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Today's Belize News: June 21, 2013 #467008
06/21/13 05:58 AM
06/21/13 05:58 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Volunteer dental students and doctors at New Horizon SDA School
A group of dentists and senior dental health students are on Ambergris Caye providing dental services for residents of the island. The group of eight are senior students from Loma Linda University in California, USA and are at New Horizon Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) School. They will be on the island for five days and will primarily be looking at the students first then members of the public. Speaking to the leader of the group Dr David Brodeur known on the island as “Dr B”, said that it is not the first time he has brought volunteers to island. “This is the eighth year that we are coming to Belize and to the island. We do fillings and screening, we don’t do for instance things like root canals; we refer them to local dentists here in Belize. This time we have two senior dental hygiene students who are cleaning teeth as well. We also do some extraction but we try not to do it in places that it will be a problem to their health since we are not on the island long enough to do follow ups” According to Dr B, while the students do most of the volunteer work, they are closely supervised by the three doctors, mainly Dr Scott Smith and himself who are inside the building when the students are dealing with patients. The third dental specialist, Dr Clark Bassham is a friend of Dr Smith from Alaska.

From El Divino to Pineapples- In pursuit of delicious lobster
The Lobster Fest was off to a great start on Saturday June 15th, as El Divino Restaurant at Banana Beach Resort was the venue for the festival’s opening night! On the menu were Lobster Sushi Rolls, Tropical Lobster and Key Lime Pie for desert all at a price of only $50BZ. Those that made it out were certainly not disappointed as great food was accompanied by a great atmosphere and awesome live music by Tanya and Zac, as well as Valentino. On Tuesday June 18th, it was Pineapples’ (Ramon’s Village) turn to wow the crowd with Lobster cuisines prepared fresh for everyone’s delight. Regardless of the rain, Pineapples’ did it summer style, with a Beach BBQ Night. On the menu was just about everything a person loves grilled including chicken, grilled BBQ lobster tail, surf and turf kebabs (beef tenderloin and lobster) and lobster on a stone. All items were served with Pineapples’ signature homemade stewed chili- style beans, creamy mashed potatoes, cold slaw and warm handmade flour tortillas….yuuuum! And if the packed room wasn’t indication enough that the crowd was pleased, the cleaned plates left with nothing but empty lobster shells certainly was.

Ambergris Today

Loma Linda University Dentists Offer Services at New Horizons School
A group of 11 dentistry students, along with their mentors, were on the island to provide their dentistry service to students and parents of New Horizons Seventh Day Adventist School, including to residents of the island. Dr. David Brodeur is the head of the group and has been coming to the island for over ten years bringing students to render dentistry services to the community. Dr. Brodeur is accompanied by Dr. Scott Smith, Instructor at Loma Linda University and Dr. Clark Bassham, Graduate of LLU who currently practices dentistry in Alaska. The group also consists of six senior dental students and two senior hygiene students.

Misc Belizean Sources

Diving Belize's Hol Chan Marine Reserve with Manatees
Underwater videographer Michael Davis of Discover Belize Now had an amazing time filming underwater this week. He took to diving at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve off San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, just before the weather conditions went downhill as tropical depression two made its way over Belize. He was able to capture this amazing video footage of a rich and active marine life in the reserve. He even caught a family of manatees passing through the reserve. “Marine life was extreme today with a family of manatee passing through the reserve as tropical depression enters the region. A great way to end a week of diving with Trip, Janine and Don from Colorado. Belize Pro Dive Center, San Pedro,” commented Michael Davis on his YouTube post.

Accountability and Alignment in Education
Following this month’s release of very low proficiency scores for primary school students who took the 2013 PSE examinations, “Education” has suddenly become a heated topic in Belize. Prior to the release of the PSE outcomes, the topic of Education was discussed mostly by educators and perhaps a few concerned parents. Now, it continues to make news, and draws gut-wrenching reactions and strongly-voiced negative opinions (“that’s not how it’s done”) from parents, businessmen, politicians, and almost everyone in Belize. However, what seems ironic (even hypocritical) is that a large portion of our community now suddenly knows what’s wrong with our Education systems. In my May 30, 2013 Blog, only days before the PSE scores bombshell exploded in Belize, I specifically reminded readers that the only way to make sure that our children get an Education that includes genuine “learning” is to eradicate from our vocabulary the phrase “their job” (schools and teachers) and replace it with “our job” (everyone who now is screaming). Common Misconceptions of Education Nonetheless, as all things political go, we will eventually exhaust our energies in this ongoing crossfire of how best to educate young students. However, after we have pointed fingers, accused, politicized and belittled people whom we choose to blame (other than ourselves) for the PSE low scores, then what do we do?

Kulcha Xchange Concert at GPC
The Kulcha Xchange concert is tonight at the George Price Centre, starting at 6:30pm. Youth Voices will be there, along with other Belmopan artists.

Mariachi Los Alcones in Benque
The Benque House of Culture and CACHE are having a full moon concert tonight at Centennial Park in Benque, starting at 7:30pm. The Mariachi Los Alcones and Jose Perez will be playing.

CARDI Public Consultation
CARDI will be having a public consultation today at the George Price Centre from 9:00am to 1:00pm. The theme will be 'The conservation of agro-biodiversity as a response to climate change.' "All are invited to a public forum on "The Consultation of Agro-Biodiversity in the face of Climate Change"

VIDEO: Belize Football Team Jaguars
Last Friday, our team got a chance to chat with a few members of the Belize National Football Team - Jaguars. Check out our Belmopan Weekly Feature story to hear what they had to say.

Channel 7

Conservation and Cruise Stakeholders Meet To Discuss Stake Bank
Tonight some of the biggest cruise executives in the world are at the Grand Caribe on Northern San Pedro enjoying a cultural night at the meeting of the Platinum Associate Membership Advisory Club. And we’re sure a lot of them are talking about the future for cruise tourism in Belize. That’s because – even though this is the 7th most popular cruise destination in the Western Caribbean - the system of cruise tendering – where boats pick up passengers and ferry them to shore – is considered out-dated and inefficient. And that complaint inevitably leads back to the question of where Belize will put a berthing facility – which the cruise ships can dock at. And not only where, but when since the first failed attempted was embarked upon 7 years ago. One developer who’s positioning himself is Mike Feinstein. He’s the owner of Stake Bank Caye four miles southeast of Belize City, which was proposed as a viable berthing facility and cruise port 6 years ago. The interest died off, but now the project is back in play and last night the developers, the environmental consultant and the Department of the Environment held a public consultation at the Biltmore where the mood was surprisingly restrained – but still rife with discord – which is understandable, considering the proposal is to build a causeway right through a wildlife sanctuary. 7news was there.

Placencia Tourism Interests Reaping The Whirlwind For NCL Harvest Caye Proposal
And while that project is engaging cruise and conservation interests in Belize City – Placencia’s tourist industry stakeholders are looking to kick up dust again. And again, they are trying to block a proposed project from Norwegian Cruise Line. After being blocked on Crawl Caye, it seems Norwegian Cruise Lines has turned its attention to Harvest Caye, which is just south of the peninsula. It’s a privately owned island – and reports are that Norwegian has signed a letter of intent with the British island owner to develop a cruise port. But, it’s not going to happen if the Placencia Tour Guide Association has its way. At what’s described as a well attended meeting last night, 41 of 44 attendees voted to reject any Norwegian proposal for Harvest Caye. Opinions ranged from concerns over manatee feeding and mating habitats that would be destroyed by dredging, to the effect on overnight tourism and the allegation that no construction jobs are promised to villagers. Speaking of the possible shift in cruise activity from Central to South Belize, Chair of the Placencia Chapter of BTIA, Stewart Krohn, told us, quote, “Cruise Tourism is like herpes; don’t willfully spread it.”

