The Belize City Council is after businessman Arun Hotchandani, owner of its former compound at Pound Yard Bridge on Cemetery Road which now contains a vendors’ market facility and parking for buses. The area has been home to rotting garbage and a foul stench for some time now and residents have complained to PLUS News that the garbage has not been properly disposed and is becoming a hazard. We are told that the garbage is disposed of by Hotchandani himself and not through Belize Waste Control but we are not sure if it is twice a week as is the standard. We contacted Councilor Dion Leslie who arranged a meeting between Hotchandani and sanitation manager Percy Murrillo as well as Senior Public Health Inspector Mark Bernard at which Hotchandani was told to clean up his act – and the area. We have not been able to verify if he has indeed cleaned up the area next to the fence separating the compound from the Belize City bus terminal but we are told the stench is still in the air. Leslie says he will give the businessman time to take care of the problem but will take further action if necessary and update us when he does so.