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The San Pedro Sun

The Garifuna Collective premiere music video for “Mongulu”
It was January 2007, we had just landed on shore after some delightful sailing on board the Rum Punch II with George Eiley, when we bumped into our good buddy Ebbe Weile (and rock n’ roller extraordinaire) at the Sundiver Resort. It had been a hot sunny day, and while the rum punch was refreshing on the boat, we were still very much feeling the heat and humidity of that warm afternoon. Ebbe suggested we come into the air conditioned Mata Grande recording studio where Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Collective’s new, unreleased album Wátina, sat in it’s final cut – to cool down of course. Well, long story short, the “Play” button was pressed, and we were blown away. After a respectful two seconds of utter silence, we lept up from our seats and began dancing, rejoicing in the beautiful sounds coming from the speakers. The rich voice of Andy Palacio, the melodies of the Garifuna Collective, and the drums, oh the drums! It was a magical afternoon that remains a highlight of our careers at The San Pedro Sun offices (parent company to My Beautiful Belize).

2013 Graduation Season
91 students received their high school diplomas at the 2013 San Pedro High School (SPHS) graduation ceremonies held at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium.Topping the class and presenting the Valedictory address was Monica Ack while Gabriel Azueta offered the Salutatory Address. The graduation ceremony was divided into two days, commencing on Friday June 14th with a communion mass honoring the graduates and the blessing of the graduation rings. Diplomas were handed out on Saturday, June 15th in the graduation ceremony that began shortly after 5pm. Family and friends gathered to witness with pride, the graduation ritual of the students who have worked hard for four years to achieve their high school education.

Tuff E Nuff on the road to back to back championship
Local island representatives to the National Interoffice Basketball League (IBL) Tuff E Nuff are on the road and determined to win a back-to-back championship. In the first of five games in the finals, Nuff E Nuff defeated No Limits of Belize City on Friday June 21st. The island’s team entered into the final with a new record in the IBL’s recent history – undefeated in the regular and knock out seasons. In game one, No Limits took an early lead in the first quarter; they scored 23 points while Tuff E Nuff hung behind with 19 points. By the end of the second quarter (half time), Tuff E Nuff took its first lead of three points, ending the first half with 46 points compared to No Limits’ 43 points. “We were looking forward to lead in the finals and we did that. Our team understood what we were going for – a win. Looking at the other games ahead, we are working to end the series in game three. We are going with everything we have. We will not be like the San Antonio Spurs that lost their championship in game six; we are going with everything from the start. We want our back-to-back championship,” said a confident Rico Black.

OCEANA loses case against GoB
The Government of Belize (GoB) won the second round of court proceedings on June 21st against OCEANA. As readers may recall, Supreme Court Judge Justice Oswell Legall handed down his decision on April 16 declaring all offshore oil contracts “unlawful, null and void” and an injunction restraining the government from allowing offshore drilling to take place. The case had been brought before the court by OCEANA in Belize and the Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage (COLA). Justice Legall’s decision was not accepted by the GoB,and thus led to an appeal brought to the Court of Appeals before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin on Tuesday, June 11th. The appeal made by the GoB was to remove the injunction that Justice Legallhad ruled, under the stance that the injunction restrained them from monitoring oil companies; therefore they could not ensure that proper environmental guidelines were being followed. OCEANA reiterated that once the GoB was restrained from allowing offshore drilling, the companies could not proceed with any oil exploration.

Great News from the San Pedro Town Library!!
Summer Reading Program

Ambergris Today

First Lady of Belize visits Evelina Children’s Hospital in London
On Wednesday, June 26, 2013, Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow was greeted by staff at Evelina Children’s Hospital, a part of Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, just minutes away from the House of Parliament, where Prime Minister Dean Barrow met with members of Parliament. The visit, orchestrated by Clinical Nurse of Specialist Surgery, Jacqui Mitchell was a crucial element in Mrs. Barrow efforts to raise money to construct a children's intensive care facility at the National Referral Hospital in Belize. Mrs. Barrow was welcomed by Head of Nursing, Polly Hodgson, who delivered a brief background on the hospital, which provides a unique range of services from antenatal diagnosis through to childhood, onto adolescence and into adult life. Working her way through the seven-story, glass-fronted building with themed floors inspired by the natural world, Mrs. Barrow received a guided tour around the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit.

