government then of the day introduce and created the Immigration Department we service today and we are very pleased to be a civilian staff, over the years we have grown and we have increased in office throughout the country so over the last a few years in recognizing that our department. Basically it displays a significant and it shows all the different services that the Immigration Department provide the general public, it also gives us the opportunity to sensitize to the general public who are interested in Immigration procedures, the role and responsibilities that supposed to be uphold and so forth, well this day is a especial day so we elaborate that our arms are far more open.”

La Dulce Vista Newspaper Hits The Market
The the first issue of the Belize Tourism Industry Association Orange Walk Chapter’s quarterly publication, made it into the Belizean market today. Apart from featuring its new logo and name La Dulce Vista, the publication highlights the business community and features various events the Northern Districts have to offer. According to Information Officer for BTIA Orange Walk Chapter, Jasmine Zetina, the newspaper will be published over a period of nine months with a $16,000 grant from the La Inmaculada Credit Union. Jazmin Zetina, Information Officer BTIA/OW “La Dulce Vista has finally been launched and we receive the newspapers on Wednesday and today we finally distributed the newspapers to all over Orange Walk and also Corozal and like I said it is distributed throughout the country. We went through a series of events before we actually got to where we are, we started off form getting the grant from La Inmaculada Credit Union so that two project, then we launched the name and logo competition where we got the finals, the winner to actually get to participate in contributing towards the initial stages of the newspaper and finally we have the hard copy of the newspaper that finally get distributed today. Basically what we are planning to do with the newspaper is to highlight different activities, event, businesses and mainly from the northern districts Orange Walk and Corozal but of course there is national issues and things that it would impact both Corozal and Orange Walk we will feature them in the newspaper, we are also highlighting different businesses as well, micro, small, medium and large businesses or enterprises. So that local and international tourists get to know much more about what Corozal and Orange Walk has to offer.”

TVET Corozal Offers Building And Training Course
Since its inception, the mission of the Institute for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ITVET), has been to equip Belizeans with skills, knowledge, work ethics and credentials that will enable them to be gainfully employed. One of the Training courses that the Institute considers to be very important is the Building and Ground Maintenance. It is important to note that this sector accounts for a large percentage of the re-employed labor force since there are a number of support industries that manufacture directly for the Maintenance sector who depend on the building and construction industry for their growth. Realizing that the Building and Ground Maintenance training course is an asset, this morning representatives of ITVET Corozal hit the streets of town promoting the course in hope of persuading students to enroll at the institution. Karina Yah- Teacher ITVET Corozal “Lo que tenemos hoy es una pequeña exhibición en lo cual se hace en Corozal ITVET y lo que tenemos ahorita es el programa de Building and Ground Maintenance, lo cual es el nivel uno, en ello consiste en el mantenimiento de los edificios hasta en lo que vemos en plomería, aire acondicionado, construcción y diseño de jardín.”


Mexico and Belize Trade Growth Shows you can have it both ways
A delegation of companies from Mexico has been in Belize since June 6 to meet with their Belizean counterparts to strengthen trade and general goodwill. Representatives from our own BELTRAIDE, which promotes trade and investment in Belize, have been meeting with members of Mexico’s equivalent, ProMexico, to exchange ideas on developing and promoting various goods and services. Why do we care? It’s interesting as an example of Belize’s continual growth since achieving independence in 1981 (the same year Chaa Creek made the transition from family farm to hosting guests and promoting eco-tourism). It’s difficult to balance the economic development so necessary for a developing country with the environmental sustainability Belize has been committed to, but events like this show that it is working. For example, take this quote from Marco Antonio Lopez, the Economic Affairs representative from the Mexican Embassy: “During the last ten years the commerce between Mexico and Belize has doubled. Ten years ago it was about $60 Million US dollars and the last years it’s almost $140 Million dollars so the commerce/trade between the two countries has been growing within the last ten years.

“Please Mr Postman” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Yesterday at around 8 am there was the unusual sound of knocking on our front door. Unusual because we rarely get anybody knocking on our front door (not even to pay unpaid bills!). And especially at that time of the day. On opening the door there was Daniel Camal, our building contractor, with six pieces of granite that he had got that closely match the photographs of granite we had sent him a few weeks ago. Rose and I now need to determine if they are what we want and, if so, for which countertops. He also imparted the great news that our windows have arrived in Belize City and will arrive on the island next Tuesday. At last. Now the finishing work on our house can begin! After Daniel had departed my first job yesterday morning was a visit to Captain Shark’s to see if they could eradicate the hugely irritating rattling sounds (yes,plural) that we suffer when driving. I left the ‘cart there and then went to the Post Office, armed with what I thought was the necessary paperwork, to rent a P.O. Box. It was there that I very quickly found out, after being referred to the manager, that a bill from Coral Cable for an Internet service does not qualify as a utility bill (required to prove a current address in Belize). It has to be either a water, electricity or telephone (landline) bill.

International Sources

Cleared diplomat’s relief
The former UK High Commissioner to Belize, who lives in Eastbourne and was removed from his post amid claims of sexual misconduct and bullying, has spoken of his “humiliating” fight to clear his name. John Yapp lost his post in 2008 over claims he inappropriately touched women. The allegations were dropped but he then faced claims he bullied staff. The High Court ruled last month the Foreign and Commonwealth Office broke his contract and failed in its duty of care to him. Mr Yapp said it had all been “profoundly humiliating” saying he had an unblemished diplomatic career for 37 years before a former minister in Belize alleged he had inappropriately touched women. Three days later, on June 13 2008, Mr Yapp was told by the FCO his position in Belize was untenable and he was withdrawn from the post with immediate effect. In August of that year, a disciplinary hearing heard doubts about the reliability of the evidence and the allegation of sexual misconduct was dismissed. “I found it incredible,” he said. “I was the one person who knew from the outset these allegations were completely untrue, but ironically I was the one person who was never asked for his side of the story.

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