BTB Says GOB Must Decide Cruise Future
And in the middle of this is the Belize Tourism Board. It represents all tourism interests – even as the bulk of its marketing machinery is focused on attracting overnight visitors. But this week, with scores of FCCA Platinum members in Belize for their annual meeting, all the talk is about how to bring in more cruise visitors, hopefully taking Belize past the one million mark next year – compared to 600 thousand last year. And once they’re talking that volume, those cruise executive will sure want to know how to get all those guests ashore – and they’d prefer if it weren’t by cruise tender. We asked Director of Tourism Lara Esquivel Frampton how she’ll answer them:.. Jules Vasquez "The issue of Belize not having a berthing facility will emerge in these meetings. A State Bank consultation is being held this evening - what will your answer be?" Laura Esquivel Frampton - Director of Tourism "Well the answer simply put is that we recgnize it - we are actually working right now to come up with a policy to provide a government in terms of how we move forward in looking for those kinds of investments for a berthing facility. We recognize that the government of Belize certainly recognizes that we need a berthing facility."

Menjivar Attorney Cries Foul
Viewers may remember Belmopan resident Mike Menjivar – the GSU shot up his home two years ago. But the cops said he was the one who fired first and so Menjivar was charged with 9 counts of attempted murder, 9 counts of aggravated assault, and 1 count of damage to property for allegedly shooting at GSU officers during their early morning raid on his home on May 20, 2011. He has been standing trial without a jury before Justice Dennis Hanomansingh, and yesterday, the defence closed their case. Well, Menjivar’s attorney, Arthur Saldivar, says that he hasn’t been given a fair trial so far because of several procedural issues which only came up while the case was actually heard in the court. Saldivar’s first complaint is that the lead investigator who built the case against Menjivar was the same officer who was in charge of the raid. According to Saldivar, that is a conflict of interest because essentially, it meant that the GSU was investigating themselves, which also meant that they couldn’t be objective.

Interdiction for Cop Who Ducked Out on Hon. King Charge
Last night, Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie, told us that he is investigating the police constable who refused to cooperate with the police prosecutor during the criminal trial of Minister of State Mark King. He said that he didn’t believe the officer acted appropriately, and it seems that the officers of the Professional Standards Branch, which he dispatched earlier this week, have found evidence to support this. This evening, the Police Press Office released information that Police Constable #1021 Nelson Ramos was charged with disciplinary charges, and he has been placed on immediate interdiction. The matter has been adjourned until next week Wednesday, when he must appear before the Regional Commander, Superintendent Joseph Myvette, who will adjudicate the case. That’s very swift action, in line with Commissioner Whylie’s promise that Mark King’s accelerated acquittal will be taken seriously, and attorney Arthur Saldivar – who also wears an opposition hat - supports him on it. He spoke to us this evening about what he believes is a sign that King, who is an elected official, was given preferential treatment.

Charges Soon? DPP Gets Possession Of Noh Mul File
And while we had an opportunity, we asked DPP Vidal about the Noh Mul case file. As we showed you last night, Commissioner Whylie also promised that it would be on her desk by tomorrow. Well, it arrived today, a day early, and Vidal told us that she’s had an opportunity to go through it, and she will be giving the investigator her directives tomorrow. And speaking on the delay, she told us that she believes that the Noh Mul mauling is of national and international importance, and she wants to be sure that she can prosecute the case to completion. She told us that her experience with the police department throughout her tenure is that the investigating officers lay charges, and then they neglect the case after they’ve announced to the nation that someone has been charged. She explained that when the cases go badly, all the heat then falls on her office, because the police investigators ignored her additional advice on improving the case against the accused – a scenario which she seems determined to avoid in this high profile case.

Bad Year For BEL: But They Kept The Lights On
Right now at the Biltmore, BEL is having its annual general meeting. But there’s not much to celebrate because after turning a modest 2 million dollar profit in 2011, for 2012, the power company is declaring a 16 million dollar loss. The company says that’s because they had to pay back consumers 30 million dollars in one year – and that was payback for the low cost of power between 2008 and 2011 which was not reflected in the rates at that time. But in 2012, the cost of power skyrocketed while rates lagged and that’s what created a 16 million dollar loss out of an impressive 193.2 million dollars in gross revenue. But even with that, BEL is declaring a very modest dividend of five cents per share. It is of note that growth in the electricity sector was what the economists would call robust: In 2012, electricity demand increased by 8 per cent and the Company attracted 1,684 new customers. In a trying financial year, a release boasts that the company managed to keep the lights on without a government bailout.

Dangriga: Don’t Drink The Water
The after effects of Tropical Depression 2 are still being felt in Southern Belize – mainly in Dangriga, Sarawee and Hope Creek where the water systems were contaminated. The Ministry of Health reports that there is contamination to the well and breaks in its distribution lines. BWSL in Dangriga has treated the water and brought back up the system – but tonight’s health advisory is that these areas which are still flooded can be re-contaminated through leaks in submerged pipes. Water samples are being collected and tested and until the results are in, the public is urged to treat pipe water by: Adding 1 tablespoon of Clorox to five gallons of water, mix and leave to stand for 30 minutes before using. You can also Boil the water at a rolling boil for one minute. Or you can Add water purification tablets. Persons in rural areas whose wells were flooded are warned that water that is dark, has an odor, or has floating pieces SHOULD NOT be used.

Yesterday afternoon the little-head-from National Commission for UNESCO held a meeting at the new Skills Training Center on Magazine Road– where they distributed cheques to 3 different organizations. The recipients were the Belize Red Cross, Help Age and the Fisheries Department. We found out how the money will be used: Rev. Dr Rudolph Anthony - Secretary General, UNESCO "This afternoon's meeting is actually to try and bring the National Commission together because for a long time the National Commission for UNESCO was dormant, was ineffective and wasn't working. So what I'm trying to do is to renew and to bring them back together because the National Commission for UNESCO plays a vital role in terms of assisting, implementing and planning and certain issues for UNESCO Belize. They also help and assist in liaising with the office in Paris, France and also the government of Belize. But apart from the National commission, I am also bringing together the five committees that are under UNESCO Belize that are also dormant. Those five committees are education, culture, information and communication, the natural science and social and human science.

Bilary Got Busted On The Scene With Gun, Gets 5 Years In Jail
21 year-old Ernest Billary, a resident of Hibiscus Street is spending his first night of a 5 year sentence after he was convicted today in the Magistrate’s Court. Viewers may remember that in July of 2012, Senor Coconuts was robbed by 2 armed men. The cashier reported that 2 men walked in and pretended to be customers. While they were being served, one of the men pulled a firearm, and put it to the head of one of the occupants. He robbed his victim of a cellular phone, and he tried to leave but a concerned citizen got involved. This citizen pulled his own firearm and shot one of the assailants. He then helped responding police officers to detain the man, identified as Ernest Billary. Well, he was charged with robbery, possession of an unlicensed firearm, possession of unlicensed ammunition two counts of aggravated assault, and wounding. He stood trial before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith, where the investigating officers testified to catching him on the scene with the firearm, which was loaded with 11 live rounds of ammunition. One of the officers additionally testified how Billary hit him in the head when he was trying to subdue him.

St. John’s Primary Learns About Media
Many of you in the public, may think of working in the media as a glamorous and exciting job. It can be that, but a lot of times it’s about walking in waist high water and returning to work 6 hours later in flood-soaked shoes with a story to write and edit in time for the deadline. And to de-mystify the occasional glamour and constant grind of life in the media, Monica Bodden was invited to St John’s Primary School for a career day. Here’s how that went. Monica Bodden reporting For most of the children who usually only see news people on TV it was an illuminating look into the news gathering process. For these Std 6 students, the news is something that they often watch to see what is happening around their surroundings. Student interviewing "Did you watch the news last night and why?" Interviewee "Yes because I want to see what is happening in my environment and what is happening around me." Student interviewing "Do you have any interest in working in the media?" Interviewee "After school yes, but the way how their work looks good but it also looks very challenging."