The Garifuna Collective "Mongulu" Official Video, New Album Out July 2
Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Collective's 2007 album Wátina is one of the most praised world music albums ever released, and was selected by as the Greatest World Music Album of All Time (beating out Buena Vista Social Club, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti and other worthy contenders). On the cusp of tremendous fame, Andy passed away suddenly a year after Wátina was released, leaving the world to wonder just how big he could have become. On "Mongulu" the singer expresses the confidence that in spite of the challenges, her son Mo?ungulu, will grow up. While the parent sacrifices to raise her child for his own sake, there is also the hope that he in turn will look out for the parent as the need arises. The Garifuna Collective's preferred setting is when everyone sings in unison or call and response and anyone can join with handclaps or a percussion instrument. Some of the most memorable songs in Garifuna culture have been created and popularized in this fashion.

Misc Belizean Sources

Croc hung and left to die
"A recent encounter by our Rangers! Horrific as it may be, it paints a true picture of the real challenges faced in the field and it is a reminder that the appreciation for nature is slowly becoming no more."

PetroCaribe ministerial meeting opens in Nicaragua
The regional energy program known as PetroCaribe held its ninth ministerial meeting in Nicaragua on Friday, prior to the summit of heads of state and government of the 18-member cooperation bloc. The heads of state will hold their meeting on Saturday, with Bolivia as guest country. President Evo Morales is expected to arrive in Managua on Friday, according to the Communications Council, PL news agency reported. The summit will acknowledge the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez who, in 2005, created the regional energy cooperation bloc, which is made up of Venezuela, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname, Saint Lucia, Guatemala, St Kitts and Nevis and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Flor de la Feria Presentation
The Flor de la Feria pageant is having the Fashion Night Out, where the candidates will be presented for the first time. The event is tomorrow, June 29th, at the Cancha Marshalleck. They have a cool theme for the contestants: they have them as the '8 wonders of the world' with designations like Ms. Fire and Ms. Water. Check out their page for the entire listing, and go see them tomorrow night if you're in Benque.

ROWKIDS Medical Team In Billy White
Feelgood news of the day. The ROWKIDS have been really busy this week with the medical clinics they've been having around Cayo. They've brought doctors and nurses to do checkups at Buena Vista primary school, San Antonio, and Billy White, where they got a lot of great pictures of the event. At the same time, they've been having basketball sports camps to keep the kids entertained while showing them some new skills. Thanks, ROWKIDS, for making a difference around Cayo! "Awesome day in Belize today the ROWKIDS Medical Team set up their clinic today at the Buena Vista Primary School. Where nursing students from the College of the Ozarks along with the 2 doctors from Hilton Head SC and other team members from Bluffton SC, treated 153 patients today. As two nursing student and the nursing director from C of O served at the the local hospital. And the C of O Basketball coach and 2 members of the basketball team held sports camp and shared the love of Jesus with the students. An awesome day with an awesome team!!!!"

Transition Destination: Dangriga
Dangriga, like Belize City, is a town travellers often go to to get someplace else, and, like Belize City, it is a town an adventurous traveller might check out for its own merits. By Belizean stan...

Spreading the word - getting young people out sailing in Belize
I have recently returned from a holiday in Belize where I became a full member of the Belize Sailing Association (BzSA).

Smithsonian Folklife Festival brings speakers of endangered languages to Washington
Conrad Nolberto, a native Garifuna speaker from Dangriga, Belize, took a break from drumming on hollow turtle shells to educate school-age children about his language, walking them through simple pronunciations

Clean and Green
I am so glad I heard about the Eco Kids Summer Camp Program because it is important that we, the younger generation protect and preserve our environment. As a 12 year old girl, I learn in school that our beautiful Belize is full of natural resources and we should keep it clean – we should pick up trash when we see it, clean our yards, as well as our community for it to look pristine and charming. There are many ways how we all can keep our community clean and green. For example we can practice the three R’s, reduce, reuse and recycle, get together with friends and have a river clean up, and when going to the store take your own bag don’t bring back plastic to your home. If I get the opportunity to be a part of this Eco- kid camp program I can learn more about how to keep our little Belize clean and green.

