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With nothing strenuous to do any more, the children put on some weight. Until they did, Lisa had never noticed how unhealthy her children were. As for herself, there were evenings when it was all it took for her to finish her evening meal before retiring to her hard bed on the floor. Her time at the shop had extended beyond the bustle of the market days, and now included the slow but steady off-days. Market days brought in such a big number of people that Lisa was overwhelmed at times, and was left wondering how Mr. James had dealt with the crowd before.

The San Pedro Sun

Mama Vilma: One of over 360 charities to benefit from The Global Party
The Global Party is a prestigious event that takes place in over 120 cities across the world with proceeds benefiting many charities. San Pedro Town is among the destinations hosting The Global Party, and Kama Lounge was selected by event organizers to be one of the hosts of this world wide party phenomenon. The Global Party will take place simultaneously at the over 360 registered venues. On Wednesday, May 15th a worldwide press launch was held across the participating venues, announcing the official dates for The Global Party and the charity the venue will sponsor. Kama Lounge officially announced the Mama Vilma Family Home as its charity of choice. Mama Vilma is a charitable organization on Ambergris Caye that assistsfamilies in need.”Here at Kama we like to assist with the elderly and children, those are the people in society that need the most help. The Mama Vilma Family Home is a much needed organization here in San Pedro, and the growing society needs to protect its children and battered women. That is why we choose Mama Vilma, because it is a much needed project here in the island,” said owner of Kama Lounge, Alexandra Nicholson.

San Pedro Town Authorities seek to implement Dog Act in August
Saga Humane Society, San Pedro Police Department and The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) held a meeting on Tuesday June 25th to discuss issues relating to the Dog Act. The meeting came about because of the continuous problems relating to stray dogs on the island and months of discussion between the different entities. Following months of complaints from residents and tourists about the issues relating to the increase of stray dogs on Ambergris Caye, a plan had to be discussed. According to Coleen Creeden, President of the Board of Directors at Saga Humane Society, the problem of stray dogs includes health, environmental and safety concerns. In many instances, the stray animals are attacking other dogs (pets) and even humans. Dog bites can lead to rabies and physical injuries. In addition, many unfed stray dogs have to resort to scavenging for food from garbage and in the process create a mess.

Dia de San Pedro Activities start with history and art
The Dia San Pedro events in honor of the island’s patron saint kicked off on June 21st. Planned events include religious, cultural and festive functions throughout ten days. While the novenas and other religious events have been ongoing, the cultural aspect was launched on Monday June 24th with a lecture on the history of the island. Director of the Institute of Archeology, Professor Dr. Jaime Awe imparted a two hours long lecture to members of the San Pedro Town community. Dr Awe gave an overview of the early inhabitants of Ambergris Caye and some of the events they were engaged in. “There were more than 20 sites all over Ambergris Caye and the prehistoric Maya used to exploit the resources for shell products, salt through a process call Sal Cosida (boiling water until salt particles remain), for fish product and other minor items,” said Awe. Evidence of these findings can be supported by the remains of fish and other shell products found in neighboring mainland sites. While the Maya had continuous occupation of Ambergris Caye, Dr Awe explained that a re-occupation took place just before and during the 1847 Caste War. Those two elements in the historical timeline of the island still continue to influence the traditions of the island, but more importantly said Awe, their ancestors continue to live on the island.

Trent Hardwick wins Lobster fest Regatta in wild finish
Twenty young sailors from Belize City, Placencia, and San Pedro skippered dinghies for two days in ideal waters and conditions off Banyan Bay Resort during the thrilling Lobster Fest Regatta on June 22nd and 23rd. For some of the youth, this was their very first regatta. The regatta consisted of the young sailors taking turns in the ten boats available. Each participant raced six times. The course was an Olympic triangle that allowed spectators to clearly see, understand, and enjoy the action. The first leg of the regatta started on the morning of Saturday, June 22nd. It began with getting to know all about crocodiles and meeting an adult live croc up close and personal, courtesy of American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES). That was followed by a discussion by the experts from Belize Shark Project on shark behavior and conservation. They also provided free and expert shark face-painting for the rest of the day, all while answering questions.

Ambergris Today

Ten Year Old Wins San Pedro Lobsterfest Regatta
Twenty young sailors from Belize City, Placencia, and San Pedro skippered Optimist dinghies for two days in ideal waters and conditions off Banyan Bay Resort during last weekend’s thrilling Lobsterfest Regatta. For some of the skippers, this was their very first regatta, ever. San Pedro's fleet of eight boats was augmented, thanks to the valiant Belize Sea Scouts, who took the time and made the extra effort to bring two more boats from the mainland. By taking turns in the ten boats available, each sailor was able to race six times. The course was an Olympic triangle that allowed spectators to see, clearly understand, and enjoy the action. Sailors began Saturday morning, June 22, 2013, capriciously by getting to know all about crocodiles and meeting an adult live croc up close and personal, courtesy of American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES). Next, minus a live specimen, experts from Belize Shark Project discussed sharks with the sailors and provided free, fun, and expert shark face-painting for the rest of the day, while answering questions.