DJ Latin Prince In Belize
He is one of the largest International DJ’s, Video DJ’s, and founder of the world famous "Bum Squad DJz ---among a whole lot of other things. And tonight DJ Latin Prince is in Belize. It is his second visit and the world famous DJ plans on making it a memorable one. He told Monica Bodden more Tonight DJ Latin Prince will be making an appearance at Thirsty Thursday.

Channel 5

Minister Mark King off the hook, but Police Officer in big trouble for not proceeding with case
There is an astonishing turn of events to report tonight following the charges that were dropped against Minister of State with Responsibility for Gangs, Mark King. The charges of Aggravated [...]

P.U.P. expresses dissatisfaction with King’s case
Whylie promised an investigation and swift action…and he has delivered. Tonight, police officer Nelson Ramos is on interdiction and is facing disciplinary action by a tribunal of his peers. The [...]

While attorney calls it a travesty of justice
As mentioned earlier, all eyes were on the case against Minister King and it came as no shock that he would be politically unscathed from the incident. Another attorney felt [...]

Public Consultation on Stake Bank
The incident involving King occurred at a casino at Belize’s border with Mexico. While casinos in the Commercial Free Zone have little environmental impact, proposals for large scale development in [...]

Placencia residents reject the next Norwegian Cruise Line tourism development
Stake Bank is not the only island in Belize surrounded by controversy. Viewers will recall that when we last heard from Government about the plan by Norwegian Cruise Line, cabinet [...]

Trial against Cabana owner wraps up
It’s difficult for NGO’s to stand up to large scale developers, so imagine what it’s like for one businessman to face the Gang Suppression Unit in Court, for attempted murder. [...]

Prisoner stabbed behind bars
Menjivar’s month long stint behind bars was without incident. However, two inmates at the Belize Central Prison have been treated and released after they were stabbed during altercations at the [...]

Water levels rising along river banks in Belize River Valley
The National Emergency Management Organization in an advisory on Wednesday indicated that the water levels along the banks of the Macal and Mopan rivers were up to two feet above [...]

Teachers complete course in Early Childhood Education
Today is the final day of an intensive five week basic teachers training course at the early education or preschool level. Participants were selected from every district and include new [...]

FBI trains police officers
The U.S. Embassy and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have teamed up to provide “Law Enforcement Training for Safety and Survival (LETSS) to Belize’s law enforcement officers. The LETSS training [...]

Retired Public Servants honored at 2nd Annual Recognition Ceremony
Today at the Conference Room of the Central Health Region in Belize City some fifteen retired public servants were honored at the second annual recognition ceremony. Retired from different departments [...]

Illegal activities within the Chiquibul National Park
The Chiquibul National Park, located in the Cayo District, is more than four hundred square miles of rugged terrain and thick forests which is teeming with resources. Those resources are [...]

2 illegal Guatemalans; guilty as prohibited immigrants
The problem of illegal immigration does not only refer to human trafficking to the United States, it also includes migrant workers who are looking for a decent life in Belize. [...]

Stephon Anderson remanded for firearm charges
A Belize City man is behind bars at the Belize Central Prison after he was caught with an illegal firearm and ammunition in the city over the weekend.  On Sunday, [...]

11-year sentence after wounding a cop
A Belize City barber has been sentenced to eleven years behind bars for wounding a Police officer and for having an unlicensed firearm and ammunition in his possession. The conviction [...]

Garifuna Collective goes on tour
The Garifuna Collective left Belize on Wednesday to kickoff a major tour of the United States and Canada which will span seven and a half weeks and touchdown in twenty-five [...]

B.E.L.’s Annual General Meeting
Tonight, the Belize Electricity Limited will hold its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the year ended December thirty-first, 2012 at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza. At the meeting, [...]

On the Road to the Gold Cup features Shane Orio
On the Road to the Gold Cup: The National Football team will be playing the United States, Cuba and Costa Rica in the upcoming Gold Cup games in July. Tonight [...]

Healthy Living asks the doctor about your personal concerns
The secret to any successful relationship is communication. While dialogue and trust is necessary for longevity and happiness, perhaps the person you should also share those virtues with is your [...]


Retired Public Servants Recognized
Fifteen retired public servants were recognized this morning at the second Public Service Recognition Ceremony in Belize City. According to member of the Belize City Public Service Day Committee, Annisa Perdomo, the honorees are persons that retired after service about fifteen years ago. ...

Southern Belize Gears Up For Public Service Day
Minister of Public Service and Elections and Boundaries, Charles Gibson is on a ministerial consultation visit to Government offices and public officers in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details. PAUL MAHUNG “The visit here begun on Tuesday evening, June 18 and conti...

Thursday, June 20 --------- Opposition Says There Is Government Interference With The Judiciary
Minister of State with responsibilities for gangs, Mark King was acquitted of charges stemming from an incident that occurred in February of this year. King was acquitted of all three minor charges including aggravated assault, use of threatening words and disorderly conduct. But in the Corozal M...

Sentenced To Eleven Years For Firearm and Wounding Offences
21-year-old Ernest Billary was sentenced to eleven years today by Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith after he was found guilty of kept firearm and ammunition and wounding. The incident for which Billary was charged occurred in July 2011. It was reported that Billary was one of the armed robb...

Minister of State Walks From Charges; Police Constable Suspended
A police officer was interdicted in Corozal. This is as a result of the criminal case involving Mark King vs the Police held this past Tuesday in the Corozal Magistrate’s Court. The Commissioner of Police had directed the Professional Standards Branch to conduct an investigation...

Corozal Police Investigate 50K Taken In A Burglary and A Separate Incident of Drug Trafficking
A businessman from the City of Chetumal reported to Corozal police that his business was burglarized. He reported that between the hours of 6:00 pm on the eighteenth of June and 8:45 am on the nineteenth of June, his business establishment in the Corozal Free Zone was broken into. Sto...

Dangriga Police Apprehend Burglar
A man was hospitalized after being shot by police in Dangriga Town. Reports are that sometime around 3:15 pm yesterday, Police were on mobile patrol in the second New Site Area of Dangriga, when their attention was drawn to Jason Gonzalez, who is wanted for a crime of burglary. When h...

Belmopan Family Arrested on Firearm and Ammunition Charge
A search by Belmopan Police led them to the discovery of firearms and ammunition. Around 6:00 am yesterday, they visited and searched the home of Richard Penner located on Canada Hill in Belmopan. Present at the time of the search were Abram Friesen, Lucy Penner and Richard Penner.&nb...

Electric Company Holds AGM
Belize Electricity Limited will hold its Annual General Meeting later tonight. The Company will declare dividends after booking a 37 point eight million dollar increase in Shareholder equity over the two-year period January 2011 to December 2012. The Company’s Board of Directors will ...

Eggs: A Precious and Scarce Commodity
An outbreak of avian flu last summer in Mexico caused a drastic dip in production of eggs in that neighboring country. As a result there was also a huge price increase. The effect of that is now being felt in Belize, especially in the border districts. Arturo Cantun reports on a...

Residents In Southern Belize Advised On Contaminated Water
The Ministry of Health today issued a notice on drinking water to the general public. The release informs that after the passage of Tropical Depression Two, the Dangriga Water system was affected causing contamination to well and breaks in the distribution lines. The Belize Water Serv...