Channel 7

EU,PAHO, And GOB Partner For New Neonatal Program
Unless you’ve been under a rock somewhere, you may know very well that in May 2013, there was a bacterial infection outbreak which occurred in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the KHMH, and which claimed the lives of 12 premature babies. As we’ve reported, medical experts from the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) did an investigation in what caused the outbreak, and they’ve released their findings. It shows that KHMH is very deficient in a lot of quality control standards which helps to control such an outbreak from affecting mass amounts of its patients. Well, it is the first time in the hospital’s history that such an outbreak occurred and there has been a lot of fallout from it. There has also been a few positive changes, such as the Ministry of Health working overtime to try to implement all the recommendations made by the PAHO report.

Senior Citizen Mercilessly Gunned Down
Tonight, the family of 61 year-old Michael George Bucknor is trying to come to terms with his untimely passing which happened last night at around 8 p.m. But, he didn’t die of natural causes, no, very far from that. This senior citizen was gunned down in an execution-style slaying characteristic of well-known street figures caught up in underground gang warfare. 7News has been covering the story since last night, and Daniel Ortiz has this report: Daniel Ortiz reporting Our cameraman arrived shortly after police established the borders of crime scene for the shooting death the 61 year-old Michael George Buckner, the Manager of Bingo King Apartments. His assailant had razor sharp precision, a single shot to the head, which caused him to collapse right on the road, the seat of his motor cycle still between his legs. This suggests that he never saw it coming. The authorities worked quickly to gather their evidence. They were probably sure that it was Buckner’s body, but they needed to be absolutely sure.

KHMH Refuses To Accept Fault In The Face Of PAHO Report
Last night, 7News showed you the first part of a 2 part series where our newsroom took a very close look at the PAHO report, which was released last week. Well Tonight, Daniel Ortiz focused on the importance of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital’s infection control mechanism, which was discovered to have been handicapped. He also looked at the very clear picture presented by the PAHO investigators about what caused the bacterial breakout, which claimed the lives of its neonatal patients: Daniel Ortiz reporting The PAHO Report also points to very little training in infection control. It says, Page 9 "There is evidence that the hospital staff in its different areas has been trained in basic principles for infection control and prevention since 2008, at a beginning as a very short introduction with a few hours of information and currently as a two days course. This training has been given to personnel on duty and to the newly hired entrants. There is no assessment of knowledge acquired in this training." And the PAHO investigators made significant observations about the Hospital’s Microbiology laboratory. This important unit is like the eyes of the Hospital, keeping a look out on infection breakouts. The investigators seemed to suggest that the hospital is blind, or something very close to it.

New Horizons Program Did Plenty
Today, the Government of Belize and the US Embassy, along with members of the Canadian and US Southern Command military held a closing ceremony at the Trial Farm Government School in Orange Walk Town. It was a fitting location because these partners collaborated on a program called “New Horizons” where medical services were offered to thousands of students, and major upgrades were realized on 4 schools across the country. The program has been actives for several months, and today, after extensive efforts, it was closed for this year. 7News attended the ceremony, where the diplomats expressed surprise for the extensive passage of time. Here’s how the Principal of the hosting school expressed their gratitude. Nazira Romero - Principal, Trial Farm Government School "This year's project saw the construction of four classroom buildings in Ladyville, Crooked Tree and two here in Orange Walk. These classrooms are wonderful gifts to the Belizean students and teachers. Officials from the Ministry of Health also join us in the celebration as Medical care was offered to more than 15,000 patients at 9 locations throughout Belize. I would like to begin by celebrating the hard work and the dedication of the US Military personnel, the Belizean soldiers, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health personnel."