SAGA and San Pedro Town to Implement Dog Control Orders
The topic of dogs/strays always causes a big controversy in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Most, if not all, residents of San Pedro own a dog, whether it’s for guarding the property or simply because we love pets and have them at home as great companions. But throughout time irresponsible pet ownership has gotten out of hand and dogs run astray causing some serious problems to the island. Stray/Nuisance Dogs are a problem to the island; they defecate everywhere, turn over garbage bins and leave the town in a mess and not to forget those that viciously attack people. For this and many other reasons The San Pedro Town Council, The San Pedro Police Department and SAGA Humane Society are working together to establish Dog Control Orders for San Pedro Town. A management method can, over a period of time, produce dramatic reductions of dog bites, stray and roaming animal population. Methods include; licenses and fines, limiting access to resources, spaying and neutering and most importantly education and information to the public. The San Pedro Town Council along with the San Pedro Police Department and SAGA Humane Society intend to pursue enforcement of existing Belize Laws – The Dogs Act Chapter 153.

Belize Prime Minister in Official Visit to the United Kingdom
The Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow this week starts an official visit to the United Kingdom. He arrived on Sunday, June 23rd and was welcomed by the representative of the Secretary of State, Rt. Hon William Hague and the High Commissioner for Belize to the United Kingdom. During his visit The Prime Minister is to be honored by the City of London where he will address a specially invited audience of global financiers and businessmen to discuss Belize trade and investment. Later he will be greeted by the Right Honorable Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman Roger Gifford and other City dignitaries to discuss future co-operation between the City of London Corporation and Belize.

What Follows Low Proficiency Scores?
Gustavo A. Ramirez, Guidance Counselor / Education Consultant According to the recently released results of the 2013 PSE (Public School Examinations) proficiency exams, more than half of all exiting Primary school students throughout Belize ranked poorly in English and Math. The results that were released to the media show that 53% of the 7359 students who took the exams were assessed as not proficient. The median score in English was 58% while in Math it remained steady at around 54% as the previous year. These low proficiency scores indicate loudly that our students in Primary Schools are not learning as they should. Readers who follow my Guidance Counseling columns know that, for years now, I strongly advocate and assert that Education, especially at early levels, needs to be focused on successful “learning”. Low PSE results this year show, without a doubt, that there continues to be large disparities between teaching and learning in our Primary schools.

Thank You From The San Pedro Lobster Fest Committee
The San Pedro Lobster Festival takes the opportunity to express our sincere appreciation and heartfelt THANKS to everyone who made the festival a huge success. The event welcomes the opening of the lobster season and brings businesses together to promote our tourism industry. We would like to thank the Belize Tourism Board and the Honorable Minister Manuel Heredia for their generous support towards the San Pedro Lobster festival 2013. We would also like to thank the San Pedro Town Council for all their logistical support. Very special thanks to Mayor Danny Guerrero and town council foreman, Freddie Gonzalez Jr., who went beyond the call of duty in our time of need! Thanks also to Bowen & Bowen, NICH, Belize Border Management, Mata Chica Resort & Spa, and Sandy Points Resort for your contributions. Thanks to Atlantic Bank Ltd. for allowing us to use their premises. Special thanks to all the participating businesses in the Lobster Crawl and to those who donated prizes towards the grand raffle. Thanks also to the booth participants who put out amazing food and drinks. Thanks to our judges, Dorian, Mary, Dixie, Roxanne, Joe and Erin and to our tabulators from Rhaburn Consulting.

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize PM’s UK Visit to Include Environmental Talks
Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s official visit to the United Kingdom will raise awareness of important environmental issues while reaffirming the strong ties between England and this former British crown colony, according to the owners of The Lodge at Chaa Creek. Lucy Fleming, who with her husband Mick opened Chaa Creek the same month that Belize achieved independence in 1981, said the visit is welcomed by the vast majority of Belizeans, who still retain affection for Great Britain and the royal family. “These official visits are very important to the people of Belize, as our English heritage is an integral part of our national identity and cultural makeup,” Ms Fleming said. “In an ever changing and often challenging world, Belize’s relationship with England provides an important sense of stability, both practically and symbolically,” she added.

Creative Kaos Trailer
The full length trailer for Creative Kaos, the documentary about the making of Kurse a di Xtabai, which was filmed in Cayo, has been released. It chronicles how they were able to create and shoot a movie in the matter of weeks, so they could get it submitted to the Belize Film Festival. Daniel Velazquez has a hit on his hands with this well done documentary. "the official documentary film trailer, a film about the making of 2012 Curse a di Xtabai"

Free HIV Testing Today in Cayo
Today, at the Cayo Welcome Center, you can get a free HIV test. They'll be performing tests from 9:00am through 3:00pm. Thanks go out to the Ministry of Health for putting this together.