Robbery At The Corozal Free Zone Nets Robbers More Than $50,000 In Cash
The latest crime statistics for 2013 up to the end of May were released yesterday by Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie during a press conference held in Belmopan. The report showed that major crimes including murders and rape saw a decrease compared to last year. Up to the end of May, 51 murders had been recorded countrywide. That’s nine murders less than last year when 60 murders were committed during the same time frame. In terms of robberies, one hundred and seventeen cases have been reported so far. Last year, two hundred and sixteen cases were reported for the same period. Statistics also show that up until the end of May, four hundred and three burglaries were committed compared to four hundred and seventy cases in 2012. Here in the north, specifically Corozal, the amount of Burglary reports was cut in half as it went from 16 in 2012 to 8 in 2013.

One Charged For Drug Trafficking
While the person or persons responsible for the Shivam Store burglary are yet to be detained by police, one Corozal resident has been charged for drug trafficking. On June 19th 2013, about 7:30pm, Corozal Police were conducting patrol on South End and 1st Avenue Corozal Town when their attention was drawn to a white Ford Condor with L/P CZL C-18342 heading towards 1ST Avenue. As police intercepted the vehicle, the individual sitting on the front passenger side, threw an object out the window. Police escorted the passenger to the area where they found a transparent plastic bag containing 7.7 grams of white powdered substance suspected to be cocaine. As a result, 27 year old Carlos Phillips, Belizean Laborer of Bocotora Street was charged for drug trafficking.

High Profile Cases Make It At The Supreme Court Level
Yesterday high profiled inmates were brought to the Northern Session of the Supreme Court to face charges. Mark Vega, who is believed to be dangerous, appeared before the Supreme Court judge to face a number of charges in relation to incidents that date back 11 years ago. Mark Vega along with Luis Gabriel Urbina, and Omar Vellos have been serving prison time at the Belize Central Prison in Hattieville since June of 2002. The trio is accused of holding up at gun point Enrique Petkau and his wife Susana Petkau while they were travelling on the August Pine Ridge Road. Enrique and Susana were shot and left for dead; the men then escaped in their victim’s van. Enrique survived the ordeal but his wife Susana unfortunately succumbed to her injuries. The men are alleged to have then continued their crime spree in Corozal Town that same day where they kidnapped Jacob Rancheran and a female friend. While Jacob Rancheran managed to escape, the woman was brutally gang raped and later released from her captors that same night.

P.C Ramos Placed Under Interdiction For Dropping Charges Against Minister Of State Mark King
On Tuesday Minister of State Mark King became a free man after the charges of aggravated assault against P.C Nelson Ramos and threatening words and disorderly conduct levied against him back in February of this year, were dropped. King was charged after he became involved in an argument with casino security and Corozal police while socializing at the Princess Casino located just outside the Corozal Commercial Free Zone in the early hours of February 5th 2013. But the prosecutions case fell apart after P.C Nelson Ramos withdrew his testimony and P.C Suazo and two security officers who were on shift at the casino at the time of the incident, were unable to identify the Minister from the witness stand. With that King, was cleared of all charges by Magistrate Clive Lino. But the same cannot be said for P.C Ramos who is in the hot seat for withdrawing his testimony. AllenWhylie - Commissioner of Police “My understanding having heard the news last night and speaking to the officer commanding, PC Ramos went to court and withdrew the charges saying he did not wish to proceed. Immediately last night, I called the assistant commissioner, Mister Leal, he is the commander of the Professional Standards Branch. I directed that he and a team proceed to Corozal this morning and to do an internal investigation and then he will be making recommendations to me.

PUP Weighs In On Mark King Issue
As mentioned at the top of the newscast Minister of State Mark King was freed of three criminal charges at the Corozal Magistrates Court on Tuesday after one of the key witnesses, P.C Nelson Ramos decided not to press charges. P.C Ramos’ actions did not sit too well with Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie who has ordered an investigation into the matter and has even sought legal advice. Today the Peoples United Party also weighed in on the issue by calling all relevant authorities, including the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution, to take all required actions to correct the “shame” that circumstances surrounding the dismissal of the charges against Hon. Mark King has caused to the justice system. According to the P.U.P, Tuesday’s turn of events in the Mark King case, gives cause for the ordinary Belizean to view our criminal justice system as flawed and gives the impression of Government interference with the judiciary and the police to save one of its own.

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Marty Offline OP

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More News: Scroll up from here


Water contamination in the South
The Ministry of Health has issued an advisory on water contamination in southern Belize. After the passage of Tropical Depression Two, the Dangriga water system was affected causing contamination to the well and breaks in its distribution lines. Similarly the flood waters affected the systems of Sarawee and Hope...

Man shot in standoff with Police
A man in Dangriga was involved in a standoff with law enforcement that resulted in him getting shot. Yesterday afternoon, Police were on mobile patrol in the 2nd New Site Area when their attention was drawn to Jason Gonzalez, who they say is wanted for burglary. Upon seeing Police,...

PUP complains over Mark King’s court case result
People get off on criminal charges every day, but when that person is a high ranking Government official, it doesn’t often get swept under the rug. Since charges against Minister of State in the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, Mark King were dropped earlier this...

Football superstar to appear in court for fraud
Argentina and Barcelona FC football superstar Lionel Messi is due in a Spanish court in September, accused of defrauding the Spanish state of over 4 million euros in taxes three times in the last few years – that’s over BZ$10 million, a quarter of his annual net salary of...

Ernest Billary sentenced for armed restaurant robbery
In July 2011, Senior Coconuts Restaurant was robbed and customers came face-to-face with robbers who held them at gun point. Today, one of those suspects who police caught red handed shortly after the incident, was tried and convicted. He is 21 year old Ernest Billary. Billary a Barber of...

Cash stolen from Corozal Free Zone store
Burglars made off with a lump sum of cash when they broke into a store at the Corozal Free Zone. Owner of Shivam Store reported to Police that sometime between early Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, his store was burglarized and stolen was a little over $50,000.00. The monies...

Three Belmopan residents charged for firearm offenses
Three Belmopan residents are tonight facing firearm offenses. Early yesterday morning, Police conducted a search at the residence of Richard Penner where they found a .9mm Ruggar Brand and a magazine containing matching live rounds. Present at the home with Penner were Lucy Penner and Abram Friesen. None of...

Police trained in Safety and Survival
Over the past four days, law enforcement personnel attached to different units and departments of the Belize Police Department have undergoing training for Safety and Survival. The “Law Enforcement Training for Safety and Survival, LETSS is designed to give officers the skills and mindset required to identify and handle...

ORT urges Belize to work with US to address Human Trafficking
This year, we have seen an increase in the detention of illegal immigrants busted on Belizean terrain. In fact, in May, three groups of Indian nationals were caught entering Belize’s western border, believed to have been enroute to the US. This trend begs the question – has Belize become...

Peter King Contreras sentenced to prison for murder of mother-in-law
Peter King Contreras, who pleaded guilty to strangling his 50 year old mother-in-law to death, was sentenced to 15 and a half years behind bars. The murder happened 12 days before Christmas of 2010. Police say that on that day, Contreras offered his then mother-in-law 50 year old Argentina...

Fire victim families receive assistance
Two families whose homes were destroyed by fire are getting assistance to get back on their feet. The two sets of families who reside in the Salvapan area of Belmopan were gifted by area representative Hon. John Saldivar and NEMO, with food items and clothes. The families are also...

BTV plans visit to Garbutt Falls border marker
The Belize Territorial Volunteers are planning another ‘Clearing Our Border’ expedition this weekend. The group says it is their way of taking a stance in showing Guatemala and the rest of the world that Belize is a sovereign nation. Wil Maheia of the BTV explained the route they will..

