Today, all district primary school volleyball champions gathered in Belize City to compete in the 2013 National Primary School Volleyball Championships.

Itís an annual event where the district champs compete against each other to see who is the best of the best, and 7News got to meet at a few of the teams today at the Birds Isle.

Hereís what they told us about their anticipation to compete against other top teams:

Joel Wade - Vice-Chairman, National Sports Council Board
"This is not a contact sport so if you look at the size difference between some of the teams you might say that one team has an advantage over the other but like I mentioned it's not a contact sport so it's basically your skills that will prevail."

Dennis Sampson - Coach, Holy Redeemer Volley Ball Team
"It's a great honor for me to represent Belize District, my boys worked hard - we were city champs for three years and finally this year we captured the title and I hope to keep the national champ to Belize City."

"So last year you all were the champions for the Belize district. How do you feel about going all the way this year and to gain the championship on a national level?"

Dennis Sampson
"Very confident because my players have put in the hard work and like I always tell them - hard work pays off."

Miguel Rosado - Captain Holy Redeemer Volley Ball Team
"I am extremely happy, I'm proud of these guys, they work extremely hard. I'm happy to be their captain"

Emmerson Mangar - Coach, Toledo Christian Academy Team
"Several years before and two years ago we were national champs two years ago for the girls' volleyball championship. It's a privilege for me to be here and I want to say that if it hasn't been for the efforts of the students pressing into this competition - we wouldn't be here so it's a privilege for me to be a part of what they're doing in their lives."

Israel Clabel - Coach, Our Lady of Guadeloupe RC
"I feel proud because I mean we came to represent Corozal and we are proud of it."

Daniel Ortiz
"When you look at your team and the other line ups here this morning - were you any at all concerned or nervous?"

Israel Clabel
"Well as usual you know the guys they get nervous but we try talking to them and make them forget about that and just to play the game."

Howard Melendres. - Coach, Sacred Heart School, Dangriga
"I just encourage our team members to play their hearts out, we encourage fair play and team work. Hence the reason why they don't have anything to be fearful of as I ventured unto this bird's isle this morning."

In the female category, Holy Angelís R.C. Primary from Stann Creek became the champions by defeating Chan Pine Ridge Government School who came in second. Holy Angel RC is 2013 National Champions.

In the male category, Howard Smith Nazarene Primary defeated Sacred Heart RC to become the 2013 National Champions.

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