Cayo BTIA Elects New Board
The Cayo BTIA recently elected some new board members. They met last week at Rumors Resort. Congratulations to the new board. Best of luck to you as you move forward, and promote tourism in Cayo. Chairman - Larry Waight, Chaa Creek Vice Chair - Joe Awe - Nine Ecological Tours Secretary - Shirley Panti - Duplooy's Jungle Lodge Treasurer - Lee Austin - Diamond Realty Director - Michael Simmons - Cayo Adventure Tours Director - Chester Williams - Calico Jack's Village Director - Geovanni Fernandez - Black Rock Lodge "The meeting gathered over twenty four participants (members and supporters) of the Cayo chapter, with the aim of electing a new board which would be responsible for the leadership and direction of the destination. Ms. Estela Requena, BTIA Executive Director presided over the meeting and emphasized on the importance of the active participation of all members, in order to build a stronger and more influential chapter. 'The BTIA stands at the forefront of the industry and it is of great importance that the Chapter is organized and active in order to strengthen the destination and the country,' commented Ms. Requena."

Channel 7

Denny Grijalva Charged For Noh Mul Mauling
For weeks, the nation has been closely observing what the police department would do in relation to the Noh Mul mauling, which occurred in May. Well the news tonight is that Denny Grijalva, and his wife Emelda Grijalva, who represented as Managing Directors for De-Mars Stone Company, Javier Nunez, their foreman, and excavator driver Emil Cruz are out on bail after they were taken to Corozal Magistrate’s Court. The the company, represented by the Grijalvas, was charged with 1 count of removing parts of an ancient monument, and 1 count of causing the destruction of an ancient monument. Cruz was charged with removal of stone from an ancient monument without a permit and willfully damaging an ancient monument. Nunez was also charged with willfully causing the removal of stone from an ancient monument and willfully causing the damaging of an ancient monument. They were arraigned before Magistrate Clive Lino this afternoon, who granted bail of $5,000. Their case has been adjourned until August 20, where they will return to Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court. The case will be handled by a prosecutor from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Body Discovered In Macal River
Last night, just before news time, residents of San Ignacio Town discovered a body floating in the Macal River. Police were called in to take over, and they discovered that it was in an advanced state of decomposition. Today, speaking with our colleagues from Plus TV, the deputy commander spoke on the information that his officers currently have. Here’s what he told them. Insp. Reymundo Reyes - Deputy Commander, San Ignacio Police "About 6pm, San Ignacio Police received information of a body floating on the Macal River. As a result, myself and a team of officers visited the river bank on the San Ignacio side, at about a hundred feet from the Hawksworth Bridge, where the lifeless body of a male person was seen floating on the river bank. The body was retrieved; a physical inspection of the body was conducted; no injuries observed and at the moment the person was dressed in a red t-shirt and a blue jeans pants. At the time, we did not have information of who this person was because he didn't have no kind of identification. It was about 7pm that the mother, Tomasa Cal, came to the station wanting to make a report of a missing person. Based on a description given by the mother, we decided to escort her and and one of her sons to the area where the body had been found and after viewing the body, the brother identified his brother as Cyril Cal, 28 years old of the Hill View area. At the time the person allegedly left his residence on Monday morning sometime after three, rode to his work since he works for the Town Board from Santa Elena to San Ignacio and since then he did not return back home."

PUP: KHMH’s Response Is Inadequate
Yesterday, 7News showed you the KHMH press conference which was held by the Administration to explain the serious concerns raised by the PAHO investigators. Well, the PUP is not satisfied with this response, and today, the party voiced their concerns through their spokesperson, Dr. Francis Smith. He explained why the party believes that the administration should be held accountable: Dr. Francis Smith - Spokesperson, PUP "The People's United Party feels very strongly that the information that was offered to the nation/public yesterday in that press conference led by the Honorable Minister was inadequate. We are quite appalled by the insensitivity, the arrogance of this administration in the face of 13 familes who have suffered the loss of their children/human beings and the absolute refusal to acknowledge that there has been complex problems and shortcomings and a breakdown that can only be regarded as managerial incompetence." Daniel Ortiz "The report itself, some would say could have gone a little bit deeper, but the report itslef seems to be very damning. Do you buy the explanation that at this point no one can be held accountable?"