The Guardian

Liar, Liar! Said and Fonseca caught in their lies
In the run up to the General Elections of 2008, Said Musa famously declared on Love Television and Radio that, "All leaders have to lie." He said this to vindicate himself after he had been caught, on multiple occasions, lying to the people of Belize. That went by and it was expected that he would say something like that since he was, by that time, identified as a compulsive liar; he simply cannot help himself. Years after he boldly declared that he has to lie, he continues in his old habits. He, however, is now joined by the current leader of the PUP who has had some of the lying ways of Said Musa rub off on him. Both these men signed a secret agreement in 2005 with Belize International Services Limited (BISL) to illegally extend a contract 7 years after it expired in June of 2013. Now faced with the bubbling scandal, the two have gone on an all out offensive, lying at every turn, to say that the agreement was not signed in secret.

Johnny Done!
The Village Council Elections are now over and the United Democratic Party has recorded one of the greatest margins of victories in these, having secured 71 percent of seats available. And the victories show that the UDP in enjoying great popularity in the rural areas of the country. The same cannot be said for the PUP which has fallen into oblivion. One by one, the PUP area representatives and their Standard Bearers began to fall with each passing week in the 6 weeks of elections. One of those candidates who fell and had once been thought to be invincible was Johnny Briceno. On Sunday, June 9th, however, he was dished a heaping serving of humility. Even before the election date, he had been in the one village he represents, San Estevan, trying to get a slate together to contest the elections but he simply could not pull it together. He had waltz into the village a few days before the elections and had gone knocking on the doors of his party faithful in the hopes of mustering 7 persons to run. But as much as he knocked on the doors, there were either no answers or those who replied simply refused to come out and run for the PUP in San Estevan. Johnny was left out in the cold; no one wanted to run for him.

Why We Need the Gender Policy
Last week, a young woman was brutally murdered, allegedly at the hands of her husband. Neighbours report that Julia Moran and her husband, Sergio, were in an abusive relationship and that he was frequently violent. The violence included an incident in 2007 when he beheaded her dog and chopped it up before chopping Julia on the hand. Episodes like this are never isolated but are part of an escalating pattern, a pattern that does not stop unless there is an intervention of some kind. Unfortunately, it appears that no such intervention occurred and Julia remained in an intolerable situation. Now Julia is dead; her husband is on the run with their child - three lives violently devastated. For every woman who dies in such a situation, there are scores who are living in fear, wondering when their own turn will come. There are hundreds of children whose lives are also blighted as a result of witnessing these traumas. The Revised Gender Policy has this to say on the issue of family violence: Despite a range of efforts over the past decade to address violence and abuse, the prevalence of such conditions persists. The adoption of the Domestic Violence Act and the Protection Against Sexual Harassment Act, reforms to the legislative provisions for sexual violence against women and girls, the establishment of Family Violence Units within Police districts, the introduction by the Women’s Department of training of professionals and public education about rights and services, and the adoption of more systematic reporting and enforcement arrangements, have done as much to reveal the extent of such problems as to contain them. Reported domestic violence cases average around 40 per month. More than 80% of reports are from urban areas, and more than 90% of reports are of violence against women. It is likely that many – if not most – cases of domestic violence continue to go unreported. Approximately 40-50% of cases involve common-law unions, and 20-35% of cases involve married couples. The perpetrators and the victims are typically aged 20-39 years. Alcohol or other drug abuse features in the majority of cases, along with extramarital relationships and poor capacity to cope with financial stress.

Pocket Full of Politician
The Prime Minister’s press conference last Wednesday, June 12th, was indeed informative, in all manner of speaking. During the two days prior to the PM’s presentation, the Government was on the receiving end from Channel Fox and other PUP pundits after it had been announced that GOB would be taking over the management of IMMARBE and BISL from the Ashcroft Alliance. We heard of so much glum and doom, which would befall our country and how we would be the pariah of the world. One press release even suggested the Government’s supposedly breach of contract would place the entire re-negotiated Superbond in jeopardy, which would trigger economic chaos! The setting changed, however, after the press conference, and we saw the Alliance, through its surrogates at Channel Fox, in a mad rush at damage control by attacking the claim that the repulsive contracts were conceived in a highly secretive setting. In live Fox interviews, both Musa and Fonseca practically swore that the 17-year contracts were not signed underhandedly but were in fact approved by Cabinet. These two gentlemen have completely lost touch with the mood of the Belizean public, since we don’t care if those contracts were signed behind closed doors or in Central Park; such one-sided agreements are considered reprehensible and contrary to good governance. But nothing surprises Belizeans anymore as it relates to the ten worst years of our young nation. For a man who once professed socialism, Musa inflicted deep wounds to our country, which simply will not heal. It has been 5 years now that the people of Belize said farewell to the ignoble PUP Government of 1998 to 2008, yet we continue to wallow in the moral fester they left behind. We cringe as we see our country’s name and our flag being corrupted by strangers who probably have never set foot in Belize, yet flaunt our national emblems as they commit all sorts of criminal activities in the high seas.

Hon. John Saldivar and Ministry of National Security Host Students of United Evergreen Primary School of Belmopan
Minister John Saldivar along with Student and Teachers of United Evergreen Primary School On June 17th, more than thirty students of United Evergreen Primary School in Belmopan, along with their teachers, were welcomed into the halls of the Ministry of National Security at the Curl Thompson Building, where they were given a full tour and lectures on the operations of the various branches of the Ministry.

Improving the Quality of Education Delivered in Our Schools Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber’s Remarks during Press Conference on Thursday, June 13th.
Hon. Patrick Faber 1. What is to be done about the performance of our schools as reflected in PSE results for many years now? a. The role of the school i. Schools need to take ownership for their performance and for the quality of education they deliver. ii. Self-evaluate and develop and implement school improvement plans b. The role of the Ministry i. Examine performance nationally and use as basis for further analysis to inform policy decisions ii. Provide pressure and support for schools to improve 1. School supervision to provide both pressure and support 2. School Inspectorate to provide external evaluation of school quality and provide information other stakeholders (parents, the community, Managing Authorities and the Ministry can use to pressure for improvement) c. The role of the Managing Authorities i. Take ownership for the performance of their schools and for the quality of education delivered by their schools ii. Examine performance across their schools and use as basis for further analysis to inform management decisions iii. Provide pressure and support for schools to improve—supervise their schools, provide professional development and other support to their schools to meet national standards

FFB President’s Commission: “Humiliate the United States”
Belize National Team A small country like Belize has not defeated a giant like the United States in a major sport competition since – well, since Belize defeated the United States in 1979. That victory came in the Pan Am Softball Games in Puerto Rico where Belize defeated the United States 1-0. That is a score that, even in reverse, the previous executives of the Football Federation of Belize would have celebrated if they were in charge when Belize plays against the United States in the Gold Cup tournament on July 9th. However, that is not good enough for the current administration. Ruperto Vicente, President of the Football Federation of Belize, told his team, “We will not only participate. That was in the past. We will not invest and this nation will not invest its money in young people who will only go to a tournament to participate. We are now entering tournaments to win.” When speaking about the objective for the July 9th game against the favoured United States team, Vicente said, “I call on our national team to not only beat the United States but to humiliate the United States. It is your responsibility. It is your task.”

Department of Immigration Take Steps to Improve Services
Hon. Elvin Penner Minister of Immigration and Nationality The Department of Immigration and Nationality Services continues to improve its services to members of the public. These improvements are coming about with the allocation of increased resources to information technology and, by reviewing the current laws relevant to migration.

King in Sports
Hon. Mark King, Area Representative for Lake Independence, continues to show he cares for his community as he held an under 16 basketball marathon at the basketball court behind the Mahogany Street Charles Bartlett Hyde Building on Saturday, June 8th. The all day marathon featured teams from across the city who played for first, second and third place trophies and cash prizes.