Malaysia Interested In Better Trade Ties With Belize
The commissioner of trade from External Trade Development Corporation in the country of Malaysia was in Belize for the yesterday and most of today. He is on a diplomatic mission to increase trade between his country and Belize. He stopped in at 7News yesterday to speak with us about his intentions while in Belize. According to him, his country wants to increase its annual exports to Belize from the minimal 0.21% that it currently holds. Here’s how he explained it. Remee Yaakub - Malaysia External Development Corporation "As the initial promotion agency of Belize, we are actually looking to explore the possibility of enhancing the trade between Malaysia and Belize." Daniel Ortiz "Why is this important?" Remee Yaakub "It is important because for us we are always looking, even how small the country is, we tried to look to diversify the market for the Belizean product and services. So it is very important for us to look into opportunities, not only being offered by the big countries but also to the smaller market such as in Belize. We have established an office in Mexico City to cover for Mexico and Central America since 2006 and it has been a government policy for the last two; always continue to look into new market - to look into diversifying our export to as many countries as possible. For example last year, Belize has establish great linkages with 236 countries around the globe."

Fifth Annual Regional HIV Testing Day
Today was the fifth anniversary of the annual Regional HIV Testing Day, and the Ministry of Health had a booth set up in the Scotia Bank Parking Lot in downtown Belize City. 7News dropped by and we found out that this year’s testing day was made possible with collaboration between Scotiabank Belize, The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the National AIDS Commission. Today, Chairperson of the commission told us why it is important for every member of the public to know their AIDS status. Kathy Esquivel - Chairlady, National AIDS Commission "It's happening throughout the Caribbean, it's co-sponsored by Scotia Bank and that's very important. They offered their facilities and they also help with organization and getting people to come out. It's a regional testing day - why testing is important because everybody needs to know their status and take responsibility for their status. So whether you test positive or negative, it's very important."

GSU Finds 29 Pounds Of Weed
Tonight, the Gang Suppression Unit is in possession of almost 10 kilos of marijuana which was found yesterday. Members of the unit were out conducting anti-drug operations in the Fabers Road extension area, when they decided to search a savannah area behind a residence of a reputed drug trafficker. This led to the discovery of a plastic bag which contained 70 grams of cannabis, and 89 parcels which contained a total of 10.95 kilograms – or 29.2 pounds of cannabis. No one was in the area, so it was labeled as found property.

Transport Ministry Gets Vehicle Donation
Hon. Rene Montero, and the Ministry of Works and Transport are now in possession of 2 brand new highway patrol vehicles from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Road Safety Project. This is in addition to a loan of 14.5 million dollar loan from the CDB toward the cost of the Belize Road Safety Project. The bank is also contributing an additional 191 thousand dollars. According to the Ministry of Health, in 2012, Belize recorded a fatality rate of 19 traffic deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. The Ministry reports Belize still maintains the highest fatality rate record amongst the CDB member countries.

Positive Vibes: “Di Country Di Bawl”
Last month, 7News showed you the new CD from Positive Vibez, in which he explores several genres of music which has influenced his artistic direction. Well, today he spoke with us about the first single “The Country Di Bawl”, for which he has released a video. According to him, it is fitting because the members of the public have great financial struggles which they don’t really talk about: Positive Vibez - Artist "Di country di bawl - meaning that I'm here, there and everywhere and people are typically just bawling - there isn't any job, even high school students can't find jobs. So I just composed everything in one and ended up doing a video. Like the saying goes 'who feels it, knows it' and I'm definitely I've been there so much time - I know what it is to be hungry and what it is to not have a job. I ended up basing on my personal life and also the life of other people as well and just composed everything together. I believe it is something that people can actually relate to. I use reggae to teach and to express my deepest feelings and it's the only reggae song on the CD and I just think that I needed to take it really slow and educate."

Saturday BBQ Sale To Raise Funds For Football
Two weeks ago, the Football Federation of Belize held its telethon to raise funds for the National Football Team, the Jaguars as they are preparing for their historic appearance at the 2013 Gold Cup. But they didn’t meet their target during the FFB Telethon – which was half a million dollars. Instead they only raised a little less than one hundred and twenty thousand dollars – leaving them three hundred thousand dollars short of their target. And while some members of the public believe that the Ministry of Sports should foot the rest of the bill- since it is Belize’s first appearance in the Gold Cup – Minister of Sports Herman Longsworth told 7news that the government of Belize cannot and don’t have the resources to finance every single national team that wants to represent Belize. And while his statement was discouraging for many, the players have not yet given up on hope as fundraising events continues. One such event will be a big barbeque sale in front of the Wave Radio compound all day tomorrow– where organizers are hoping to sell one thousand barbeque.

