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The San Pedro Sun

Woofer: Bad Dog
Jim's dog Spike is a mean old biter, but does neutering even work?

Doctor Love: Am I being petty?
A newly engaged fiancee is wondering if she is being petty for wanting to hold back, since her beau may not be Mr. Right.

Misc Belizean Sources

September Celebrations Song Competition
The National Celebrations Commission, in conjunction with Atlantic Bank, is getting ready for the 2013 September Celebrations, so they are asking artists for their entries for this year's National Song Competition. There are 2 categories you can enter: The Belize Song and the Carnival Song. They should promote culture and the Belizean way of life. You can enter as a solo, duet, or group. There will be prizes for the winners, and you could get a music video too. Good luck! "Wish we were artistic enough to come up with something....but for all you talented, accomplished and aspiring composers, musicians and interested bodies."

Sailing Courses Offered
Andy Aspinall, Training Officer for the Belize Sailing Association, is once again offering a variety of courses for sailors of all ages, skills and water crafts. These courses will take place at Honey Camp Lagoon near Orange Walk Town throughout July and August, and even in to September and October. Courses are open to the general public. Upon course completion you will be issued the appropriate certificate from BZSA. Many of the courses are two days or more and so you would need to camp out, return home every day, or stay overnight at a hotel nearby. The hotel is clean, well furnished and reasonably priced. Fifteen courses are being offered from July through October.


Another Robbery In O/W Five in Less Than One Week
Last night another business establishment in Orange Walk Town was robbed making it five robberies in less than a week. While this time the criminals did not use firearms to commit the crime, they did not go unarmed. Last night at around 8:30 pm, two male individuals entered the “Orchid Palm Inn” situated at number 44 Queen Victoria Avenue brandishing what appeared to be knives and held up the receptionist who was on shift. After robbing the receptionist of one laptop, one gold chain, and one cellular phone, the two men disappeared into the night. But they did not enjoy their freedom for long because thanks to the surveillance camera, which captured the entire robbery, police were able to detain two suspects who were found in possession of some of the stolen items.

Police Issue Warrant Arrest For Main Suspect In Free Zone Robbery
Corozal Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of one man believed to have orchestrated the burglary of Shivam Store in the Corozal Free Zone. All indications are that Alexander Pech, a resident of San Narciso Village and employee of the store, was able to enter the business establishment after working hours and steal more than $50,000 in cash with the assistance of his coworker Deisey Ortega of Santa Rita Layout Corozal. Reports to CTV3 News are that at closing time on the 18th of June, someone left the padlock of the back door of the establishment unlocked and even switched off the surveillance camera.

DPP Reviews Noh Mul File Charges Still Pending
The ravishing of the Noh Mul archeological site here in the Northern part of the country attracted much attention both at the local and international level. But despite major public outcry and the fact that statements have been recorded and footage of the destruction obtained, those responsible are yet to face criminal charges. Lately, the officer leading the investigation has come under fire as he is being blamed for stalling the process. Apart from the Prime Minister of Belize Honorable Dean Barrow and BTIA Orange Walk Chapter, the Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie also believes that charges are long overdue. In fact, in an interview with the media on Wednesday, Whylie indicated that he had directed the regional commander to quote unquote “Ensure the investigator move vigorously to complete the directives that the DPP had passed to him.”

And Round One Goes For GOB
This morning, attorneys for OCEANA Belize, the Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage, COLA and the Government of Belize were back in court to hear Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin’s ruling on the injunction challenged by government in prohibition of six oil companies including Treaty Energy Belize, from carrying out exploratory works at the heels of Justice Oswell Legall’s decision that all six contracts with GOB were null and void. Today in court, the news was not good for OCEAN Belize as Justice Benjamin ruled in favor of Government. In an interview with the media today, Governments Attorney, Dennis Barrow, stated that from the onset the injunction placed by Justice Legall did not bind oil companies and OCEANA Belize misinterpreted the ruling. Dennis Barrow- Attorney GOB “A declaration does not have any enforceable effect and this injunction, and the Chief Justice said it at least three times, this injunction does not bind the oil companies. So where we are is exactly where I said we are, which is the declaration were made and we are appealing that. We regard those are declaration as having been with respect wrongfully made. We think the declaration ought not to be made in the circumstances.