Mai’s Green Party
Some representatives of the People's United Party had become so disillusioned with their political party that they have opted to start their own, or at least it appears that way. During the last round of village council elections, there was a new party contesting the elections in Indian Church Village. They visibly had on green shirts so, we will opt to call them the Green Party. While they were none too shy about showing their color, Jose Mai definitely was. He was in the village, and it was almost unbelievable that this PUP area representative did not even put up a slate to contest. Instead, he threw his support behind the Green Party. It had us wondering if indeed he had started a new party or not.

Mexico and Central America, a renewed relationship
On February 20th, 2013, the President of Mexico, Enrique Pena-Nieto attended the First Summit between Mexico and member countries of the Central American Integration System (SICA), held in San Jose, Costa Rica. It was the second international tour of his presidency and which he dedicated to approach visit a region that binds us like no other: geographical closeness or proximity, history, sisterhood and culture.

Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology and Public Utilities Clarifies Oceana’s Misinformation
The Ministry of Energy, Science and Technology and Public Utilities notes with regret a recent press release by Oceana in which it persists in putting its spin on the judgment delivered on April 16th, 2013 by Justice Legall concerning certain oil exploration contracts awarded by the previous government. In that judgment, His Lordship made certain declarations against the Ministry but not against the oil companies. Most importantly, the Judge specifically refused to quash the oil exploration contracts.

The Missing Musa Link
Why would a Prime Minister want to extend the contract of a company beyond his term of office? That is anybody’s guess but if we were to look at particular coincidences which took place when and after the Belize International Services Limited (BISL) was formed to manage the International Marine Registry of Belize (IMMARBE) and the International Business Companies Registry, then things begin to clear up.

NTUCB supports Government’s Recovery of IMMARBE and IBC registry
The National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) issued a press release on Monday ,June 17th supporting Government's decision to take control of the International Business Companies Registry and the International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize (IMMARBE).

Northern Zone and Orange Walk Formation Register Consecutive Best Monthly Performance
Hon. John Saldivar presents certificate for best formation For the second consecutive month, the Northern Zone and the Orange Formation of the Police Department have distinguished themselves as having registered the greatest reduction in major crimes, as confirmed by the comparative statistics for the month of May.

Over 800 Belizeans want to be Cops
The Belize Police Department held testing for recruit intake number 89 on Saturday, June 15th. Tests were administered in English, Mathematics and Social Studies in testing centers across the country. According to police officials, over 800 persons sat the all-day examinations, which had two sections in English including a composition section as well as a multiple choice section. The mathematics papers included a problem solving section and a multiple choice section. The social studies paper was multiple choice.

Queen’s Honors
In a news release from Belize House in Belmopan, the Office of the Governor-General Announces that Her Majesty the Queen has been graciously pleased to make the following appointments to the Most Excellent Order Of The British Empire on the occasion of Birthday Honours 2013: Order of the British Empire OBE To be Ordinary Officers of the Civil Division of the said Most Excellent Order of the British Empire: Frank Alexander Lizama, for contribution to Art, Education and Politics Colville Ludwig Young ,Jr, for contribution to Education and Music MBE To be Ordinary Member of the Civil Division of the Said Most Excellent Order of the British Empire: Norman Samuel Elburt Hamilton, for Contribution to Music The Date for the presentation of awards will be announced later.

Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Belize Presents Credentials to Governor General of Belize
On June 17th, His Excellency Eduard R. Malayan, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Belize, presented his credentials to His Excellency, Sir Colville Young, Governor General of Belize.

Hon. John Saldivar Assists Fire Victims in Belmopan Area
On Wednesday, June 19th Minister of National Security and Area Representative for Belmopan, Hon. John Saldivar, visited two families in the Salvpan area of Belmopan, whose homes were completely burnt down in an accidental fire.

Delone Vernon Dies after Second Gunshot to the Stomach
31-year-old Delone Vernon died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital on Tuesday, June 17th, at 9:10 p.m. He was an Office Assistant and Youth Counselor at Youth for the Future. According to a police report, at around 8:50 p.m., Vernon was socializing at the residence of 32-year-old Sherna Miller when a man dressed in a black jacket with a hood over his head entered and fired several shots at them. Miller received gunshot wounds to the left arm and right leg, while Vernon received gunshot wounds to the right upper abdomen. They were both rushed to the KHMH where Miller was admitted to ward in a stable condition. Emergency operation was conducted on Vernon but he succumbed to his injuries while undergoing surgery. The news has been heartbreaking for his family, friends and coworkers who have been working diligently to raise funds so that he could access medical services abroad to treat wounds from a previous shooting incident. On October 12 of last year, Vernon was going to work sometime around 6 a.m., when two men approached him at the corner of Ebony Street and Magazine Road Extension. One of the men, whom he knew as Ellis Meighan Jr., took out a gun and handed it over to the other who immediately opened fire. Vernon was hit by bullets in the lower abdomen, left lower back and right upper leg. He was rushed to the KHMH and stabilized after emergency surgeries. However, he never fully recovered and a series of food sales were held to raise funds for him to travel abroad for medical attention.

Elias Santos Murdered in Western Pines
Police are investigating the murder of 24-year-old Elias Santos which occurred sometime between Sunday evening, June 16th, and Monday morning, June 17th. Santos is a resident of Bella Vista Village in the Stann Creek District but had been working as a mason and watchman on a house in the Western Pines Community for the last three weeks. According to police report, he had been granted permission to stay at the house as a watchman for CP Building Construction Company. Police were called to the construction site around 8 a.m. on Monday by coworkers of Santos, who discovered his body in the bathroom area of the structure. He was lying face up and chop wounds were visible on his forehead, right side of the face and back of the head. The house was on its final stage of construction and there was no sign of forced entry. An axe was found in the area that police believe may have been the murder weapon. Police are encouraging anyone with information relating to the death of Elias Santos to visit a police station nearest to them and make a report. They can also call Crime Stoppers Hotline at 0-800-922-TIPS if the wish to remain anonymous.

Armed Guatemalans Found near Caracol
Two Guatemalans were arraigned at the Belmopan Magistrate's Court on Tuesday of this week, five days after their encounter with a Belizean patrol. Last Friday, the Friends for Conservation and Development, the Belize Defense Force and the Special Patrol Unit were on a joint patrol on the Caracol Road when they encountered two Guatemalans. The Caracol Road is about 2.2 kilometers from the Tapir Camp and 8.5 kilometers from the Belize Guatemala Border. In the encounter with the two men, a police officer proceeded to identify himself. Both men then ran off and were pursued by the joint patrol. On closer approach, one of the male persons appeared to be with a sixteen gauge shot gun, slung on his right shoulder. Both men were apprehended and police identified them as Adelmo Hernandez Mancia, 24, a Guatemalan farmer of La Rejoya near Melchor de Mencos and Rolando Ramirez, 35, also a Guatemalan farmer of Dolores Peten.

Serjio Moran Wanted for Killing his Wife
Police are still searching for Sergio Moran who they believe can assist with their investigation into the brutal murder of 28-year-old Caye Caulker waitress, Julia Moran, which occurred on Wednesday, June 12th. Police investigation has revealed that at about 1 a.m. on Wednesday morning, Julia’s neighbours at her Black Neighbourhood area address heard noises coming from her house. Julia lives in a yard that contains four buildings. One neighbour said he saw when Sergio Moran came home at about 12:30 a.m. and knocked on the door. Julia did not answer and Sergio kicked the door open. The neighbour said they heard an argument for a while and then it went silent. At around 3 a.m., they saw Sergio leaving the house with the couple’s 9-year-old son. The neighbours were concerned for Julia’s safety but it was not until around midday Wednesday that they called police to check on her. Caye Caulker Police visited the residence at about 12:15 p.m. The only door to the house was locked and police had to break it down to enter. Inside, they found Julia’s lifeless body on a bed inside the couple’s bedroom. She was covered with some sheets and blankets. Julia had multiple chop wounds to the face and hands; a couple fingers were chopped off as well. Police believe they found the weapons that were used in the mutilation of Julia. However, the apprehension of Sergio is essential to the investigation. Sergio is a Guatemalan national. He was seen at the Caye Caulker Water Taxi dock around 4 a.m. that morning which leaves police to believe that he was heading for the border. As a result, an all points bulletin has been issued for the detention of Serjio Moran.

