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The San Pedro Sun

Manatee mortality rate on the rise
Manatees occur along the coast of Belize and have been studied for the past 16 years. Presently, an NGO, Sea-To-Shore Alliance along with its local partners conducts research which focuses on movements and ecology of the Antillean manatees. Over time, 161 manatees have been captured and approximately 40% of them have been tagged with a satellite and/or radio transmitter for tracking purposes.

Caye Caulker Village Council Chairperson Candidates provide answers at a peaceful forum
Islanders on Caye Caulker will be going to the polls on Sunday June 16th. While elections at the village level are a little different than town and national elections, a number of people have openly declared their intention to run as candidates. Five people will be running for the position of Chairman. Ahead of the elections, The San Pedro Sun newspaper, working in partnership with the Caye Caulker Village Council hosted a “Meet the Candidates Question and Answer Forum” on June 12th. The five candidates are Wayne Miller, Philip Errol Guizar, Mineli Young, Marcial Alamina III and Eduardo Arceo. The event was well attended and questions ranged from issues relating to tourism, development, infrastructure and roads, taxes, noise pollution, governance and even crime. Each candidate was allowed four minutes for an opening statement where they introduced themselves as well as the reasons why they are running for Village Council.

Misc Belizean Sources

San Pedro Sailing Club Lobsterfest National Regatta 2013
Come watch the young sailors of Belize battle it out on the water and enjoy a charity beach BBQ and presentations by ACES (a live crocodile) and Belize Shark Awareness (no live shark unfortunately)

Belize Football Telethon
Final Total for the Telethon: 115,079.84 Thank you Belize! (Belize National Football Team)

SCNW Box Kart Race
The Santa Cruz Neighborhood Watch is having a Box Kart Race tomorrow at 10am at the Santa Cruz park. There's no fee to enter the race. This event will be for everyone, so bring the family out for some fun and games. Call 600-8947 for more information.

ROWKIDS in San Antonio
Feelgood news of the day. Rowkids has been in Cayo a lot lately, and in San Antonio, they've just finished building new restrooms for the primary school students, and installing a new Safe Water system there to provide safe drinking water. Thanks, Rowkids! "Great team of Servents from New Life Church as they workedin San Antonio Belize. Finishing 6 restrooms and and installing electric in the Safe Water Building. They worked hard and played hard. Showing Christ's live. More pictures to come so keep checking back." "Pictures of the 6 new bathroom that Wright Christian Acadamy from Tulsa Ok. helped build in May 2013. Huge blessing for the 165 Student at this primary school. Great job Wright Christian!"

SHC's Future Bus Stop
Sacred Heart College is getting a new bus stop. There will be a big area for buses to pull in so they can load and unload students safely. This will also stop there from being any traffic backups because the buses won't be stopping in the middle of the road anymore. Congratulations, SHC! "SHC is getting a bus stop, which will be safer for the students, and will ease up on traffic since the buses won't stop in the middle of the road, like idiots. Looking great so far, and they are moving quickly."

Fuego Bar and Grill Opens
The Fuego Bar and Grill has officially opened. They opened on Tuesday night, to much fanfare. They have a beautiful place at the Cayo Welcome Center. They open at 4:00pm Tuesdays through Saturdays.


Churches Oppose Gay Pageant
Yesterday the Association of Evangelical Churches and Evangelical Missions from Orange Walk sent out a press release stating their opposition against a gay pageant that was planned to be held on June 29th. In the release the association claims the event violates the principles and moral values of the majority of Orange Walk residents and at the same time promotes the lifestyle of the homosexual community. We spoke with the organizer of the event, Marcos, who told us that at no point their agenda was to “pervert” the Orange Walk community. ARTURO CANTUN REPORTING MARCUS “Well for now we are just basically standing back and allowing the churches to do what they have to do; we don’t want a conflict with the churches, we are not people to cause violence or anything like that. This is just solely a private event and we will keep it like that; all our guests are registered and we will give the churches the opportunity to do what they have to do and when they are done, we will just continue with our private event..” ARTURO “Are you guys are planning on moving the event from that place to go somewhere more private?” MARCUS “We are still meeting with our partners at this moment but that is a possibility. We don’t want to be confrontational with any of the church members and also the safety of my guests and the people attending, that is very important to us. So, for that reason we are thinking about making some changes from the current location.” ARTURO “This not the first time you guys are holding this type of event; now they are calling it a homosexual pageant how you would describe it?” MARCUS “I would describe it as an entertainment for people of our interest; there is no way possible that our agenda is to pervert the society. All the guests that are attending are people of our kind; people that share similar interest and it is not a public event and it is very private and positive, for that matter. So, our intension is just simply entertainment for our group and people of our kind.” ARTURO “You are saying, ‘people of our kind’ what do you mean by that?” MARCUS “Well by that I mean the LGBT; the gays, bisexual and stuff like that; people that share similar interest.” The organizers have postponed the event and are planning to move the venue for the pageant.