Channel 5

A teacher murdered
There was an execution style murder early on Thursday night in Belize City. Michael Bucknor, the manager of Bingo King Apartments, was shot and killed on Fabers Road as he [...]

Media personality, Glenn Tillett, wins case against G.O.B.
This morning, the Belize Court of Appeal handed down a judgment in favour of media personality, Glenn Tillett. Viewers may recall that in 2011, Tillett had claimed declarations against Lois [...]

BMDU supports PAHO report recommendations for K.H.M.H.
The Pan American Health Organization’s report on the bacterial outbreak in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital has laid out pages of inefficiencies and areas [...]

Guatemalan national shot in Chiquibul now suffers infection
There is word that a Guatemalan national who was shot by B.D.F. personnel in the Caballo Camp area of the Chiquibul is tonight at the KHMH being treated for a [...]

Prime Minister talks about tax havens on BBC
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is winding down an official one week visit to the United Kingdom. PM Barrow’s itinerary included an audience with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. He addressed [...]

New Horizons builds relationships in Trial Farm
New Horizons is a project first brought to Belize by the US Southern Command in 2001 and again in 2007 and now in 2013. It involves soldiers from SouthCom and [...]

PAHO, E.U. and M.O.H. raise $5.6 Million for maternal and neonatal care
The European Union, along with the Pan American Health Organization, has teamed up with the Ministry of Health to provide infrastructure and training that would improve maternal as well as [...]

Upgrades pending for the K.H.M.H.
Back on May thirtieth when the deaths of the neonates was first acknowledged by the K.H.M.H., the Prime Minister, who was at a press conference, committed government finances saying he [...]

Court says man who delivered wood with expired permit is innocent
A man accused of removing a forest product without a valid permit, has been acquitted of the charges. In February, Shannon Borland was hauling seventy-two pieces of Botan logs from [...]

Sugar thieves go back to court
Three men who were accused of stealing one hundred and twenty-five tons of brown sugar from B.S.I. back in April 2012 were today committed to stand trial at the September [...]

To catch a lionfish
Since its introduction into Belizean waters a few years ago, the predatory lionfish has been frowned upon as an unwanted specie.  The striped scorpion fish is known to feed on [...]

Live up and get tested for HIV
For the second year, Belize joined the Caribbean for the sixth Regional HIV/AIDS Testing Day.  The initiative was celebrated throughout the Caribbean and it is co-sponsored by Scotia Bank. At [...]


FFB President Says Belize Is Ready For Football Victory
When the President of the Football Federation of Belize, Ruperto Vicente, made the bold remark that Belize’s National Football Team is going into the Gold Cup Series to quote unquote, “humiliate” the US, it appeared to have ruffled a few feathers. Vicente’s remark ga...

Project Launched to Strengthen Maternal and Neonatal Services in Belize
Today GOB along with the European Union and the Pan American Health Organization launched the “Strengthening of Critical Maternal and Neonatal Services in Belize” project. The launching of the project couldn’t come as a more appropriate time since the PAHO report on the death of...

Maya Wooden Canoe Paddle To Be Handed Over to Archaeology Department
A ceremony to mark the first public viewing of an ancient Maya canoe was held this morning in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung reports. PAUL MAHUNG “A ceremony to mark the first public viewing of an ancient Maya canoe paddle was held this morning in Punta Gorda. Le...

Attorneys Now Free To Vent Arguments In Court on the Buying of BTL Shares by SSB
Back in 2010, Glenn Tillett made clear his intentions to file a claim in the Supreme Court disputing the Social Security Board’s decision to utilize fifty millions dollars from its fund to purchase shares in Telemedia. Tillett did so over two years ago and tonight we have an update re...

Team Building Workshop For People Working With HIV Persons
While free HIV testing was done today throughout the country as part of Regional HIV testing day, in San Pedro a team building workshop is taking place this weekend. The workshop is a collaborative effort of the National Aids Commission and USAID and it has brought the NAC’s District ...