5 Years for Gun and Ammunition Possession
On Monday June 17th, Randy Wagner Jones was convicted to 5 years in prison after he was found guilty of illegally having in his possession a 9 millimeter pistol along with 9 live 9 millimeter bullets. He appeared before Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith, where two police officers, testified that on September 8, 2012, they saw Jones when pull out a 9 mm pistol from his pants waist and threw it to the ground at the corner of Mopan and Mahogany Streets. In his defense, Jones asked the court to look into the fact that there were no finger prints belonging to him found on the firearm. He however placed himself at the crime scene but said that the gun was not his as his fingerprints were not found on it. In the trial, the Scenes of Crime Personnel, Jason Reneau testified that he could not detect a fingerprint due to the material the gun was made of and the special equipment needed to lift the prints with is not available in Belize. However, the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith did not believe Jones' version of the story and found him guilty. She sentenced him to 5 years on each count and ordered him to serve them concurrently.

Acquitted of Murder
On Tuesday, June 18th, 28-year-old Anthony Sabido was found not guilty of murder when he appeared in the Supreme Court before Justice Troadio Gonzalez. Sabido spent the last 5 years on remand after he was accused of killing Norman Reyes, aka “Mimi”, 31, who was fatally shot once to the neck. In court, the defense made a no case submission which was upheld by Judge, Troadio Gonzalez. In the submission, the defense attorney, Anthony Sylvester, told the court that there was no evidence to properly convict the accused because of discrepancies and inconsistencies in the statement of the main witness who is now deceased. In a statement given to police, the key witness, Dennis Emmanuel Nembhard told police that he was standing near his home when he saw Reyes fall to the ground after being shot. Nembhard also told the police that he then saw Sabido ran away from the area. In his no case submission to the court, Sylvester told the court that from the visit to the scene, it was clear that Nembhard could not have seen Reyes and the accused when he committed the murder.

Tuff “E” Nuff and No Limit advance to basketball finals
The 2013 Interoffice Basketball Competition is fast winding down at the Bird’s Isle in Belize City. On Friday, June 14th, in game one of the 2nd and final game of the semi-final round, Tuff “E” Nuff eliminated ‘Sir Belikin’ by the score of 84-82 to advance to the championship round for a second time in as many years. The top scorers for Tuff “E” Nuff were Ashton Edwards with 17 points, 4 rebounds, and a steal; Jamal Kelly with 15 points, 1 assist and 1 steal; and Tyrone Edwards with 14 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals. Meanwhile, the top scorers for Sir Belikin were Keith Acosta with 31 points, 19 rebounds, and 4 assists; Dorian Jones with 17 points, 7 rebounds and 2 steals; and Daniel Nolberto with 13 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal. In the second game, No Limit eliminated CYDP by the score of 97-85 to advance to the final spot in the championship round. The top scorers for No Limit were Greg Rudon with 19 points,7 rebounds and 7 assists; Vince Garbutt also with 19 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists; Jacob Leslie with 17 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals; and Russell Staine also with 17 points, and 8 rebounds. For CYDP, the top scorers were Bernard Felix with 20 points, 4 assists and 1 steal; Ian Lennon with 19 points, and 10 rebounds; and Marvin Skeet with 14 points, and 7 rebounds.

Nissan Arana National Individual Time Trial champion
The Belize Cycling Association sponsored its 14th Annual National Individual Time Trials on Sunday, June 16th, 2013. In the Elite category, some 15 riders participated in the 20-mile event which went from CDS Gas on the Burrell Boom Road to the Hattieville roundabout and then back to CDS Gas. At the end of the event, it was Nissan Arana, who now rides for Depadores, that captured the National Individual Time Trials in a time of 9:50:00. The second best rider was Byron Pope of Benny’s Megabytes in a time of 09:48:00; third place went to Allen Castillo also of Benny’s Megabytes in a time of 09:40:00, fourth place went to Geon Hanson of Capital City Cycling Club in a time of 09:42:00, while Gregory Lovell of Telemedia finished fifth in a time of 09:46:00 to round off the top finishers. In the Masters Category, only three riders participated in the event. At the end of the Masters Category, which followed the same route as the Elite riders, first place went to Robert Liam Stewart of M&M Engineering in a time of 09:20:00; 2nd place went to James Scott of Santino’s in a time of 09:16:00; and third place went to Steve Bissett of CDS Gas in a time of 09:18:00.

Hummingbird Elementary Girls and Holy Redeemer Boys are Belize City Primary Schools Volleyball Champions
The 2012-2013 Belize City Primary Schools Volleyball competition which commenced on Monday, May 20th, with 14 teams in the girls competition and 13 teams in the boys competition came to an end on Wednesday, June 16th. In the girls championship game, which went to three exciting sets saw Hummingbird Elementary School besting Belize Elementary School by the score of 22-25, 25-16 and 15-11 to capture the Belize City Title. The newly crowned champions Hummingbird Elementary and the sub-champion Belize Elementary School will represent Belize City at the District championship. In the boys’ championship game, Holy Redeemer School also bested Belize Elementary School in three sets by the score of 11-25, 25-20 and 15-7 to capture the title. Holy Redeemer School and Belize Elementary School will represent Belize City at the District championship.

Flood Warning Across the Country
Tropical Depression #2 is gone but the worst may be yet to come. The latest advisory from the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) basically places most of the country on flood watch. It warned that the Macal River is 24 inches above normal and rising. The Mopan River is 12 inches above normal and rising. The Belize River is 6 feet above normal and rising throughout the Belize District because the Crooked Tree Lagoon is rising and running into Black Creek, Spanish Creek, Black Burn, Mexico Creek and Muscle Creek into the Belize River.

Fashion Show to Feed Children in Cayo
Preparations are now being made by the Cornerstone Foundation in San Ignacio for a fashion show. The fund raising event has been scheduled for July 13th, 2013 and is slated to start at 6:00 p.m. at the Octavia Waight Auditorium in San Ignacio.

Mary Open Doors has a new Board
Mary Open Doors, a Non-Profit Organization committed to empowering and improving the well being of women and children and which is based in San Ignacio, now has a new Board. The new Mary Open Doors Board, which became active on Wednesday of this week at the Rumors Resort and Hotel on the Benque Viejo Road, will now function for the next two years. Stepping forward voluntarily to serve in the new board as President was Sandra Paniagua; Vice President Rhondine Petrof; and Ciriaco Medina and Kathleen Pate as Trustees.


All you can eat Lobster pizza alays a crowd pleaser
San Pedro Lobster Festtival carwl continued on at Pedro’s Hotel last night and Fri night for “All you can eat” Lobster pizza. Paul and I both agreed that this years all you can eat pizza night went smoother than all previous years, just goes to show sometimes it takes a few tries to hit the right combination. The serving area was at the back where the poker room used to be which made so more sense and where the pizza used to get served was all seating area. This was great as it kept the stampede out of the middle of the room. The Fri night band kept the crowd entertained and everybody was happy eating, drinking and dancing. Unfortunately the band got rained out but they bounced back and quickly managed to get all their gear inside before it got too wet and were playing again within minutes.