APAMO To DOE: Check Closely Into Stake Bank Project
Today, the National Environmental Appraisal Committee was supposed to meet on the development being proposed by the Feinstein Group. As we’ve shown you, the major part of the development is the construction of a mega-causeway from Belize City to North Drown Caye, and another causeway from North Drown Caye to Stakebank. As we’ve reported, the Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations (APAMO) said that the Department of Environment did not conduct a proper EIA or public consultation. Well, since yesterday was supposed to be the deadline for submission by members of the public, we caught up with APAMO’s representatives this morning to talk about the project. They say that even though this is a major development, the impacts on the natural resources are sometimes overlooked, and the checklists are often rushed through: Jose Perez - Executive Director, APAMO "We believe that for the size of the structure, which is being proposed which is a mega three point something kilometers causeway which will include massive pillars having to go into the ocean floor - we believe that a comprehensive EIA needs to be done, none has been done. We believe that individually, the three developments that are being proposed they need Environmental Impact Assessments. We have to recongize that the very important and vibrant tourism industry is based on our natural resources and one of those natural resources is our barrier reef. The barrier reef is the largest in this hemisphere - which other country has that? They might have mega structures but what is at stake in those countries? Here what we have is our natural resources - very priceless. So if we don't take care of those resources you might have mega facilities and mega developments but after those developments exist for the next 15 - 25 years and all the resources are finished and destroyed - then what will be left for this country? So I think we have to realize that we have natural resources which too have a very high economic value."

PAHO’s Report, Blow By Blow
Yesterday, we focused most of our attention on what the authorities at KHMH had to say about the PAHO report. As we’ve described it, there are major signs of sub-standard conditions within the hospital, and so Daniel Ortiz took an in-depth look at what the PAHO investigators found. Here’s his report: Daniel Ortiz reporting The PAHO report has gone into extensive detail with some of the problems discovered at the KHMH, and the Ministry of Health is taking the findings as matters of urgent national interest. Hon. Pablo Marin - Minister of Health "Clearly, the report is critical of many areas and makes strong recommendations. The Ministry of Health and the KHMH will remain dedicated in accepting these recommendations and implementing all necessary actions at the earliest possible time. Many of these have already been implemented while the remainder will be implemented as soon as possible." Dr. Francis Gary Longsworth - CEO, KHMH "We have pledged, as I said in the earlier part of my address to continue to keep the public and the parents of these neonates informed as to developments and imporvements that we will be making in the systems at the hospital and we would like to assure the public that depsite this setback - we are on the road to continue imporvement and excellent service at the hospital. This is not only in the areaof pediatrics and neonatal care, but in every service area of the hospital."

BCB Pleased With CCJ Win
On Tuesday, 7News told you about that very significant judgment which the Caribbean Court of Justice delivered against the Government of Belize. The importance of it is that any of the Ashcroft-Allied companies, who have any grievances against GOB for the 2009 nationalization of BTL, and the re-nationalization in 2011, can take them to court at tribunals outside of Belize. This follows the discharging of an interim injunction by the CCJ, which the Supreme Court initially granted restraining British Caribbean Bank from continuing with their litigation. So far, this is the only company which has launched their arbitration oversees, and when they received the judgment from on Tuesday, they released a statement. BCB said that this was great news for their company which has been prevented from continuing their case since December 2010. The company added, quote, “British Investors would have been very concerned by the case and others brought by the Government contending that the 1982 UK-Belize Bilateral Investment Treaty was not binding on the Government.”

Do Belizeans Even Trespass On Guatemalan Territory?
Last night, we showed you the confidence building exercise which the OAS held to improve the relationship between the Belize Defence Force and the Guatemalan Military. But, in an environment where high-powered weapons are always at a quick draw, it takes quite a lot for cooler heads to prevail. We spoke to the BDF commander, and we asked about Belizean incursions into Guatemalan territory, since only the opposite makes the news. He told us that to his knowledge, Belizeans have respected the Guatemalan territory: Lt. Col. David Jones - Commander, BDF "It is very important because incidents happen on either side of the border and verification needs to take place so if something happens in Belize and we can share information with the Guatemalans, if it affects their citizens we get in contact with them and we meet with them along the border, we exchange information and then we help each other. Because what we do on a quarterly basis, we meet with the Guatemalan arm forces, sometimes right here at this building, sometimes inside Belize, sometimes over in Guatemala and every quarterly we sit down; we discuss all the incidents that have occurred either in the Chiquibul Forest reserve in Belize or any where inside Belize or inside Guatemala where incidents affect both countries. We sit down, we discuss it and as professionals we try to solve our issues as soldiers, at the diplomatic and political level, that is different, but we as soldiers, work together as professionals."

Alcohol Conference Closes
For the past 2 days, representatives from 13 countries, and 10 NGO’s have been in Belize meeting about a regional alcohol policy. It has been an intense discussion on what to do about alcohol abuse in these different countries, so today, 7News stopped by to see how these discussions were going. The PAHO facilitator told us today that they’ve discovered that the alcohol legislation is outdated in most of the participating countries. Dr. Maristela Monteiro - Representative, PAHO "Most countries I believe have some sort of policy, some legislation but they are outdated and they were developed probably not with the public health goal so to impact consumption problems, more just to generate revenues for the country. This is one side only of the problem - you need to balance the revenues that you can generate from consuming alcohol with the cost to pay for the damage that it causes and that's when you begin to see how the legislation is not being effective even though it's in the papers. Second problem is that in most countries, the existing legislation is not being enforced so they remain in the drawers or on paper but there is very little enforcement. Some countries have no policy at all, they have legislation but not a policy. Meaning it is a document that states what the country wants to do in relation to alcohol problems in public health."