Auto Mechanic Instructor Murdered
Marion Ali, Reporting Michael Buckner, a 61 year-old auto-mechanic instructor at the Tubal Trade and Vocational Institute in Ladyville, ended the school’s 11th graduation exercise on Thursday with the closing prayer and a hymn of his own. That was the last time that the faculty an...

Lessons In Garifuna Language, Customs and Traditions Offered During Summer
If you are fond of the Garifuna culture and would want to experience it, well a summer program is about to begin for all those interested. Bridgette Pearl Miranda is holding a summer course for those interested to be part of the Garifuna customs and traditions. Bridgette Pearl Miranda spoke to Lo...

Belize Joins Caribbean Countries In HIV Testing Day
For the second year in a row, Belize is joining the rest of the Caribbean Countries in Region’s HIV Testing Day. Last year, in Belize, over 900 persons got their test on this day and today many Belizeans flocked to the testing grounds to know their status. Chairlady of the National Aids...

Peace Corps Volunteers Undergo Training In Western Belize
A number of Peace Corp volunteers will be engaged in training in the Cayo District. Here again is Correspondent Fem Cruz with more on that. FEM CRUZ “Today our Police Department welcomed nineteen Peace Corps volunteer trainees from the United States. These trainees will ...

Court of Appeals Affirms Sentence of Convicted Murderer
The appeal of 25 year old Nelson Gibson, who was convicted of murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment, was dismissed in a decision given today by Belize Court of Appeal. Gibson’s conviction and sentence were affirmed. Gibson was convicted of the murder of Myrna Senebria, who was s...

Charges For Noh Mul Levied; Bail Granted At $5K
After weeks of waiting for someone to be held responsible for the destruction of the Maya Pyramid of Noh Mul in the Orange Walk, this morning, four individuals were charged in Corozal’s Magistrate Court. To clear things up, the matter was moved to the Corozal Magistrate Court because there ...

Local Bank Gives Aid In Education In Western Belize
Primary School scholarships were awarded to eight students of the Cayo District. Here is Correspondent Elaine Berry with the details. ELAINE BERRY “Scotia Bank in San Ignacio presented awards to eight primary school children from the Cayo District. Love News spoke to Mic...

Commanders Say Relations Are Good Between Belize and Guatemala
The Belize Defense Force and the Guatemalan Army were yesterday presented with a donation of specialized equipment to be used by the military personnel of both countries assigned to patrolling the Adjacency Zone. It was only fitting then that the Organization of American States made the don...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Caye Caulker is sold out!
Reports from Caye Caulker are that every single hotel room on the island is sold out for the weekend. Lobster Fest attracts throngs of people from the mainland who just want to come out to the island to enjoy the sunshine, the fest vibe, and some lobster. The vacationers are a welcome respite from the throes of slow season for the hoteliers who are mostly mom and pop lodge-owners. Enjoy Caye Caulker, everyone! Just remember to vacation safely. Watch the kids when they are in the water. Drink responsibly. Put litter in its place. And most importantly, enjoy yourself!

Miss Sherylee Dawson is Miss Lobster Fest 2013
Congratulations to Sherilee! We hope to have some pics of the pageant for you soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here is a pic of Sherilee put out by the Lobster Fest pageant committee for you to savour.


“Mother’s Little Helper” for Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Didn’t get up until 7 am yesterday morning. A real lie in! Probably the consequence of going to the Roadkill Bar the previous night and having one (or two) drinks too many! I awoke with a clear head though. Which was just as well because I had received some draft schedules for a contract from an ex-colleague in the UK that he wanted me to review. So with the essential mug of black coffee made I knuckled down (not until II had read The Times on-line of course) to reviewing the drafts on my iPad on the veranda (I find that it helps me to read something first and make a ‘mental note’ of sections that I believe need some form of amendment). I had nearly finished my ‘read through’ when the heavens opened up and the rain really came down. The timing of the downpour was nigh on perfect though because it ‘forced’ me indoors to complete the review and ‘mark up’ my comments on my PC and email the revised schedules to the UK.