Why I would like to be an Eco-Kid
On Wednesday afternoon during class, the teacher came and gave a great news about a first class resort namely, Chaa Creek Resort, one of the best small resort in the world, was giving a one in a lifetime experience summer camp for students our age. After listening carefully to the rules for participation, I immediately became interested in joining this summer camp. One of my great passions is watching the wonderful flower and the vegetation and the different aromas from the different plants. I enjoy the wonderful views, watching the bees and butterflies picking on the flowers. At the age of five, I had the opportunity to visit a cave at Che Chem Ha. It was an experience that I have not forgotten. I started the journey to the cave by riding a mule. After riding for about 100 yard, I fell off the mule and I had to continue the journey by foot. What a wonderful experience it was to see what our ancestors left behind – the pottery, their religious beliefs and the way they lived. Given the opportunity to attend this camp would give me the opportunity to increase my knowledge of their existence, culture and traditions.

Oh Belize! Four Things to do in Belize
People are always asking what the “don’t miss” things to do in Belize are. Oh, where to begin? Do you want to spend your time in the Caribbean? Or do pristine rainforests and rivers attract you? How about exploring Maya temples and ancient cities? For such a small place there’s just so much to see and do that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Having been pressed, I decided to name my personal top three, but that was so hard I had to add at least one more. So here we go… Number One: Belize’s Wild West While Belize is known as a diver’s paradise (and we’ll get to that later) more and more people are discovering the magic of inland Belize and the lush Cayo District. And why not? Where else can you go, in just a couple hours driving, from seacoast, through broad savannah and rolling green pastures to increasingly deeper bush turning to jungle? Along the way you’ll notice a change from the lilt of coastal Creole to more Spanish speakers. You can even take a hand cranked ferry across the river to Spanish Lookout and hear German spoken in the large Mennonite farming community there. It’s very easy and relatively inexpensive to hire a car in Belize, which leaves you open to a whole range of adventures. But for the more budget mined, a bus ride will get you to San Ignacio, the gateway to the west, and from there you can arrange day trips to fascinating Maya archaeological sites such as Cahal Pech, which is right in San Ignacio, Xunantunich and the delightful El Pilar. There are rivers to swim and canoe, bush walks to take and so many things to explore it would take a separate post to even list. You get the point. Belize’s civilised Wild West is a must see.

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Belize
1. It’s the only English speaking country in Central America: Belize was occupied by the British, making it unique among its neighbors. 2. It was the center of the Mundo Maya: The Mayan once occupied Belize, as evidenced by the dozen or more protected archeological sites. Practically every buried mound you spot is a piece of history. 3. Most Belizeans are trilingual: They speak Kriol, Spanish and English. Some also speak additional languages, such as Garifuna, Mayan dialects, and German. 4. You can have a plate of coconut rice n’ beans: Proof of Caribbean culture? Coconut rice and beans is sold on every corner, alongside a tasty stew of your choice. 5. You can eat African fufu and cassava: The Garinagu people, descendants from West Africa, settled along Belize’s southern coast and brought with them their plantains and cassava. The result? Dishes like hudut—mashed plantains, also known as “fufu” in West Africa, served with a fish stew.

Belizean Coconut Ideal (Icee)
Ideal is known as Icee in America. This is just the same as putting juice in a baggie, sealing it shut and allowing it to freeze. This Coconut Ideal is heavenly because it is milky, sweet and delectable. Summer would not be the same without this sweet treat.

“Together Again” in Ambergris Caye, Belize.
When I got up yesterday morning it was still raining. And raining quite hard. Managed to sit on the veranda with my ‘wake-up’ mug of coffee and The Times on-line for a while but then the rain started to drift in and hit me and, more importantly, my iPad so the only sensible (and,contrary to what many people might think, I am sensible) thing to do was to move inside. So I did. Once I had showered, shaved, dressed and had breakfast I set about trying to organise a replacement windscreen (windshield for non UK readers) for the one that had been stolen from our golf cart. First of I sent an email to Captain Sharks to ask how much they would charge to provide and fit a replacement. I then drove to FC Aluminium to find out what they would charge. I then went back home. When I got the response from Captain Sharks it was a close run thing but I opted for FC Aluminium so we took the ‘cart there before going to visit our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize. They were very efficient, taking slightly longer to get the replacement windscreen(windshield) from the stockroom than they did to fit once they had found it. Hopefully this one – with rivets to secure it to the ‘cart’- will remain in place!

Mennonite Gurls A'ken Cook: Kale Pesto
1 good han'ful o'fresh kale (I cut about 8 large leeves) roughlee choppet 2 cloves fresh garlic (crushet) 3/4 cup toastid warnit halves juice o'1 fresh lemon 1/2 cup parmesun olif' earl (about 1/4 cup) salt an' pepp'r to taste

International Sources

Lindbergh High Educator Headed to Belize to Teach
There will be nothing but sunny skies, beaches and of course, science for one Lindbergh Teacher here soon. Steven Tomey, a local resident has been selected to participate in the summer 2013 global graduate studies in Belize. He will live in the Central American country beginning in early August. The environmental science teacher will study conservation and marine ecology as part of Miami University’s Project Dragonfly. The graduate courses from Miami University's Project Dragonfly are based on Earth Expeditions, which has engaged more than 1,400 people since 2004 in firsthand educational and scientific research at critical conservation field sites in Africa, Australia, Asia and the Americas, according to a Lindbergh Schools statement.

‘Laws of the Jungle’ heads to Belize for filming
The production and cast members of SBS TV ‘Laws of the Jungle’ were recently sighted at Incheon International Airport, as they prepare to depart for Belize in Central America to record another new season. The cast members for this season are Kim Byung Man, Noh Woo Jin, Jo Yeo Jung, Kim Sung Soo, Oh Jong Hyuk, and Ryu Dam. Belize will represent another new challenge for Byung Man and his tribe members, and they will no doubt look to their bags of experience obtained in previous seasons to tide them through again. Belize is a country that only gained independence in 1981, with 22,960 square kilometres of land and a population of only 312,698 inhabitants (2010 census). But over 60% of Belize’s land surface is covered by forest, with the country also housing the Belize Barrier Reef which is a popular destination for divers all over the world, and bordered by the Caribbean Sea, which has seen the country being labelled as the ‘Earth’s Hope’.

Ancient cities, 'gaudy' pyramids: Exhibit brings Maya to Minnesota
In the 1840s, English artist Frederick Catherwood and American travel writer John Lloyd Stephens captured the public's imagination with a series of lushly illustrated books about the ruined cities of the Maya. Lithographs showed pyramids rising from the jungle and vine-covered monuments carved with mysterious hieroglyphs. Who built these ancient cities in the tropical forests of Honduras, Belize, Guatemala and southern Mexico? Why did they abandon them? What happened to their civilization? More than a century and a half later, a new exhibit, "Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed," created by the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul, taps into the continuing fascination and explores the archaeological discoveries of the past few decades. "It turned out that while most people had heard of the Maya, they didn't know much," said museum curator of archaeology Ed Fleming. "People had this basic idea of geniuses in the jungle whose civilization disappeared. We thought that presented a great opportunity."

Greeley church mission gives shoes to orphans in Belize
It took 10 months of fundraising and lots of community involvement for the First Presbyterian Church of Greeley to earn enough money to send 25 church members and 35 pounds of shoes to Corozal, Belize. But church leaders knew the shoes — donated by Greeley retailers and community members — would make a big difference in the lives of Belizean orphans living in a Corozal orphanage. In addition to delivering shoes, the goal of the church mission was to give families needed supplies and food and help out however they could in Northern Belize schools and communities.

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First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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