PM, GG, And Special Envoy Honored Abroad
His Excellency, Sir Colville Young, is in South Florida in the US to represent the country at the first Belize Travel and Trade Show, which started today, and continues until Sunday. The show is an event organized by the Belize Diaspora Network, LLC, in collaboration BELTRAIDE and the Belize Tourism Board. In Sir Colville’s absence, His Excellency James Murphy, who is Coordinator at the Referendum Unit in the Foreign Affairs Ministry, will act as Governor-General in Belize. And another Leader who was recently had the honor of representing the country outside is Prime Minister Dean Barrow. While in London on Tuesday, the Prime Minister met with the Chairman of the City of London Policy and Resources Committee, Mark Boleat, just before the Guildhall Lunch. He donned a hard hat and witnessed 13,000 tons of Belizean sugar being received at Tate & Lyle Sugar Refinery in London. He also had an opportunity to speak with an audience of international financiers and businessmen at the Guildhall Lunch.

Dubu Claims Was Dissed By City Hall
Bernard “Dubu” Thomas has been a fixture on the Albert Hoy Hostel Field, where he’s been acting as caretaker for years. Well today, he called us to complain that the City Council has destroyed a building on the field which he uses to store equipment for the children who use it. According to him, this is a major disrespect by the council, who has neglected this field for years. Here’s how he explained it: Bernard 'Dubu' Thomas - Caretaker "This councilor came to me about a year and a half ago at this compound and told me what he had planned. I told him that nothing is wrong with what he has planned, what he has planned for the community is very good but I told him that he cannot come here and do what he wants. A game plan is already here, I just want you to build on it - not destroy. We had a lot of ups and downs and differences and the man sent a case of paint so I hired some boys to paint the bleachers. The people at the City Council office criticize - that's all they do and the contribution to this compound is not out of his pocket, it's contributions from the business people. Why this special councilor have something personal against me? I don't know what it is. The last session him and I had was when the building was torn down so I told him we won't tear the building down until we get back material to build the building because the building is old.

Edwin Paula Claims Brutality
A month ago, 7News showed you the men charged for the La Choza Bar robbery which turned into murder, as they were arraigned in Belmopan Court. 29 year old Edwin Paula, 19 year old Manuel Hernandez, 18 year old Rudy Santos and Rasheed Crespo were arraigned and remanded on 3 counts of Robbery and 1 count of Murder, for the shooting death of Salvadoran Isabel Antonio Ballona. Police also charged Paula with 2 counts of possession for an unlicensed firearm and ammunition. And in relation to the brazen invasion and armed assault on the UB Belmopan Dormitory, where the culprits robbed their victims at gun point of their valuables, all 4 men were additionally charged with 9 counts of aggravated burglary. So, this is a very important case for Belmopan Police, and their commanding officer, Assistant Superintendent Sinquest Martinez, who has told the media that he’s treating it with great care. But, the family members of Edwin Paula have claimed police brutality, and they’ve brought what they claim as proof in the form of images taken of Paula’s injuries after being beaten by police.

Moses Sulph Returns To Activism
Viewers may remember Activist Moses Sulph. He had a minor fall from grace when he was accused of rape earlier this year, but he’s back at his work, and he’s trying to raise funds or encourage donations of books to needy primary school students. Today, he spoke to us about how the program is going in its second year. Moses Sulph - Organizer "Basically the program this year is continuing to assist marginalized children; however, due to the restraint of getting the necessary supplies that we had needed last year, we were only able to help three hundred thirty one children. What we do is we give a dozen exercise books to each child, a school bag, pens and pencil. So, I would like to say that since last year we have been getting couple reviews on Facebook, I've posted what we had done last year and there are Belizeans Americans in the US who decided that they want to assist and contribute no matter how small. Yesterday, I've received 24 school bags from Ms. Amira Smith in the United States. I've also been promised to get about 25 more school bags from Ms. Melanie Martinez from the US and also there are a couple businesses that will contribute, such as Smart, such as Welworth, such as Mr. Emilio Zabaneh. I also have Mr. Eugene Zabaneh Jr. who has pledged that they will contribute some, however, we are seeking to get 600 dozens this year, so we would like to appeal to the general public that if you can donate a dozen, two dozen exercise books, that would be appreciated or more because as I said it's 600 dozens we are trying to obtain."