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Tracie Young for Councilor
Tracie Young shares some of her views with you and asks for your support on Sunday.

Eduardo Arceo’s Message to the Islanders

Village Council elections are set for Sunday!
Village Council elections on the island of Caye Caulker are set for Sunday, June 16th. Five candidates are vying for the post of Chairman, while at least fifteen people have thrown their hat into the ring for the six councilor positions. There are two full slates that have been presented. The remaining candidates are all running as independents.

Lobster season opens today
Lobster season opens today. The opening of the season heralds the coming of the yearly Lobster Fest. The season runs for 8 continuous months, after which it closes for 4 so that the lobsters can reproduce. The village of Caye Caulker, long before it was discovered by tourists, was a fishing village whose main catch was lobster. The first and largest fishing cooperative in the country of Belize was started here on Caye Caulker, and is still in existence today.


Melting and loving the new taco cam view
It is a totally melty day out there, unless you are lucky enough to be in air conditioned places today, be prepared for your showers to feel like they lasted 3 minutes if that. Loving our new live streaming resort cam view from Grand Caribe go to taco cam page to check it out. For those of you who cannot make it, we will be broadcasting Lobstermainia 2013 at Cowboy’s pool bar live so you can still join the fun. I am sure a few of you will be adding San Pedro Lobster Festival 2014 to your travel list while you watch. Going to go take a break and rest up for the opening night party tonight at El Divino. This years menu: Lobster Sushi Roll, Tropical Lobster and Key Lime Pie price $50 BZD. Will add a few pics of last night’s boxing match in central park and a short video clip to this post asap.

Go Girls Go! Chaa Creek likes the “Girls Fly” Initiative
Every now and then something comes along through the bush telegraph that grabs our attention and makes the day a little bit brighter. This time it’s a report that that Belize’s First Lady Kim Simplis Barrow is behind an interesting initiative that kicks off with an exciting event this month. Word is that over ten thousand Belizean girls are expected to become involved in “Girls Fly” a motivational program designed to help young women realise their dreams by believing in themselves and others. Led by Gael Sylvia Pullen, a businesswoman, media host and speaker from the US, the effort also involves the very inspirational Ms Simplis Barrow and Dr Carol Babb, the Deputy Chief Education Officer from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and sounds like a very worthy endeavour. The three women met with the local media on June 10 and described Girls Fly as an inspirational week of motivational talks and activities, beginning June 24, for Belizean girls and women. Ms Sylvia Pullen said the idea is for, “…girls and women from the local community to have an experience that empowers them into believing into their dreams, to understand the power of their dreams and to celebrate them”

The Good and Bad of Feeding Lionfish to Other Marine Life
The invasion of lionfish into areas of the world where they are not natively found has become a huge problem in the marine world. Lionfish were typically only found in warm regions of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and thirty years ago, there were no sightings of lionfish in Atlantic waters off of the coast of the USA. However, over the last ten years or so, they have become more and more common in areas like North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Bermuda and Belize, and have even been identified as far north as New York. Why Is The Lionfish Invasion A Bad Thing? The lionfish invasion is problematic for several reasons. For example: Lionfish are voracious eaters. They herd juvenile reef fish and feast on them, their stomachs able to stretch to three times their original size as they gorge, and the stomach contents of dead lionfish have shown that not only do they eat lots of juvenile fish, but they also favour a lot of different species. Reef fish are key factors in keeping a reef clean. If there are no more fish to eat the algae on the reefs the reefs will die and this will have catastrophic consequences. Lionfish have no natural predators in these areas. They breed prolifically all year round.

Drinks for Dieters
Ok folks. Time to get a post on having fun while trying to be healthy. Here are a few things to help you on your way…. While alcohol is fat-free and low in carbs, it’s important to remember that it’s the calories that count when it comes to weight management. As you know, alcohol and dieting don’t mix well—your body processes alcohol first, leaving carbohydrates and fats to get stored as fat instead of getting used as fuel.