Eggs Scarcity In The North
A recent outbreak of the “H7N3 virus” commonly known as the “Avian Flu” forced poultry farmers to destroy more than 2 million birds in the state of Guanajuato in neighboring Mexico this year and as a result has caused a massive decrease in the production of eggs in that same country. But the issue is that it is now affecting our country, particularly the districts of Corozal, Orange Walk, and Cayo where a scarcity of eggs has been reported and as the demand for the product increases, so does the price. Eggs are generally sold 3 for one dollar or eight dollars a tray but today, residents can hardly find stores that do have eggs on sale and when they do find, one egg is sold at fifty cents. But how has the recent outbreak in Mexico affected Belize, according to credible sources among the two million birds that were destroyed in Mexico, 1.1 million were laying hens and as you can imagine that resulted in a massive shortage of eggs in that country. But what is raising concern, is that the illegal trade of eggs from Belize to Guatemala and Mexico, have taken its toll on local consumers.

CFE Grants BEL 10% Reduction In Electricity Sold To Belize
Belize Electricity Limited held its annual general meeting yesterday for it’s more than one thousand small shareholders. BEL declared a dividend of five cents per share to shareholders at the close of Business on December 31, 2012. According to Senior Manager, Finance & Human Resources, Betty Tam, BEL sold more than four hundred and sixty two thousand megawatts hours to its over sixty five thousand sixty seven customers in the same period. For the shareholders, this represented an increase in shareholder’s per-capita after booking $37.8 million increase in shareholder’s equity over the two-year period January 2011 to December 2012. BEL also reported that the company was able to pay off a $30.3 million debt to customers in 2012. However, the audited financial statements for 2012 indicate a loss of $16 million but according to Betty Tam, quote “We have managed our financial performance to be sustainable and have not required any government bailout.....we have managed to keep the lights on and continue to pay our loans and in 2012, we closed a successful Series 5 Debenture Offer for $25 million, which indicates high confidence in our business.” Unquote.


Gangnam Style Comes to Belize
Following our recent post about Belize becoming a filmmakers’ Mecca (19 June 2013) came the news that the cast and crew of “Laws of the Jungle” a popular Korean TV series were seen departing Incheon airport to film an episode in Belize. An article in the English language Korea Star Daily also lauded Belize’s beauty and described Belize as “Earth’s Hope” “Earth’s Hope” is a new one on us, but it does seem apt, as it followed this description of Belize in the Star Daily: “Belize is a country that only gained independence in 1981, with 22,960 square kilometres of land and a population of only 312,698 inhabitants (2010 census). But over 60% of Belize’s land surface is covered by forest, with the country also housing the Belize Barrier Reef which is a popular destination for divers all over the world, and bordered by the Caribbean Sea, which has seen the country being labelled as the ‘Earth’s Hope’.”

“Day Tripper” from Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Regular readers of this blog may have wondered why there were no editions for the last few days. Very simple reason really. I took some days off because Rose and I went to spend a night in Chetumal, Mexico. We set off on Thursday morning when we caught the 8 am (well, it didn’t actually depart until 8.30 am) San Pedro Water Jets International service. We booked a return ticket at BZ$150 a ticket but because we were only staying one night we would travel back to San Pedro via Belize Express Water Taxi. The two companies operate the service on alternative days . Both companies operate the Chetumal to San Pedro route with a scheduled departure of 3 pm and only a slight difference in timing between the two for the San Pedro to Chetumal service with San Pedro Water Jets International scheduled to depart at 8 am and the Belize WaterTaxi service scheduled to depart at 7.30 am. Both companies work together to cater for customers such as Rose and I who, because of our travel plans, wanted to use both companies’ services for our trip. Nothing could be easier to book a ticket to ride from Ambergris Caye to Chetumal.

International Sources

Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed
The Science Museum of Mineesota's exhibit on the Maya appropriately opened yesterday on the Summer Solstice. They have a great video talking about the exhibit, and they feature Xunantunich and Caracol on it. The exhibit features artifacts from Cahal Pech too. "The Maya created one of the great civilizations of the ancient world. Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed, opening June 21, 2013 at the Science Museum of Minnesota, explores ancient Maya society through the eyes of powerful kings and queens and the farmers, artisans, administrators, and craftsmen who supported the elite and made up the foundations of these ancient states. The exhibition will feature artifacts from throughout the Maya world, interactive exhibits and evocative environments to make the lives of the Maya relevant, accessible, and approachable."