Making Art of Everyday Things
Tonight, The Institute of Mexico is featuring an art exhibition called “Personal Things” by Mexican artist, Ahmida Gomez. This artist, as the Institute’s Director explained, uses everyday items and displays them in a very unique way. Here’s how he explained the exhibit. Domingo Rodriguez - Director, Institute of Mexico "Today at 7 we have a new exhibition here in the Institute of Mexico in Belize, the name of that exhibition is 'Personal Items' for the Mexican Artist - Amida Gomez. The entrance is free and you can see the work of this artist to paint the personal items like luggage and other things. It's a very interesting exhibition but he put in his drawing like a closet, like everything that you use during the day." Daniel Ortiz "Will any of the paintings be on sale?" Domingo Rodriguez "Yes, the paintings are on sale but every painting - for example this painting it's 8 painting but it's one collection and we have 17 collections today."

Pastor Stirm: We Don’t Need Those Types Of Allies
Last night, 7News showed you the church Leaders’ seminar held by leading voices, Pastor Scott Stirm and Louis Wade in relation to the Gender Policy. While covering the assignment, we couldn’t help but pick up on a few pointers which these men presented to the audience. Of note was that Pastor Stirm, who has zealously researched and followed the LGBT agenda all over the world, is suggesting that the pro-LGBT nations who have threatened to cut off countries who reject it, are not as absolute as they present themselves. Here’s how he explained it. Pastor Scott Stirm - Jubilee Ministries/Belize Action "They would like to say that 'if you don't go with this agenda - then you will be cut off', our international funding will be cut off and we will not trade with you and all those slides that I went through show the picture that China is against the homosexual agenda - they have one billion people. China could buy everything that we could ever possibly produce in the country of Belize - we just need to eat more chowmein. The middle east, the Islamic nations - where is the oil in the world? Who has controlled the whole world with the price of oil and the middle east is against the homosexual agenda. Russia just passed a law a couple weeks, 436 in favor and 0 opposed to make illegal all LGBT propaganda - they didn't make homosexuality illegal - they made the propaganda illegal. 'Deh people smart'. No radio ads, no tv ads, no billboards, no signs, no pamphlets, no leaflets - you want to live that kind of life then your human rights - feel free but you're not going to talk about it and you're not going to push it."

Channel 5

Denny Grijalva, wife and 2 employees taken to court for Noh Mul
In early May, just prior to the village council elections, the historic Mayan monument, Noh Mul was grazed to the ground for road fill. But it was not until today [...]

Archeologist says despite charges, Noh Mul loss irreparable
Charges associated with the destruction of Noh Mul have been brought against several employees of DeMar’s Stone Company in the Corozal Magistrate’s Court.  While the men, including proprietor Denny Grijalva [...]

Details of damning PAHO report on K.H.M.H.
An investigation by the Pan American Health Organization carried out by high level experts into the deaths of thirteen neonates at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital is in short, damning [...]

Are you satisfied that no one is yet held responsible for K.H.M.H. neonatal deaths?
And our question for tonight is: Even after the damning PAHO report, are you satisfied that no one is yet being held responsible for the neonatal deaths at the K.H.M.H.? Yes [...]

Island resident complains of unfair land distribution
Village council elections have concluded across the country following an entirely politicized process in which voters were made a number of promises by its respective candidates.  In Caye Caulker, residents [...]

B.D.F. explains the rules of engagement in illegal border crossing
On Wednesday, we reported that the European Union and the Canadian Government donated global positioning systems to the Belize Defense Force and the Guatemalan military. B.D.F. Commander, Lieutenant Colonel David [...]

Belize Bank donates over $6,000 to National Football Team
The 2013 Gold Cup Games are quickly approaching. The Jaguars are set to leave for the United States on July fifth for the first of three games against the United [...]

Body found floating near Hawkesworth Bridge
The police department found the body of a man who has been missing on Wednesday evening. San Ignacio Police visited the Macal River Bank and at about one hundred yards [...]

GSU finds 24 pounds of weed
The Gang Suppression Unit (GSU) continues to suppress the supply of drugs in Belize City. This morning at eleven-twenty-five, members of the GSU conducted an anti drugs operation in the [...]

Burglars sent to prison after being caught inside home
Two Belize City men are behind bars on remand after they were charged for a brazen burglary of a home on Arlington Drive. The men, thirty-one year old Ernest Hinds [...]

Barber’s secret ingredient in baker’s bread was marijuana
Today a man convicted of trying to smuggle marijuana inside the Belize Central Prison escaped becoming an inmate there after he was ordered to pay a fine. Twenty-four year old [...]

Get a room! Hotel Association holds annual general meeting
Hoteliers from across the country converged on the Old Capital this morning for the annual general meeting of the Belize Hotel Association.  The conference comes on the heels of a [...]

Road to Gold Cup features talent from the Belize Jaguars
At eight o’clock tonight only on this station, Veteran Sportscaster, James Adderley, begins the first of a two part series called Road to the Gold Cup 2013. Adderley discusses the [...]

Unidentified flying what? Healthy Living sees floaters
Floaters are common after you turn forty, and they are a normal part of the aging process. They are lines of lights in which patients say they see blurry visions. [...]


Charges For Noh Mul Levied; Bail Granted At $5K
After weeks of waiting for someone to be held responsible for the destruction of the Maya Pyramid of Noh Mul in the Orange Walk, this morning, four individuals were charged in Corozal’s Magistrate Court. To clear things up, the matter was moved to the Corozal Magistrate Court because there ...

Local Bank Gives Aid In Education In Western Belize
Primary School scholarships were awarded to eight students of the Cayo District. Here is Correspondent Elaine Berry with the details. ELAINE BERRY “Scotia Bank in San Ignacio presented awards to eight primary school children from the Cayo District. Love News spoke to Mic...

Commanders Say Relations Are Good Between Belize and Guatemala
The Belize Defense Force and the Guatemalan Army were yesterday presented with a donation of specialized equipment to be used by the military personnel of both countries assigned to patrolling the Adjacency Zone. It was only fitting then that the Organization of American States made the don...

Father, Son and Friend To Stand Trial For Missing Sugar
Three men accused of stealing 125 tons of brown sugar from BSI sometime back in April 2012 were today committed to stand trial at the September session of the Supreme Court. The men who were out on property bail saw their old bail revoked and were offered new bail of 20 thousand dollars eac...

PAHO Findings: Medical and Dental Union Says Financial Constraints Is Not An Excuse
The Belize Medical and Dental Union has weighed in on the Pan American Health Organization’s findings. The Union says that while it is well aware of the financial limitations of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and the alterations in established protocols, that is not an excuse to n...


An agent of Change: for a Better Yo Creek
When I heard the term EcoKid the first thing that came to my mind was how my ideas can be helpful to my school and my beautiful Yo Creek. I looked around and saw that garbage is a great problem in my environment. I believe that garbage should be a great concern to everyone and this starts at school. I can see that the amount of garbage produced at school is a lot. This is because the school sells sweets, chips, ideals, juices in plastic bottles etc. . I think that the teachers should put a rule where little of these things should be sold at school. Instead, they should sell fruits which are more nutritious for us growing children at school. I believe also that parents should come up with ways to make sweets with fruits and also use the rind of fruits can be used to preserve fruit sweets even though it takes a long process to be made but in that way we would be having less garbage. Also, shakes and juices can also be made and sold to kids instead of artificial flavored juices which come in disposable plastic bottles. Also, the rind of fruits if not used as a preservative, can be used as a fertilizer for plants to grow bigger.

“Beautiful Day” from Ambergris Caye, Belize.
First thing I have to ‘say’ in today’s edition is “Happy birthday”. This message is sent to my little sister Chris (or, if I am serious or want to tell her off or put her ‘in her place’, Christine). Miss you lots Chris and Rose and I cannot wait until you come out here and stay with us. The self-contained apartment in our build in Ambergris Caye, Belize is just waiting for you. Have a beautiful day Chris. Now on to today’s edition. Up early yesterday morning at just after 4 am. Obviously went to sleep too early the previous night. So, made a mug of coffee and took the iPad out on to the veranda to knock-out yesterday’s edition and then I settled down to read The Times online. Then spent a little time trying to get my iPad to accept a download from the SD card from my camera but wasn’t successful. I fear that the iPad may be terminally ill. During the course of the morning I received a response from Benny’s to the enquiry I had made about fluorescent light fittings (I realised the previous day that we (I) had omitted to choose a light fitting for the store room/garage on the Ground Floor). It didn’t take long to make a choice. Light fitting decisions now finally completed.

My Favorite Belizean Snack: Cheese Dip!
One of my all time favorite snacks is Belizean Cheese Dip. It is one of those things that would never be missing at any parties in Cayo, including weddings (the equivalent of ceviche for islanders) and it drives kids crazy. By crazy I mean that no matter how much of it you give to children, you’ll endlessly be hearing: “mommy/ aunty/ granny, please fu mo cheese dip!” It gets annoying… Haha! A few weeks ago I went over to a friend’s house in Toronto and took with me some cheese dip that I had especially made for them. I’m pretty sure they were just kissing my ass but they couldn’t stop raving about it, and also said that it was impossible that I had made it. As a joke I told them that it was a secret family recipe and I couldn’t disclose the ingredients, but of course that’s a lie, it’s a staple food in Belize and everyone knows how to make it.

International Sources

New World Oil and Gas poised to seek farm-in partner in Belize
New World Oil and Gas (LON:NEW) now owns 100% working interest at its Blue Creek project in Belize. It means the oil group is now ideally positioned to find a farm in partner to continue its exploration programme in the central American country, it told investors. The relevant government authority approved the final 25% WI to the firm's subsidiary following the drilling of the well on the West Gallon Jug Crest prospect. The firm's chief executive William Kelleher said earning into the whole project marked the end of the required work programme as agreed in its farm-out agreement with Blue Creek Exploration, which exceeded the requirements of the Belize government under the terms of the production sharing agreement. "New World is now ideally positioned to seek a farm-in partner to continue its exploration programme in Belize where a number of prospective locations remain to be drilled.

Belize PM 'very happy' over tax decision
The world's so-called tax havens have come under increasing scrutiny from politicians in recent weeks. At last week's G8 meeting in Northern Ireland, political leaders hailed an agreement to stop companies hiding their profits in shadowy offshore centres. One of these is Belize, which has already agreed to share tax information with international authorities. Its Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, told the Today programme: "We are very happy that there are things happening that will allow all of us to weed out the bad guys, those that might be trying to take advantage of our jurisdictions. "We are confident that we will be able to maintain this sector of our economy."

New World takes 100% interest in Belize project
Oil and gas operating company New World Oil & Gas (NEW) has increased its interest in the Blue Creek Project in north-west Belize to 100%. New World was granted the final 25% working interest in the project, which is located in the Petén Basin, by Belize's Ministry of Energy, Science & Technology and Public Utilities. The assignment of the interest was approved after the drilling of an exploration on the West Gallon Jug Crest Prospect within the Blue Creek project. However, users on Interactive Investor's New World Oil & Gas discussion board remained sceptical about the future of the company. "I bet the vast majority of investors don't believe that Bill and co. [the board of New World] have been approached," commented 'Bobby2812'. "This man is not to be trusted in my view so be warned guys, he will say what he needs to."

Belize Charlie’s Cave tubing - Dynamic Cave-Tubing Tours In Belize
From Mayan ruins in Belize to cave spelunking in Texas caving is back as an extreme sport. These adventures include cave exploration via zip line and cave tubing. Caving, more commonly known as spelunking in the United States, has a resurgence of interest. Zip line cave exploration is growing in popularity. Spelunkers explore caverns and caves often without professional guidance. Spelunking is the recreational exploration of caves. Speleology is the term used to describe the scientific study of caves and the ecological environment within caves. Caving is a worldwide hobby of many spelunkers. Some entrepreneurs hope to make a living off of the sport and new cave exploration adventures such as tubing or associated sports like zip line cave exploration. Belize Charlie’s Cave tubing is one of the only ecological tours of Maya ruins in the world. Several caves around the world are association with archaeological finds and offer an opportunity for spelunkers to experience a bit of ancient history. Caving is safer today than in generations past due to the availability of protective wear and equipment. This “extreme sport” has also generated some fantastical archeological and historic finds.

Belize: What Daydreams Are Made Of
My wife, Suzan Haskins, and I have been a lot of places in the 12 years we’ve been abroad, but when I daydream about the beautiful spots we’ve explored, I find that I’m often daydreaming about Belize. When I’m looking for a stunning beach to go to in my mind, as often as not I’ll end up strolling north of the split on Ambergris Caye, watching the waves break out on the reef. When I’m feeling like a boat ride, I often imagine running full throttle across the wide, placid bay in front of Corozal town. If I’m reminiscing about ancient ruins and cultures, I find I’m harking back to San Ignacio and the Mayans who still run the rivers and farm the fertile hills there among the ancient, half-buried cities of their ancestors.

San Pedro, Belize: Fun, sun, potholes and doggies
Having recently returned from four days in San Pedro on an island off the coast of Belize to attend my son's wedding, I offer 10 ways the Central America locale compares and contrasts with Eau Claire. 1. Their roads make Brackett Avenue look like the Autobahn. 2. You can get soaked from sweat just counting to 10 ... at 7 a.m. 3. You can drink any beer you want, as long as its Belikin, "The Beer of Belize." 4. The airport restroom has a sign that reads, "Don't flush the toilet with your feet ... this bathroom is cleaned regularly." So I flushed the toilet the conventional way, quickly washed my hands ... and found the paper towel dispenser empty. 5. I can see where sitting in a swimming pool overlooking the Caribbean would beat shoveling snow in January. 6. If my workplace ran on "Island Time," we'd never get the paper out.

Christian and LGBT Groups Have Brought the Battle for Gay Rights to the Caribbean
Controversy over the region's colonial-era "buggery" laws is exposing a new form of advocacy -- and anti-colonialism. These gay "proxy wars" are especially intense in former English colonies. These territories are inheritors of an acute obsession with sexual puritanism, which is evident in how their laws treat homosexuality. Convinced that native societies were morally corrupt and licentious, colonial governments and pastors prescribed harsh laws against same-sex relations in British territories. These "buggery" statues became a colonial mainstay in the 19th century. Originally, these laws banned any form of "unnatural connection," including bestiality, but their lasting impact has been the criminalization of male homosexuality. Today, criminal bans on sodomy still exist in a whopping 78 countries, many holdovers from British colonialism.

Climate change risk management workshop begins in Suriname
The Belize-based Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) yesterday began the first of a series of workshops in Suriname as it seeks to develop a regional approach to climate change risk management.